February 2004

February 29, 2004

No food and cold make Zoidberg something something.... Go crazy? Don't mind if he do! Because that's exactly what happens to him in part 7 of Dave Vincent's Background Noise. Having escaped the captivity of Donbot and his henchmen, the stress and lack of food is beginning to take it's toll of the good doctor's sanity and he start to drift into the funny world. Menawhile Amy and Leela return to Planet Express convinced that Zoidberg died in the explosion. Waiting for them is an increasingly arbitrary Hermes, but also a nice surprise. This chapter also deals a bit more with the Nibblonians and their struggle with the Brain Spawn. You can find this story in the Fan Fiction section, but you can also click here to go directly to the new chapter.

Use with caution. Smiley is back with 6 new Uses For A Hacker, and as the headline say proceed with caution, The Leela Zone take no responsibility for laughter-induced cramps, strokes or head-aches. Among the guest-stars in this batch are Kim Possible, Dogbert and TLZ's very own Leandro. Have fun.

Here's a first in four years! Last time there was a leap year was in the year 2000, so it's been four years since the last 29th February. Time does seem to fly when you're having fun. Back then, The Leela Zone was in a period of hibernation, between the Mark LeWald and Leandro changeover phase. Anyway, since then, the site has moved onwards and upwards. Two days before the leap day in 2000 was the airing of "Raging Bender"... times ARE differnt. Well, for today, I have some work from Andrea Huckstep for our Fan Art section. Her new picture features Leela comforting Luigi, who's fearing his coming vaccine shots. Maybe a lollipop after the shots will quell his tears.

Time to clear your throats! Best to take some Tunes to rid that Darth Vader wheeze, because Woodbot 2.0 has the next part of his Star Wars parody, Futurama Wars - Episode One: A New Smope, for you to enjoy. This fan fiction continues with its story, where robots are being bought and sold, where an orange-haired character (I wonder who that is?) is busy buying such robots so he can get some slurm, which, quite naturally, will bring him into contact with b3PO, the grey cursing robot (I wonder who he's modelled after?). Also, in another part of the universe, a one-eyed princess is being distressed. I wonder who the shining knight in armour is going to be? Well, that's for later... best read this part in the meantime.

February 28, 2004

Strange things happen.... Yeah, who would have thought that Leela would be dancing with Dr Zoidberg. I mean, surely this isn't Dirty Dancing? No, apparently, it's a parody of Moulin Rouge. Who did this deviant work for our Fan Art section? The guilty party was Alenacat, so send all your queries to her. Well, don't be too hard, because it's a nice picture that has some imagination thrown in, too. Her other pictures show Fry as the Pope (eh, how did he pull that job? ); a picture of Fry and Leela with some animal, which, according to Alenacat, comes from comic #10 (I'm not one to read the comics, sorry to say... the heresy!); and a final picture from her that shows Leela and some "strange photography". All very nice work from Alenacat, even if dancing with Zoidberg would be a nightmare.

Let the fighting begin! Next, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Max Bellamy. This is part three of his Matrix parody that's titled The Fry-trix: Rebooted. In this part, Fry unites with Neo to tackle the evil that lurks within the Matrix... and some tricky fighting happens, too. So, put on those dark glasses and give Max's fic a read... not too dark, mind you.

February 24, 2004

There's no wrong way to hit William Shatner... If there is Leela haven't found it yet, since all her moves in the Shatner fight in "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" were flawless. Not that I have anything against William Shatner, I'm sure he's a wonderful person, as long as he doesn't act. Since I'm a Star Trek fan, imagine what the ST bashers would say. Anyway, this is one of two new pictures in the Fan Art section, both made by myself. The second one show Leela supporting Fry after the oxygen scene in "Love And Rocket", one of the shippers favorites (the oxygen scene, not my scan, but check it out nonetheless).

The Doctor Is In! And there's another new story in Fan Fiction section for today. This one come from Missy, and is titled In Practice and is set during "The Devils Hands Are Idle Playthings". Leela has just rejected Fry's chilly touch. She's looking for someone to talk to, and the person she finds is the one she's least-likely to listen to. Go directly to this story by clicking here.

And that's what happens when you continue to (ab)use Bill Gates' toys! Not that we're a bunch of Linux zealots at The Leela Zone, considering that only three of us use it (I still think Sebastian is dabbling with it), but we do wonder why many of our visitors still use M$ software, especially unprotected. I mean, if you're going to have fun, use protection - strap some Linux onto your machine. However, the reason why I'm on an OS crusade is because Smiley, of Uses For a Hacker fame, has sent in a work for our Fan Art section complaining about the amount of viruses he's been getting, especially those ones that spoof his email address. A little secret that some might not be aware of is that us at The Leela Zone have been suffering from a deluge of viruses for some time, so we're sort of resigned to it. However, it seems that some of you are yet to be really affected by this. Well, maybe Smiley's temper will cool down after the 1,000th virus has entered his inbox.

What, no Chewy? The next contribution goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from a new author for this site called Woodbot 2.0. The fic, titled Futurama Wars - Episode One: A New Smope, is a parody of the original Star Wars trilogy, but this time with our favourite characters instead of an effeminate robot, his peddle bin side-kick, a villian with a sore throat and some princess who wears Danish pastry on her head. Anyway, the first part is short but looks like fun, so enjoy.

February 23, 2004

I don't care if it's Lee Robert's 15th birthday, I still don't want your smelly self to hug me, Zoidberg! Well, today is Lee Roberts' fifteenth birthday, which is certainly a day to enjoy. Congratulations goes to Lee from all the staff at The Leela Zone. Anyway, in order that I'd announce this event on this special day, he bribed me with fourteen new pictures for our Fan Art section. Lee drives a hard bargain, but I suppose it's good stuff to add to this site. Anyway, there's an assortment of pictures, loads featuring Leela in many poses and situations, while there's also one picture with just Fry in it, but why complain about that. Oh, and go to his third page as well as the fourth, because his latest works straddle both pages. Well, once again, happy birthday, Lee.

More ankle-biting action! Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from the prolific pen of Dwayne Anderson. This time, it's part three of a continued fic that goes under the title Just Slightly Ahead of Their Time. Remember it? Cool. Anyway, in this part, the crew and the now teenage Rugrats are invited to a lunch at the Wongs. However, some decorated captain of the DOOP wants to barge into the dinner party to steal the scene. Guess who.

February 21, 2004

Lean times ahead! Well, just finished listening to my football team, Arsenal, beat Chelsea 2-1 at Stamford Bridge. That, along with Manchester United's drawing with Leeds, has certainly put my team one step nearer to winning the English Premier League. Boy, everything seems rosy right now. Anyway, what's more rosy than that is a contribution from a new boy for The Leela Zone called Torrasque, who has produced a shippy work for our Video Clips section. This video is a compilation of shippy and friendship moments in Futurama, all with the backing music of "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers. Some nice sentiments about friendship are expressed in this video, which can't be sniffed at. Ah, one other thing, this video clip is a WMV file rather than the usual DivX AVI ones we tend to have.

Now back to some violent moments in Futurama. Whew! Well, it can't all be love and kisses in the show, there has to be something else to give us all an all-rounded story. Well, if you want to blame someone for distracting us from the loving side of Futurama, then look no further than to Rye Guy, who has produced this eggcellent work for our Fan Art section. OK, sorry for that terrible pun. This picture shows the moment in the second episode, "The Series has Landed", where Farnsworth's attempt to make a boiled egg goes horribly wrong. Seems he's undercooked it or something. That sure's gonna hurt in the morning.

February 19, 2004

Matrix returns with added oomph! Hmmm... I suppose I better do something while listening to Mudhoney's self-titled album, Mudhoney. Sure brings me back some years. If anyone likes Nirvana or Pearl Jam, then Mudhoney will certainly be for you. It's fair to say that they started the Seattle indie punk/metal scene, commonly known as "grunge", or at least put it on the road. Oh, wait, I'm meant to be doing something. Ah, the update. OK, well, I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Alexander A Andreev. His latest picture features Leela in a kind of Matrix guise, sporting guns and knives. She certainly looks like she's going to bring peace and love to this world... or to the Matrix. There, we even have a smiley for it. mtvcdm, did you read that, we have a smiley for everything here.

February 18, 2004

A sweet, delicate flower... and Leela From the hands of the great Alenacat come two new pictures for the Fan Art section. Two great pictures in my opinion, and cute. The one in the thumbnail show Leela walking with a lily in her hand. I wonder where she off to? She's a bit late for Valentines Day, but maybe she just want to surprise someone with a random gesture. Maybe that someone is Fry? Or Zapp? Or maybe she's just out enjoying a walk? For the sake of sweetness let's just say it's Fry. The second picture show Fry, Leela and Zoidberg as characters from the movie "Moulin Rouge", all dressed up for a party. Since I've never seen "Moulin Rouge" I don't know what characters they resemble, or if they even resemble any. Anyway, enjoy these new Fan Arts from Alenacat. And as an added bonus I fixed a broken link on Alenacat's gallery.

February 17, 2004

Paths of Glory! When Rye Guy isn't doing work for our Fan Fiction section, slaving away at producing the next part of The Other, he's busy creating works for our Fan Art section. Well, he seems happy in doing this, and we're happy in receiving them, too. Anyway, his latest picture for us, which is scanned from the season two DVD, shows Fry in military gear seeming pleased about something or other. Maybe he's celebrating the glorious defeat of Earth's forces by the Neutrals. Yeah, it can happen that placid people get enraged over something or other, especially when Zapp Brannigan is provoking them. Watch these meek sheep of the Universe turn into snarling wolves. Watch them become more decisive than an alcoholic in an unguarded wine cellar. Watch as they enslave the world and sell our first born to the Omicronians. Hmmm... that doesn't sound good. Mind you, with Zapp Brannigan leading Earth's forces, these timid people can certainly turn and show their vicious side, and, let's be honest, could you blame them. Then again, maybe Fry is celebrating the fact that he won a bet against Zoidberg or something mundane like that. Bah, you decide... I prefer the first one. Hail our new leaders, the Neutrals! May the smite their enemies and eat their biscuits.

February 16, 2004

There's something missing... can't put my finger on exactly what though. ... Oh, now I know what it is; it's been more than 2 days wihtout a new Fan Fiction here at The Leela Zone. Well, good thing I have part 25 of Missy's story Delicious Surprise. Since this is the last chapter of the story, there wont be any spoilers. Better for people just to enjoy the end without any incoherent ramblings on my part. For those who have followed Delicious Surprise, you all know what to expect. For those who haven't been reading, it's never to late to start. This link will take you directly to the last chapter.

I know Missy would value any feedback and constructive critiscism our visitors might have. In fact that goes for all our submitters. See something at TLZ you like? Something that could use a little improvement? Why not write an email to the creator? They'd love it.

The trouble with kids! Today I have some cute pictures for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. The first picture from Juliet Adeoye features Fry, Zoidberg, Amy and Hermes trying to put Bender back together, but what's interesting about that - not that that isn't interesting in itself - is that the characters are kids. There's even a cute, childish background on this picture, which emphasises the point all too clearly. I have to say that this picture, even if top-notch work, suffers from being too cute, so expect Morbo and Lrrr, TLZ's hired goons, to knock on Juliet's door tomorrow morning to make it clear that such work falls into the too cute category. Then again, cute can be good... and it seems that many do enjoy such cuteness. Saying that, it seems that even I'm being affected by this overtly cute work. Arrrggghhhhhh! Help me! I'm being assimilated! Before that happens, Juliet also has another cute picture for us. Yes, today's Cute Monday. However, this picture should have been shown on Valentine's Day, which was on a Saturday, as you all know. But, as I explained earlier, I wasn't online and... OK, I'll quit my excuses and continue with the update. Anyway, this second picture from Juliet features Leela and Fry enjoying a romantic moment for Valentine's Day. There, that's the end of Cute Monday from me. Hope you enjoy your sugar sugary.

February 15, 2004

Late love is still love! Well, I wasn't online yesterday (shock horror... the world's going to end!), so I wasn't able to put up this Valentine's Day work from Futurama_Hil, who kindly produced it for our Fan Art section. It features Leela and Fry enjoying a romantic moment, while behind them some massive heart is throbbing the way only a heart does. This picture certainly catches the moment of romance, and even if it's a day late, the meaning is still intact. Enjoy some post-Valentine's Day Valentine's Day art from Futurama_Hil. Well, back to recovering from the effects of computer withdrawal symptoms.

February 14, 2004

So shoot me! It's Valentine's Day! ...Well, at least it is here. And that's what matters, right? Right? Eh... well, you see, I meant to do this update a great deal of time ago, but my friends were busy trying to find someone to keep me company for today, except a bunch of complicated circumstances kept THAT from happening... well, those and the fact that everyone knows I have the greatest, craziest valentine in the universe already. Anyway, before I run off for the night, check out this fanart by Rye Guy, and some other great stuff by Tokash. I'd stay and chat, but I REALLY gotta run now... college is a crazy phase of life to be in, my friends. I'll be back soon, though. My mailbox has been strangely filled lately... [Kristen]

Ah, Valentines Day. Another pointless day where I accomplish nothing. You guessed it, I'm single. And I live in a country that doesn't celebrate Velentines Day (although the florists and chocolate companies are doing their best to change that. ) Anyway, to celebrate this day dedicated to showing your significant other how much you love him/her (usually done with cards, flowers and chocolate), here's a new Fan Fiction from Mitch titled Heart Awareness. Fry's been acting unusually reclusive, and Leela is worried. She goes to Robot Arms to confront Fry about it. Meanwhile, Kif and Amy try to change to adjust to each other. Oh, and this story is quite shippy. If you can't stand that ektra click by going through the Fan Fiction index page you can click here and go straight to the story.

Streets Of New New York No, this is not a song parody of Bruece Springsteens "Streets Of Philadelphia", but a new wallpaper from Mercapto. It's based on a shot from "Leela's Homeworld", with a great persepctive of a bustling street in New New York. The original scan was done for a scan contest on the Futurama messageboard Planet Express Employee Lounge. Mercapto then decided to make it into a wallpaper, and it's evident why. This is a great shot, showing just how detailed the animation and 3d effects is on our beloved show, and Mercapto have done an excellent job, getting all the details into it.

So all over the world couples stood together in joy. And me, Teral! And no one could have been happier unless it would have been Valentines Day. What? It was? Hooray! Happy Valentines Day everybody. Let me just add this color-code to shamelessly copy Kenneth.


Love is in the air! Do do doo, do do doo! Love is in the air! Do do doo, do do doo! Okay, enough Zapptacular singing from me, because it's the holiday where heart-shaped boxes are about: Valentine's Day! Awww... Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Well, if it doesn't, FFP has provided an appropriate and sexy picture of Leela for you all, which now sits lovingly in our Fan Art section right now. Enjoy! So have a good Valentine's Day, and those of you with somebody, make the most of it... You don't want to end up poor and lonely like Zoidberg!! And to a slightly lesser extent, me...

Oh well, in happier news, New Zealand and Australian viewers should be getting the Season 4 DVD set towards the latter half on this month (I've got mine on the way :thumbsup:...) which is good, and New Zealand viewers can catch the McSeason Five premiere Crimes of the Hot on Friday the 20th and the Emmy-Nominated-Should-Have-Won Jurassic Bark on the 27th.

Speaking of awards, you all may have heard that Futurama's The Sting and the song "Leela: Orphan of the Stars" were beaten by The Simpsons for Writing and Song and Lyrics at the recent Annie Awards. I personally consider this a travesty! The Simpsons seriously hasn't been decent for a long time, and the episode Three Gays of the Condo (which just happened to beat Futurama at the Emmy's too...) was very poor in all respects, compared to The Sting which was genius! The same goes for the song that beat the superb opera number Futurama had. Anyway, for no reasons whatsoever, if anybody knows the names, phone bumbers and addresses for the moronic judges who voted for the overrated Simpsons tripe that Futurama should have rightfully beaten, please email me them. Thank You.


February 12, 2004

Take that and that and that and that that and that and that and that that and that and that and that that and that and that and that... Sometimes you get stuck in a loop... and sometimes that can be quite painful. Just look at Tokash's latest animated picture for our Fan Art section, which shows what could happen if a time loop happened just at the moment that you're being slapped by Amy. Ouch, that's gotta hurt your feeble, wrinkled skin! Oh well, there are some who do enjoy this kind of stuff, but it's best we not get them too excited. Anyway, after a while, Farnsworth's head will be slapped off, which could well get things messy. Anyway, as you have gathered, Tokash has created an animated GIF of the moment where Amy slaps Farnsworth when he responds to Leela's "I'm going to remind Fry of his humanity the way only a woman can" with "You're going to do his laundry?". Ouch... but funny ouch. Yeah, I can hear it from the sisterhood: "Typical men!" But, and this is the beauty of it, you can see Farnsworth getting slapped and slapped again. Enjoy!

You've had a good night out, you're drunk... and someone wants to bite you. Seems like a typical Friday night! Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from a new writer for The Leela Zone who goes under the name Zomono. If you're into spooky types of written work, then this story, called Fry-T Night, will appeal to you. I'll get the description from the Fan Fiction section's index page: "It's night, and Fry is going home after a good, hard drinking session, only to meet a creature that resembles a vampire who proceeds to attack him. However, after he's been found by Dr Zoidberg and taken to hospital, where he awakes, he tells the sceptical crew who've gathered around his bed about his meeting with the vampire and the resultant bite. They, quite naturally, think he's been hallucinating while drunk... but has he? Find out if Fry is going insane or is in blood-draining danger." There, hope that encourages you to read it. To go directly to part one, which itself is called The Turning, you can click on part one's title that you've just read past. So, go back a few words.

February 11, 2004

I have returned! Two weeks ago, good ol' Smiley sent me a batch of Uses for a Hacker to update with. I prepared the files to go up and decided to go drink an ale at the Boar's Head Inn. When I returned, something horrible had happened: someone had broken into my harddrive and stolen the precious uses, as well as all my secret plans for world domination. I knew I couldn't let either of them fall into the wrong hands, so I infiltrated the worst hacker mafia in the scene. I worked my way up from the small-time to the big fish, trying to learn the whereabouts of my data. It was then that I met this femme fatale, Mona Sax, who let me know that my files had been taken by a mad robot scientist, Doctor Wily. I decided to pay him a visit, but I knew I couldn't penetrate his heavily guarded fortress in my sorry state. Mona wasn't interested in helping me, and I hadn't done anything like that ever since someone tried to resurrect Marco Ragnos back in my Jedi Academy days. I needed help, and I knew where to get it.

I set my spaceship down in planet Zebes, and I started looking for her around the Chozodia ruins. However, something big had happened since the last time I'd been there: suddenly I was surrounded by Space Pirates, and I was taken hostage. I was looking forward to a very grim fate, but then it happened: I heard the unmistakable sound of power missiles, and in a few minutes, Samus was looking into my cell and asking how could I have been stupid enough to allow Kraid's gang to surprise me. She let me out, and told me to head for the pirate's ship hangar, steal a shuttle and get out of there while she took care of "some business".

It was time for me to dodge bullets again, and I headed for the hangar. As I entered the bay, an alarm sounded: I recognized the self-destruct alert of the pirates. I warmed up the engines, and waited for her, but as pirates starting flooding the hangar in an attempt to escape their doomed ship, I knew I wasn't going to be ignored for long. I left Zebes, knowing that I couldn't risk radio contact with Samus. I needed to look somewhere else for help.

I tried paying a visit to Kyle in the Jedi Academy, but they were busy with an apprendice that had gone to the Dark Side as causing chaos with a Super Star Destroyer. I fought Flame Dragons and searched from Vale to Crossbone Isle for some Psynergy adepts who would help me, but the restoration of the Elemental Lighthouses were keeping them occupied. I fought mutant pirate ninjas and even SCO Lawyers waving Linux FUD in the Green Dragon's forest looking for Lady Phoenicia, but the only information anyone could give me was that she'd rescued some handsome prince and neither had been seen for days. I even crossed dimensions and tried to get Schala "Kid" Zeal to help me, but she just tricked me and used my dimensional gate to cross to another dimension to find some old friend. Not even Crono would lend me a hand: he just looked at me silent, not uttering a word, as he always did whenever I ask him for a favor.

I gave up.

I returned home from all my trips just a few hours ago. Tired after my search, I decided to listen to some of my trademarked überl4m3 music. And it was then that I remembered: Wily's hackers had only taken the copies of the files in my home directory; I realized that it was very possible they still were in my KMail inbox, attached to the original message. I opened my mail, and sure enough, there they were... as well as copies of my plans for world domination that I had been sending to the Queen Amanda Sue Sheherezade Melina Marie Peck Whitt (The First) of Psychomania, knowing fully nobody could give me better feedback in world domination than somebody who had already succeeded at it.

So the crisis was averted, and I just learned that Wily's laboratory had been destroyed for the thousandth time while I was away when some girly red robot went psycho and did battle with another red, but all-around too cool robot with a particular whistle.

So, now that I've prevented those Uses for a Hacker from falling into the wrong hands, I will now present them here, for them to be downloaded by all our loyal visitors, who surely would never try to subject actual humans to those kind of tortures! This batch features VIPs the likes of Spike Lee, Abraham Simpson, Jay Leno, and Otto the schoolbus driver. You see why I had to protect them from 3vil. I know they're safe here...

...or are they?

Tune in next time for some Random Insane Ramblings! Same URL... in some unknown time of wonders (ART timezone). [Leandro]

Back for another Other! I have two works that come from Rye Guy for today. His first work goes to our Fan Fiction section, and is part thirteen of his serial fic The Other. In this part, Skyler and the crew find a troubled world where war has ravaged the planet and its peoples. It's here that Skyler finds someone who he empathises with, someone who needs help. Leela, in the meantime, needs to take a break... well, more like told to by the crew. Anyway, lots going on, so give it a good read. Rye Guy's second work goes to our Poetry & Song Parodies section, and is itself a song parody titled I Love You, which is a parody of a song by Avril Lavigne called "I'm With You". Rye Guy tells me: "This song is also based on my fic 'A Long Night', and it deals with what goes through Leela's mind during the seduction scene in the ending." So, there you go... needy-kissy-lovey-feely songtime at The Leela Zone.

February 10, 2004

Smith's return! Well, for today I have some more work for our Fan Fiction section, which should be a treat for those who enjoy the literary side of contributions to The Leela Zone. Today's work is from Max Bellamy, and it's the second part of his serial fic that goes under the title The Fry-trix: Rebooted. In this part, Agent Smith reveals himself to the Architect, which ends up with a complication or two. In the meantime, Fry and Leela realise that Bender's not his usual self, which begins to worry them... for good reason. Enjoy Max's latest instalment.

February 9, 2004

The end is near... Because for the pen-ultimate time I give you a new chapter of Delicious Surprise, Missy's long-runing Fan Fiction. The last chapter ended just as a part of the ceiling, above the mutant city, was about to cave in, threatening to bury Fry and Lilah. Bender in a rare act of heroism tried to get them out of the way. In this new part 24 we'll discover if he was succesfull or not. There'll also be a small part about Amy and Kif's (and Leela's ) children, for those who are fan of that pairing (among those people you'll find a certain TLZ webmaster ). Go right ahead and enjoy it. ... Oh, almost forgot you do that by clicking here.

So, you've all got your Valentine's Day card done? No? Better get busy! I have two contributions for today, both going to different sections. The first one is for our Fan Art section and comes from the hand of Mitch. See, Mitch has been thoughtful, so thoughtful that he's created a warning for all your wannabe romantics out there. The warning is to get your Valentine's Day stuff sorted out before it's too late. This can be plainly seen by Mitch's latest picture, that features Leela and Fry kissing. So, be warned, don't lose the love of your life, get romantic on 14th February. Yes, you heard that, 14th February! Get loving!

Frylight found again... get it while it's hot! So, Allen was twiddling his thumbs wondering what to do. Life was getting boring, so he thought that it would be wonderful if he, along with his writing partner Kryten, both who make up the Dynamic Duo that's The Frylight Staff, came up with another part of the fan fiction that's titled The Frylight Zone. So, off he went to fire up his word processor and start thumping the keyboard. Sometime later, he finished it and sent the result to me. Now, I had a look, saw it was good, then decided to put it up on this site you're reading. So, welcome The Frylight Zone - Episode 7: Of Legends and Psychos, for the part is called that. In this part, Fry is mistaken for The Thawed Menace, which isn't too stupid a mistake to make, considering he looks like it. Also, Leela enters the dimension that Fry and Amy are currently trapped in... but her tether back to the original dimension has been broken. Oh dear... that sounds like a bad break. Enjoy this part.

Now, there's one other thing I've forgotten about. Yes, I forgot to mention that not only has Allen sent us this next part of The Frylight Zone, he's also grown a year. Yes, he's literally grown a year. A full year. As you've probably gathered, today is Allen's birthday. I believe he's grown to 21 years of age. To make sure that I'm right, you could always saw him in half and count the rings, which should give an accurate measure of the years he's grown. Then again, you could always ask him. But, I'm sure he's 21... which is a great period in one's life. At least from what I remember it is. So, congrats goes to Allen, who's now able to drink alcohol in the US and avoid people with chainsaws desperate to find his real age. Enjoy your day, Allen.

February 8, 2004

Xmas comes earlier each year! Well, it's that time of the year again. It's time to take out the Xmas tree, put tinsel upon it, put presents under it, stick flashing lights around it, spray stuff on it, and stick a fairy or star on top of it. Can I hear carol singers or is that just Mogwai playing in the background? Sure is that time, because SPb_Petr has sent me this wonderful wallpaper for all of our visitors of The Leela Zone to put up on their desktops. Yeah, get the seasonal spirit right here! Actually, looking at the calendar has suggested to me that either we're six weeks late or a hell of a lot of weeks early. What's the deal with that? Thankfully, SPb_Petr mentions that this wallpaper took longer than he thought it would, hence why it's here now. Can't say that's a disappointment, because the results of patient work have produced wonders. So, forget that it's February, just think it's Xmas all year long.

I'm angry because this boulder is beginning to hurt my arms! Well, after the Xmas cheer, it's back to the normal Leela again: angry Leela. Yes, Xmas was short-lived, so much so that Leela is busy trying to throw massive rocks around the place. Maybe her Xmas tree decorations weren't much to be desired. Anyway, all this stone throwing is in a picture by Darkrawen that's for our Fan Art section. It shows Leela committing the massive feat of picking up a boulder and raising it above her head, while she puts on a scowl to highlight the energy needed to carry this out. Maybe she should be on the World's Strongest Man competition? Must be that mutant gene in her. Anyway, enjoy this picture, but be careful not to make eye contact with her - you don't want to be wearing a boulder for a hat.

February 7, 2004

This site was in need for some artwork, so Leela and some humanoid bee got to work to make some art from honey! Yeah, it seems that the last few days have exposed that The Leela Zone was in some dire need for artwork. Anyway, the first to come to our rescue was Alenacat, who produced three pictures for our Fan Art section. The interesting picture you can see as a thumbnail shows Leela with some female humanoid bee creature. That's bound to sting! Alenacat's other two pictures show: Leela and Amy enjoying a Karaoke session; Leela as a nightclub pole dancer. Careful, boys... I'll get that bee woman to sting you if you get too excited! Some of you would like that? Hmmm... I give up!

Turning wrong into right! Next up, I have some work from Dwayne Anderson that goes to our Fan Fiction section. Titled Beyond Reality, this fic deals with a nineteen-year-old Turanga Fry, son of Turanga Leela and Philip J Fry, difficulty in trying to cope with the death of his father, which happened before his birth. The fic starts with his birthday, and then leads with T Fry feeling the need to "put things right". Warning, this fic contains some Cubert!

February 5, 2004

Entering the home-stretch. After a long run Missy's Fan Fiction saga Delicious Surprise is entering it's final chapters. Can Leela patch up her life and lay some of her demons to rest? Can she rediscover her old self in the few cahpters left? Well, let's find out. In this new part 23 Lilah has crossed the sewers, while her parents are franctically trying to catch up. With her headstart she beats them to the abanoned mutant city, and approach the only house that looks inhabited. Read more by clicking here.

Finally doing the work he was hired to do in the first place. After a lot of websurfing, screen-grabs and hard work I have finished my complete update of The Links Zone. I've combed each cathegory, removing dead sites, adding new, fixing dead links and checking the status of those who are still online. I've forgot the exact number, but the number of sites added outweigh the number of sites removed. Fancy that 2 year after the show was placed on hiatus (and effectively cancelled) new sites still spring up. Go have a look at some of them. Among those added we find the resurected "Say Argh!", a new Farnsworth site, Bender's Las Vegas tour, a Leela messageboard, what looks like a new Nibbler site, the first Swedish site I've ever seen and finally an archived version of TLZ. The last one is put in purely for fun, to see how far The Leela Zone have come since its relaunch in April 2000. The archived site is from May 2000. But there are more, so after you've finished browsing TLZ why not give some of those sites a look-see?

February 4, 2004

It's back! It's reloading! It's rebooted! It certainly is back! What's back? Something that's not a spoon. No, not a fork. Certainly not a knife. It's Max Bellamy's sequel to his "The Fry-trix" which is called The Fry-trix: Rebooted, and which you'll find in our Fan Fiction section. It starts with Fry and Leela wondering if they should tell the crew that they've been hitched for a year. When they tell Bender, his brashness makes them have second thoughts, so they take out his floppy disk in order to shut him up. When they relent and put back his floppy disk, the story boots up. Enjoy this starting part of this sequel.

February 3, 2004

I'm back. And in one piece too, no broken bones or anything. Just a few bruished ribs and a small hamstring injury, but that's all part of the skiing experience. The real hurtful part was discovering how much the poor Norwegians have to pay for one beer, a kings ransom! Well more a Burger Kings ransom, but you get the picture. Luckily we brought our own beer, so we didn't mind.

Anyway, I bet you're all more interested in Futurama content than hearing about my vacation. So without further ado I give you part 22 of Missy's Fan Fiction story Delicious Surprise. While Lilah run off to explore the sewers on her own, Leela and Fry talk some more about the past. Leela feels it might have been wrong to let such a small thing come between her and Munda, and recalls what lead to her becoming the new head of Planet Express and giving up being a starship pilot. As always you can read more by clicking here.

Enjoy. Oh, and be sure to check back soon, part 23 will be here very soon. Who knows, maybe even tomorrow. Let's call it a fortunate side effect of my abscence.

February 1, 2004

But where's Linda? OK, for today I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. No, this one isn't violent in any way, so you can all come out from behind the sofa. Instead, I'm Just Happy to Be on TV deals with what would happen if Leela were to replace Morbo as the TV news anchorman. Well, if you want to know what it would be like and what the news of that day would be, give it a read. Mind you, as I said in the subject heading: where's Linda?