January 2016
Testing 1 2 3 ...
Posted on January 27, 2016 by Tim
Ok, real simple, quick and dirty update just so you know we're still open for business. There are a couple of reasons for lack of recent updates, one is busy life stuff on my part and another is some weirdness with the site - I know I did an update back in December but it isn't there, not even the stuff I uploaded to the site. Now it's gone! So, hopefully if this works and doesn't dematerialize into the cloud in a couple of days, we'll get things moving again. So I'm going to start off with a real simple link to somewhere else; that being a homage to 3ACV20, aka Godfellas in which Michael from Germany presents Bender lost in Space, where our brew guzzling bot friend ascends 30,000 meters up, only to become Lost in Space (which was the name of another space show, albeit a very kitschy one).