February 2006
And I shall be an actor...
Posted on February 25, 2006 by Graham
OK, listen up, I will only write this once. I have a neat picture that's for our Wallpapers section that's come from the team who are working on the fan created short film Blade Bender. The wallpaper shows a certain Dr Zoidberg, who seems to be in an actor's pose. Yes, you can see it, Doctor Zoidberg goes to Hollywood. Yes, fame and fortune at last for the smelly crab creature. Yes, watch as Zoidberg gets to the dizzying heights of stardom, then, inevitably, crashes and burns like the career of Paul Reubens (OK, not for the same reasons, though). Anyway, as you can see, the picture would look quite good adorning any desktop. Who knows, Zoidberg might get an Oscar.

Hang on, why did the Blade Bender team send this wallpaper of Doctor Zoidberg in? Well, it's because they've finished his character model for the short film they're producing, so you can see what he'll look like. So, actually, it does seem that the smelly crab creature will be famous after all. Maybe his career will be more like that of Macaulay Culkin. Whatever happened to him? Maybe Joe Pesci finally put his head in a vice. Anyway, below is something that Jamie T Bentley wants me to add to the news update, so listen to him (well, read), folks.

If you're in the news-posting mood, I can also give you a list of characters who will appear in the film.

1) Bender
2) Zoidberg
3) Kang and Kodos (Simpsons)
4) Brain Slugs
5) Zapp Brannigan

There's also a pile of extras, like Floozy Bots etc. The current script length is 9 pages.

There, it looks like it's going well, so far. Mind you, I bet Hermes is seething that Zoidberg is finally to be noticed. Go, Zoidberg, go!
John Di Maggio in, I Lost 20lbs In Two Months, Ask Me How.
Posted on February 20, 2006 by Kenneth
Hello fellow Futurama fans.

We of FM:TLZ recieved the following email yesterday from Toby Wilkins, regarding a short film of his that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival which may interest the more die-hard fans...

Hey folks. love the site, great work.

I'm a Futurama fan of course, and actually managed to convince my friend John Di Maggio (the voice of Bender etc.) to star in a short film I made a couple of years ago and just managed to upload to YouTube for all the world to see. I thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing John in the flesh, and the short's not too bad either:


I hope you enjoy it.

So... there you go then. If you want to see John in the flesh in a short film, just click away and watch

Also, I have another birthday shout-out today, for Futurama voice actor Dave Herman, the man behind such characters as Scruffy, Mayor Poopenmeyer, Wernstrom, Dwayne, Larry, and many others, who turned 39 today on the 20th of February. Happy Birthday Dave!
More Fan Art! Eye gouging-out services available in the site next door!
Posted on February 16, 2006 by Leandro
Today I have two pieces of Fan Art for you, one of them depicting Leela in bed with minimal clothes. But I won't put that one in this news article, only because I feel like making you look hard enough for it We really need a female webmaster that won't get bored and leave after a week, maybe she can start teasing another girls with pictures of Fry or whatever. Anyway, the other picture, the one that is shown to the right, features the crew as superheroes, but unlike the Planet X-Press Men comic (based in the Marvel universe) or the Less Than Hero episode (that didn't really fit a known comic universe), this picture shows the crew as DC's main heroes. Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and I think the other one is Hawkman... er, woman.

We also have a new Doodle by Isak Bergquist. He's created a picture of Fry using the computer, but he also says his skills are "at least twice as better" with hand-drawing, so this picture of Fry goes to our Doodles section... and now he's obligated himself to show us his real skills by sending some of his hand-drawn pictures
You're just gonna love this and this and this and this and this and this and this and...
Posted on February 15, 2006 by Graham
OK, let's start with what should have been put up yesterday. OK, things turn up unexpectedly, so plans can be ruined, still that's no real excuse for not putting up the work that Dwayne Anderson has sent this way up on Valentine's Day, which he requested. So, a big sorry to Dwayne for that. Anyway, he's sent in a work for our Poetry & Song Parodies section, which is titled Hey Leela. The song is based on "Hang On, Hold On", which was written by Kevin Gillis and John Stroll, and performed by Luba. Apparently, it was a song done on the '80s cartoon show called The Racoons, but I wouldn't know about that. Maybe I missed a masterpiece or something, or maybe not. Anyway, for those still waiting for a card from yesterday, then maybe this is the song to drown your sorrows to.

Now, I got an interesting email from a certain J T Bentley, who wrote to inform me to inform you that... well, let's let him continue in his own words: "My team and I have been working for a while on a Futurama short film (in cinema-quality 3D). We're nearly done after so long (I mean I'm so sick of this crap) so we're trying to get awareness of our work out there and to get it out the door so we can stop work on it and die."

Well, rather than let them die in vain and pain, I suppose I better tell you what the film is to be called and where you can find their site. The film is to be called Blade Bender, which is a parody of both Blade Runner and Star Trek, all done in the yummy Futurama style. Now, you can find the site, which is called Blade Bender, and you can go to by clicking on the words you can find fourteen or fifteen words ago. Come on, count faster! BTW, you won't be disappointed when you arrive there and you'll be drooling for the film to come out. Enter the drool smiley!
I wonder what Jeremy Clarkson will think of this car?
Posted on February 15, 2006 by Kenneth
He might complain about the handling, the plasticky interior or the German satnav that confuses him, but I'd doubt he'd complain about the looks, because who would when you can have Futurama painted all over your car? And now you can! Well... if you happen to own The Sims 2 anyway, because in our Game Add-Ons section, we now have this great new car from Neema Wae (care of http://www.neaversproductions.tk), as well as a pack of baby changing tables too. Yep... now you can get baby poo all over Fry or Leela's face, thanks to these new items. If you have the game, and are keen for some additional Futurama-related thingymabobjects for it, just head on over and download 'em.

Following that, there's also some new Fan Art from a newcomer who dubs herself as Lady Lex. She has a total of 18, count'em 18, new pictures for you all. They are all in black and white, and many have a romance theme to them (appropriate I suppose since it was Valentine's Day yesterday... ) and they don't always involved Fry and Leela. Yes, Lady Lex joins the already popular guild of female fans who like to picture themselves with Fry. Literally.

And finally, a few more birthday wishes to a couple of Futurama cast and crewmembers. Firstly, the creator of Futurama, The Simpsons and Life in Hell himself, Matt Groening, turns 52 today on the 15th. On top of that, legendary voice actor Frank Welker, who provides the vocals for Nibbler as well as many other creatures and characters during the run of the show, and also famous for his roles as Freddy on Scooby Doo and Megatron, Soundwave, and others on The Transformers, amongst other cartoon appearances turns 61 the very next day on the 16th. So big Happy Birthday to both of these legends of Futurama.
Having a hell of a time down here...
Posted on February 12, 2006 by Graham
OK, here's the score. MrEdwo decides to send me a picture for our Fan Art section, so it's time for me to update. OK, that's all and dandy. Then I discover that MrEdwo's picture has the Futurama characters all visiting Hell and in various forms of dismemberment (the thumbnail only shows three of the five Futurama characters). OK, that's all and dandy. Not only that, but I find that it's not just Futurama characters who are in Hell, but Bob Marley, too. OK, that's all fine and dandy. Then I realise that I'm saying, "OK, that's all and dandy", which is getting a bit monotonous. Yes, you've guessed it: OK, that's all and dandy. Then I realise that this is a hell of a picture, which even has the Rock Lobster (don't groan, The B52s fans) dressed up as a vampire. Heck, that's more than dandy, that's... Bela Lugosi! If only Bela and Ed Wood were there, they'd make a damn great film about this situation. OK, it might not be a dandy film, but it has Bela Lugosi in it, which can only mean that it's damn... funny. Anyway, congratulate MrEdwo for his good taste in art. Oh, BTW, there's a story with the picture, too. Hmm... maybe Ed Wood would be interested in that script. Wait a minute... MrEdwo and Mr Ed Wood. Time for Plan 9. I'm out of here!
Will this be the end of hacking?
Posted on February 8, 2006 by Graham
Well, I have some good and bad news. The good news is that Smiley has come up with another seventeen Uses For a Hacker. Seventeen more ways in order to be cruel and sadistic towards some poor cracker (the proper term, really) are now there within your grasp. We have: Lois Griffin's New Babysitter, Dart Board, Cat Toy, Brain and Stewie's Party Crashers, Star Wars Hairstylist, British Zombie, Yellow Snow Addict, Olsen "Trip"let, Sailor Saturn's Plaything, Zapp's Footstool, Barflies at Moe's, Toulouse-Lautrec's Model, German Expressionism, 1980's Hair, Blinky's Mate, Auto Fuse, and Auto Jack. There, plenty of misery. Now to the bad news. Due to changes in his personal circumstances, Smiley might not be able to do any more Uses For a Hacker. This will be a sad day for Futurama Madhouse, because Smiley has been a damn good long time submitter to this site, not only creating Uses but also fan art, too. I'm sure that I speak for everyone in saying a great thank you to Smiley for the contribution that he's made to the Futurama community. Still, maybe he'll come back when things settle down. We can only hope.

BTW, I was sent an email a while back about a new Futurama quote generator that's out there. The generator was created by Bill, who has put hundreds of Futurama quotes in his script for you to abuse. Abuse it well.
I bring art! Good art! Crap art! 3D art! Everything in the middle! Have a seat and see!
Posted on February 7, 2006 by Leandro
Once again Robert Hawks expands our Fan Art gallery with more of his pics! He's scanned the cover of the 9th Futurama Comic, as well as a promo picture from back where the series began, and the promo picture from The Honking. You can see them all in the Fan Art gallery. And, believe it or not, this is the only part of this update dealing with the Fan Art section: we're doing some major splitting of the images that get submitted to the site, and this update will introduce you to three new Gallery subsections.

First, there's two new pictures in our new Doodles section, coming from two new different submitters: Hailey Sands, who's created the MS Paint image shown to the left, and Marisa Friedman, who's made a pencil sketch of Bender. Those two new pics open our Doodles section, for MS Paint images, pencil sketches, and other pics.

Next up, there's a new rendered image of Bender by James Bentley for our new 3D Art subsection, where all your 3D creations can live in peace and harmony in a paradise made of meshes, textures, shaders and bump maps. Digital LSD provided for free! This picture opens the section, but expect a lot of pictures to join it pretty soon.

The last new gallery opening today is Fan Photos, and there are two new pictures here, both coming from Greg Tucker and featuring his homemade Bender, fittingly having a head made out of a beer can. If you have photos of you or your friends cosplaying as Futurama characters, or you've made your own working Planet Express ship in your backyard, why not send us a photo of it? This section is not to upload just photos of you wearing a Futurama T-Shirt, it has to be something that either shows your skills making a part of the Futurama universe in the real world, or translating something in the real world to fit the Futurama universe

Lastly, there are three new pieces of Crap Art in a section that's not new, but always finds more smelling junk to fill itself with. Horrible doodles that scare the other doodles away, that's all this section is about. Mike Orr is the evil scientist behind the latest horrible mutations to join this section, which we always hope will destroy itself in a hellish firestorm of pixellated carnage, but never happens. The Madness! The Horror!

Closing this update, I'll let you know the Fan Art gallery still has one more mutation to go through: the creation of the Scan Art gallery. There are currently over four thousand pictures in that section, so we are going to reduce the load by moving all the images that are scanned off the series' original artwork into a section, and keep only original art in the Gallery. We'll try not to split an artist's drawing around too much, but I'm hoping that once the shuffling around is done, this'll result in a better organized gallery where you can submit all sorts of Fan Art and it'll land where it's most appreciated.

Now back to trying to make the Fan Fiction script work...
Holy crap, Philbot is alive and well... and he's brought gifts, too!
Posted on February 5, 2006 by Graham
I got a shock a few days ago, because I received an email from someone who I thought was long lost to the world. In many ways, I imagined that Philbot had done a Captain Oates, by uttering the memorable line, "I am just going outside and may be some time." Yes, he was a long time, but unlike the heroic Oates (he was the one who was on that tragic expedition to the South Pole with Captain Scott, and who, according to legend, walked out of the doomed mission to his death in order to try and save the remaining three by allowing them the remaining rations), Philbot has returned with parts thirteen and fourteen of his The Anchovy Strikes Back, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. Yes, indeed, it's a comic done by fans, fans like Philbot... fans who return back after a long, long, long, long time. Yes, fans who come back to save the day. Yes, fans who we all should look up to. Fans who will one day rule the world, and enslave mankind with their plots and drawings and flying monkeys and raspberry yoghurts. Yes, these are the men and women who will crush all those who... Wait, must stop the praise and fawning. Anyway, enough of the praise, here's the dog's bollocks. Enjoy!
Damn, there goes my daily update routine...
Posted on February 2, 2006 by Leandro
Still no luck in getting the Fan Fiction section back, but don't worry; I'm just going to remake it from scratch and forget I ever tried to make it work properly. I'm going to mess around with that section tonight until something happens, either making it work or completely destroying it. If you visit the Fan Fiction section and are greeted by Internal Server Errors, that means everything is fine! Yes, really.

Anyway, I just found this new Wallpaper that has been waiting in my inbox since January 13th. It features the Nimbus travelling through a very cool-looking nebula. So download, stick it to your screens, and enjoy!