February 2005
Take that, and that, and that, and that! That's how cissy my ponytail looks!
Posted on February 28, 2005 by Graham
Man, doesn't Fry look menacing in this picture to your right. Mean look, guns blazing, ponytail washed with Timotei. I mean, it looks like someone really pissed him off. Maybe Bender stole from him too often this time, or he snapped when Hermes cut his pay. Anyway, this picture you can see to your right was done by a new contributor for Futurama Madhouse's Fan Art section, who goes under the deadly name of Angel de Muerte. The picture is based on the film El Desperado, just in case you're wondering. Also, he's created another picture of Fry in a similar vein, because this time it's based on the film that preceded El Desperado, which was called El Mariachi (which I've watched... still to watch El Desperado, though). Anyway, it shows Fry with his guitar case full of tricks. Lastly, Angel de Muerte has come up with a cute picture of Leela for all you Leela fans out there. There you go, you get cute and then worried that you'll get killed for it.
Secrets! Roll up and get your secrets! Juicy secrets!
Posted on February 26, 2005 by Graham
It's late on Saturday, and I have time to spare to put up a work for our Fan Fiction section, which comes from Fryfan. Welcome the sixth and final part of his current fiction, SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis. Well, Fryfan says that there's a secret to behold in this episode, although he also says that he has another big secret to come in a future story related to this series, so you'll have something to enjoy after this current story of his. What's the big secret? Read on... read... and read again, for the secret's in the words of Fryfan! Enjoy!
Hiya guys... and gals. It's me... y'know... that guy who sometimes, but no often, updates stuff at the site now and then. Just saying 'cause I have new stuff. I know I haven't found the Holy Grail, the Golden Fleece, Aladdin's lamp or Paris Hilton's dignity, but it's something...
Posted on February 26, 2005 by Kenneth
Three things actually. Starting off with everybody's favourite section. Well, second-favourite section then... right after that really popular one. You know the one I mean... Anyway, yes, it's Fan Art. Brand, spaking new stuff from a brand spanking new contributor. Though whether there's actually any spanking done by him, I have no idea. Anyway, this newcomer named T-Dog (not to be confused with Snoop Dog, T-Bone, or Snoop Bone...) has drawn a parody of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill movies featuring Leela in Uma Thurman's role. Two pics actually, though they are essentially the same. One is in colour and the other in non-colour mode, or as we call it here at FM:TLZ: dog vision. Check 'em out, and see if you can work out why she'd like to kill Fry... 'cause we sure can't. I certainly don't think he'd be as mean as Bill is in the movies apparently.

Moving along, there's also some of that stuff we call Crap Art as well, this time a piece from Zoop. I dunno what to say about it really, so I'll just let you click the thumbnail or link and judge for yourself. Because, hey... if I could make everybody agree with me, then there'd be no rugby or low-brow humour in the world, and I'd have several billion at my command. There'd also be a lot more Fan Fiction out there because everybody would agree that writing is great, and that Futurama is great, so that writing Futurama stories would be great. And Slikdude is somebody who understands that already, for he has for you all the fifth and final chapter completed in his saga known as The Fry Files. Yes, it's all here now at the site, so if you've been following the storyline thus far, you may want to check that out too. And with that I bid you adieu.
Can't sleep. Squirrels will eat me.
Posted on February 25, 2005 by Leandro
Ever had a dream where two giant squirrels from the SquirrelMail logo chased you across town and you were saved by a giant fox that breathed fire on them? The giant fox was actually Foxy from the Mozilla Firefox logo, too. Well, if you ever did, then I tapped into your dream last night, and therefore the one with insane dreams is you and not me. And if nobody had that dream ever before, after reading it they'll probably have it, so I'll just be tapping into the dreams from somebody else in the future, influenced by what I typed in the past! Yeah, that makes sense. Maybe because I just woke up and the squirrels were scary.

While I try to find comfort from the Evil Squirrels by hugging my Foxy plushie, I've got ten new pics in our Fan Art section! They're all by Comrade Zed 85 from the Futurama Communist Front, and they're actually both new and old pictures that didn't get submitted because of our Leela-centricness of years past. There will be more pics coming soon, I just didn't want to give you too much stuff at a time! Besides, maybe somebody else will be putting up the rest of the pictures... who could that be? [dun dun dun ].
We've been hijacked! Animal extremists want to know of Smiley's whereabouts! Must resist torture... experiments... tofu...
Posted on February 24, 2005 by Graham
There I am sitting down to have some fish 'n' chips, which you all know us Brits eat all the time, when in pop some animal extremists wanting to know where Smiley can be reached. "You're eating fish! Don't you know that fish have feelings?" First mistake of mine was to shrug. "How would you like it if you were a fish out of water?" I nodded and said that it'd certainly be a dry new experience. "Shut up, you! Now, where can we reach Smiley?" I said I didn't know. "But you've got his Uses For a Hacker up on your site, so you must know." I pondered for a while, then said that Smiley could be reached via Captain Birdseye's mobile phone. They didn't have a sense of humour (nor did I, it seems), tying me up and not letting me finish my jellied-eel pie, which all us Londoners eat every day. "We're not joking, we'll just have to spray hairspray into your eyes in order to get the information. Information, that's what we need. Information..." Now feeling for some steak and kidney pie, which all us Brits eat every day, I was wondering how long I could last before squealing. Everyone, it seems, knows Smiley's email address, which can be found on his Uses For a Hacker page, so why didn't they know? I decided to ask this queston. "Because computers have been tested on animals, you idiot." Well, I had to point out that hairspray was also tested on animals, and they were going to be spraying it into my eyes. "This spray hasn't been tested on animals, that's why it's particularly dangerous... bwahahahaha!" I gulped. They sprayed. They waited. Expecting my eyes to hurt and my stomach to get tired of waiting for shepherd's pie, which all us Brits eat every single day, I feared the worst, but nothing really happened. "Damn! We've sprayed him with... water!" I chuckled. "We'll be back... just you wait!" So, I'm now sitting here, dreaming of brussel sprouts, which we all eat over here as a treat, and typing up the latest update of Smiley's Uses For a Hacker. His latest batch include: Tamagotchi; Woodpecker Bait; Legos; Scary New Cubicle Mate; Shark Dentist; Shark Chew Toy; The Next Wrath of...; Peter's Failed Toy Design; Stewie's Last Pediatrician; Ranting PETA and Animal Liberation Front Trash; My Little Horkey. I better scoot off quick before those animal extremists come back after they've found out where Smiley is and that I've put up an update that denigrates them.
Drink today, and drown all sorrow, You shall perhaps not do it tomorrow. Best, while you have it, use your breath; There is no drinking after death. (John Fletcher - 1639)
Posted on February 22, 2005 by Graham
Ah, some poetry for today. OK, it was a verse from his Bloody Brother, written in 1639, which was way before the Internet was invented, although maybe after the birth of Microsoft's DOS 3.3. Anyway, the verse certainly does match the scene in a picture for our Fan Art section, that comes from Roddney, who is back after some time at slaving away at university. Well, the scene is of Fry, Bender, Peter Griffen of Family Guy, and, I suspect, Roddney himself enjoying a drinking contest to the full. Leela seems to have entered this party scene unexpectedly, hence her surprised expression. Roddney, in his email, says that he's likely to party like there's no tomorrow, once he ends his studies at university. I can imagine that to be one hell of a day. BTW, if you want to read the remainder of that poem that I've used for the subject heading, then you can find it here. Enjoy! *burp*
Leela's new lime green...
Posted on February 21, 2005 by Graham
Well, it's a change from her usual garb, that's for sure. Just feel lucky that such gear isn't on Fry or, Heaven help us, on Zapp Brannigan. OK, I now see the possibility that someone out there with a strange sense of humour might send in some artwork like that. Please spare us that fate worse than death. Anyway, getting back to business, let's welcome a new picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Pawell. Now, this new picture of his shows Leela in yet more revealing gear, which seems to be Pawell's latest theme. It seems, according to Pawell, that some have likened his pictures to porn, but I don't see anything that should be hidden. OK, it might well be risque, but that's another thing altogether. Well, anyway, whatever it is, you can enjoy Pawell's artwork, which is really the point of this show, right?
It all starts as pixels and gets much, much bigger...
Posted on February 19, 2005 by Graham
Well, let's all welcome the return of Rye Guy, who has come up with some good stuff for Futurama Madhouse's Fan Art, Crap Art and Fan Fiction sections. The picture you can see to your right shows pixel Fry and Leela falling in pixel love. However, there are some other pictures that show Leela in another light. For Rye Guy has produced some more of his Fat Art©, which shows Leela as an obese woman, although still full of bouncy fun... and that kind of thing. Now, that isn't all about a couple of pictures of fat Leela, because he's come up with the first part of his new fiction The Heavy About Love, which the pictures are based upon. Now to introduce the story. Everything is grand, Fry and Leela are in love and enjoying it. However, suddenly Leela starts to gain weight. No, not just a few kilos here or there, but a massive increase to obese proportions and beyond. Will Fry still love her tomorrow? Let's see if he will, then. Also, if all this fat and pixel stuff wasn't enough, Rye Guy has come up with two works for our Crap Art section. There's a picture of a crappy cute Nibbler, which is utter faeces, but that's the nature of the section. The second crappy picture is a poor rendition of Zapp and Kif, with the Nimbus in the background. Sure looks like it's not the Zapper any more, more like the Crapper. Well, there's enough stuff for you to gorge on. Enjoy the grub.
Even in the future red lights will stop you when you're in ahurry.
Posted on February 19, 2005 by Teral
You know how it is. You're late for school/work/your grandmothers birthday/etc., speeding to minimize the loss and somehow, on this exact day, you manage to catch every red light there is on your route. I know I've tried it, several times. It looks like the Planet Express crew know this experience too, or at least in this piece of Fan Art coming from Otis P Jivefunk.. One thing is different however, it looks like you pass through the trafficlight in the future, not under it. Maybe it's a cosmic hub to travel vast distances, like the monolith in the book 2001? Anyway, this picture is done in collaboration with Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, who is responsible for the background, so if you plan to write Otis P Jivefunk to commend him on his great picture, remember to include Zed 85 too.

A trip to the beach, in the middle of winter? You must have smoked some bad granola! Hmmm, that's probably a bit harsh, I mean maybe Leela is visiting Australia, or some other country in the Southern Hemisphere. Looks like she bought a new bathing suit too, as this one have nothing in common with the one we saw in "A Flight to Remember", apart from the color. Not that I think people will mind. Though I have to say it looks a bit uncomfortable down below. Then again I'm speaking from a male point of view. Anyway, this Fan Art comes from Pawell Galuzin. Enjoy.

"Aruba" No. "Jamaica" No. "ooh I wanna take ya." Excuse me? "Bermuda" No. "Bahama" That's the one! The one where Kif and Amy go on their honeymoon in Spacedal11's Fan Fiction titled Stung I mean. I the previous chapter Leela had Fry erased from here memory to overcome her grief and madness after Fry's death in "The Sting". Now she's hearing voices and Fry's name allover. Even while on holiday on Bahamas. And Bender is there too, on Bahamas I mean, not in her mind. Confused yet? You wont be after reading part 2 of the story. Have fun. Zapp dies. Yay! Unless you like Zapp, then
Some brains are smart, while some are... different!
Posted on February 16, 2005 by Graham
Today I have another two works for our Fan Art section that comes from Tom35. Now, the picture to your right shows Fry working out that brains make people smart... or at least has the potential to do so. Then again, seeing it's Fry, who knows. However, there's no doubt about Professor Farnsworth's brain, even if he does come up with crazy inventions, his brain can't be claimed to be lacking. Anyway, Professor Farnsworth is the subject of Tom35's second picture, which has him in a surprised expression. He's probably wondering how the heck he's related to Fry, considering that brain make people smart. Well, one thing is smart, and that's the neatness of this artwork of Tom35's. There, aren't you glad you got more of this?
That's another fine mess you've got me into, Fry!
Posted on February 15, 2005 by Graham
Well, after yesterday's lovefest/card company rip off, I have some work that's a bit more action orientated. I can hear the Shippers groan. There's no need to groan, because what I have for you is still on the good side of artistic merit. Welcome another work from Israel for our Fan Art section. In this picture, you can see that the crew are in trouble. But what kind of trouble, I hear some voices ask? Well, let's let Israel enlighten us. "Seems another delivery has gone astray, leaving Leela and her crew stranded on a prehistoric type planet, where of course she force to take matters into her hands by taming the wild life and setting another set back coursed by Fry and Bender on the right path. Will she prevail? I don't know, ask Tweety!" Hey, Tweety, stop bothering Sylvester and come here. OK, good... and spit out that bird seed when I'm talking to you. Right, will Leela get the crew out of the mess that's shown in Israel's latest picture? What? Surely you don't mean that? Well, we care. I care, Israel cares, our visitors care, even Sylvester cares. Sylvester! Time for a bird hunt!

Facing yet more possibilities... Well, we're certainly not finished here, even if Tweety has now finally been roasted and eaten. I had to leave Tweety to Sylvester to digest... I prefer more meat on a roast. I mean, you ask a little bird a simple question, only to get indifference. No, that's not on here. Well, enough of this crap I'm writing, and onto something that's on the other extreme of quality. I have the part five of Fryfan's latest work for our Fan Fiction section, that's titled SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis. I'll let Fryfan explain more, leaving me time to hunt clear up the bones of Tweety, which are strewn around the place by the messy Sylvester. "This one Kim has to deal big time that the future is different than her time. Fry tries to offer a few tips. Kim, Ron, Leela, and Fry have to work together to save Wade, but Kim meets Zapp along the way. And we see that there's more than meets the eye with Drakken and Ironfinger's plan." Well, once you've read this part, you'll be ready for the last part, which should be coming shortly. Anyway, before I give too much of the game away, I'll leave you to enjoy Fryfan's latest contribution.
Oh no, it's Valentine's Day... sickbags to the ready!
Posted on February 14, 2005 by Graham
Ah, it's that time of year, when people share their love with others who don't really want to know, with tacky cards and sickening presents. Oh, wait, that's not what's meant to happen at all. No, let's not be cynical on this day... no, not this one. So, if any of you have something loving to say to someone, feel free to buy some expensive vomit inducing pictured cardboard thingy, write on it your thoughts (avoid stuff that might be considered stalking or frighteningly graphic) and give it to your muse. Wait for the slap... and wish for another year. There, done. Anyway, before you do that, you can have a look at the latest updates that I have for you. First up, we have three pictures from Zmithy that are for our Fan Art section. I'll let Zmithy explain his pictures for you. "The first pic is based on a deleted line from 'The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings', the second is a scene that time skipped over from 'Time Keeps on Slipping', and the third is a Futurama version of an album cover (Snow Patrol- 'Final Straw')." He hopes, in his email, that his pictures will be liked... and all I can say is that they certainly should be liked for their quality.

This could get even more sickening... I hope you still have those sickbags at the ready, because you'll certainly need them for the next update. Maybe there should be Valentine's sickbags, with a nice, pink heart on them. Hmmm... there's a money raising idea. Anyway, I have a picture for our Fan Art section and a written work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. The picture that he's sent is specially done for Valentine's Day, and featuring a rather youthful Professor Farnsworth and some hot-looking punkish girl that he picked up in the episode 300 Big Boys. Little do both characters suspect, that each have really altered their appearance. Still, it's Valentine's Day today, so maybe they won't care... Another work that Dwayne Anderson has submitted is a new story for our Fan Fiction section, which goes under the title My Life, My Love. Turanga Fry (son of Fry and Leela, which will be explained in the story) is going to proposes to his girlfriend, Rosemary, but it seems that past events want to interfere with this romantic gesture. Some years earlier, it's Philip Fry's birthday, and it's time for him to open presents. What has this to do with Turanga Fry's proposal problem? Read on to find out. Anyway, happy Valentine's Day to you all. Open sickbags... Barf!
Loving gestures now, rude ones later...
Posted on February 12, 2005 by Graham
Well, I have some good stuff that comes from Kriebs, who has come up with stuff for our Fan Art and also for our Fan Fiction sections. I'll let him talk about his pictures for himself, by using the magic of copy and paste. "My Fan Art 'Gestures' is a scene in my story 'The Best of Times and Worst of Times'. It's Valintines Day 3006 and Fry made a special little gesture to his beloved Leela, and Leela made one to him that will last. One day their kids are going to ask their mother about the carved heart with their parent initals on the bulkhead in the cargo hold. She'll tell them how their dad moved the stars themselves to write her a love note in the sky, and he did it twice! She in turn carved their initals on the bulkhead to always remember. What happens after that? Let's say someone got a lot of snu-snu that night!" Well, that was for his first picture, but let's let him explain his second picture. "My second Fan Art 'So much for the Brain Spawn' is a scene where the Mighty One was called upon again, and gave the Brain Spawn a courtesy ticket on a one way trip to hell. With his awsome power and deadly weapons - Evil doesn't stand a chance!" Now, not only has he done some artwork for us, he's also created a work for our Fan Fiction section, coming up with part two of his current fiction The Best of Times and Worst of Times. Well, let's just say that the Fry and Leela relationship is being fully explored in this part. There, that should keep you Shippers happy.

Goodness gracious, great balls of... I'll let you think up the ending of that. Well, anyway, I have another picture for our Fan Art section, but this time coming from the hands of Tom35. The picture features that moment where Fry is trying to save the world from the Brain Spawn in the episode The Day the Earth Stood Stupid, only to find out that the Earth, and in this picture Professor Farnsworth, has become even more stupid than himself. We have Professor Farnsworth putting his head in a position where the balls of an executive toy are banging against his head, while he claims to be a genius. BTW, the last time I updated about Tom35, I wondered if his last work was the first to be submitted to a site or not. Well, it appears that we had the honour of being the first site. He also informed me that he has his own thread at Peel. Well, enjoy this picture as much as the Professor is.

Fry sings for his Cyclops dream... Lastly, I have a work for our Poetry & Song Parodies section that comes from Fry's Lady. This song is titled My Cyclops, a parody of Simple Plan's "My Alien", and is a song that has Fry singing about his love for the one-eyed lady, who I don't need to name. Anyway, have a sing-song with Fry... and maybe it'll come true.
Fry does a funny thing...
Posted on February 10, 2005 by Graham
Well, it's near my bedtime, but I just couldn't go to sleep before I updated the site. Ain't I being such a goody two shoes? Anyway, today I have two pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from the scary named Genocidal Smasher. Well, the picture you can see is of Fry doing a funny thing with his hands. Maybe he's doing a raging bull or something with shadow play. Then again, maybe not. The other picture shows an alert Leela, along with gun, walking about an alien tomb. I wonder if she'll bump into Lara Croft or Indiana Jones. OK, the chances are probably nil, but weirder things have happened in Futurama. Anyway, enjoy Genocidal Smasher's latest stuff, otherwise Leela and her gun might just bump into you. Now, finally, off to sleep I go...
And now, ladies and gentlemen, I'll tell you what Graham will write in his latest update...
Posted on February 9, 2005 by Graham
Bet you're wrong, Fry... Actually, the picture you can see to your right shows Fry trying his hardest to think, although it also looks like he's doing some staged mind-reading thing, like when some charlatan gets up on stage and tells everyone that the woman on the third row two seats to the left, has a brother called John, who's married to a woman. Right. Anyway, this picture is Tom35's first contribution to Futurama Madhouse's Fan Art section. I have to say that his picture is quite good for a first go (although he doesn't say whether this is his first contribution to a site or just to our own), so let's hope for some more like it. Maybe Fry can predict more. Go on, Fry, predict more... more... MORE... MORE. Hey, don't get too greedy!

Don't you just love firing things at what you hate? Imagine a show where you could fire objects at people or things that you hate. Well, Dwayne Anderson has come up with a work for our Fan Fiction section that deals with exactly that. Welcome his new work called Ready, Set, Boom!, which deals with the crew being involved in their very own TV show where they can fire stuff at figures that they hate. No, not Dr Zoidberg... or at least not yet. Don't get too trigger happy...
Do you want some Doom with your fries?
Posted on February 8, 2005 by Graham
Ooh, this is a Marvelous picture that I have for you today for our Fan Art section, which comes from Israel. If you're a fan of Marvel comics, and even if you're not, you'll sure appreciate this picture that he's sent in. It features Fry as the Human Torch and as Flash, with Bender as Doctor Doom. Now with those three as superheroes, the world will finally be destroyed! Bwahahahahaha! Bwahahahaha! *cough* Bwahahahaha! There, that's enough manic laughing for now. Bwahahahaha! There, done. BTW, talking about superheroes, earlier this morning, I found an interesting parody site that has some interesting ideas about Superman, a comic hero of Marvel's rivals, DC... as if you didn't know or, probably, cared. Here's a link to Superman is a Dick, which isn't a homo-erotic porno site or anything like that. Sure made me laugh.

Being Turanga Leelavich... For the second contribution of today, I have a work that goes to our Fan Fiction section, coming from Trenton Sands. He's come up with a story titled Up the Down Potion, a story which involves transformation... although not that which involves gaining super powers. Fry is left to guard the Up-Down potion, an invention of Farnsworth's that enables someone to enter the body of another. Wondering why Leela isn't interested in him other than in a working relationship type of way, Fry takes the potion and enters Leela's body to find out why. However, things can always go wrong, especially when it's Fry that's involved...
How to get Fry off his arse in one easy step...
Posted on February 7, 2005 by Graham
You know the feeling. You're sitting down doing something, like typing some update for some random site, when someone else tells you to get off your lazy arse and do something that needed doing a fortnight ago. I mean, don't these people realise that sitting on one's arse is a damn good experience? So, would you blame Fry if he was asked by some bossy space captain to get off his lazy behind and get some exercise done? I wouldn't. Well, this is what happens in a comic sent in by Ooy for our Fans' Comics section, which goes under the title of Futurama Fan Comix. In it, Fry is just sitting down doing fun stuff with Bender, when in comes Miss Bossy Boots to demand that he, Fry of all people, does some exercise. I mean, can one be so insensitive to demand exercise when one's lazing around? Oh well, I better send this before I go and unblock the sink...
Dwayne of the drains...
Posted on February 6, 2005 by Graham
Seems that someone has decided to come up with some mutation that's for our Fan Art section. That someone is my very own dear Sofie Fenwick, who has come up with this hand-drawn picture of Dwayne, a mutant who lives in the sewers under Futurama's New New York. Well, now you can enjoy the sight and odour of Dwayne. The odour? Yeah, just print out this image, then take it to the nearest sewer outlet and take a deep breath. There, you'll be able to imagine that you are staring right at Dwayne the sewer mutant, along with the other sensations that you'll be receiving. Pity I can't find a "hold your nose" smiley, because I'd be using it right now. Hmmm... maybe if you add a bit of acoustic guitar music, like recruit a street busker and take him/her to the sewer outlet with you, you can have the sounds as well. Anyway, enjoy Sofie's latest picture.
Life is going down the toilet when Cubert fancies you...
Posted on February 5, 2005 by Graham
Life is sure going down the bog for Kim Possible when Cubert gives her one of his "pick-up" lines. Well, this and more can be found in Fryfan's latest part of his current work for our Fan Fiction section, which is called SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis. I'll let good ol' Fryfan explain this part more: "In this story, Kim has to deal with the fact her presence in the future is now known throughout the world. Fry and Leela will have to do what they can so Kim and Ron can meet the person who's their only hope of ever getting back to their time." Yeah, and did I say that Cubert is trying to chat Kim up? I did? Oh, OK, well all puke in unison then.
I'm back and I brought along mygood friend Jesus, lobster Zoidberg, I mean lobster Newburg, I mean Doctor Zoidberg.
Posted on February 4, 2005 by Teral
After a long vacation I'm back, ready to cook up ramblings, weird anecdotes and tangential conversation pr our usual agreement. Some of you sent me content during my vacation, I'm sorry it took so long for it to be uploaded, but hey, better late than never, right? ... right? Helloooooo?

Anyway, first we have 2 new Fan Arts from the hands of Pawell Galuzin. The first one show Zoidberg parading as Robot Santa's good friend, Jesus, in order to fool mayor Poopenmeyer and save Bender from the electric magnet. The second one show Leela in her wedding dress on Cyclopia (to other people know as "the planet were that slimebal Alcazar have his 5 castles" or to Bender "home of the saint" ).

Don't you forget about me... And ofcourse we all need a good Fan Fiction to start off the weekend. So it's fortunate enough I have part 1 of Spacedal11's new story Stung. Spacedal11 have been a trip to the What-If-machine, asking what if "The Sting" wasn't a dream? In this story it wasn't, everything was real. Fry is dead, Leela is insane and commited to an asylum. The doctors have little hope of curing her, and she might just spend the rest of her life locked away. That is until they suggest to her a quick but drastic way out: eliminating all memories she have of Fry. Will she take the offer? Find out here.
Pictures with tablets...
Posted on February 2, 2005 by Graham
No, not that kind of tablet. This isn't art that's done whilst high on drugs or anything, it means another kind of tablet altogether. You know, the types that you can draw with on computers. Yeah, that kind of thing, not that other kind of thing that can make art in your mind or something. Anyway, someone got a new tablet for their computer on Christmas, and decided to send us the results of its use to our Fan Art section. That person was Leela's Twin, who sent in this "Oekaki" of Leela. Mind you, looking at one of Leela's Twin's works on her page on our site, I can see a blurred image. What kind of tablet was that done on? Heh, OK, I'll behave. I better, otherwise I'll just end up getting hit over the head with a scanner by an angry artist. Enjoy Leela's Twin's latest work.
Seems that Hell has provided Leela with a colour upgrade...
Posted on February 1, 2005 by Graham
Not content with sending us a monochrome picture of Leela as Lady Death, Israel has excelled himself by sending in a colour version of the same picture for our Fan Art section. Well, like last time, it shows Leela as the dark fantasy character called Lady Death. She's wearing some revealing bikini and sporting a sword. In the background, Bender can be seen carrying his decapitated head, at Leela's feet, Nibbler is gnawing on some skulls and bones, while a dragon thing is encircled around Leela's legs. Well, I have to say that the coloured version really adds to Israel's demonic picture (not that I always believe that a coloured in picture always adds to a sketch, but it does this time). Anyway, enjoy this picture... don't get any nightmares, you hear.