February 2002

February 28, 2002

Business as usual.... Despite Fox trying to spoil our fun, it's still business as usual at The Leela Zone. It's hilarious to think that a fan site, dedicated to promote the show and a character, is being threatened by Fox. Tell me Fox, neither webmaster of this site makes any money (in fact, we lose money and time making this site), we are doing this because we are fans of the show, you are actually getting free promotion due to this site, yet you have the nerve to threaten us with copyright violation! Well, no matter, because we'll still promote this show and Leela, and we'll even be generous not to invoice Fox for the said promotion and labour time! Hey, we're being generous!

Now to the update, which was uploaded by Leandro's CGI uploader... so three cheers to Leo! Daniela Laverne Schad is back with three more images for our Fan Art section. The one as the link image is quite on-topic, in that it has Leela, Fry, Daniela and myself, it seems, campaigning against Fox's attempts to bury the show. The other two pictures involve Leela dancing with John Travolta and Tom Cruise... so fun is had by all!

Another thing, Fox seems to want the fan art removed (they say "image galleries", which they indicate aren't frame grabs, so it has to be the fan art)... which I'd love to see them try to justify, as parody, at the least, is a legal right. So... welcome to Fox, the company that treats its fans like crap! Please, move Futurama to a more deserving station, quick!

CGI Phase Two: Fan Art Nightmare! Known copyright violator Shadowstar is the first artist to have a pic uploaded here via my new nightmarish CGI Script! Visit the Improved Like Hell Fan Art section! Now including a ripoff from Google's PageRank that I hope they don't notice: the ArtistRank! You can now rank dozens of different artists that have their stuff here at The Leela Zone. Also added a buncha lotta stuff to the thing, go to our Fan Art section and check it out!

Yeah, Fox sucks, doesn't it? Remember those Cease & Desist letters that Fox used to send? The ones that managed to shut down the Futurama Chronicles (by far the BEST reference site on the series)? Not to mention a bunch of other sites. Well, now that Fox is killing the series by not ordering new episodes of Futurama, they're back to their old tricks again: guess who's got a C&D? Yep, that's right, the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite. Graham and I printed the several sheets of shit in toilet paper, but not even the sub-sewers sub-mutants would want to use them. They're asking to remove "video clips, sound clips, wallpapers, stamps, image galleries, screensavers, banner ads and episodes" (last two items being nonsense; since when do we have episodes online, besides the small clips? And do they really think that animation of the upcoming episodes is a "banner ad"? Wow, looks like they don't want Futurama's upcoming episodes promoted... G'uh, maybe that's the point all along.

The more laughable part of the entire thing? This one: "Fox tries to support its fans whenever possible." YEAH, RIGHT! Howzabout ordering more episodes and placing it on a decent timeslot then? "Your interest in “Futurama” is most appreciated. Fox will continue todo its best to bring you quality entertainment." Badly promoted on a crappy timeslot and with only 23 episodes left, before a possible cancellation (since that's what the guys at AskFox are calling it; their replies clearly say "no additional new episodes are being produced due to the cancellation of the show"). How many snail mail protest letters are we gonna send today? [Leandro]

February 27, 2002

Fox can swivel on this! Hmmm... dunno what's possessed me to say that, but something has. Whatever has, it's certainly a good saying, that's for sure. Yeah, as Leo has said, carry on the campaign, let's not stop here, as we must show them that we are determined.

To the update proper. I have two contributions for our Fan Fiction section. The first comes from BumbleBeeTheta, and is a continuation of her serial fic, My So-Called Best Friend's Wedding. In this section, Leela is determined to make a point to Fry, by bringing along a new "boyfriend". To go directly to the fic, click here.

The second fan fiction is from a new writer for The Leela Zone, who goes by the name Krazy Kora. Krazy's fic, King of the World, is a serial fic. To quote Krazy: "After a self-sacrificing act, Fry ends up in an alternate reality, where he is worshiped as a god. Can Leela and Bender bring him back to normal continuity?" There, that's saved me writing a description! Oh, and if you want to go directly to the fic, click here.

Oh, one final thing: Fox can bite my shiny metal ass! There... have some good ol' Bender words there.

Still no 5ACV block ordered... Last sunday we got a King of the Hill rerun instead of Futurama. Tomorrow at 9:30PM, we'll get a rerun of Futurama, the season 2 episode "Put Your Head on my Shoulders". Remember, Futurama is still on Hiatus, and though the petition and snail/email have lost their initial impulse, they've got to go on or Season Six may never happen. So, have you flooded AskFox today?

Guess what section got some content... Yup, that's the one. Two more pics are now in the "sorta new" Wallpapers section. I've been messing with the scripts a bit more since the last update, though nothing that crashes the site or anything... yet . Enjoy! [Leandro]

February 26, 2002

Mental note: try not to screw up a section while fixing another... Well, if you had tried to access our Puzzles section in any moment since I began messing with the eCards, you probably noticed it was completely down. I had forgotten that section used some files from the other, so when I moved the files for my new & improved eCards section, the Puzzles went dead. Thanks to Lucas Araujo for telling me! Now I have fixed the Puzzles section and (hopefully) it'll remain in sync with the eCards section now. How about playing some puzzles to celebrate? [Leandro]

Spoilsport Graham here - history's greatest monster! Yep, it's the very same Graham that "hates" Leandro's new toy: his CGI uploading script. Actually, it's a very nice script, and it does lots of interesting things. It's actually writing this while I sit on my hands doing nothing. To keep Leandro happy, as he hasn't had much to cheer about lately, I'll use the uploading feature on the next wallpaper I receive. So, to encourage me further, and to keep Leandro as happy as can be, I ask for someone to send me a wallpaper to put up... come on, it's for a good cause!

Anyway, before that arrives, I have some updating to do. Well, I decided that the moment that Leela met her parents in Leela's Homeworld was good enough to put up in the Video Clips section. So, this momentous moment is here at The Leela Zone, where it should be. Enjoy!

Also, I have three more commentaries from the Futurama DVD, which you can find in our Sound Clips section. The three episodes are: Love's Labours Lost in Space; Fear of a Bot Planet; and A Fishful of Dollars. So, if you want to know what the cast, producers, writers and other staff thought about these episodes and more, then go and get them! Again, I must stress, these clips are here to encourage you to buy the Futurama DVD... which is certainly worth the money, BTW.

February 25, 2002

Cluster 74629 unreadable. This cluster is in use by: SYSTEM.DAT... The first bad sector of my 40GB harddisk landed, very conveniently, in one of Windows' registry files. Having half the harddisk full of MP3s, what were the chances of a bad sector landing in a 5MB, but critical, file? Knowing Microsoft, I'd say just a little over 100%. Well, after restoring a backup from two months ago, I'm back to a very clean system... and just in time to get an email from Henry "Weissbrot", with a new Wallpaper for me to upload using my lovable script that Graham hates. Enjoy! I'm now off to reinstall Windows... [Leandro]

Oh, no! Leandro's messing with the CGI's again! Yeah people! After a week of messing with the E-Cards script, I decided to take another step into driving poor Graham nuts! Now the Wallpapers section is updated via CGI, and ONLY via CGI... so he will actually have to upload the images with a browser! Bwahahahaha! Next I'm gonna make the Fan Art section updatable only from the browser, and then I just know he will want to kill me! Oh wait, that's no good for me. Anyway, to test the script, I and poor betatester Graham transferred and uploaded several Wallpapers from Paul Metcalfe, so go and enjoy them. There are a couple of great ones, it wasn't just a mass upload of any piece of [CENSORED] just for testing... well, actually... [Leandro]

February 24, 2002

We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz! Today I bring you another hand-drawn picture from Sofie, which will neatly fit in our Fan Art section. It's taken from Wizzin', the third part of Anthology of Interest II, where Dorothy Leela, Scarecrow Fry, Tin Man Bender and Lion Zoidberg dance down the Yellow Brick Road, en route to see the professor. Well, I hope that satisfies Ruben's enquiry, as he asked when Sofie's next picture would come about. So, Ruben and visitors, go and take a look and enjoy!

February 23, 2002

We've got a great wallpaper, rockin' through the night... Yeah, we've got a great wallpaper, ain't it a beautiful sight? Come on, download the 'paper, put it on your screen right now! We're gonna put this great wallpaper in all the screens... 'paper... 'paper... (SLAP!) Sorry. I saw Parisites Lost around 30 times in a row last night and that song got glued to my tiny, inferior brain. Still, what I sung is true! The Voices creates this wonderful wallpaper out of that scene in which Leela says the greatest stupidity of all time ("I love what you've become")... still, an awesome wallpaper. Go download it now! He also sent an E-Card version of this pic, so if you wanna send this pic to your special somebody, you can. The Voices is our Leader! The Voices is our Leader! The Voices is our Leader! We've got a little convoy, rockin' through the night! The Voices is our Leader! [Leandro]

She's back and she's ready to kick some ass! This is that kick ass picture of Leela that The Voices presented to The Leela Zone on Tuesday, when he was declared leader of this site. However, it seems that some of you didn't bow enough, so he's made this picture into a wallpaper, just for those who didn't take him and this site seriously. Actually, this is a great wallpaper, which is done in his usual style of having pictures with effects... electrifying! So, if you want a wallpaper with attitude, then head off there and grab one.

Fox attempting to hide its crime! This picture is from Russell Dickson, which you'll find in our Fan Art section. Now, admittedly, this picture hasn't got any direct relevance to Leela, but considering the situation with Fox's terrible treatment of the show, I'll put it up, anyway. It's a dark picture that shows Fox minions at work with Futurama fans, giving them some sick and barbaric treatment. Warning: those with a weak stomach should look away!

Hey, remember that guy? I uploaded five more pics traced by Paul Metcalfe (from FSUC) in the Fan Art section. Haven't updated his page in a while, so there might be more coming. By the way, if you miss the layout changes and can't wait another week or so 'til the Leela Zone gets a new one, go visit Say Argh!... I am now annoying the visitors of TWO sites with my layout changes! Hooray!

Fox still hasn't ordered 5ACV episodes! Wacha waitin' for? Time to email 'em again... and send those letters if you haven't! Did you know there was a petition? In the words of General Martok, this is no time for calm... It's time to strike the enemy, and strike 'em hard! Click here and choose your weapon. The spanish staff of La Peor Página de Futurama has been busy: Lucas Araujo has mounted a base camp with lots of AT ATs near Rupert Murdoch's house, while Javier Lopez leads a fleet of X-Wings over 30th Century Fox's building (be careful with the spotlights, remember that Fox uses them to blind the pilots and then film the resulting ship crashes...) [Leandro]

February 22, 2002

Look Who's Talking 3000! (minus twenty-something years) Yes, you can blame me for the e-mail goof! Give a monkey a job and he's bound to mess it up somehow. Still, as Leandro said, it seems to have been worth something, as we have a lean, mean, fighting machine of an E-Cards section. Ah, and one last thing about this subject, before I do the proper update: yes, Leandro, for the final time, I really do like your e-card section! (He seems to be under the impression that those involved with TLZ and our close helper monkeys are sick of them... which isn't too far from the truth. Oops! Damn, now I've blown my cover! )

Now, just before I do the update (yes, I lied to you, but we'll get there in good time): Leandro has handed me some interesting information concerning the names of Leela's parents, this comes from a writer/producer for the show. "Leela's mother is named Turanga Munda and her father is Turanga Morris. Mutant surnames come first which is why they addressed Leela's birthday card 'Happy Birthday, Leela'." So, there you go, you've learned something new... now go and spread the word!

Well, back to the update. David Johnson has come up with this novel way of drawing a Leela/Fry moment... as babies! Yes, for our Fan Art section, he's come up with Leela and Fry, as babies, sharing a cute, intimate moment. Here it comes... awww!

Finally, I have a contribution for our Video Clips section, which is a clip that comes from the episode Love and Rocket. It's the moment when Fry sacrifices himself to save Leela from asphyxiating, when he discovers that her oxygen is about to run out. This clip is certainly a moving one... especially for those shippers out there.

Well, enough from me... yeah, I'm gone! *Graham fades*

After two days fixing the E-Cards script... Well, turns out the script was working just fine without needing to rewrite it three times. My "beta tester" (*cough*) was using an invalid address to test the script, and so the server always returned a fatal error... but the script was always working fine. Oh well, the script now uses half the size with all the stuff I threw to the trash, so it was for the best after all... go and send a Leela E-Card now!

Onto the update... There's a new pic in the Fan Art gallery, made by Robert Hawks, which is now only six pictures away from his 100th image here at The Leela Zone. By the way, I got several mails asking me if I knew the song played at the end of Leela's Homeworld, so I better say it here: the song is called Baby Love Child, by Pizzicato Five. I personally like it... if you wonder why Graham puts that pukey face when referring to "my type of music", then knowing that I'm currently downloading Just the way you are by Barry White will surely uncover that mystery for you ... [Leandro]

February 21, 2002

The flight from Hell has just departed.... Today's update is the remaining deleted scenes from the Futurama DVD, which you'll find in our Video Clips section. The three episodes concerned are: My Three Suns; Hell is Other Robots; and When Aliens Attack. Again, these clips are to encourage our visitors, who haven't already done so, to buy the Futurama DVD, as well as for those who haven't got a chance in Robot Hell of getting it. Enjoy the scenes... then get the damn DVD.

Have you written to Fox complaining of their terrible treatment of the show? Well, why not do so and help save the show from the inept Fox executives. The more letters sent, the better.

February 20, 2002

Futurama Vs Fox! Say hi to Russell Dickson, as this is his first contribution to The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. This hand-drawn picture shows the crew in the middle of battle, defending their positions. Who they are fighting is unclear, but let's hope it's Fox. Who else, in these times, would they be fighting! Hope to see some more of Russell's work.

The second update is for our Sound Clips section, and features the clips from the latest episode, Leela's Homeworld. There are seventeen clips in all, some of them quite long, but don't let that stop you. I'm really impressed by the great quality of season four, which pisses me off when I think that Fox won't be ordering any new episodes this year, and, in all likeliness, won't ever!

February 19, 2002

The Voices monopolises TLZ! Yes, you heard, The Voices has taken over The Leela Zone and will be implanting his secret messages into our visitors' minds. You are too late to turn to another site, for once you have seen the thumbnail of his latest image for our Wallpapers section, then all has been lost. Resistance is fertile... I mean futile. The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! I am the Eggman! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader!

He's still our leader... and she's gonna kick some ass if you don't bow! We break this programme to announce that our leader, The Voices, has created this kick-ass picture of Leela, who's preparing to kick some ass, naturally. You will find this picture in our Fan Art section, under our leader's name, The Voices... yes you heard, The Voices. Be warned, this file is quite large in size, but it's still worth viewing. Actually, we insist you do download it and make our new leader happy. Normal programming will now resume. The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! I am the Walrus! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader! The Voices is our leader!

February 18, 2002

Little Earthling.... Leela's Homeworld was a really nice episode. Sure, it didn't have as many laughs that many expect from the show, but Futurama is more than just laughs. However, despite that, it sure did have everything else. It was good to find out, for sure, Leela's true roots. Ever since I Second that Emotion, when we saw those two cycloptic mutants (who we now know as Leela's parents), some fans, myself included, have suspected that Leela was actually a human mutant, deluded into believing that she was an alien. It also seemed to fit irony, in that Leela was looking so far from Earth for her true home, that it was more likely that she only had to look somewhat nearer to find it: under her feet! So, now we know, Leela is human, albeit a mutated one.

Well, after watching this episode, I created some grabs for our Standard Framegrabs section. So, you'll find 130 grabs taken from this momentous episode. Enjoy!

Hmmm... just updated, went to check my work, and noticed that Leandro has been busy again! So, I decided to re-update, and am now back to Newspro's Modify News page. I just love the flash animation banner, that's a really cool feature! Funnily enough, I also give the episode a B+, although that's a really good mark from me, as I tend to be a harsh marker of episodes. Damn, now I sound like I'm being obsequious by praising Leandro's work to the heavens and giving the same mark as he did. What next: start listening to his kind of music?

Mutate! Mutate! Mutate! Yep, it's mutating time at The Leela Zone! If you were expecting the new layout to feature Leela's parents from yesterday's episode, then I'm sorry to dissapoint you: I had this layout ready from before and I wasn't going to trash it now that it was finally done. I quite like it; it has some elements from the previous layout, but I like this one a lot more. Your comments (and hate mail) are welcome, as always. By the way, I uploaded most of the relevant data on the current situation of the series to a new page called Futurama On Hiatus. It's linked from the left menu, and it appears randomly on the new banner space above.

Writer wanted: We're gonna need a new Biography, and maybe a new Character Profile as well. Anyone out there willing to write them? My inbox is waiting! Between Leela's Homeworld, The Cyber House Rules and Xmas Story, there should be enough material to write a quite complete bio (only leaving out Sean, and I'm beggining to think he will appear in a future episode, at least in a flashback).

Last night's episode: Leela's Homeworld plot was certainly not a surprise for me, and I guess to nobody since the airing of I Second That Emotion (my favorite episode of all time, by the way). Some say the "secret" should have been kept until later into the series; I think it was quite okay to "reveal" it now, since most of us already were 99% certain that she was a mutant. The "alien" storyline had been already used in A Bicyclops Built For Two, so trying to find her "home planet" again would've been plot recycling. There was space for a lot more stuff in this episode; the time it took to get that analysis out of the Professor's machine was enough to throw six more jokes in there. Anyway, I am reasonably satisfied with the events I've seen. Overall, I would rate it a B+; good, not great. Still no recipe for inmortality. [Leandro]

February 17, 2002

Slurms MacKenzie parties one last time for Shadowstar.... He sure does party for Shadowstar, as today it's his birthday! So, from The Leela Zone, happy birthday Shadowstar. What's more, he's given us a present (it should have been the other way around, but we're stingy here... what do you think, we're made of money?), in the form of two more additions to our Fan Art section. Well, we're not complaining!

Yep, you gotta do what you gotta do, and that includes my next update. Well, welcome to some truly high-quality framegrabs taken from the episode Space Pilot 3000. I'm quite impressed with these, as they really have come out great... well, I think they have! So, go there, too.

Finally, after a terrible week for the show, due to the spoilsports at Fox, we do have some good news, in the shape of a new episode. Tonight's new episode is Leela's Homeworld, in which Leela finally discovers where she's from, etc. Should be an interesting time for all. Well, back tomorrow with some more stuff... hopefully!

I WUV PERL! The E-Cards section got a major tweaking... I rewrote the CGIs from scratch, and now the section has the cards organized by category, titled, properly credited, and (hopefully) shouldn't give any more Internal Server Errors. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a friend, and send him or her a Leela E-Card right now! If when clicking the final button, you get an Internal Server Error... Oops! Mail me so I can check it out! There are some new pics, too. The "Anger" category is sure to please the people who are mailing Fox! [Leandro]

Ftq yq jqu vdjptle jdfpxkq sjjy mz szd xksnriae... If you can't read that, you're missing a very important file no Futurama fan should be without: the Futurama Alien Alphabet Two font! I made it a couple of months ago and it's been eating dust there, since this is a Leela site and it's off-topic to have it there... but seeing the current non-Leela content flood lately, I may as well upload the thing anyway. Say hi to the new Futurama Fonts section, here at The Leela Zone! The section includes the Futurama Bold and Title fonts made by Darrell Johnson back when The Futurama Outlet was alive and kicking, plus both Alien Alphabet fonts; the first one made by Darrell too, the second one cooked by me. Enjoy! You can now add a message written in the Futurama Alien Alphabets in your letters to Fox, saying all the things you want to say but can't say in a "polite" letter... Remember: Times New Roman for the "polite" part... Futurama Alien Alphabet for the "what I really want to say" part! [Leandro]

February 16, 2002

Down, but not out! Two updates for today. First update comes from Shadowstar, which is for our Fan Art section. It features Leela, Fry and Bender shocked at the news that Fox has given to them. Said this before, and I'll say this again, but I really like Shadowstar's art... long may it continue!

I've also got some features from the Futurama DVD to dish out, which you'll find in our Video Clips section. One is the feature that shows the making of the show, while the other is the advert for the DVD (possibly a bit pointless, considering if you own the DVD!). As usual, these are to encourage you to buy the DVD... so please do.

Now, back to what to do about Fox. I read CGEF today and noticed that they were encouraging their visitors to write to Fox's Executive Vice President of Programming, who is in control of what airs at what time. Now, this is a good idea, so I'll quote the address they give:

Mr. David Nevins
Executive Vice President, Programming
Fox Broadcasting Company
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 100, Room 4510
Los Angeles, CA 90035 U.S.A

Tell David Nevins that the show didn't stand a chance in the 7pm Sunday time slot, and that it really should be given a better chance at another time. Don't tell him what to put in its place, etc, just inform him that, in your opinion, the current time slot for Futurama isn't suitable for all concerned. Again, don't be rude, be calm.

Another idea is to write to the letters pages of TV magazines, newspapers, etc, expressing your disapproval of what's happening to the show. I know that such letters pages exist in the UK, so I expect them to exist elsewhere. Try as many different avenues that you can find; if there's a space to write, try it. Make sure that the public know what's happened to the show, and make sure the public know who's done this... Fox!

Well, enough for today... the fight goes on!

February 15, 2002

Birthday boy! As Leandro has said, today's Matt Groening's 48th birthday. So, from The Leela Zone, happy birthday Matt! Well, I'll stop the birthday obsequiousness... pity we can't actually give him the bumps! Instead, just stick a piece of birthday cake on his image that I've supplied to the right... also light 48 candles on top of your monitor. Come now, let's get into the spirit!

It's a pity that Fox's present to Matt was not ordering new episodes of the show and putting it on hiatus! Grrrr! Still, what do you expect from suits who simply care about money than quality. Actually, if they had given the show the proper treatment it deserved, putting it on a time that didn't get pre-empted by "sport" or other programmes that suited Neanderthals, it would have made more than it currently does. Well, it just shows that forward thinking isn't something that Fox executives have.

Now, the only thing we can do is to show these executives that we care for Futurama and that they have made a mistake. Explain to them that the show wasn't given a chance and that if it was given a chance, it would have certainly gotten a larger audience. So, write those letters, send those e-mails, and sign those petitions. Rant over!

I have two contributions, both fitting the current dire situation. I have a fan fiction from Allen Tanner, called The Groening Journals. It features Fox searching for a lost book, a book that has so much power and could bring their plans to a halt. This book is found by Fry, and soon discovers that the book has the ability to change his history. As he's desperate to get Leela to love him, he tries to alter things for his benefit. Well, there's the premise for the story, so go and read it, already! Oh, if you want to go directly to it, click here.

The second update is for our Poetry & Song Parodies section, coming from Marcus. It's a song that's based on Troy Seals' Seven Spanish Angels, and is called Our Last Fight. The song is about Fox's mistreatment of the show, and Leela and Fry's battle against them. Yeah... and the battle has only just begun!

"Happy" Birthday, Matt Groening! The series' creator is now 48 years old, if my Y2Kalendar is telling the truth. Fox's "birthday gift" wasn't precisely a nice one... and that leads to our main topic in the past three days: snail mail Fox! The address you should flood with emails are now at the top of the page, so unless you're a head in a jar without a typewriter add-on, you have absolutely no excuse! Come on! And while you're at it, e-mail Fox too. Still reading? Then go sign this petition, and this one too. The best you can do is snail mail them; send the mails, sign the petitions, but write a letter too! Emails can be deleted; online petitions can be ignored. But a couple of full mailbags blocking the door of Fox's president's office can't be deleted, nor ignored very easily. So write!

Rant over. There are two new pics by Robert Hawks in the Fan Art section; there are 93 pics from him already! I'm dying to know what will he do for his 100th pic here... Go Man Go! [Leandro]

February 14, 2002

It's Valentine's Day... AWWWW! It's Valentine's Day... the day when you're meant to spend time with your loved ones (Graham looks around nervously, but she's not in the room... ah, there's the door slamming, so there's life after all!), or it's time to get bold and try to show your appreciation for the one you desire. So, to get you in the right mood, David Johnson has sent this lovely work for our Fan Art section. Ain't it cute!

And, as it fits the day today, The Voices has come up with this "scan art" of the moment when Fry goes to hold Leela's hand, while they watch the new phenomenon in the sky, at the end of the last new episode, Love and Rocket. I have to say that that was a really touching scene... even if a certain member of the crew managed to interrupt it. Well, there's always the next time.

Did I tell you to write letters to Fox complaining about not ordering any new episodes of Futurama? Oh, I did... good. Then what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

February 13, 2002

Whither Futurama? Before I get onto the main news about the show, I'll post my updates. I have two of them, both coming from the Sound Clips section. The first is the sounds from Love and Rocket. I really like this episode, and I have to say that Sigourney Weaver did a fantastic job as the PE ship. She also showed that you don't need a celebrity to star as themselves, and that such talent can be used to better effect.

My second update comes from the Futurama DVD, which is for our Sound Clips section. There are three commentary MP3 sound clips to be had, where Matt Groening, David X Cohen and other staff and voice actors, comment on the episode in question, as well as other Futurama stuff. The three episodes are: Space Pilot 3000; The Series has Landed; and I, Roommate. Bear in mind that these aren't to the same quality as the DVD, and that they are only there to encourage you to buy the product, or are for those who can't obtain the item in question and feel left out.

Now, onto the main topic of the day: whither Futurama? As Leandro has pointed out, this "strong rumour" has now turned into a fact, but even this fact has its own uncertainty. Fox hasn't officially cancelled the show, as such, but have not ordered any new episodes.

There is still a possibility that they might pick the show back up later on, but that is, at least at this point of time, quite unlikely, as well as difficult to do. Still, it's a possibility. This is not to say that we should sit on our hands and wait for Fox to show some charity, as they won't, but it at least shows that something might be salvaged from this. Nevertheless, Fox won't do anything if we don't show to them that we care for the show, and that's why staying vigilant is important.

Two articles are of interest:

The first is from CNN and quotes a report from Reuters; click here.

The second is from TVinsite; click here.

Although those two online petitions are important, and they are, the most important thing to do is to write to Fox - yeah, you do this with a pen and a piece of paper, and you put it in an envelope, then attach a stamp to it and put it in a post box or give to a postal worker... I remember the days before the internet and keyboards! Online petitions are all well and good, but they are open to being bloated with multiple entries, fake entries, etc. However, written letters are less prone to this, so they will carry more weight in the eyes of Fox, especially if they are written in a calm manner (I can't express how important that is). Also, e-mail them too, as this is also better than an online petition. Still, sign the two online petitions, too... everything is worth a try.

Finally, even if Fox doesn't bend to our wishes, the more we campaign, the more there is a chance that another network could take the show from them... which would actually be the best scenario. However, we need to campaign and keep up its momemtum, too.

Damn. Before I go on ranting, here's a little content update. First, the picture to the right comes from Pablo Rodrigo, and shows Leela in a eye-poking spree (I guess she finally decided to act on Bender's suggestion from Love's Labors Lost in Space). There are also six new Uses for a Hacker in the section, featuring An Insidious New Digimon©.

Now, onto the thing. This is what is 100% confirmed: "Sandy Grushow (President of Twentieth Century Fox TV) called Matt Groening last Friday and said Fox "couldn't see its way clear to ordering any new episodes." I suspect this was due to the fact that we have two dozen episodes in the can (and we only air 14 to 16 times a year); Fox's losses in viewership and advertising losses, which have led to extreme cost-cutting measures; and a weak syndication market that is already glutted with The Simpsons and King of the Hill. If any or all of these things change, then Fox might reconsider its decision but, in the meantime, all the current writers and animators of Futurama are looking for new jobs. Sorry to confirm the bad news."

Meaning: Fox doesn't give a rat's ass about Futurama. This is nothing new, of course. They're not ordering a 5ACV block, instead going (maybe) on a 5th season with the 4ACV episodes that are being held over. Once they're aired, it's bye-bye to Futurama.

I'm not going to repeat Graham's update word-by-word; read it yourselves and do what he says. Will it do any good? We'll only know if we do it. C'mon people! Sign those petitions! Write those letters! Send those emails! Time to get 24th century on Fox's ass! [Leandro]

February 12, 2002

Yeah... life sucks! Correction - Fox does! Better late than never! I write this update knowing what many of you probably know that there is a strong rumour that Fox is cancelling Futurama. There has been no official confirmation from Fox yet, but this seems to be a stronger rumour than the usual kind of troll thing that happens on the net. Anyway, rumour or not, Fox's treatment of the show sucks, and they have never really given it a chance from day one. Any low ratings for the show reside with Fox, not the show's producers, writers, and other staff.

Now, what to do. All fans should put pen to paper (even the non-US fans), send e-mails, do anything that will show Fox that they have made a big mistake. Yeah, there's a good possibility, if this rumour is true, that they won't budge from what they see as purely a financial reason, but you'll get nothing if you don't try.

Addresses to write to:

Ms. Gail Berman
Building 100 Room 4450
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035
United States of America


Mr. Sandy Grushow
Building 100 Room 5110
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035
United States of America

Please, don't start swearing, ranting or whatever, even if they may well deserve it; just write a calm, but strong, letter of protest... it will be treated with more respect that way, rather than being chucked in the bin. We don't want Fox to think we're a bunch of inarticulate morons, do we? Hmmm... mind you, seeing they like the US football audience so much, maybe being inarticulate could help... nah, best not!

Now, what else is there? Well, Steven of Futurama Area has come up with this petition to sign. He's also organising a site dedicated to saving the show (address will be www.save-futurama.com - don't 100% know what it will be titled, but I suppose Save Futurama seems a good bet), which should be ready for tomorrow.

There's also another online petition being organised by CGEF, which you can find by clicking here. So, go there, too.

Also, why not e-mail Fox, while you're at it. You can contact them at askfox@foxinc.com. Again, don't rant or swear, just write a calm, but strong, e-mail of protest.

Well, if anything else comes up, I'll certainly post about it. Loads of sites are getting to task on this matter, so we should all pull together our resources in trying to save THE show.

Now, onto the update... poor The Voices! Well, he's produced his first "scan art" of Leela for our Fan Art section. This contribution is taken from the episode I Second that Emotion, where Leela is tied to the post, ready to be sacrificed to El Chupanibre. Cool scan, actually.

Finally, I have received an e-mail from Amy (no... not the one on the show... I'm not that mad!), in which she's found out information as to when Futurama will air in the UK. She quotes: "I can confirm that the new year 4 series of 'Futurama' commences on the 24/3/02, broadcasting on Sunday's at 7pm, and repeats Friday's at 8pm." Hmmm... so it could be the end of March before it's shown here! Why the sodding delay?

February 11, 2002

And it was all to end happily... then Zoidberg came along! Now, Love and Rocket was a really nice episode. The story was great, the animation was superb, it was funny, it was moving, great Leela/Fry moments, Bender was funny, the Omicronians made an appearance, and Fry proved his worth to Leela. So, I give this episode a thumbs-up. Talking about this episode, I have the Leela related framegrabs from this episode; just click on the image to be taken to them.

Now, to the left you'll see an image that's got nothing to do about Leela... in fact, for many of you, you won't recognise where this has come from. Well, it's actually from the Futurama DVD, and is one of the deleted scenes, which you'll find in our Video Clips section, under the deleted scenes page. This scene comes from Love's Labours Lost in Space, where we actually see a Killbot onboard the Nimbus. There are two other scenes on this page, more will follow.

However, the picture quality of these scenes aren't to the same standard as you'd find on the DVD (naturally), they are merely adequate for viewing purposes only. So, hopefully these clips will encourage you to shell out for the DVD proper, in order to have ready access to these scenes, as well as picture perfect episodes. It'll be well worth it!

February 9, 2002

So, what kind of visitor are you? Well, mtvcdm comes into #Futurama, an IRC chatroom that you can enter from here, if you want, and he asks if I'd be interested in a questionaire he'd created. Now, those who know mtvcdm, know him to be somewhat obsessed about gameshows, etc, so I was waiting for another Survivor-type thing to come stumbling out for the world to see. However, what I got instead was a really funny questionaire about whether you're a "Leela lover" or not. Now, I liked this quite a bit, so I was then wondering where to put this work, and decided to place it in the Do You & Leela Match? section. So, either go there or click here and you can take this test to determine if you're a visitor who's more suited for this site, or maybe one who's more at home with that other site... you know the one.

Now, I do have another update, and this one is for our Fan Fiction section. This is part 2 of Medisti John's Metal Gear Solid 3 - Sons of Stupidity. The crew are still battling along, but at least they are making some headway this time. Or are they? To go to this part, click here.

February 8, 2002

Watch this! Behold! I have come! About time I moved my behind and updated TLZ, too. It's been awhile without my charming personality to enlighten the site. I left my charming personality in the closet, though, so you will have to wait a little longer; but I got something better! Pictures! Yep, that's right: I've got a big fat update to the Fan Art section. Fourteen pictures coming from Ardil, all original ones (no tracing). The linked one is my favourite, parodying an scene from Matrix; I'm going to use it in the next TLZ layout... you've been warned! There are other good pics inside, which are sure to please our male visitors... you know how testosterone is (as a bubbling crackpot of male hormones, I sure do).

Still reading? Guess you're female then... The Fan Art update continues with a good buddy of ours, Robert Hawks. He's sent two more pics, and now he's very near the hundred pics featuring Leela... I wonder, will he do something special for his 100th pic here? If he had no plans, he may as well start planning something right now!

Newz Blast! A Futurama Stock Exchange has been started by Will of What Else? Futurama. The idea is, you exchange actions of several Futurama characters and try to win the most money by exchanging stock at different prices. Sounds like your kind of long-term entertainment? Then go there, register, and have fun! [Leandro]

February 7, 2002

Awww! They're so cute! Today's contribution comes from Sofie, which is for our Fan Art section. It's based on the Wizzin' segment of Anthology of Interest II, where Leela is greeted by Cubert, Dwight (Hermes' son), Tinny Tim, a Wormulonian, a Neptunian, and a Grunka-lunka (one of those filthy orange guys), just after she touched down her ship. Those garish colours seem to indicate that Leela was with a certain Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

February 6, 2002

Sharp and to the point.... Today's update comes from Zapp's Woman... who has made a welcomed return with a contribution to our Fan Fiction section. This is a new story, titled Warship's Red Glare, with its first part starting off with Leela being invited to participate in a prestigious beauty contest, while Zapp Brannigan has his own competition to deal with; one that threatens his captaincy! However, bring Fry into the equation, and now you have three individuals who'll be sharing an experience. Quite a lot of ideas in this story, some quite different. To go directly to the fic, click here.

February 5, 2002

The Witching Hour.... Today's update comes from Bender fan extraordinaire, Juliet Adeoye. However, she's taken a break from her all consuming Bender infatuation to produce this fan art for The Leela Zone. The picture is based on the Wizzin' section of Anthology of Interest II, where Leela clicks her boot heels together and wishes to become a wicked witch. Wicked picture, Juliet!

February 3, 2002

Life can be so cruel! I've got this really sad picture from The Voices for our Fan Art section. It seems that either Leela is very ill, or could even be dead, while being cradled in a grief stricken Fry's arms. Sad sight indeed! Hmmm... I think I'll go and listen to The Smiths.

February 2, 2002

Stuff being a delivery boy, I want to join the circus! Two updates today, so I'll start, naturally, with the first one. This one comes from David Johnson, where he's produced two pictures for our Fan Art section. The one that's the link image shows Fry levitating Leela, as in a magic show. The second image is of Leela, with Nibbler, gently floating over New New York, at peace with herself. Cute!

The second update is for our Miscellaneous Pictures section, where I present an advert I found in a British weekly TV guide, TV & Satellite Week, for the Futurama DVD and Video of the first season. BTW, if anyone has anything about the show from any publication, please scan it and send it to us... it'll find a good home here.

February 1, 2002

It's February! Time to change the calendar.... Damn crappy subject heading, couldn't think of anything better. I just changed my calendar to the February's picture of Amy with Fry's head on her shoulder; so I thought "why not?" Anyway, rather than explain the painful crap that I've just served up, I'll inform you of the update that I have for you today. The contribution is a continuation of a serial fan fiction by Medisti John (who seems to be hogging the recent fan fiction entries... come on fan fic writers, present some new stuff), which is titled Metal Gear Solid - Sons of Stupidity. In this part the gang are still trying their luck in Outer Heaven, dealing with many strange characters on their journey. To go directly to the fic, click here.