January 2013
Your elephant just did a number on the table
Posted on January 25, 2013 by Tim
Ewwww. There's a mental image to start the weekend with. Lest you think I have a “thing” for scatological pachyderms or some such, let's take a look at where that comes from. Turns out it's from a new Fan Comic that Gulliver63 is writing (and drawing). It's called The Incredible Shrinking Bureaucrat and it's the story (or at least the beginning of it) of what happens when our favorite bureaucrat gets downsized ... literally!
Where is everybody?
Posted on January 21, 2013 by Tim
OK, so, this is my 993rd update since taking on this fun task a couple of (dozen it sometimes seems like) years ago. I was looking forward to making a big deal (or at least mentioning) number 1,000, but that the rate things have been going lately, that won't be this year. So the last newsworthy thing was over a week ago, and in that time the only things that's trickled in (other than a mis-delivered “discreet brown box” ™ from an address in New Jersey) is this new Fan Fiction from Rush. It's called The Power of Beer, in which weird stuff happens at Robot Arms Apartments. Also, Rush made sure to let me know that no alcohol was harmed in the making of this fic, which leads one to speculate how much was put away in previous fics.
Mixed metaphors
Posted on January 13, 2013 by Tim
So I received word from kaspired that he's been up to two things lately, one - trying to stay warm (about which he claims to be “failing miserably” ) and two - mixing his metaphors. This later one shows considerably more promise since it has resulted in three new Fan Arts. The one you see pictured here stars Leela as Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. She's armed with the required frying pan. Kaspired sez “I had thought about using Amy instead, but with long hair I don't think she'd be recognizable. Plus everybody seems to want Leela to have long hair, so here's the chance to have really, really long hair.”. His others are Hel-lo Nurse which has Yakko from the Animaniacs, and I don't think Leela really wants to have anything to do with him and Little Maniacs which stars LaBarbara and is based on the movie Weird Science (Best quote: "So, What do you little maniacs want to do now?").

And if you happen to be in the mood to watch something a little off the wall, like maybe Captain Yesterday eating a hot dog, then we have just the thing for you because it just so happens that Alanquest has made an animation called Captain Yesterday eats a hot dog, which is a parody of a YouTube video titled Batman eats a hot dog. You go watch that, I'm gonna go set a snack.
(Almost) just in time for Xmas
Posted on January 9, 2013 by Tim
Ok, so as everybody knows, there's only three hundred and forty nine (349, or 101011101 for you robots) days until Xmas, which is why we bring you this festive holiday Fan Comic to get you in the mood. It's by Awalex and is called Xmas Tree. It's a bit unusual in that it's a (read this carefully, I don't want any misunderstandings) wordless comic - it tells it's story without any dialog whatsoever.

And in what must be the cheesiest Fan Fiction of this or any year, who else but Rush could come up with a fic about giant cheeseburgers attacking Planet Earth? Well, except for the actual show writers themselves, no one. It's called Cheeseburger Apocalypse. Sounds like it's going to be a very yummy end of the world.

Also, being the nerdlinger I am, I can't resist making note of certain numbers that strike me as unique or interesting. And so I should like to mention that Rush's fic is fan contribution number 2222 that I have handled in the 2,327 days I've been doing this webmaster shtick.
Happy Snooze Year
Posted on January 6, 2013 by Tim
Yeah, it's been a little quiet here around the Madhouse this last week or so. After that initial burst of creativity things have gotten kind of quiet. Man, having to sober up and go back to school or work really takes it's toll, don't it? We do have a couple of things though - and that's two new Fan Fictions from Trenton Sands. The first is called Whoops! Zoid's An Indian! in which Farnsworth discovers a potion he's invented that he'd long forgotten about. Mom's sons get word of it and want in on the action. They unwittingly kidnap Zoidberg and use the potion on him; and it has a weird side effect. And the other is The Great Rockford Scandal where Planet Express is going out of business, AGAIN! That is until Fry, Leela, and Bender get a golden opportunity to star in a remake of The Rockford Files. The show becomes a huge hit, however there's something different about this new remake, Rockford is now corrupt and there's an evil force behind it.

Happy New Year!
Posted on January 1, 2013 by Tim
My God! It's the future. Again. So in case you hadn't noticed, it's now 2013, and while I wait for my flying car, teleporter, and 2 inch thick TV that will hang on the wall like a picture, I can at least usher in the new year with a couple things to close out the old year. First up are two new Fan Arts and a Fan Fiction which are all related. The fic is Forbidden Fruit by Gulliver63. It's based on the episode The Butterjunk Effect and it looks at what would happen when the girls get a hold of super-charged Nectar from another planet and become the sports champions of the Moon. The sport of Butterfly Derby will never be the same. This pic is the cover art for the story, and there's another that illustrate a scene therein.

And here's the final three chapters in MC's fic Stygia, and man, I wish I had some cool fan art to illustrate these, but I don't. This story, you might recall, is about a trip through a wormhole that is the first in a long line of surprises for the last sane man on a deserted planet: Philip J. Fry. And in this realm, over sized, bulked up Leelas are not Fry's problem - this Fry has to content with two Leela's - one, fully mutant, who hates his guts, and the other, fully human, who wants him to quote snu-snu her until she canít walk straight for a week unquote. The new chapters are seven, eight, and nine.