February 2009
Attention: if you don't want to see Fry and Leela smooching... too late! Bwahaha!
Posted on February 28, 2009 by Leandro
Today we have some new Fan Art from Sofía, also known as Sof, Frygirl and Yume93 (as well as Sof-Sof on DeviantArt). We have two pictures of Fry and Leela smooching , because "she felt like drawing it". But never fear, if you would much rather see Fry paired with someone else, like, say... Zapp Brannigan... she drew some of that too!

As I have to leave for my little nephew's first birthday today (everybody say "awww" now ), my update is not being very funny or witty. I realize that, and as an apology I leave you a link to TV Tropes. Now you can spend the rest of the afternoon clicking link after! You're welcome.
Analysis: Will Futurama come back for a sixth season?
Posted on February 26, 2009 by Svip
I am Svip of the Infosphere, and today, I am performing a guest entry about the probability of Futurama returning to TV as a sixth production season.

To spare you the excitement of a conclusion at the bottom of this entry, the answer is; More likely than not.

A question I have been asking myself the past few weeks is; if sales of the DVDs are going so well, what are FOX waiting for? Figuring out why FOX should order a new production season of Futurama is easier when you ask the question, "why shouldn't they order it?"

And there are several factors;
Financial crisis. These days, all companies are paying a good amount of attention to what they are spending their money on, cause, well, there are less of them. But interestingly the entertainment industry is not that badly hit, and which is no surprise. In times of trouble, people seek to the entertainment industry to cheer them up. So while it may be concerning FOX, it is certainly not a large factor.

FOX already has shows to air. Maybe FOX doesn't need a new show. But that is unlikely, there are always slot times to fill on TV, and most of these are filled up with reruns and other stuff they couldn't air at another time. And even despite the crisis, this industry doesn't seem to be slowing down.

FOX needs a new show, not an old one. I am not sure about FOX strategic plans, but these days, they are more likely to buy on a safe bet, than a risky one. Futurama is a safe bet, it has the momentum of the DVDs, it has the legacy of the show and it has a solid fan base.

Another show is a better offer. FOX is probably reviewing a pile of shows to renew and/or purchase, and Futurama is one of them. And while some shows are already going to be repurchased, because they are successful shows that FOX would not risk losing. I mean, can you imagine NBC not ordering a new season of Friends in 1997? No. But I cannot think of another show that has been cancelled, with large momentum and legacy, other than Firefly and Futurama. And I know for one thing, Firefly is not on consideration... it's a lot more expensive than Futurama. Not to mention a show like Futurama is endlessly cheaper than a big show like American Idol (and also better).

The films weren't really that successful. Are you kidding me? They were more than successful, I know we have heard "greatly exceeded their expectations", and looking at the numbers (from the-numbers.com) (btw, click the films themselves, as the numbers in table so theatrical performance, but the films were never in cinemas), the first film has earned by itself 15 million USD. If every film earns thereabouts, we are talking 60 million USD in total, something you have to visit blockbuster films to exceed. In fact, a new season could be purchased by the surplus of the films alone, with room to spare.

My conclusion seem to point only one way; Futurama is going to be renewed, because anything else would be stupid by FOX. And, yeah, that is my conclusion. But why is it taking so long for them to write the cheque? FOX is probably waiting it out for several bureaucratic reasons. And you know Hermes, right? Can take a while. But probably sometime next month will we have the news that a new season has been ordered. Maybe they are just spent arguing about how many episodes to order.

If Futurama isn't renewed, then FOX better show up with a pretty good excuse and I mean a good one. And besides, if they don't, Comedy Central could just purchase it instead.

"Futurama is the best gig I ever had"
Posted on February 26, 2009 by Tim
That's a Billy West quote, and I think he speaks for a lot of us. I'll get to that in a moment, but first, lots of people are watching Into The Wild Green Yonder (which for some raisin my stupid fingers keep wanting to spell “wilde” ) and I love it when a new show comes out because the fans, new and old and everywhere in between, come out and get creative. And in the new and first category, here's some Fan Art from Aini of Mrs. Fanny from WGY. No spoilers here, so it's (the picture) safe to look at if you haven't seen it (the movie) yet.

Now I've also received a Fan Fiction from Singer1108 that is spoiler city - she told me I shouldn't put it up 'till I've seen the movie so that'll be next week (more on that in a moment) but I wanted her to get credit for the first post-IWGY fan fic.

Ok, the “best gig I ever had”: WhateverJames found this Top 10 list on TV.com; it's their pick of the Top 10 Futurama episodes and is their way to paying their respects to what is possibly the last Futurama. WJ says “The article is good, of course everyone has their own choices but this is a pretty good selection if I say so myself!”

Agree or disagree about the choices, but what is also interesting is that down at the bottom, there is a link to an interview with Billy West, done prior to the release of BWABB, in which he says “Futurama is the best gig I ever had&rdqou;. Way to go Billy! But wait, there's more! When asked about the possibility of more Futurama, Billy said “supposedly this [Beast With A Billion Backs] is the benchmark, with this movie. If it does well, I think they're going to talk about television.” How we missed that a year ago I don't know, but that's not important now. What is important is that sales have been very good and they are talking (according to Billy). So if you haven't already done so, go get an early start on your Xmas shopping by buying a set of all four movie DVDs for all of your friends and relatives.

Ok, I'm outta here a for a few days, which I may or may not report on when I get back. I've locked the Madhouses's liquor cabinet and left stuff for the other webmasters that will give them clues to where I hid the keys if they do updates.
Posted on February 25, 2009 by Tim
It's out! The very last (that we know of)(for now) brand new Futurama - Into the Wild Green Yonder - is out in most parts of the world. I was just chatting with Jarmatus, who lives “down under”, who tells me they won't get it for another couple of weeks. And in a remarkable twist of irony, site co-owner Leandro can't buy Futurama DVDs where he lives. At all. So fortunate are we who have it today. Less fortunate, but still pretty fortunate, are we who have it sitting right here all pretty in it's unbroken shrink wrap but who have promised not to watch it 'till Saturday when we get to travel hundreds of miles to watch it with friends. The waiting will be painful, but it'll be worth it.

Anyway, BackToTheFuturama is back with a caption screen Wallpaper from WGY. And now you know why I had to get them all finished by today.

It's hard to believe that it was just over 1.578082 years ago that we were excited by the official news of Futurama's rebirth, and now, all too soon it seems, that era has come and gone. Back on that glorious day, we hosted a link to an interview with Lauren Tom (voice of Amy) who remarked “We're keeping our fingers crossed that it will go on and have more of a life, because when we did the last table read, [Executive Producer] David X. Cohen said 'Welcome to the very last, last, last episode of Futurama ... until the next last one!' So hopefully the fans will rally together again.” to which Leandro added “Yep, we hope that too, Lauren!”. If nothing else, that's more true today than it was then. Billy West said recently that there were discussions going on with Fox about a new season, and rumor has it that in the commentary of WGY, DCX talks about still having lots of ideas. So fingers, tentacles, and miscellaneous protuberances crossed everyone, and buy those DVDs.

Thank you, and goodnight.
Posted on February 24, 2009 by Tim
Ok, I know that the movie is already out in places, but I did conjecture when I started this thing that I'd probably be a day off, and as release day is still three hours away in my part of the world, calling it one more day to go is still technically correct, which as we all know is the best kind of correct. And just to prove that I got all of BackToTheFuturama's caption screen Wallpapers up before WGY comes out, here's the last one from Bender's Game.

S-punk spotted a review of WGY in the February 27, 2009 issue of Entertainment Weekly. It doesn't say a lot we don't already know, but does have a couple of interesting tidbits: “Wild Green Yonder is for fans who'll pore over insidery nuggets, not for newbies expecting a tidy plot. ... We do get resolution to Fry and Leela's near-romance ... The story-boards and how to draw extras are strictly for animation nerds ...” Can you say Fan Service? Sounds like some great stuff. And I can't watch it 'till Saturday. Here's a link to the review.

Ok, lasty but not leastly, I actually have a Fan Fiction tonight, albeit a short one. It's by DSS and it's part 3 of What Happened To Fry. This is the concluding segment to a fic that speculates what happened for Fry and Leela in Anthology of Interest 1.
Three! Two!
Posted on February 23, 2009 by Tim
Geesh, it's so hard to find good help these days ... oh, wait, I'm the hired help - Graham's the boss. He needn't worry though, I haven't felt like causing grievous bodily harm to a boss in at least three or four days. And speaking of grievous bodily harm, I probably should wait to unveil this new Fan Comic until next Thursday when I leave town for a few days, but I feel like seeing another of those torch and pitchfork parades that these “alternate pairing” graphical stories always seem to cause. So, without further ado we herewith present First Date created by MissusPatches.

Back on day Six I mentioned the Robot Hall of Fame and how Bender stood at forth place on their list of nominations for this year's inductee. Since then, Bender has risen to third place, narrowly edging out ST/TNG's Data. That's great, but if he's going to get to that coveted first place, he'll need lots more votes (for which I'm sure he'd be willing to pay ) so he needs every Futurama fan to pop over to the Robot Hall and vote for him.

Ok, I've got three of BackToTheFuturama's opening screen Wallpapers left to do and only two days to do it before WGY comes out, so here's the next two - Bender's Big Score and Beast With A billion Backs.
F... F... F... F... our!
Posted on February 22, 2009 by Graham
Hope I'm not too late for this update, otherwise Tim will kill us all for not getting "Four!" up and running (as in days to go for the coming DVD). As you can see from the subject title, I'm very, very frantic and panicky. However, what might calm me down is the work I have to show to you. I can already feel the calm in the air, so rather than worry any more about the bludgeoning I might get, I will boldly inform you about the works you'll see. Welcome some great artwork from María M Salazar, all of which you'll find in our Fan Art section. You'll find a picture that's a "parody from the Commedia dell'Arte: Pierrot & Harlequin", in which Maria explains that the "relationship is dangerous (the blood spots come from that idea) because the history is based on the love between Columbina & Harlequin". Another picture "is also a parody from the novel wrote by Anthony Burgess 'A Clockwork Orange' (I love that book) and the film made by Stanley Kubrick". She goes on to say, "Fry as Alex DeLarge who´s suffering a experimental rehabilitation programme called 'the Ludovico technique'. Amy´s the woman pregnant, and Alex violated her. Bender, Zoidberg and Hermes are Fry´s friends (Dim, Pete and Georgie, in the novel) The Professor is Fry´s doctor and finally Leela served to him as therapy to control his sexual impulses." The third picture of hers can be considered to be a coloured version of her "Reality Vs Fantasy". Now, after all that fun and games, it's time to see if this update is in time and whether I have something to worry about when Tim gets back. Here's hoping.
Posted on February 20, 2009 by Tim
Five more days until Into The Wild Green Yonder. Woo Hoo! I don't know about you but I can't hardly wait. So today, we gotta make do with some Fan Art by the ultimate Bender fan, Rush. Bender's in a fightin' mood, and he's got a brick to throw and his head for a club (you'd think that would hurt). I had to crop the pic to get it down to a reasonable file size, but you can still make out a bit of the psychedelic (as in acid trip) carpet that Rush photographed it on.

And in a flashback to last summers fun and exciting Real World Futurama Photo shoot, Frosty was doing some searching and found a Fry Funeral Home. I wasn't even going to include the link, but then I remembered that Leandro gets a big kick out of seeing how many people will actually visit some of the bizarre and obscure sites we link to, so every one go check it out and make Leandro smile. I bet if anyone there is watching their web site stats, they'll wonder why a little funeral parlor in Nowhere, Middle Of suddenly has this spike of traffic.
Posted on February 19, 2009 by Tim
Less than one week to go! And while we're waiting for a whole new Futurama movie, how about something a little different - a new Fan Comic! Haven't had one of those in a while. So this one is called Cosmic Encounters #1 Anger Management and it's from CosmicF. It's set between the scenes of Bender's Game & focuses on Leela as she tries to come to grips with her newly installed shock collar. All in all quite shocking! The cover is a parody of the famed “ACTION COMICS #1&rdqou; comic book cover featuring Superman terrorizing innocent bystanders by trashing someone's car.

So, who's your favorite Robot? Well, if you're hanging out here, I hope you'll say Bender, and here's your chance to prove it. Smarty calls our attention to the Robot Hall of Fame and the fact that they are taking nominations for this year's inductees. Bender is #4 on the list and needs your vote. Smarty and I think it would be a great accomplishment for Futurama if Bender were to be inducted. So here's a link, go vote for Bender, and tell 'em that The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite sent you.
Posted on February 18, 2009 by Tim
One week to go! If you are like me, then you suffer from terminal laziness and have not ordered your copy of Into The Wild Green Yonder yet. I call your attention to the handy pre-order button right up above there which'll take you right to Amazon.com so you can reserve your copy. And you'll also be supporting the Madhouse. While you are there, you can also pick up a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!. I'm not kidding. According to Amazon.com, that's one of the things that we Futurama geeks ultimately buy after viewing the latest 'rama movie!

Ok, well, that wandered off in a totally unexpected direction, so let's just do some nice, safe Fan Art. We have a new contributor who goes by the moniker of Y2W who says he's a big fan of the site and hopes we like his first contribution which is called Sunset Leela. Well, I sure like it - living where I do at this time of year, and having just been reading up on the formula to compute wind chill (WCTI = 35.74 + 0.6215T - 35.75V0.16 + 0.4275TV0.16 in case you were interested), a picture of a nice sunny beach is most welcome.
Posted on February 17, 2009 by Tim
One week and one day to go. Already rumors and alleged spoilers are flying around and I'm having to stick my fingers in my ears and go la la la la la. And despite where my fingers may or may not have been, they're still a lot better than sticking live electrical cords or red hot pokers or gummy fungus in my ears. So anyway, it's a good thing I have the movie countdown to do 'cause otherwise tonight's headline would he “OOps” or something like that, cause fry_lela4eva sent in this picture for a recent pseudo-holiday and I must have missed it. So, two days late, happy Valentines day (in case you missed it the first time).

And speaking of fry+leela4eva, about a month and a half ago she sent in a Fan Fiction, except it wasn't a month ago, it was only a couple of weeks 'cause I can't read my own handwriting. Anyway, here's Proposal, part 1.
Posted on February 16, 2009 by Tim
Nine more days. I love these countdowns - saves me from having to think up headlines. So, how's about a review of Into The Wild Green Yonder from some press types that got in on the preview at the recent New Your comic con? I found this on YouTube:

Rush has a new Fan Art. Bender (and Rush) seem most insistent that your know that he (Bender, not Rush) is not a universe jumping Bender (a none too thinly veiled reference to one of his (Rush's, not Bender's) recent Fan Fictions. He (Rush, not Bender) also desired to call your attention to the brand of cigar that he (Bender, not Rush) is smoking which seems to have something to so with his (Rush's, not Bender's) posterior. And, most importantly, this pic features color and is facing the other way from his (Rush's, not Bender's) last two.
Posted on February 15, 2009 by Tim
With the utmost hope that I am wrong about this, and with reasonable certainty that I'll be off by a day, I'll now embark on one final countdown towards The End version 2.0, 'cause just ten short days from now the fourth and last Futurama movie will be out. But let's put depressing thoughts like those aside and cavort like the Greek's of old - you know the ones I mean - and check out these Fan Art pics of Leela looking at her fingernails. Got two of 'em from Futurama_Freak-1, both basically the exact same thing except one's only the top half and greatly improved by the magic of computers. FF1 says “ok, so I ran out of ideas of things to draw that make people want to throw up.”

Oh, hey, look - Wallpapers! Here's 4ACV13 through 18, which means that I finally got all of the regular episodes done from the huge batch that BackToTheFuturama sent me last year. That only leaves the three movies left to go so it seems like a safe bet that I'll get 'em done before WGY comes out. Oh, and if we are to believe the data in his FMMB profile, Happy Birthday to B2TF!
This is your lucky day - or a tale of two James
Posted on February 14, 2009 by Tim
Just in time for Valentines day comes this neat little item from James the first, also known as Whatever James. Like his prior art, you've gotta look close at this to see what it is - the tiny little thumbnail just doesn't do it justice. It's done in cross-stitch and it's a V-day appropriate line (sorta) from Leela's Homeworld. Giving that to your favorite friend on V-day could be fun and exciting, not to mention amusing. WJ also says that he's working on a portrait of Fry the Solid to compliment the Bender he cross stitched and sent in a while back. He also says “Thanks for the great site!!!”. Thank you! It's great stuff like this that makes it great.

And great stuff like this Fan Fiction from James the second, or James Prospect as he's usually known. It's part 5 of Leela's Story, a story of Leela's childhood, explaining everything we've learned about her past, and showing how she became the person she is in the series. And, just like the picture, this part starts out with her emerging from a manhole and ends with someone dieing. What goes on in between you'll have to figure out for yourselves.
"Fox is making noises about a sixth season"
Posted on February 12, 2009 by Tim
Yup, you read me right. Billy West said it at the recent South Florida SuperCon and our friends at Hippojuice were there to film it and interview Billy. You can watch it on YouTube. The big quote - Billy says “{the DVDs} sold so well that Fox started making noises about maybe doing a sixth season for television.” And those are the kinds of sweet, sweet words that don't turn into bitter, orange wax in my ears. So you know what to do, right? 13 days from now - buy those DVDs!

Man, that's gonna be a hard act to follow, but I think I've got just the thing - new Fan Art from none other than the creator of the funny Bride of Lagoona and the titillating Almost Totally Naked Fruturama series himself, Outlaw Art. Here's his narrative about this pic: “I am sorry to report that Leela is in a dire circumstance again. This is what's happening right now...

After barely escaping from Shakeera's harem with their lives, the exhausted spelunkers stumble into the magna-titanicle caverns some 13,000 miles beneath the mysterious planet's moon surface. Captured again, damn the luck! In this molten and savage empire, Leela, Fry and Amy can only guess if intrusion will make them slaves, nutrients or merely entertainment for the mole-diggers and their savage ruler, Magoola Bagoon of the Worm Clan.

It could only happen at the centre of a mysterious world's moon...”
Long time no see
Posted on February 11, 2009 by Tim
Back when Erdrik last sent in one of his creations, we were still called The Leela Zone, new episodes of Futurama was still appearing on TV, Fry wasn't yet frozen, and (apparently) another 100,000 hits on the site was a big deal. And now, heeee's back, and what better way to jump back into the thick of things than by bringing a new piece of Fan Art - a “quick pic” he did to help clean off the rust and warm up his new Graphic Tablet. It's called “Wait! Wha...” and you can just hear Fry saying that. I asked Erdrik what Fry did to deserve that, and he said “To be honest I'm not even sure myself. The sketch just started out in my mind as 'Leela should be having trouble carrying something heavy...' and Fry just sorta mutated into the concept as I drew it. XD”. And that's exactly what Fry would do, too.

DSS drew some more inspiration from an unlikely combination of sources - Bender's Game and Thomas the Tank Engine - in his latest short Fan Fiction called Starship Oil Crash, in which Leela teases Sal about his Hover-Truck being SO dirty so Sal suggests a race in space oil tank field. I bet you can't guess what happens next. What? You can't? Guess you'll just have to read it then, 'cause I ain't gonna tell.

Rush says “The Professor wearing very thick sunglasses. That's all that needs to be said.”
Here we go again
Posted on February 10, 2009 by Tim
I discovered Futurama back in late 2005 when it had been legally dead for two years. And I remember even then rumors of a resurrection abounded and a lot of those early rumors seemed to come from none other than the mouth of Philip J. Fry, and Professor Farnsworth, and Dr. Zoidberg, and about half of the other characters - though their official mouthpiece, Billy West. Well now, as we're heading into the final two weeks leading up to “The End, version 2.0”, Nathan Aaron from Hippo Juice wrote to say that they did a 45 minute podcast with Billy West this past weekend and among a whole lot of other things he hints that a sixth season was being talked about. Unfortunately, he didn't say who was talking about it. You can listen to it and decide for yourself - just click on the HippoPod link and you'll see it right there. Be forewarned - lots of rough language and offensive to almost everyone, especially to 14 year old nerds. The whole podcast is almost an hour and a half long, and Billy's interview starts about 45 minutes into it. He's asked &ldquo:Have they told you anything about another season?” and he replies “They're talking ... they're trying to figure out mayby how to do a sixth season ... but they're talking about it.”

Got two new bits of Fan Art from El-Man here. This first one might be titled When Ferrari meets Futurama: it's a parody of the former's logo featuring Leegola from Bender's Game. He says ”Some people have even wanted to put in on their cars“. I can believe that, I want one on mine!

El-Man's other pic (that's this one --> ) is called Hello Philip - It's a character piece from Graham Dawson's Parallel Lives - Leela's thoroughly batty but totally driven counterpart, Evila. El-man says “This is not any particular scene from the fic, it is pure speculation on my part. I wanted to use that pose, and she suited it”. I can believe that too!
The No Fry Zone
Posted on February 9, 2009 by Tim
Wouldn't that make a great name for a web site? Well, no, I guess on second thought, it wouldn't, 'vause Fry is the mission. Without Fry, there is no mission. Actually, I just have trouble not typing “Fry” for anything remotely similar (like Fryday, or No Fry). The title of this Fan Art is really “No Fly Zone”. It's by CosmicF and, here's the really wild part, it's NOT a promo pic for anyone's Fan Fiction. Nope, it's just a plain old normal everyday 'cause he felt like it bit of Fan Art. Or maybe it's in response to the Framegrabs headline the other day - 'cause he did include this: [Zoidberg]That should keep the Framegrabs at bay for an update or two maybe... whoot whoop whoop whoop whoop! [/Zoidberg].

Speaking of things that are challenging to type, xkathyx07x (thank you various dieties for cut and paste ) has a newish Fan Fiction out, and here's the first part. It's called Come From The Future and in it, Leela is getting fed up with Fry constantly asking her out. Plus, she is also fed up with the way her life is just now. But it's all about to change when someone from the future turns up wanting her.

And there's less than two weeks until Wild Green Yonfer comes out, which is ,ind of my self-imposed deadline to finish up these opening screen Wallpapers that BackToTheFuturama sent in last year, so here's 4ACV07 through 4ACV12. It's hard to read in this little bitty thumbnail, but this is the one from Crimes of the Hot which says “known to cause insanity in laboratory mice” - just seemed kind of appropriate somehow.
It don't get any more Nerdlinger than this
Posted on February 8, 2009 by Tim
It's Saturday night, I'm at a party, there is a half empty (or is it half full ) glass of something green in front of me, and I'm updating Madhouse. I'm gonna call it the best of both worlds, but I'm sure I'll feel different in the morning. Anyway, we've got a couple of new Wallpapers and they're NOT Futurama opening screens for a change. They're from Signor M. - this one's called Moon over Amy and the other is Leela under the Stars.

Over in Fan Fiction, we've got a new one from Rush. It's called Denied Deliveries. It's set after the opera and Fry and Leela are dating, but can their relationship stand up to Farnsworth's experiments with teleportation, a universe jumping Bender dropping in, and a past revealing session with the What-If machine? Read on and find out.
Takin' care of (old) business
Posted on February 7, 2009 by Tim
“Futurama Madhouse is really cool. :-) I say REALLY!” I always like to get those kinds of e-mails. Then it went on to say “I found that not all of the transcripts are linked into the episode guides. Is this intentional?” That's what self-proclaimed Simpsons and Futurama fan Gabor had to say. About 4 months ago. And my answer ran something like “Err, uh, yeah. Yeah that was done that way on purpose. Before I came here. I'm sure.”. Well, today I finally got my e-mail cleaned out and there was this message still sitting down there at the bottom of the list that I'd been kind of not ignoring 'cause I knew how much work it was going to cause me. So today I decided I'd better bite the bullet and git 'er done, and grabbing my big push broom, a couple of cans of rat spray, and a shotgun, I headed off to one of the dustier corners of the Madhouse to do a little tidying up. The end result - all of the episode guides now have links to the corresponding episode transcripts. And before anyone says anything, yes, I know there isn't an entry for Bender's Game yet. I was going to add that, but I was already seeing crosseyed and the HTML code just looked to daunting to sort out this late on a Friday night. So that's a project for another day.
Frame grabs to the rescue
Posted on February 5, 2009 by Tim
Ok, let's start out tonight with a little Fan Fiction, which, as you might guess from this handy framegrab I had laying around, is about Kif and Amy. You might guess that, but then I could just be yanking your chain - the fic might actually be about Scruffy and Zoidberg and I was just too lazy to go find a proper picture. It might be, but as it turns out, it's not - it is about Kif and Amy, being the second part of xkathyx07x's epic work The Kroker Clan. Back in Part 1, we learned that it was twenty years later and Kif and Amy have a teenage daughter (and although the story did not go into any details, I REALLY wonder how that worked ) when some of Kif's offspring from Kif Get's Knocked Up A Notch suddenly show up. Now read on as Amy meets the kids and has to break the news to Kif and their daughter.

Trotting out another handy frame grab to prove once again that you can never be too careful, here is a contribution that's a little different - in fact, I think I can count on three fingers the number of these I've done since I got drafted for this job - it's a Song Parody. DSS wrote it, and it's called Accidents Will Happen. It's set to the tune by the same name from the TV show Thomas The Tank Engine. Figuring that isn't something that too many people will have on their playlists, I found the original on YouTube.
Everyone out of the conference room, I'm calling a conference
Posted on February 4, 2009 by Tim
Time out for some business - for some time now our forum, affectionately known as The Futurama Madhouse Message Board (or FMMB for short), has received a tremendous number of spam registrations from fake gmail addresses. Because of this we have had to temporarily shut down NEW registrations from gmail.com addresses. Existing members are not affected. HOWEVER if you are a legitimate user who uses gmail and you wish to get a FMMB account, all is not lost. Simply email me (or one of the other admins, but if you want it any time soon, you'd better e-mail me) and we will be happy to set up an account for you.

Also at this juncture, since I'm already doing boring business stuff anyway, and having just come from doing battle with a recalcitrant Fan Fiction, I would like to mention our very helpful How To Submit Stuff page, chock full of useful information about how to send stuff to us. Some important things: it's very helpful if you tell me who you are, as in your screen name. I know most people who are semi-regular submitters, and I do keep a database, but it would be a great time saver if you mention it. Also, if you're making your first submission, tell me what name you want to be known by. You really don't want me guessing - I'm bad at it. If you're submitting a fan fic, please don't forget a short synopsis. Also, if it's going to be in multiple parts, please mention that. Thank you. What little hair and sanity I have left will appreciate it.

Alright, enough with the lectures. Wes gots mores Wallpapers froms BackToTheFuturama. I joked when I started putting these up way back last year that they'd keep me busy until WGY came out. Well that's only three weeks away so I guess I'd better get cracking. Here's 4ACV01 through 4ACV06.
Talk about your Time Paradox Duplicates ...
Posted on February 3, 2009 by Tim
If I didn't know better, I guess that Fry drew these pictures. I say that because of the subject matter (Leela, marginally clothed, with a whip). But I know better 'cause you can tell the artist doesn't have stupid fingers. That and they came in an e-mail from SLN'T, who hails from Spain. And the duplicate biz? There's two of each, one in color and one in “blanco y negro”.

Every once in a while, you run across a Fan Fiction that just grabs you and shakes you and shouts "Reeeddddneeeeecks" at you. Actually this one doesn't shout that, but if a wet, naked Leela grabbed me and shook me, it wouldn't matter what she was shouting (Bender's Game reference in case there's anyone who hasn't seen it yet ). Anyway, this one does grab you - It's called A Red Letter Day and it's by Corvus. Now, the basic plot is this: Rana Fry never knew her father who died mysteriously before she was born and her mother, Leela, doesn't want to tell her about it. So when an opportunity to travel anywhere and anywhen in time presents itself, what's a girl to do? What indeed. Now, those with good memories are probably going “wait a minute ...” Yes, there's a story here, and it involves those pesky time paradox duplicates again. You see, a long time ago in a reality far, far away, Corvus started writing A Red Letter Day. He got aways into it and there it sat. About a year ago, along came Flounder who read the fic, thought it was a shame that such a great work was collecting dust, and with Corvus' permission wrote an ending to it. Fast forward to now and Corvus' inspiration kicks in and he rewrites and finishes the fic. So, to make a long winded story shorter, this is the new and improved version 2.0, and the original version 1.0 has been moved to Flounder's section to keep his version intact.
That's just Wong
Posted on February 2, 2009 by Tim
As in more Wong Side Of The Law, that terrific and really long Fan Comic by !iMmOrTaL!. There's ten new pages that start on page 112 with a naked Amy heading to the shower.

This one isn't for the squeamish 'cause it involves a missing R and several I's. It's some new Fan Art from Karl Palmer who says “Guess what Bender's been stealing recently?”. I had to go eyeball the charter on this one.