January 2012
Calendar girls
Posted on January 30, 2012 by Tim
Attention Amy fans - hows about a nice picture of her modeling some Mars U attire, and straight out of the centerfold of Pentiumhouses' February 3012 issue at that? Well here ya go, courtesy of !iMmOrTaL! who was “inspired” by that mag's “chippy of the month” (hint: see the 2012 Futurama calendar). The big ! also reports that he's got 17 pages of a new comic all done and that he'll be releasing a teaser when he gets to 20.

And now her's a nice little Fan Fiction just in time for Valentines' Day, which is still a couple of weeks away, but as Fry finds out it pays to plan ahead (something he's not very good at ). The story is called Date Night. It's by Missy and it's a tale of Fry and Leela's Valentines Day date. or maybe    
Daddy hated it whenever I visited Neptune.
Posted on January 28, 2012 by Tim
Visiting Neptune - sounds like fun, eh? It's a great place - Methane snow, average temperature of -200 degrees C, 1,200 mph winds, and don't forget about Robot Santa. Yep, sure beats Disneyland. So if that headline sounds like maybe it's an Amy line, there's good reason for that - and that is because it is, and it's in a a new chapter of kaspired's Fan Fiction Santa's Refugee. This being chapter 2 in which the crew gets bored waiting in line, they haul passengers, Fry just might get his old job back, and we find out why Neptunians don't like Omicroanians (as if they really need a reason ). The pic is also some new Fan Art from kaspired and illustrates this chapter.

So that's it for today - I don't want anyone to think I'm such a big nerd that all I have to do on a Saturday night is update a fan site, so just this one quickie and now I'm gonna get back to the D&D game and the Star Trek marathon.
Back to "normal", eh.
Posted on January 27, 2012 by Tim
All right, if you can see this that means we're all settled into our new home in the Great White North, eh and things can get back to "normal" around here, or as normal as they ever get that is. So let's give a big round of Huzzahs! to Leandro and Graham 'cause moving to a new host is never easy (although, sadly, they seem to be getting really good at it). The up side is that things seem to be humming along in good order (knocks on wooden cat statue). The down side is that means it's time for me to get to work and clean out all that stuff that's piled up over the last week or so. So:

The first cats out of the bag are two new Fan Fics and one new Fan Art by Onuki. The fics are Fry Am The Egg Man 2, in which Fry has to take case of another egg and various other fun stuff happens; and Hold Outer Space Future In Both Hands, which is ... ... well, I'm not entirely sure how to describe it, you'll just have to read it and see for yourself. I'm pretty sure wedgies are involved. The usual warning for hard-core Fry fans about these fics applies. The pic you see here is was inspired by the second fic.

And there's a new Comic Transcript too! Dinkdrinker knocked out comic #38 - Rumble In The Jungle, which features Leela in a leopard print bikini so that ought to be worth a read or two in and of itself.
Fan art by Lee Roberts

And now that we're back on the air, I've got to go herd those cats I let out of the bag earlier.
Nobody make a smell
Posted on January 22, 2012 by Tim
Shhhh! Don't make any sudden moves or noises or smells, the server is actually behaving itself at the moment so I'm gonna take the opportunity to push an update. The first thing I've got in the old bag-o-tricks today is a couple of new Comic Transcripts, done by that ever productive team of Umbreon, who did #36 You Don't Know Jak!; and dinkdrinker with #37 Full Metal Racket.

And if you're in the mood for some thrills and chills, Rush has a new trilogy in the Fan Fiction section. The three parts are called The Looming Terror, Rama's Bane, and The Bane of All. What's it all about you ask? Well, across the universe many black holes have been appearing, seemingly out from nowhere, and stars that are far too young have been reported suddenly becoming red giants; and a looming terror lurks in the depths of space and time.
More fun than dial-up
Posted on January 18, 2012 by Tim
1990 called and they want their 19.2K modem back. Yes, our servers are still being cranky and apparently our hosting service can't figure out how to fix what they apparently screwed up so we're shopping for new hosting service. If this site disappears off the face of the internet for a day or two at some point, it's probably because we're moving again. Or else the servers are just off drinking cough syrup again.

So, in what has to be the most insane (and slowest) update since the time I did one from the land the internet forgot over a 19.2K dial up connection here are two graphic intensive things, both very cool. The first one is an update to Pieter Antonissen's Fan Comic Four Better or Four Worse. He ships in six new pages that cover a lot of territory from the last couple of seasons as Fry and Leela talk and walk on the beach. And the last page - it's freakin' hilarious. You'll surely recognize what's going on there when you read it. The new stuff starts on page 38.

And then we have a Fan Fiction, but not just your average old run of the mill fan fic, no sir. This one is illustrated! It's called The Fire Priestess and it's by Gulliver63. In it, Leela has to rely on that old time religion on the cyclops planet (see Gulliver's Last Turanga series of fics) to save her people from a deadly cult. This here's the cover art, and embedded within the story are three more illustrations by the G-man hizself, and one by kaspired.

And now, while the servers aren't looking, I'm going to click the submit button and hope for the best.
That sounds like something an amateur sci-fi novelist would come up with if he drank too much cough syrup!
Posted on January 16, 2012 by Tim
I think our servers have been drinking too much cough syrup too. You've probably noticed that Futurama Madhouse and FMMB have been a little on the flaky side the last few days. What we found was the back-end database was getting hammered (too much cough syrup will do that to you) and the techies at our hosting service were pointing their fingers at the forum software, so just a bit ago Graham bravely battled his way through the unresponsive servers and got it reinstalled. Things seem better, but so far I've seen one short glitch. I'm sure Leandro will be back on the phone with the hosting people. Isn't modern tekernology wunderful? We can now swear at recalcitrant computers from half way around the world.

Anyway, way back about nineteen hundred and sixty some days ago, one of the very first Fan Fictions I put up on this site was by a guy by the name of Daniel Leicester. We haven't heard from him in a looooong time, but now He's back baby! And he's brought a new chapter in his fic The Fry Chronicles in which Leela deals with the loss of her husband while trying to juggle the dual responsibilities being a single mother and leading a resistance army against a totalitarian Earthican Government that is being secretly controlled by the Durgians. Could a missing 22nd century scientist scientist be the key to all this? And what does Manfred Wernstrom really know? Find out in this thrilling tale of time travel, alien invasions, break-dancing robots, intergalactic warlords, centuries-old conspiracies, and animated sitcom cartoonists (some of which are probably doing a little too much cough syrup)!

And finally today, if the server is willing, here's three new Comic Transcripts, brought to you by dinkdrinker and Umbreon. The are numbers 33 - Attack of the 50 ft Amy, 34 - Planet Michelle, and 35 - Son of the Son.
The night of long titles
Posted on January 11, 2012 by Tim
Before we get to the long titles, let's have a look at this. It could have a long title too, but I don't know, I've never seen an Oregon vehicle title. Anyway, most of us collect things. Usually small things, or at least reasonably small things. Not Flounder, he collects 1980's Toyota vans with stick shifts and this is his most recent acquisition (IIRC, this makes four) and it's fresh out of the body shop. Recognize that paint job? He calls it the Futu-van. But wait, there's more, Flounder says “This is just the beginning. The guy who did the body work and painting is a fan. We're going to build fins, a "rocket" arrangement for the stern, portholes, and a gun turret (complete with working dual-band VHF/UHF ham antenna) for the top when I come back here to Florida next year.”. Now is that cool or what?

Rush is back with a twofer. First is his first Fan Art in a long while, an new entry in his Bender Is series of sketches. And then, finally getting to the first of our two long titles, he also sends a Fan Fiction. It's called *deep breath* Whispering Among The Forgotten In The Screeching Winds. That title is almost longer then the synopsis, which is *not quite as deep a breath* “Fry's universe is turned upside down, two weeks after the events of The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings.”.

And one more longish titled Fan Fiction, this one from Onuki. It's called Sin and Discipline and Love and Fidelity. This continues Onuki's self-insert/slash with Fry theme in which the two protagonists give each other wedgies and also get the PE crew to moonlight as musicians. (by the way, did you know there are wedgie proof underwear? Well, there is. Google it.)
Crabs and some left over Hohohos
Posted on January 8, 2012 by Tim
And while it is true that you can get crabs from Hohohos, those aren't the kind we're talking about here (can I even say things like that on the Madhouse?). No, the Hohohos we're talking about are left over from Xmas. It's a Fan Comic that Jenny Ngo whipped together called Happy Holidays. It's about a letter to Santa Claus that Fry writes and a mysterious surprise he gets back (hint: When Fry grows a second head, he luckily has two separate minds so they spend any time acting as twin brothers to each other until they merge back into one to share thoughts and mind). Also there are no crabs in it, that's the next part.

Ok, next part: crabs, specifically, Zoidberg. And no, you probably won't catch crabs from this, 'cause Zoidy figures into a new Fan Fiction from Trenton Sands called The Replacement Delivery Crew in which there's a mishap with an oven, Hermes, Amy, and Zoidberg decide it's high time they go on a mission. Once they get Fry, Bender, and Leela out of the way, they go to a planet called Zulu Dawn to deliver some DVDs. And wouldn't you know it, disaster ensues for them, can Fry, Bender, and Leela save (and forgive) them?

Here's where you might catch crabs, especially if you're a Skyrim player. Rush found this vid on YouTube - it's a Zoidberg mod for Skyrim that makes the Mudcrab look and sound like Zoidy. There's a link there to download the mod if you want.
Just slashing my way thorough this acumulation of stuff
Posted on January 6, 2012 by Tim
Got a hot, steamin' load of Fan Fiction for ya today. The first one is from Trenton Sands and is called Public Access Omicron. As you might infer from the title, Lurrr and Ndnd are involved, 'cause when anything goes wrong with the TV reception on OP8, they naturally blame Earth in general and Planet Express in particular. So when a power failure blacks out their TV, Lurrr gets his revenge by taking over Earth's TV with a public access show. There's also a gorilla involved! This is a fun spoof for fans of late night comedy shows.
Fan art by Javier Sánchez/The Futurama Point

And there there's two from Onuki. They are Drag Fry to Hell: Bender's Inferno (Part 2) [Love is Difficult] and Future Speculation. In the former, Bender goes to meet his new girlfriend-bot and takes Fry with him, except Fry gets kidnapped; and in the other Fry visits Shunsuke at his estate for a few days until he moves in. When Shunsuke annoys Fry again, hilarity ensues. Note to Fry fans, is you haven't read Onuki's stuff before, this is slash fic with Fry+the author. Also, if the title of that first one sounds somewhat familiar, that's because it's a follow-on story to a fic of the same name by Hailey Sands and is used with permission.

So until next time, always remember the law, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Ridden hard and put away wet
Posted on January 4, 2012 by Tim
I'm talking, of course, about the motorcycle in the picture. What were you thinking? Anyway, the picture is one of two new bits 'o Fan Art from kaspired, and those go with a new Fan Fiction. And since there's now only 356 shopping days until next Xmas, it's the perfect time of year for an Xmas inspired story - the fic is called Santa's Refugee and I'll just let Kaspired tell it from here: “I'm writing another story! Really! And it starts with that same classic phrase. Really! I've attached the sketch for the story and another drawing. The basic idea for this story came from an idle comment I made about the motorcycle drawing. Originally the idea was simple, “Want to have your picture taken with Santas favorite elf?” But the more I thought about it, the less likely that seemed possible. Santa has taken most of Neptunes population and chain-ganged them to work in his factories. So Heather and the other Neptunians would have left Neptune to find a life somewhere else. Right? Perhaps as a cook?' So I started to wonder what, how, plus a few other details about "leaving" Neptune. And how Heather could become an interplanetary smuggler. This is only the first chapter, more to follow. A couple of reference details: The LeVerrier port on Neptune is named after one of the astronomers who predicted where Neptune would be before it was actually seen. There is a comment about Heather taking a side job as a model on a motorcycle photo shoot but the cheapskate never paid her. That refers to me and that drawing. I plan on paying her, really. But, y'kow, with the economy as it is...”.

Happy New Year!
Posted on January 1, 2012 by Tim
Happy Hangovers everyone, It's one year closer to the future! So I bet you've been wondering where I've been and why there haven't been any updates in the last week. Well, as much as I'd like to be able to say that it was a week of binge drinking or five minutes on a cell phone, it was really much simpler than that - I was being lazy, and enjoying every minute of it. But now, that the new year is here, there's some really cool stuff in the queue I just gotta get to. And first is this - five, count 'em, five new pages in Pieter Antonissen's fan comic Four Better or For Worse.

But wait, there's more. So, the question was asked “what kind of gift can you give another fan of our favourite TV Series whom you have never met face to face?”. It was !iMmOrTaL! that asked that question, and in the sprit of my aforementioned laziness, he fortunately also supplied the answer. He goes on to say “Well you create a DVD cover of his fan comic. And here it is; a DVD cover of Pieter Antonissen's Fan Comic Four Better or Four Worse. Have a Happy New Year!”. So there you go, if they ever make FBFW into a movie we already have the DVD cover art, thanks to !iMmOrTaL!.

And lastly but by no means leastly, here's some Fan Fiction. MC has shipped in the latest chapter of Stygia. In this installment, Leela talks to herself and Zapp's landing party runs afoul of creatures that are smarter than the average bear. Plus, Fry and the Leelas find out what really happened to this universe's Earth.