February 2007
Fry & Leela action heroes
Posted on February 24, 2007 by Tim
There's that action word connected with Fry again. Does everyone else know something I don't? More than likely they do. Anyway, that's the title of coldangel_1's latest bit of Fan Art.

Also, you might check out part 3 of ELF's Fan Fiction called Back to the Futurama. Our heroes are back in 1991 where Fry has been hit by a car , Leela has been discovered as a fashion model and Bender's been arrested. Sounds like things are pretty normal for the future trio.

And let me direct your attention to an oft overlooked section here at the Madhouse called Cubert's Rants in which the insipid little clone whines and complains about many of the goings ons in Futurama. Our astute readers have already responded to many of his earlier diatribes, but there's still a lot of them that need answers. By coincidence, there is a thread on the Forum that discusses this very same topic. Pick out your favorite rants and answer them on the forum or mail 'em to your favorite webmaster and let's put the little whiner in his place.
Today's subject is Cold
Posted on February 21, 2007 by Tim
Because today for the first time in about 6 weeks it's only cold in my part of the world, the temperature actually getting up to zero C (32F).

And also cold because after a long dry spell, we have some new Fan Art from coldangel_1, who has been too busy working to do much drawing as of late.

And cold because it hasn't been very warm in Casper, Wyoming either, which is where the most unusual item to cross my inbox to date comes from. This crazy legal notice was sent in by alert reader Katherine B. who spotted it in the Casper Star-Tribune newspaper. It seems the city had to tow someone's abandoned 1974 Ford Futurama away and is selling it at public auction. Katherine says "I thought it was pretty funny since they obviously meant "Ford Futura" but then a friend pointed out that Fry was born in 1974. Coincidence?". Hmmm, could be, but you can check it out and decide for yourself. It's in our Miscellaneous Pictures section.

Ok, that's enough cold for one day. One last thing - the Blade Bender script from the last update has found a new home in our Fan Fiction section. Whether he wanted it or not, J. T. Bentley now has his own index of immortality.

Oh No, say it ain't so ...
Posted on February 15, 2007 by Tim
If you were hanging around the Madhouse a year ago, or if you just happened to be perusing the February 2006 News Archive, you might recall that the big news that was exciting us content starved Futurama fans in those pre-new episode days was the news that a short film to be called Blade Bender was in the making.

Bad News Everyone, today's e-mail contained a note from Jamie T. Bentley, allegedly the mover and shaker behind the project, who says "Since I no longer have the time of my own to make the film, I'm releasing the script and the objects free for download. I'll prep the objects for download (in Max and obj formats). I may also release the sets and lighting setups I've used, hopefully this will allow the Futurama fan art (3D, at least) to improve a little overall. So for the moment, have a look at the script, we thought it was quite a laugh - hopefully you will too."

Bummer dude. We would have loved to see the finished work. Oh well, we Futurama Fans are a hardy lot, used to disappointment. Until I get a chance to download the script and find a place to stash it in the Madhouse, you can read it here.

That isn't what I meant when I said send us more stuff.
"splanchnic" is really a word and I get to use it in a news update!
Posted on February 15, 2007 by Tim
Hooray! The Futurama Madhouse Message Board is back on line. Wooo Hooo! To celebrate (and so this news update can be more than 12 words long and contain something that isn't half a day or more old) how about some new Fan Art:

First up, a new contributor Timmy G (and no, this isn't me) with his rendition of the PE crew.

And back again with another of his Futurama under water pics is Jesse Barboza, who you may remember came back from scanner limbo recently, with this hilarious new one. If you can't quite make out what the characters are saying, remember, they're under water. If you still don't get it, e-mail Jesse and ask - artists love to know people at looking at their stuff.

One of the hardest parts of this job is thinking up clever, witty, and new ways to say "Send us more stuff". Even though the English language has over a million words in it and we're constantly making up news ones, there are only so many words and combinations of words that mean "Send us more stuff". I mean really, it just wouldn't make much sense if I said something like "Plebiscite us more stuff" or "Send us more splanchnic visceral". So send more stuff and then I'll shut up already.
Crash and Burn ...
Posted on February 13, 2007 by Tim
Good News, Everyone. The Futurama Madhouse Message Board is down. Oh, wait, that isn't good news at all. Yep, the Farnsworthian banter aside, FMMB has been down since sometime yesterday. It's a server problem with our hosting service. They're aware of it and are working on it. We don't have any word yet on how soon service may be restored but we all hope it will be soon BEFORE WE ALL GO NUTZ FROM WITHDRAWAL!!! Ok, calm down, deep breath. There that's better. While you're waiting for FMMB to come back to life like one of Tyrie's Zombies, you can always check out TLZ:FM's Gabbly Chat Room. There's a new link over there in the Interactive section for your browsing convenience.

Or you can catch up on your reading in our still functioning Fan Fiction section with the long awaited part 2 of Zoidberg's Time To Shine by Will.

And if that's not enough, then Slurms MacKenzie suggests you check out the rest of SonicPanther's Fan Art. You might just discover where SP's name comes from. And there's one of those pictures that, if you stare at it long enough, you'll swear it's staring back at you. Really. I'm not going nuts from sonic forum withdrawal. Honest.

That looks like an action pose
Posted on February 10, 2007 by Tim
And Fry and action are two concepts not often found lurking in close proximity to each other. Maybe Leela just asked him to clean the ship's water closet and what he's really saying is "No way am I gonna do that." Whatever is going on, this is just one of a bunch of new artwork by Sonic Panther to grace our Fan Art section. Watch for a few more pieces to show up in a day or two - being lazy like I am I did the easy stuff first. Now I've got to go

Just a shorty today, I won't even beg for more stuff (but send it anyway if you've got it).
In darkest nights, In brightest days ...
Posted on February 8, 2007 by Tim
Seems to me I remember reading that in a comic book once upon a time. Be that as it may, it's a bright day today here at TLZ:FM 'cause Kriebs sent in this nifty piece of Fan Art of Fry getting back into the super hero business as "The Blue Flashlight". I know, I know - where'd that come from you're probably wondering. Not to worry, old Tim hasn't (quite) gone off the rails (yet).

Now I'm guessing that most of the Fan Art we get is drawn because someone has a great idea and likes to draw (not necessarily in that order). This one is a little different since it was commissioned by an author, and by author I mean Purplefish, to illustrate his Fan Fiction, and by "his fan fiction" I mean The Saphire Delivery Boy, which can be found in any of your better Futurama fan fiction archives. Go read it, then this diatribe might make sense.

I've been doing this job for nigh on six months now and it never ceases to amaze me what with the clever and innovative ways you all come up with to challenge me with your submissions. I think I've got it all figured out and then something new comes along. Like for example, I finally get reasonably proficient at making a decent 120x90 pixel thumbnails from random sized images which are always much, much larger. Now, thanks to a new submission, I've got to figure out to do it from smaller ones. So watch this space for that, coming soon. Meanwhile, you wouldn't want me to lack for challenges, so feel free to send more stuff.
Now here's an update with some chest hair.
Posted on February 6, 2007 by Tim
That's right, General Zapp Brannigan, just back from single-handedly defeating a horde of rampaging somethings in the something-or-other quadrant paused long enough to pose for this portrait, rendered by that renowned artist Will, who sent it along for our Fan Art section. Will also sends a picture of Leela, plus three more of his trademark Futurscopes.

And in the "I hope the safetys are on those things" department, here's one of a couple of new pieces of Fan Art from J.T.Smythe, like this one with Leela sporting a couple of deadly looking shooters. Better watch out Zapp.

We also coaxed ELF out from under a pile of books and homework long enough to send us part 2 of her fan fiction called Back to the Futurama. Fry, Leela, and Bender are back in 1991 and some unusual things start to happen. Read on and find out what.

Things got pretty quiet for a couple of weeks and I was starting to wonder if all of the Futurama fans fell down that hole in the Earth's crust that Graham was talking about.
Someone's back... umm...
Posted on February 2, 2007 by Graham
Yeah, not exactly appropriate that subject heading... well it is, actually. Yes, as promised, I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from the legendary Outlaw Art. Yes, after spending eons stuck down some hole in the middle of Lapland, he's found his way out to send us this work of bare-faced cheek. OK, he wasn't stuck in a hole in Lapland, but we've just been sponsored by the Lapland Tourist Board, so we have to mention the word "Lapland" five times in this update.

Now, rather than me going on and on, I'll let Outlaw Art say his customary piece to introduce his fine work: "It's another Wednesday night with nothing to watch on the 4,973 network channels, except repeats of Survivor 3124, so the boys tune in to watch Leela pluck alien flotsam granules, shave mutated follicle growths and remove a myriad of ponytail parasites after a particular nasty delivery assignment to planet Parthegian Oval 4. Hey, naked Leela is always entertaining and worth a gaze. Yes, she's ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille's head."

Oh, before anyone screams, let me repeat Lapland once more. There, that'll keep the blighters happy. Maybe the next update will be sponsored by the hole in the Earth's crust that's Milton Keynes.

One other thing to mention. Slashdot currently have a discussion up about the comeback of Futurama, as well as a discussion about an interview of Matt Groening by TV Squad, a blog about television programmes. Click here for the Slashdot discussion and/or click here for the TV Squad interview with Matt Groening.
Back again with some mod action...
Posted on February 2, 2007 by Graham
While Tim works out whether the day is a very bad dream or not, I'll interrupt with a cool update. I have two pieces of work from that bloke with a very long name. You know who I'm referring to. No, it's not Bob. It's not Jack. It's not even Fi. No, this name is way longer and seems to change from time to time, in the mistaken hope that it'll get shortened. Yes, that's the one: Futurama_Freak1-MOD. He's come up with some hand-drawn fan art that's based on his Futurama mod for the game GTA Vice City. No, don't rush off to the mod, stay for the art, then rush off to get the mod. Calm down all of you, there's plenty of time. Stop rioting! OK, the next person to riot will result in me not showing you the link to the mod. Good, I'm glad you've quietened down. Who threw Nibbler at me? Stop doing that. You know that I can't stand being hit by anything that has more than two eyes. OK, this is the last chance. No throwing Fry at me, either. Good, it's quieter now... and Tim's more-or-less convinced that he's not in a dream, but wishes he was in one. Anyway, once you've seen the fan art, you can now go to our Game Addons section. There you'll find, at the bottom of the page, a mod for the game GTA Vice City, which Futurama_Freak1-MOD has called Grand Theft Auto New New York. Please remember that it's a mod for GTA Vice City, not any other form of GTA. Yes, that also includes games that aren't GTA, like Space Invaders and Pong. The mod is a nice big 66MB in size, so don't make the mistake of downloading it to find that you have GTA Bambi Goes Mad In Disneyland or whatever the other GTAs are called. Oh, the game is also a beta, so you might find some glitches. I suspect that Futurama_Freak1-MOD will come out with a final version, which I'll link to when it arrives. Here's a link to the mod to save you some time if you're terminally lazy. Well, I'll go off to sleep now, seeing it's my bedtime, but feel free to pelt Nibblers and Frys at Tim to wake him up.

Oh, before you do that, I'll have some other work to show you in a day or so that comes from the long missing in action Outlaw Art. I can say now that it's a nice piece of art and something else, too.
The New Futurama - Movies, Episodes, or both?
Posted on February 1, 2007 by Tim
Rumors have been floating around for over a year now about possible Futurama movies. There's been lots of talk recently about the new episodes, but very little about the movies. Are they real? Are they a hoax? Are they wishful thinking? Is this all a dream and I'm going to wake up in a cheap motel room next to Graham with an awful headache? Oh, I sure hope not.

Assuming I'm not dreaming all this, then it's Good News Everyone, this article on Rotten Tomatoes that says that Groening and company ARE making 4 Futurama movies BUT that they'll "chop them up, reconfigure them, write new material and try to make them work as separate episodes". Chop them up? That doesn't sound good.

But no fears, it goes on to allegedly quote Mr. G as saying "we are doing them as movies and then we are reconfiguring them and writing new material and narration and this that and the other so that they'll stand on their own as episodes."

If true, this is good news.

Oh, and by the way, I haven't begged for any fan stuff submissions in at least, what, 2 or 3 days, so scrounge around the dusty corners of your hard drives and see if you can't find something to send in.