February 2003

February 27, 2003

When RL catches up with you... ...very little gets done. Sorry folks, but I've been really really busy lately with my real-life life and had little time to make an update. And especially sorry to S-Chan, whose stuff has been sitting in my inbox for a few weeks! So today you get a mega-S-Chan update, featuring a few pieces of fanart, a wallpaper, and new cards, this time for 1ACV10, better known as "A Flight To Remember". And I swear I'll never slack this much again! (hmmm... where have I heard that promise before... oh yes, at school... which hasn't improved much. Blast it all, am I thinking out loud? Darn!) Er... enjoy the pics, people! [Kristen]

Carried over the threshold... the Fry way! Oooh... I like this artwork from a new contributor to The Leela Zone, FemJesse, which is for our Fan Art section. Femjesse has created four new pictures for us, and they're great. Let's see, we have Leela holding Fry for some reason (probably due to some form of laziness or other); a line-sketch of Leela in the pose of the previously mentioned picture; Fry and Leela drinking at a cafe bar, all romantic-like; and a picture of the many poses of that sex god that women can't resist, Fry. That last one could damage your eyes... so wear some sunglasses, etc. Femjesse has promised some "better" stuff for us in future. If this lot can be bettered, then we're in for a bumper time indeed.

February 26, 2003

Come on in, the water's lovely! Today, I have another picture from Andrea Huckstep for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela in that swimmsuit in a swimming pool, while Escargoon, sitting on a blow-up inflatable, and Mimsie look on. Mimsie seems to be wondering whether to jump in or not... which, let's face it, is likely to not happen too soon, as cats don't tend to like water. As for snails, I don't know.

Let it Bleed! S-chan has sent me an addition for the Poetry and Song Parodies section. This one is based on The Beatles' "Let it Be", but is morbidly titled "Let it Bleed". When you read it, you'll see it's from Leela's perspective, in that she's depressed in being alone and rejected. Oh well, why not share in her self-pity and give this emotional song a good read... maybe while listening to "Let it Be", by The Beatles, in the background. Oh, and get some tissues.

February 25, 2003

Hugs all around! Leandro emails me saying he's busy - which he certainly is, BTW - so asks if I could update some of his stuff for him. So, here I am introducing some work from Michael "Teral" Nissen and some additions to The Links Zone. Let's start with Michael's stuff. He's created a scan, which is for our Fan Art section, of Leela covered in mud, admitting that she could hug Zoidberg but won't (whews all around then), for saving the Earth in the episode A Taste of Freedom. Cool picture, I have to say.

Now, Teral's not finished there. If you go to The Links Zone, you'll find that he actually mentioned the closure of Planet Express a day before I did in my update... so why not go and see his take on that, as well as some other sad news about other Futurama sites. However, all is not lost, as Leandro has added to that section with some more new sites. So, one step backwards, one step forwards... etc, etc. Go take a look.

February 24, 2003

The Leela Zone's been infested by rats! Oh, haha very funny... no not the webmasters! Urgh! Sadly, a picture of Nibbler adorns The Leela Zone today. Who's to blame for this travesty? Why, it's that scamp Erdrik, of course. Well, this picture's here because Erdrik's been kind enough to create three more pages (6 to 8) of his The Lost Nibblets, which is his comic for our Fans' Comics section. In these pages, we find out what's behind the crash of the PE ship with Leela and Fry aboard alone. Why the picture of Nibbler? Go and read the comic to find out.

I know that Leandro will comment (rant more like) on this in his coming update, but yet again Fox has managed to find a way to destroy another fan's website dedicated to the show that Fox really, really hates, Futurama. So, say farewell to Planet Express, which will be sorely missed. As for Fox: go consummate yourself!

February 22, 2003

Requests, old stories, new episodes... and updates! Well, Sofie Fenwick received a request from Daniela Laverne Schad for a picture with her and the other main Futurama characters... so Sofie agreed to this request and made something for her for our Fan Art section. As I said, it features Daniela and the other characters, who are all sitting down in some meadow enjoying some birds flying around them. Sofie hopes that Daniela enjoys her picture, and that you all do, too.

Sofie's not finished yet. About 18 months ago, Sofie began a story for our Fan Fiction section, but put it aside soon afterwards, not feeling too pleased with it. She then came back to it some months later, but again put it aside, planning to get back to it later on when she found some more inspiration. Then, a few weeks ago, she decided to clean up and finish the fiction for good. What spurred her on? Well, there's a Futurama episode coming up on 9th March, Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles (4ACV09), and she felt that it was similar to her story that she had to finish it off before the episode airs... just in case she's accused of any form of plagiarism. The story won't be the same as the coming episode, but it seems to have some similarity. So, what's the fuss and story about? Well, Professor Farnsworth has invented an age regression machine that can make the subject years younger and fitter. Mom finds out about this invention, and seeing that it will be of a personal benefit, both for her health and her wealth, she soon tries to get her hands on the blueprints. Problem is for her: how? Easy: Bender to the rescue! Oh, this fic seems to include some Cubert hating, so if you're like me and really like Cubert's character, then please forgive her for her blasphemy. Ah, the fiction is called Lazarus, which you can directly go to here.

And as I've mentioned, on 9th March, a new Futurama episode will air called Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles (4ACV09); thanks goes to Don Del Grande for passing this information on. Let's hope that Fox shows this episode and doesn't pre-empt it for World's Most Flatulent Barn Animals (now with smellavision). Next Sunday (2nd March), there should be a new Futurama episode, too, called Less Than Hero (4acv04)... and you can wait for a long-delayed fic by Sofie based on that, too. Ouch... looks like I'm in the dog house tonight for that remark.

February 21, 2003

Guides, Games and Stories Greetings all. I've got three new items for you loyal Futurama fans today. First of all, a brand new Graphic Guide page. This one is for the episode that Fox considered too violent to show during Christmas 2000, so it didn't get shown on TV until a year later. That's right, it's A Tale of Two Santas where upon the Planet Express crew try to make Xmas what it used to be. The lyrics to the song sung while the toys are being made are even included, so click on the image to be taken to the guide.

Secondly, Slyrr, who created the fantastic Bender player model for the game Unreal Tournament, has converted and revamped the model over to it's sequel, Unreal Tournament 2003. Just head over to the Game Addons section and check it out if you own the game. His door even opens and he has his trademark cigar. He's even partially reflective too. A great model for a great game.

And finally, writer Dwayne Anderson has a new piece of Fan Fiction in the section of the same name. This one is called Partially Human and deals with Leela trying to be accepted as a mutant after the events in the episode Leela's Homeworld. Just click the link to be taken to Dwayne's story.

Well that's it for now. Expect a new guide next weekend. I'm off to take part in an Unreal Tournament LAN tomorrow, so wish me luck

February 20, 2003

Run! Mimsie's ready for toilet humour! Welcome a picture from Andrea Huckstep for our Fan Art section. This picture could be taken in many ways, but judging from the expressions on the faces of Leela and Tuff, Mimsie's about to fill that basket - or is that a litter tray? - with something awful. Damn, forgive my toilet humour... it's not exactly fitting for this site... or is it? Well, maybe the other webmasters will be able to prove me right or wrong with their coming updates.

February 19, 2003

Heart-shaped Box! Here's a cool wallpaper from Leila that'll keep many a Leela fan happy. As you notice, it shows Leela's head within a heart-shaped hole, just like in the Valentine's Day episode, Put Your Head on My Shoulder. Also, Leila has been kind enough to make six different sizes of this wallpaper, which should cover most of the resolutions out there. If you're wondering about the headline I used (bet you're not), then it's the title of a Nirvana song from their last album, "In Utero"; just thought it would be appropriate. There, enough rambling from me, download and enjoy this fine wallpaper.

Oh, one final thing: free Paul Kelleher! Anyone in their right mind would have done similar to a statue of that witch. Who is he and what did he do to warrant my attention: use Google.

February 18, 2003

Sweet, sweet candy - Zapp's Delight! Four new pictures from Lee Roberts are sitting in The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Seems that Lee Roberts has been avidly reading the Futurama comics, which is a good thing to do. See, he's created pictures based on comics #1 and #4. We have Leela in an Internet suit, Leela's pose in Zapp's daydream on the front page of comic #4, and that Leela flare. So, enjoy Lee's four new pictures. Boy, isn't Lee busy, busy, busy!

February 17, 2003

Consequences of war! Hey, all! It's a nice, sunny Monday morning. The birds are tweeting, there are some crocuses flowering, and my dog's just farted... what better way to remind me to get on and update! However, today's contribution to the Fan Art section, which comes from Alexander A Andreev, deals with the consequences of war... at least that's what I get from it. It shows Leela, in army fatigues and an assault rifle, looking back at you, while you can see before her graves of fallen soldiers. Poignant picture, considering the current world situation, I have to say. Maybe we need more thinking like this, rather than the gun-ho, Wild West spirit that seems to be fitting today.

Disappearer! Here's a new fan fiction that comes from good, ol'... sorry, young Erdrik. The title of this new fiction is The Praying Leela, and she's praying for the return of Fry, who has gone missing while on a delivery with the crew. As you'll find out, Fry will find this new universe he's stumbled on to be very strange, while at the same time, Leela will be pining for the safe return of Fry. Enjoyable read, I have to say. Anyway, to visit the first part of his new fiction, click here.

February 16, 2003

After Valentine's Day, comes little troubles! Here's a cute picture from Andrea Huckstep, which is for our Fan Art section. Stupid Graham didn't put this up on Valentine's Day, as I think she intended the pic to be shown for, because he should have been concentrating. So sorry for that oversight, Andrea. Anyway, this time I have detailed instructions on who the characters are, so let me proceed with that. The picture contains Leela (well, d'uh!) with Dwight and Mimsie, who is that kitten you see on some old MTM logos, who look on at Escargoon and Venus, his girlfriend, who has bore some children of their own, Shinji, the boy, and Mitzi, the girl. Whew! That should cover it for this time.

February 15, 2003

What?! A Kenneth non-guide update!!! Hey all. No guide this weekend as I've decided to have a rest from it this time, so you'll have to wait until next weekend. What I'm really here to do is tell you all that the latest part of Dwayne Anderson's Fan Fiction saga, Return From the Deep South is now ready to read, for those of you who are following his story that involves the return of the mermaid Umbriel. His latest piece is Chapter 3, so if you've read the other two parts and enjoyed them, just click the link and you'll be taken there.

Now, some good news for all you fans waiting and waiting for Fox to stop showing old reruns of King of the Hill and The Simpsons in the slot that rightfully belongs to the brilliant show this site is based on. Yes, a "new" episode will be airing on Fox on the 3rd of March, so mark it down on your calenders and set your VCR's. The episode will be Less Than Hero (4ACV04), where upon Fry and Leela become superheroes thanks to some miracle cream of Dr. Zoidberg's. I think I speak for all Futurama fans when I say "It's about @$*@(! time!"

Well, that's all for now. Until next time

February 14, 2003

Flowers are a girl's best friend! At this time where the US and, the country I live in, the UK want to drag everyone into a hellhole of war and retribution, by being plain obstinant and bloodfirsty, it's nice to realise that today is Valentine's Day! Irony, eh? Anyway, Shadowstar has produced a picture to make us forget about this dire situation, which sits in our Fan Art section. It shows, in his cute style, Fry passing Leela some flowers. Awwww! Please, Shadowstar, send some more of this stuff here... it's so cute.

Oh, Brad Rousse is learning Visual Basic 6, and wants to start a project to accomplish something that'll be useful for Futurama fans in some way. So, if you have an idea for him, click on his name and send him an email.

BTW, I know this is going to be controversial and upset a few, but, so what, flame me, I'll continue anyway. If you care about the future you want to live in, where hypocrisy and naked greed aren't allowed to run this world unchallenged, then join those anti-war marches tomorrow that are happening around the world. Say, enough is enough! Make a stand. I will.

Howdy howdy, guys and gals! It's been nearly a month since the last time I spread insanity over here! Howz thingz goingz, dudez? Man, I go offline for a while and they decide that the universe is a billion years younger than I believed, and even that it won't collapse in a Big Crunch! What will they discover the next time I go offline, huh? Maybe humanity was celebrating that I was gone! But fear, because I am back to make your lifes a living hell! Bwahahaha! Time to get my Hammer of Crushing and start smashing everyone's sanity to bits! Updating this site seems like a good start. Somebody, teach me hipnosis so I can convert thousands of visitors into loyal slaves with the only purpose to kill Bill Gates! No need to convert Rubén, I guess. Anywayz, there's a new Wallpaper and scan by Michael "Teral" Nissen! And also, some new Transcripts have finally landed here after a long trip from The Neutral Planet. What else, what else... Oh, right, small update to The Links Zone, thanks Michael and Ray. Hmmm, now that the content's out of the way, it's time to begin my plans of mass destruction! Bwahahaha! Be afraid... be very afraid... I've become more insane than I had ever hoped in my wildest dreams! [Leandro]

February 13, 2003

Bad Day at Black Rock! Seems that a popular Futurama website called CGEF has thought of a great way to attack Fox's mistreatment of the show by basically shutting itself down till Fox shows a new episode, which could be months! Inventive I have to admit, but I have to be honest and say it's the wrong approach for this situation... basically attacks its visitors rather than hurting Fox in any meaningful way. They say it makes a point, but what happens when the visitors get bored of the lack of a website there? They move on away from a perceived "dead" site and carry on frustrated with their lives, and with one less site to look at to keep the show in their minds. Anyway, we'll continue on with business and get up Fox's nose the way we normally do: by continuing onwards and upwards. Sorry, I'm not gloating about this situation, it's certainly nothing to be pleased about when a Futurama site effectively shuts itself down (we've had too many of those recently), but just saying my piece. Let's hope that they come to their senses and realise that the only way to attack Fox is to keep going despite them. Fox may want to bury the show and hope it's forgotten, but we shouldn't be helping them do their dirty deed for them! Anyway, enough comment from me... let me explode.

There, that's better. Well, after that rant, I have some work from Leila for our Fan Art section. This one is a totally new picture that features Leela seemingly angry at something off-shot. Oh well, maybe she's angry at Fox like we all are. Hmmm... kaboom or verymad? Latter. Anyway, let's hope that sense prevails. Sense... what the hell am I talking about? Who am I to talk about sense!

February 12, 2003

Hmmm... insert subject heading here! Well, I can't think of a subject heading. I suppose listening to Napalm Death's "Order of the Leech" doesn't help in that, but meh, I'll still grind away and come up with something or other. However, it doesn't matter, because that thumbnail should be gravitating interest. What is it? It's a wallpaper from good boy, Lee Roberts. Yep, it features Leela posing on the floor, with some interesting background to keep added interest. Not only has Lee Roberts supplied a wallpaper, he's come up with six new pictures for his fan art page at The Leela Zone. Ain't he generous! Two show Leela in the nude (tastefully done, might I add); Leela as Kodos from The Simpsons (why does Kodos remind me of those old-fashioned valves that pre-dated transistors?); Leela as Marge from The Simpsons; as well as two other pictures. Oh well, go and enjoy Lee's work while I go and find some cotton wool to clear up the blood coming out of my ears.

February 11, 2003

Uses for a Mouse! Here's something you don't see too often, some fan art from this site's good friend, Smiley. Anyway, his picture is his own comment on the coming war against Iraq, as well as a tribute to Matt Groening. It features... well why don't you go and see it yourself. But, before doing that, also go to the Uses for a Hacker section, where Smiley has created seven new Uses. I really like the Nasty Fan of Chelsea FC with Jennifer M, which seems to share my opinion of that team. Anyway, enjoy these works from Smiley.

After Hours! Some more work for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section comes from The Drainpipe. His latest two pictures completes the album parodies of The Velvet Underground that he's recently done, these two being "The Velvet Underground" and "Loaded". Great work, I have to say... as I usually do when I put up his work. Hmmm... what's Leela smoking? Well, whatever she's smoking, it certainly adds to the mood of the album cover parody. [Graham]

February 10, 2003

Brave AND stupid! Yeah, Fry certainly is both in this new picture by The Voices, which is for our Fan Art section. The Voices rhetorically asked a question to me in the email he sent with the picture, that asked: "What is he: brave or just stupid?" I'll answer anyway, and say he's both. I can see him getting a good, severe beating by an irate and wet Leela. Ooooh, I can't bear to watch Fry get squished!

Sam and Max's big surprise! Here's another picture for our Fan Art section from the Kirby-loving Andrea Huckstep. This picture shows Leela and Tiff, from the Kirby show, with some muppet creatures beside them, while behind those lot, Sam and Max are busting through the front door... probably on a raid or something. OK, I think I've seen Sam and Max before, but briefly; then again, I needed Andrea's email to get me to remember their names. Sorry, can't remember who those muppets are.

Update: According to Kryten, those muppets are Mokey (the blue-haired one) and Red (the one without blue hair) from Fraggle Rock. Thanks for clearing up that mystery, Kryten.

Finally, our jointly-owned message board, Treehouse of the Future is back up after being down for a few days. Many thanks goes to Ruben for spending some hours fixing the problem for us. Good job!

February 9, 2003

Comfort in those dark moments! A lot of Futurama fans seem to find solace in the character Leela, probably because they find something to identify themselves in her loneliness or problematic upbringing. Alexander A Andreev has come up with a picture for our Fan Art section that reflects some of this, what shall we call it, angst. The picture shows Leela back to back with someone (not sure who... it could be Alexander or it could be someone else), while there are some dark, emotive words written on the wall, penned by Alexander himself. So, this picture will find some common interest with those whose world and personal situation doesn't come up to the standards that they expect it should. Also, it'll be appreciated by those who enjoy good sketches. I do like his style and the realism of his work.

In memory to those who died on the space shuttle Although there are many deaths in the world, some very horrific, totally meaningless and sickening, the recent space shuttle accident has captured the minds of many. Russell Dickson is one of those whose mind was captured by the tragic event of the demise of Columbia and its crew of seven, and decided to make a tribute to this event for our Fan Art section. It's in the form of a cartoon strip, and if you follow it, you'll find that Russell has managed to convey the feelings of many for this sad event.

Wong time, wong place, wong Wong! When I received the latest part of The Frylight Zone, which is titled She Came Back Wong, I thought to myself: "Oh, yeah, I remember that in another dimension!" Anyway, it's good to see that both Allen Tanner and Kryten are still willing to churn out this fan fiction after so long a time, because I do actually enjoy this fic for its inventiveness and humour - my only gripe is that both Fry and Amy are portrayed more intellectual than they really are (or, at the least, how I think they are), but that's a minor gripe of mine, to be honest, and I think the story itself outweighs those complaints. In this part, Amy doesn't feel right and is taken ill... feeling right would be the operative word here. So, if you want a good, humorous read, then head off here and give it a gander. Enjoy!

February 8, 2003

The many poses of Leela! Busy, busy, busy! Yeah, tha'ts Lee Roberts for you. Why? Well, he's come up with eleven more pictures for our Fan Art section. Lee's created a timeline of Leela, from baby (reminds me of Maggie of The Simpsons) to her adult self; Leele in combat gear; Leela posing, which is the thumbnail; Leela in a mood (so, nothing new there, then?); a tribute to The Leela Zone; and a few more pics. See, busy, busy, busy! Hope there's enough there for you all.

Friendly fire! Well, after that marathon session, we still have some more pictures to offer you! This time, Erdrik shows off his wares (no, not warez!) at his page on The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. A couple of these pics are very humorous. Let's see, we have a three panel sketch of Fry's surprise when catching Leela undressing; Amy fighting off a monster, while the crew wonder how to fight off Amy; a sketch of Leela and Fry dancing away romantically. Erdrik has also mentioned that he'll come up with some more pages of his comic, which will be nice. Anyway, till then, you can enjoy his fan art. Enjoy!

Season 4 Guide Premiere Yep, that's right. The Futurama Graphic Guide page for the fantasic Emmy Award winning Season 4 premiere episode, Roswell That Ends Well is now up for viewing. That means you can relive this great episode where Bender's body is deemed a UFO, Zoidberg is interrogated and ripped open by orders of President Truman and Fry becomes his own grandpa. Just click the image and you're there. Hope you enjoy it, and I'm off for a croque monsieur, the paella, two mutton pills and a stein of mead! Later

February 6, 2003

She's alive! And you don't care! Heylo everyone! Yes, it's little Corrupta, back to do an update or two, or three, or... yes, that's right, four new pics from S-Chan! Four cute wonderful pictures... okay, Graham, watch where you aim that missile, I'm not insane yet... I'm not a menace to society, I swear! Really! Even though some people might find a little happiness is a dangerous thing... especially in some very corrupt hands. What's happened to me, dare you ask? Weeeelll... that's a story for another site, I should say... though this smile on my face might explain it a bit: I would say more, but no one but S-Chan sends me stuff to provoke a real rant here! Send me stuff, people, please!! Then I can ensnare your senses with more ranting...

And don't tell me that you don't want more ranting from me, cause I know that's not true... [Kristen]

The Man Fry and Sister Leela! Yay! Yet more Velvet Underground related work from The Drainpipe going to our Fan Art section. Oooh, not only that, but he's starting page two in that section, too! Let's see what his latest is about. Well, it shows Leela and Fry wearing tops that show Velvet Underground albums. Leela is sporting a tank top featuring the famous Andy Warhol banana, which is on the album cover of "The Velvet Underground and Nico", while Fry is wearing a black t-shirt that's based on the album "White Light/White Heat". And over there on the catwalk, you can see some supermodels wearing bin bags covered in animal fat, adorning feathers and navel fluff. Come on, one of those "fashion" designers must have come up with that!

Deja vu, eh? Hmmm... last time The Drainpipe had a picture, a picture by Leila came after. Oh well, nothing to worry about. Anyway, Leila has created a picture for our Fan Art section that is a modification of her first picture: it shows the same picture of Leela, but wearing a different top than before. Still, no matter what clothing Leila puts on Leela, it still doesn't change Leela's mood! Oh well, better not think about giving her a bin bag, covered with animal fat, feathers and navel fluff, to wear then. Leila has promised a completely new picture soon... so keep an eye out for it.

February 5, 2003

Zoidberg to the rescue! Geez... am I tired today! Hmmm... let's see, I'll put on something loud to wake me up. Come on, Graham, WAKE UP! What? Oh... I'm meant to be doing an update. Well, today we see some more work from Andrea Huckstep for our ever-growing Fan Art section. This one shows, yet again, another collection of Futurama characters and King Dedede from the Kirby show. Seems that someone is in need of medical help... and will need some after Dr Zoidberg finishes with them.

Stars in Their Eyes! Seems that David Johnson is like me: sick and tired (boy, am I tired... must keep awake... must keep typing... must shut up and get on with the job) of all these damn shows in which people pretend to be something they ain't. Stupid shows, showing the lives of idiots for stupid morons who haven't got better in their lives than to watch banal fakery. I'm ranting? Hell, of course I am! Anyway, as I said, David Johnson seems to think the same (unless I'm extremely mistaken... in which I blame my tiredness, which is probably making me rant like this), so he's come up with this picture for our Fan Art section that depicts our heroes, the Futurama characters, taking out their revenge on one of the participants of one of the said shows, "Joe Millionaire" (never seen it, never will). Then, after that, they'll be off to Fox HQ to cause some mayhem due to Fox's mistreatment of their damn fine show. Now, I think I'm done here... time to drink tons of coffee to finally WAKE UP!

February 4, 2003

The what zone? Seems that someone has shoved Leela's name off her site's name and changed it to Ben. Oh, wait... it's a new wallpaper by Ben the Legend, showing Leela pissed off at the change... at least in my eyes it does. Oh, it could also be Leela encouraging you to visit The Ben Zone... yeah, that's it. So, I go to The Ben Zone, and find out that it contains some interesting pictures by him as well as some Anime stuff, too. So, if you're into that kind of thing, then bookmark his site. It doesn't have too much, but he says it'll grow. Oh, and I hate Angelfire's (Ben's host) illegal cookies - six when you arrive and two per page after that. Grrrr! Still, that's another subject for another day. Enjoy Ben's wallpaper.

I wish I was a butterfly! No, not me: Leela! Well, let's put it this way, Aeryn is back and has come up with a new hand-drawn picture for our Fan Art section that shows Leela frollicking about chasing butterflies, seemingly without a care in the world. Awww! Nice cute picture, I have to say. Aeryn is in Australia, from what I can gather by the email address, where butterflies are rampant. Here, though, it's mid-winter, so us folk in the northern hemisphere will have to wait for a few months for them to appear again. Until then, this picture will have to do.

February 3, 2003

Perfect Day! If only the BBC knew what that song was really all about, then they may have hesitated in making that crappy remake. Seriously, why bother "remaking" Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" in such an awful way? Funny thing is, the song is actually a great and poignant song about heroin addiction? Then again, changing the meaning of songs seems to be fashionable nowadays. Oh well, this has nothing to do with today's update... well a little. The Drainpipe has come up with a new picture for our Fan Art section that's based on the cover of Lou Reed's "Transformer" album (sitting right next to me right now... ready to play after listening to Rammstein's "Mutter"). According to The Drainpipe, it's one of his favourite albums, and he'd be right in his tastes, as it's certainly worth a good listening to. So, have a perfect day and walk on the wild side, while hangin' 'round watching the wagon wheel of the Satellite of Love, which is having a New York telephone conversation with Andy's chest, who's vicious when he says "goodnight ladies" to the freaks who wear make up, who in return reply "I'm so free". What was all that about? No, I'm not on heroin! Just get the album and find out.

It's a mad, mad, mad Leela! Welcome a new contributor to The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. The new fan artist comes under the moniker Leila... yes, we have another who is trying to confuse poor me by causing me to mistype the name to "Leela". Oh well, that's life! Anyway, it's a picture of Leela in her previous job's outfit, looking mighty mean at someone. Leila, like a few others who write to me, apologises for lacking in English skills... to be honest, I've seen worse from many native English speakers. Anyway, it's not as if I can speak another language as well as English. Thanks, Leila. Hope to see some more stuff from you.

Drinks on the house! What, three pics for today! Yeah... busy, busy, busy! Well, Juliet Adeoye has come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section. The one you can see as a thumbnail, shows Juliet having a nice drink with Leela and Amy. The other picture is based on that steamroom scene in Why Must I be a Crustacean in Love?, where Leela and Amy are having a relaxing steam. However, in this picture, someone else is lying between them: Juliet! Oh well, I suppose it's one more person to laugh at Fry's miniature manhood.

February 2, 2003

How does he do it! Lee Roberts is back with some more artwork for The Leela Zone, and this time he's gone mad with effort. So, what's he brought for us today? In our Wallpapers section, he's come up with three new contributions. Is he busy or what? The one you can see as a thumbnail shows Leela looking on, in jealousy, at a prancing Amy, showing off herself. The second one is a yellow wallpaper with two of his latest works for our Fan Art section - which I'll talk about later on. The final one shows Leela not too pleased and holding a gun... best to avoid her in this mood. Now, not only has he come up with three wallpapers, he's done four pictures for our Fan Art section. Let's see, we have Leela trying to avoid something or other and needing protection; we have Leela in bed awaiting something or someone (steady on, guys!); we have Leela in some sexy blue lingerie and carrying a gun (I said, steady on there!); and we have Leela pointing a gun into the sky, possibly doing some clay pigeon shooting or something. Anyway, what can I say than enjoy Lee's work. After all, he's been damn busy!

Oh my god, what the heck did I drink last night: meths? And... did I really do that last night? Ummm... I hope that's just Nibbler next to me! Where's the bucket? Hehe! This is a great picture by The Voices for our Fan Art section, showing Leela after having too much to drink the night before. Now, come on, who hasn't had one of those waking moments after a night of heavy drinking? Well, I know I have had a few, and I also know that The Voices has too, as this inspired this latest picture of Leela by him. Nothing better than some real life moment to inspire a great picture. Pure art! Real life! Ain't it sickening but good? Cheers!

February 1, 2003

Season 3 Finale Guide Well, the last of the Season 3 episodes has finally been completed for the Futurama Graphic Guide pages. That means that this latest one is for the episode I Dated a Robot, when Fry starts dating a robot that resembles Lucy Liu.
It took a while for me to get a couple of heads that were in Kidnappster, but when nobody could come up with any answers after I requested some help, it was up to me to figure them out myself. Oh well.
Look forward to next weekend when I begin Season 4 with the Emmy Award winning premiere episode, Roswell That Ends Well. Until then

Paint it Black! "I see a red door and I want it painted black,
No colours anymore I want them to turn black.
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes,
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.
" - "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones.

Sorry about that indulgence, but this wallpaper by Daniel Brand got me thinking of what subject heading to use, and "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones came into my mind. You're used to my non-stop ramblings, so phooey. Anyway, as I said, this is a wallpaper by Daniel Brand, and it's quite minimalist (the 1024x768 version is only 11KB! Not only that, it's black, black as the night, black as coal... blacker than a Kafka novel. Still, it's a good black, it's a neat black, in fact, black is the new gold. Oh, in case you're wondering, that symbol in the top-left of the wallpaper is Daniel's allegiance to Satan or some other demon. Oh, wait... wrong way round. It's not a satanic image at all, it just looks like that. Anyway, Daniel asked me to inform you that that symbol isn't evil or anything (so, no nightmares, etc), but just a clever play with his initials. There, now that's cleared up nicely.

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)! Hey, this is original and great! Impossible has come up with two new pictures for our Fan Art section. The one you can see as a thumbnail shows Leela sitting behind Fry who is riding a motorbike... and sort of James Deanish (red jacket, blue jeans, white t-shirt, and motorbike). Doesn't that look great? Sure does to me. Her second picture shows Leela in a long, blue dress. Hmmm... that would look good in the Leela Fashion Zone... or in the show, at the least. Anyway, now I'm in the mood to watch the 1955 James Dean film, "Rebel Without a Cause".