February 2001

February 28, 2001

Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!... Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Considering that That's Lobstertainment's Sound Clips were of a meagre amount, I've decided to make some more clips from the episode A Clone of my Own. Hope you enjoy them. Now, brace yourself for the worst! [Graham]

Bottomless pit, eh? Just done the Sound Clips from the latest episode, That's Lobstertainment. There aren't much there, but the ep didn't contain that much Leela, anyway. How deep is a bottomless pit: is it as long as a piece of string? [Graham]

February 27, 2001

The beast with four fingers! I have two more offerings at the Video Clips section, both from A Flight to Remember. The two clips are both highly memorable Leela scenes, hope you enjoy them! [Graham]

Wrong clothes for a sticky situation. The Framegrabs for That's Lobstertainment are now up on The Leela Zone; click on the image to view. This episode wasn't too bad, but could have been better. As for any Leela moments, which there were few, there seems to have been a missed opportunity for a development of the relationship between Fry and her, considering they were stuck together for two weeks. Still, that's entertainment! [Graham]

Best layout EVER! No, I'm not going to talk about The Leela Zone. I'm going to talk about a Brazilian site that has the most original layout I've ever seen on a Futurama site; it has a different header pic and color scheme for each section (a really hard work it seems), but it's still consistent all around. It has quite a bit of content too; top quality. If you can read portuguese, make a stop there and bookmark it now. If you can't... admire the great layout and send an email to the webmaster trying to convince him to do an English version . [Leandro]

February 26, 2001

Lobstertainment 1 Night On! Okay, I've updated The Leela Zone again with my 79th and 80th scans, the 80th (thumbnail to right), was a backhanded request by "Mark LeWald", one of the original webmasters of this site.

Hoping "That's Lobstertainment" isn't going to be a damp squib like "The Cryonic Woman" and "Bendless Love" (sorry JLB). I should find out within the next couple of hours, Internet willing that is. [Paul]

Waiting for tonight... While I wait for That's Lobstertainment to finish downloading (at this transfer rate, it'll be sometime tonight) here are some pictures my Robert Hawks, who's putting a distance of five pics between himself and Elzar. [Leandro]

Latest Episode Download Hello all again. I'm going to try a little experiment. Since so far, I've seen unable to get the AniVCD release of "Thats Lobstertainment", and I've been wanting to try my skill at this, I'm going to attempt to encode this episode myself. It should be up on the FTP sometime today. So try it out, see what you think. [Shaken, Not Stirred]

February 25, 2001

Episode Downloads OK. I'll admit it. I broke it. OK, not really. I had a heck of a wind storm here last night, which apparently took my power out and shut down the FTP site for a while. I have repaired any drive errors, and the site is back up now. Sorry for the inconvienience. [Shaken, Not Stirred]

February 24, 2001

How about an update from Scotty? Here's one for you, I made a Leela game, its probably the first one ever made... well it definatly is the first one I've made! send all complaints to scotty@sayargh.com, click here to go to the page where you can download it! [Scotty]

Don't fear the reaper. Well, we've been busy today... time for my meagre update, I suppose. The Framegrabs from the episode A Clone of my Own are up on The Leela Zone; click on the image to view. This episode brought in the most despised and hated character to Futurama: Cubert! Apparently, there are fans of his - that's impossible! [Graham]

Total Conversion... Nope, I'm not uploading a total conversion to some 3D game where Leela kicks Omicronian behind... altough, if somebody did create a level like that, rest assured it would be here . Nah, the reason of this news update is to let you know that I converted the Wallpapers that were in ZIP format to standard GIFs and JPGs, since many of you have complained that the ZIPs get screwed up for some reason. So, if you tried to download some Wallpaper and was unsuccessful, try now, it should work. [Leandro]

Fiftieth wallpaper! That's right, the 50th Wallpaper comes from our Star Scanner, Paul A Metcalfe, and from A Bicyclops Built for Two. Too bad she keeps looking for par'mach in all the wrong places; there's a very dumb but very in love coworker very near her. [Leandro]

Back Again! My first scan from "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid" is now available for your viewing pleasure.

I would have got the scan here earlier but I was busy working on a "Classic" Wallpaper, this site's 50th, I think.

"The Day The Earth Stood Stupid" was an absolute gem of an episode, I'm now awaiting "That's Lobstertainment" with some trepidation, as it's going to have to go some, to equal it. [Paul]

Scan art update... There are four new pics by Per Johnson, also known as Plank. Leandro found the pics lying in the Planet Express Employee Lounge. This update was not made while Leandro's brain slug was controlling him. Leandro has decided to post this at his own free will. [Leandro]

Another one hits the road! One more pic from Elzar is here, driving his total to 38 pics, only two behind Robert Hawks. Of Robert we have no news, apparently his train was derailed or something (Uh? Did you think it was a CAR race? of course not!) [Leandro]

February 22, 2001

Wipe out all thought! My God, they're like flying televisions! I've put up quite a few Sound Clips from the episode The Day the Earth Stood Stupid. So, there should be enough sounds to wipe out all known thought in the universe... well, I suppose I'm bragging - let's say, just New Jersey! [Graham]

Un poco de patriotismo no le hace mal a nadie... Germán Minces once again enters the Fan Art race, submitting five pictures and getting into striking distance of Robert Hawks! One of the pictures is quite Argentinísima, it's only missing the mate. Enjoy the pics. [Leandro]

February 21, 2001

Here's an engaging read to encourage all you budding fiction writers out there. Well, just finished encoding Snapshots the latest fan fiction from Brad Rousse and have to say that, without giving too much away, it's a lovely read, encompassing a wide range of emotions... the ending is so... nah, you'll have to read it for yourselves!

However, to any budding fanfic writers out there, get your pens to paper and start writing some Leela based fics, they'll certainly be welcome at The Leela Zone. Anyway, for now, give Brad's work a read, then give some of the other writers a perusal too, at the Fan Fiction section. [Graham]

Episode Downloads... Do you have an incomplete RM collection of episodes, what with Futurama 3000 being forced to close that server? Well, Shaken, Not Stirred has an FTP and has kindly uploaded all episodes in RealVideo there, as well as a couple of MPEGs. You can access it here and from the left navigation bar. [Leandro]

February 20, 2001

"So... what shampoo do you use?" I'm still thinking that The Day the Earth Stood Stupid was a great episode, even after viewing it a further two times, which is comforting. It's so good to see season three come up with some gems - long may it continue.

However, I have put up some Framegrabs of that episode for you to look at; click on the image to view. Hope you find them more fun than Leela's "wild years of hedonism"! [Graham]

Junk'n'Stuff... There are two new Wallpapers made by Paul. They've been waiting in line for a little while, but they're now up. Also, you remember that the Y2Kalendar lists 46 books that Matt Groening likes within its pages? Well, you can read the full list at this site. [Leandro]

February 19, 2001

Now, that was hot. Well, The Day the Earth Stood Stupid was a much better episode than last week's offering, it's certainly in my top five, if not higher. But, I'm here to tell you that two Video Clips are now up from that latest episode. So, if you don't mind spoilers, or have seen it, put your hand into the fire... go on, do it!

Oh, one other thing, here's a little bit of silly propaganda... as you already know, Say Argh! has declared "war" on Cubert's Secret Laboratory, making a fresh attempt at wiping out unnecessary characters on Futurama. Say Argh! will back down, however, but only if Dr Zoidberg is given a good , as well as large, meal. Oh, no... I think I've woken up our leader, she won't like traitors in her midst, especially if they are promoting silly, as well as pointless, wars... better run! [Graham]

Oh, no, you won't! It has come to my attention that Say Argh!'s webmaster Scotty has declared war to Cubert's Secret Laboratory! This is an act The Leela Zone is not going to tolerate! Every one of the new webmasters has been involved in a war now, and two of them stole top secret data from The Leela Zone's databanks! As a result, we're dispatching one third of the argentinian navy (that's... well, one submarine) to the Internet sea, heading for Say Argh!, and ready to fire and endless supply of Hackers unless Say Argh! stops their offensive inmediately and drops ANY further plan of attack, at ANY other site. [Leandro]

February 18, 2001

Here's a message from our sponsors. While the adverts are on during the UK premiere of Bendless Love, I might as well post that I've just put up Sound Clips from the episode How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back. Well, I'm off to take orders from some drunk. Hmmm... that makes me sound like a bar-steward (say that quick, I dare you ). [Graham]

Three Updates In 5 Days, Has Paul Gone Mad? The inspiration for this scan called "Hot Hot Hot" came from Graham's thumbnail further down this page!

Can't wait until I get to see "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid" it sounds like a terrific episode and I hope it is.

I'm now the episode reviewer for Futurama Fan-o-Rama, so enjoy them when it comes out. [Paul]

February 17, 2001

The will of the worrier! I've just put up four more clips at our new Video Clips section. They come from the episodes: Raging Bender, The Problem With Popplers and Anthology of Interest I. So, go and view our favourite warrior housewife/schoolmarm strut her stuff. [Graham]

February 16, 2001

New section at TLZ! I have the pleasure to announce a new section at The Leela Zone - Video Clips. Here you'll find a selection of Leela moments in the show. There are only a small number of clips, at present, but more will be added. To view the videos you'll need the DivX ;-) codec installed; but don't worry, you'll be able to download that from the page. I hope that this new section proves popular. Enjoy! [Graham]

Oh, The Shock Another Update By Me! 2 updates in as many days, can I go for the three-peat, who knows, not even me.

2 new scans for your viewing please ("Fry, Darling Meet Zapp Brannigan" and "You're Not Mad Are You?").

This weeks episode "THE DAY THE WORLD STOOD STUPID", is going to be a good episode for me on 2 fronts.

1) Nothing But Nibbler will get a decent update from me.

2) It should provide both The Leela Zone and Futurama Scan Art Central with some more scan-arts. [Paul]

February 15, 2001

Feeling hot, hot, hot! Not really, actually I'm feeling tired, tired, tired! Zzzzz! Before I drop off here's some Framegrabs from the episode How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back; click on the image to view. Well, I'm off to alphabetically order my jackets.... Oh, I'll do it another time... zzzzz! [Graham]

February 14, 2001

Hi There. I'm back after an extended The Leela Zone-style hiatus.

There a 3 new scan-arts (74 in total) for your delection on my Page 2 of the Fan-art Section, I've also updated Nos. 6 ("Leela In Bed") and Nos. 7 ("Hide Behind Your Woman") on my Page 1.

Watched "Bendless Love" last night, not really my kind of episode, so I want make any comments on it, although I have written a review for the upcoming edition of the Futurama Fan-o-Rama.

See-ya all in the near/far future! [Paul]

Do you like spoilers? If you went to the Message Board recently you must have noticed that I'm posting spoilers there. I'm most likely going to add a new 'spoilers' section here, to put the Leela-related spoilers in; the general spoilers will most likely go to the Futurama Fan-o-Rama. In any case, I want you to go to the Message Board and answer the poll there: do you hate spoilers? Do you like only small ones? Or do you love to know everything about an episode before you see it? Please answer. [Leandro]

Today I installed Windows 2000... I lost all my email, I'm connected at 9600 bps, the mouse pointer dissapeared for the entire evening since it had a conflict with the modem, my FTP client is missing key sections of the window, most of my windows have the font set to System, and the menus fading in and out are even more annoying than the Windows 98 lame "scroll" effect. True, I haven't got a GPF in the entire day, but I was not able to do anything productive neither. And, when will Microsoft include DirectX in the Windows installation CD? I'll need two hours to download it at this speed... and I'm losing even more packets than before. [Leandro]

February 13, 2001

All systems operational, let's rock! I'm certainly rocking right now... listening to some Nirvana! Anyway, enough of my lame musical tastes (not as bad as Leandro's, but that's another matter! ) The Sound Clips from the latest episode, Bendless Love, are now up. Let's rock! Hmmm... that's so errr... lame! [Graham]

February 12, 2001

Life in 'Ell. Well, first the bad news: there was not much of Leela in Bendless Love. This episode concentrated on Bender's love life... but, I suppose you have to keep other people happy. Not a good episode, In my opinion, but not terrible (not that there has been a terrible Futurama episode, yet).

Now, the good news: I've done Framegrabs of this episode; click on the image to view them. Hope you find them useful. [Graham]

February 11, 2001

I've got the munchies. Time for some popplers! At this moment I'm listening to some hippie music (The Doors - great music), so it's appropriate that I've put up some Sound Clips from the episode The Problem With Popplers, where we get to see some new-age hippies protesting against the eating of popplers. This episode used to be my favourite until Parasites Lost came along, nevertheless I love this episode. Hope you enjoy the sounds. [Graham]

February 9, 2001

I caught a boot THIS big! I suppose many of our viewers have been confused by this so-called site war... to be honest, so am I, and I was involved in it! However, to important stuff, I have some Framegrabs from the episode The Deep South; click on the image to view. In this episode Leela proves to be an expert boot fisher... now, that must certainly involve some talent! [Graham]

Futurama Die Cast Figures! Okay, they have been available at eBay for a couple of weeks now, but they're now available at eMerchandise. The four-figures pack (Leela, Fry, Bender and Farnsworth) costs $28.95, and, at least for now, ships next bussiness' day. Get 'em online right now by clicking here, or in the picture! I'll be updating the Merchandise section later with this and other stuff. [Leandro]

February 8, 2001

New wallpaper! One new Wallpaper enters the section, driving the total to 47 Wallpapers (the magic number from ST:TNG and beyond!). Only three more for the nice round 50! This one was made by 'Star Scanner Inc'... if you think that's a new submitter, you don't pay much attention to my news updates [Leandro]

Apologies? Surrender? Sheesh. Apparently the offensive has dropped their intentions and ruined our fun (sorry Zeke, go back to Arkford). We had a giant screen ready to monitor the development of the bloodbath, but now we'll have to cancel it all... crud. Leela, cancel that popcorn order, willya? Oh well. At least we managed to kill mtvcdm in the meantime. [Leandro]

February 7, 2001

War communiqué... Well, after a huge battle, the three submarines from The Leela Zone completely obliterated the enemy target! Unfortunately, the captains of the submarines had not been properly briefed, for they attacked mtvcdm's base at The Futurama Outlet instead of attacking Nothing But Nibbler and Say Argh! (Oops). The little island has been completely destroyed, and General mtvcdm was given as a meal for Zoidberg (no one else wanted to eat him). As the captains of the submarines now are claiming a shore leave (their contracts clearly state "only one battle per year"), we are unable to join the attack against Planet Roadmap; but of course, we will be there in spirit when the attacking fleet is obliterated (here's the popcorn Leela, grab the remote 'cuz this is gonna be good...) [Leandro]

Futurama en Español... Just a quick note to let you latin american and spanish guys and gals know that Futurama en Español had a problem with their host, but it can be reached through www.fry.com.ar. [Leandro]

The "Star" Scanner Returns. This picture was just asking to be scan-arted, and here is the result.

After watching "AMAZON WOMEN IN THE MOOD", it like most things failed to live up to the wait. Don't get me wrong, it was a very good episode, but after being forced to wait that long to see it, it was a let down, though on reflection (no pun intended) it following "PARASITES LOST" didn't help.

Here's hoping that "BENDLESS LOVE" is a good episode, especially for JLB who frequents the Futurama chat-room and is probably the biggest Bender fan, I've ever come across.

Brand new look... so, it's back to normality, again! Seems that I've stumbled onto a new design for TLZ... very nice indeed! Well, it was about time that the old design needed changing, seeing it was up for a couple of months. Nice work, Leandro!

It seems that the "war" has brought peace between the warring sides... funny how things change! Well, this "traitor" has some offerings to our leader, Leela, Sound Clips from the latest episode, Amazon Women in the Mood; where she goes on a date with Zapp to help Amy's relationship with Kif come to fruition, then getting stuck on a planet of men-hating women. Oh, maybe that wasn't a good idea... she wouldn't want to be reminded of that hideous time with The Big Z, again! Back to the drawing board to find other ways to convince her of my loyalty to the cause. Enjoy the sounds! [Graham]

War is the H Word! Alright, enough is enough! Captain Leela and I have decided to enter the war! We've taken this decision after analyzing certain logs who uncover not one, but TWO traitors! It's all clear now why Say Argh! has declared war on Nothing But Nibbler, and why Nothing But Nibbler is invading so fast: they both used the top secret information in the war room of The Leela Zone! Gort stole the Nibbler's location and defense system file from Leela's Lair, hoping to use that information to kidnap the sweet snookums, and Paul too used his passwords to gain access to the How to cook a lobster file, which Leela asked me to get for her after certain framegrabs from Anthology of Interest I were uploaded. In consequence, The Leela Zone is sending the entire navy of Argentina (all three submarines!) to head an attack towards both sides, unless they both quit fighting and return the stolen files inmediately! Failure to complain will result in an ever more aggresive reaction, accesing The Leela Zone's secret weapon: 101 Uses for a Lobster! [Leandro]

February 6, 2001

Robert Hawks counterattacks! Robert was sleeping in his car, not bothering to even drive seeing that Elzar was on vacation, but as soon as I posted two images by Elzar, BAM! He started the engine and submitted a new picture for his section, driving his total to 40 pictures, 7 pictures ahead of Elzar. If he's now going to go back into sleep 'til Elzar's vacation ends, or if he's going to press the accelerator for all it's worth, is something that we'll discover in the upcoming days... stay tuned. [Leandro]

See what happens when I attempt to sort my computer? I found two new pics by Elzar, that I had completely forgotten in my inbox! This brings his total to 33 pics, 6 pics behind Robert Hawks. Of course, since Elzar's on vacation he can't put up much of a fight, but he manages... [Leandro]

The end is over! That's right, Kryten's submitted the third, and final, part of the Secrets and Eyes trilogy for the Leela Zone's Fan Fiction section! And what an ending it is. What are you doing still here reading a boring news item instead of reading that Fan Fiction? Go there already! [Leandro]

Two new wallpapers... Andy Groom from The Laserdisc Review just pointed me to two Leela Wallpapers on his site; Leela is listed on the "Babes on Screen" section, up there with Jeri Lynn Ryan. The Wallpapers section here now has 46 wallpapers; thanks, Andy! [Leandro]

February 5, 2001

You don't bring me flowers, anymore!
I have a treat for those of you wanting to see Framegrabs from the latest episode, Amazon Women in the Mood; click on the image to take a look at this episode's grabs. Maybe, this episode will be known as the snoo snoo one... actually, maybe not!

New Fan Artist... Lorraine Sutherland has submitted a nice hand-drawn image of Leela, and it's now in the Fan Art section. In other news, I saw Amazon Women in the Mood already... it was great, but not wonderful. I agree with Gort; Parisites Lost is better. Tough, Kif singing his shy heart out with 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' was the sweetest thing in the whole episode... awww... Dave will be happy, two romance episodes in a row. How's that for Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace? [Leandro]

On reflection.... Just watched Amazon Women in the Mood and have to say it was a very good episode, well worth the praise. It was extremely hilarious in parts; but, in my opinion, Parasites Lost is still the better episode, for its all round variety and storyline. Still, this is just my silly opinion, you can make up your own silly opinions about this episode, too.

However, I'm not here to spout off my opinions, but to let you have a look at a very interesting picture of Leela, in this latest episode. This image deserves a double-take; it shows Our Favourite Cyclops looking at her reflection in a pool of water and seeing a view of herself that she would never, normally, have. click on the image to view a large grab. Enjoy! [Graham]

A clearer view. I've redone the grabs for Parasites Lost at the Framegrabs section; click the image to the right to view. They are much clearer now, seeing that these ones originate from a larger DivX than the first used. I hope you appreciate the difference.

Now, I'm off to watch Amazon Women in the Mood, which seems to have attracted some good reviews, from those who have already watched it... so, I'll be able to see this for myself. [Graham]

February 4, 2001

The 70th Scan Is Available. The 69th and 70th scans are now available for your delection. I also updated my 33rd scan called "Look Her In The Eye".

Tonight should be the start of 4 straight weeks of FUTURAMA in the states, starting with the long awaited "AMAZON WOMEN IN THE MOOD", let's hope it's worth the wait. We here in UK, have to wait until next Sunday for the new eps to re-start. Thanks to FOX for helping SKY break its promise that it would show Season 3 without a break. [Paul]

February 3, 2001

Scotty does an update Where have I been? I've been building up my new site called Say Argh! which didn't really give me much time to do anything on TLZ, well anyway the point of this post is because the message boards are dried up as nobody posts topics, you HAVE to be registered to post a new topic, click "New Topic" to post your own topic then all you have to do is enter a subject, a descripsion (opional) your post, your username and password, its as simple as that, click here to go to TLZ's message board. [Scotty]

A new artist in the list! I've had those pictures in my harddisk for quite some time now (I "misplaced" them between Windows' reinstalls), and it's time they appear in here. Monkey Wrench's drawings are very good, but could cause offense. If you are likely to be offended (there's no full nudity, but the attire is lacking in some places), consider yourself properly warned. They're very original, too; no one else has ever drawn a four-meter robotic-killer Leela, at least not that I know of. [Leandro]

February 2, 2001

Eyesight is for chumps! So, hear this. In the Sound Clips section, I've created and uploaded more sound files, giving you a wider selection of clips from the episode Bender Gets Made; they are all in MP3 format, too. Enjoy! [Graham]

February 1, 2001

Nice to hear from her again! A couple of updates below I said I was looking forward to see more pics from Sabine. And now they're online! Three more pics of Leela, one of them costarring a cute brain slug, the two others featuring her as two, erm, "famous" TV "stars"... more or less . Great pics, Sabine! [Leandro]

Is this the end...? Smiley has sent the last four Uses for a Hacker. The total is, as you should expect, 101 uses. Is this the end? Or will there be more uses? There's only one way to find out: go to the Uses for a Hacker section and see! [Leandro]

Racers, stand by... there's been an accident in the track. Elzar announces that he is going for vacation until February 15, apparently to avoid the search parties from the FBI that are looking for him after the successful "Hunt&DestroyFox" attack. However, Robert Hawks keeps accelerating, being now seven images ahead, and it all looks as if he's trying to pass the Star Scanner, Paul Metcalfe. We'll keep you informed of the race while Elzar enjoys the beach... [Leandro]