January 2011
Talk about taking things out of context ...
Posted on January 31, 2011 by Tim
So if you live under a rock and haven't seen The Prisoner of Benda yet, well, like the picture says, you can just cry. Thanks to Dingsda for dredging up this (de)motivational poster, which is now enshrined in our Miscellaneous Pictures section (way at the bottom).

Another one you have to take with a grain of context is this new comic-like Fan Art from Jenny Ngo, which she titles a “lol comic”. You'll have to supply your own context on this one, 'cause I'm fresh out.
Bite my shiny metal roofing tile
Posted on January 28, 2011 by Tim
You never know where Futurama is going to turn up. Tthose that might have just tuned in sometime within the last two and a half years will need to know that just about two and a half years ago (real time, that's like a million and three years in Internet time) we ran the Real World Futurama Photo Shoot. You can pop back and read the details if you want, but meanwhile, yet another example of Real World Futurama has turned up because last summer Herr Sven spotted these roofing tiles for sale in Sweden, and the makers name is Bender.

In our Bite my shiny metal ass department, we have exactly that: sound clips of Bender's most famous phrase. Dingsda was looking for it and we didn't have it! But now we do, thanks to him. Two of them in fact: the basic phrase in the Miscellaneous canon clips section and with Fry's “chesey new years costume” line in with the clips from 1acv01.

And lastly today is a new Fan Art by Jenny Ngo. It's Fry plus Fry's clone Tori (check out Jenny's fanfic page for the story on Tori (Hey, I made rhyme ) ) making out in what is sort of a little one frame comic.
We are Absolutly still in business
Posted on January 26, 2011 by Tim
It is true that things have been a little slow around here lately, to the extent that I've actually been getting some other stuff done. How boring is that? So fortunately we have two creative souls to the rescue. First is kaspired with this pic of Leela that spoofs a Vodka advertisement. He says “Another artist and I tag-teamed a couple of drawings. Here's my half of the results. He's another DA-ist, name of 'TheFightingMongooses'. On the technical side, there are 28 different colors used, three layers of paper, and two different gold tinted gessos for the frame. And one big headache getting it all to fit together.”

And with only 33 days until last Xmas (time travelers take note) our other rescuer is Daniel J. Fry (who hails from Denmark) with this just in time for Xmas Song Parody. It's called Futurama Jingle Bells. I'll let you figure out what tune it's sung to.

As you might have guessed, like Fry's can here the old in-box is empty which is why it's been kind of quiet around here for the last few days. Not that I mind, like I said I'm actually getting stuff done. But I don't want to get out of practice, so if you've been hoarding a stash of cool stuff, now would be a great time to send it in. Instant service, no waiting.
Back to the Futurama
Posted on January 22, 2011 by Tim
The mutants may be revolting but these new Caption Screen Wallpapers from the 6ACV Production Block are anything but. Many moons ago, BackToTheFuturama cranked out 76 screens, 72 from the original episodes, one just plain screen, and three for FM/TLZ. Later he did the four movies, and today I am pleased to unveil his latest effort, thirteen new caption screens from last years new episodes. Please note that you won't find these wallpapers in the regular Wallpapers section. No, because there's so many of them and because we expect to be adding to them (these are good things) they're in their own section that has no name and is, at the moment, buried on the Miscellaneous Pictures page down near the bottom. But they need to be a little more prominent so maybe I can convince the bosses to do something about that. Anyway, the section has been totally revamped and everything is now in production code order. Enjoy.
"I R addicted 2 rainbows!!!"
Posted on January 19, 2011 by Tim
There are times when I let the contributor do the talking, mostly. I sorta did that here tonight. Ya see, Jenny Ngo sent in a bunch of new Fan Art and I had about three different things to choose from - there was one other I was sorely tempted to go with, but I liked the randomness of the one I picked because it doesn't seem to have anything at all to do with the pics she sent, even the one I didn't put up. But hey, there's seven new ones to choose from and they're all delightfully random.
Is this gonna be another crazy experiment that crosses a line Man was not meant to cross?
Posted on January 17, 2011 by Tim
You may have noticed that we have an admirable collection of Fan Comics on this site, so some say. And it just got more admirabler 'cause we've got a new one. It's Tron-orama from Gulliver63. He was experimenting with creating his own backgrounds with Corel draw, and this is one of those experiments. Here is what happens when Leela and Fry let the Professor digitize them so that they can destroy a virus in Amy's computer...

Uh oh, a seriously pregnant Leela. You know what that means ... yep, rumors of the new episodes ... or maybe a new Fan Fiction. And since I haven't heard any new rumors lately I'll take Fan Fic for $500 please. So what we have here is a story called She's Having My Mutant by dinkdrinker. He plans on doing a series of four or five (or more or less) “what-if” stories of which this is the first one. The inspiration for this work was Bender's line “Maybe they had to get married” in Time Keeps On Slippin.

Fan art by FemJesse
Less calories than cupcakes!
Posted on January 16, 2011 by Tim
Check out these little guys, cute little Futurama plushies and just in time for Xmas. Errr, at least they would have been if I'd posted this back in December when Flounder first sent it to me. Unfortunately, I forgot to put it on my list and just found it again. Oooops.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, we have not one, not two, but three, that's right, count 'em, three Fan Fictions from Rush, so being lazy likes I am, I'll just list 'em off:
First, there's Home World which is set a few weeks after the opera and the PE crew are on their way back to Earth after a delivery, and to pass the time they play a little game of I spy. Right about now I know you're thinking “Wait a second. Is Tim loosing it? He already did this one.”. Well, while it's not definitive that I'm not loosing it (some would say that to want to do this job in the first place one would have had to have already “lost it” - in fact Graham already said as much ) this is one of those cases where I think I've got it straight. Rush's previous fic was the very similar titled Home System which is a very similar (eg exactly the same) plot, only different.
Next up is On The Way, an alternate universe adaptation of The Duh-Vinci Code.
And lastly it's War is the A-Word, an alternate universe adaptation of War is the H-Word. Are you starting to see a pattern emerging here? If not, just study it a bit longer, there plenty of time. No need to be in any Rush.
Sometimes there are no second chances. And then other times there are.
Posted on January 14, 2011 by Tim
Tonight we've got a two-fer, except it's really all about the same thing, but it's two different things. It's all so confusing. So let's try to sort it out - the pic you see is a new piece of Fan Art by Frosty. It's a promo pic for her new Fan Fiction called Second Chances. In this story, Fry and Leela were getting along pretty well two years ago, when Fry left. In the mean time, he discovered something of a talent as a fiction writer with the publication of his first book, Second Chances (there's a coincidence ). So anyway, the course of business and whatever brings Fry back to New New York and the two of them must ask: How do you tell if you should let go, or try again? This is only part one so there won't be an answer to the question just yet, but stay tuned.
This is why I love Futurama… it pretty much applies to everything…
Posted on January 12, 2011 by Tim
Ah yes, the Golden Globe awards, another one of Hollywood's excuses for yet more self-indulgence. And what better way to conduct the much maligned pseudo awards then to let the Futurama characters comment on the nominees. Let Fry, Zapp, Dr. Zoidberg, and others give you the inside scoop on the movies that made enough to buy a nomination. Many thanks to Flounder for the tip, and to Sharpie, a commenter on said site, from whose aforementioned comment I lifted tonight's headline. And schlee's right, there is a Futurama quote for every situation.

Would you believe that we don't have any framegrabs of the kids and Bender from The Cyber House Rules? I know, cheap, lousy ... but that's not important now. What is important is I could have used that pic to illustrate this new Fan Fiction. It's called Xmas Eve at the Orphanarium. Dinkdrinker wrote it and it is a follow on to his previous fic Nibbler's Xmas Bedtime Story. Check it out as as Bender tries to play Santa to the kidz and Leela tries to do some “studying”.
Clockwork and Light Sabers - surprise!
Posted on January 11, 2011 by Tim
A long time ago, in a reality far, far away, Aidan Daniels drew a Fan Art that he described a A Clockwork Orange, Futurama Style. Well fast forward to now and here's the same image only in ink, which is incredibly much harder to do 'cause if you make on little boo-boo, it's a lot harder to fix.

And here is where the light sabers and the surprise comes in, it's a couple more two-headed Fry pics from Jenny Ngo. Fry would think it way cool to have a light saber. I think the surprise would come from him not loping off a limb in the first 30 seconds. According to Jenny, Mudkips are involved somehow too, but I haven't figured that one out yet.
Let's go native!
Posted on January 10, 2011 by Tim
Some time ago, and I'm too lazy to look and see exactly when, but I think it was right around Xmas, which seems like it was a month ago, but, I digress; About a month-ish ago Gulliver63 submitted a Fan Fiction called called Going Native, the second in his Last Turanga trilogy. And here at last is the cover art for it, along with three illustrations.
Of furry clones and mad emporers
Posted on January 9, 2011 by Tim
Ok, Ok, I know, it's been a few days, I've been busy. But in the meantime the stuff just keeps piling up so I'd better get moving. First off is some new Fan Art from Jenny Ngo. Now, this may look like Fry, albeit with a tail, some kind of fuzzy ear like thing, and a goalie mask, but the file name says Tori. As we mentioned a few days ago, Tori is a character Jenny came up with in one of her fics that's an identical clone of Fry. Jenny says “He's identified by a heart-shaped hair-tuft that's rather than a regular M-shaped hair-tuft. And guess what? Tori loves Fry so much, because he's feminine!” That does explain some of the pictures. Man, talk about getting in touch with your feminine side. Now, as to the tail and ear, that's a nice segue into our next item ...

... because the Fry in this DOES have a tail and furry ears, at least part of the time. Here's Part 6 of Umbreon's Fan Fiction, Treat Me Like You Did, a tale of broken experiments, missing delivery boys, and new pets, Oh my! A few days after the opera, Fry disappears and Leela ends up taking in a cat that seems to have taken his place. Now see what transpired after a badly beaten Fry stumbles into PE late one night.
Fan art by Anton Nelson

And lastly tonight, Futurama is noted for Heads in Jars, generally long dead historical figures (contemporary celebrities excepted). Both play a role in the following which Rush found and gave us a heads up on. Put on your bicorne, stick your hand in your vest, and check out this picture.
Boerdom, booz, and t'backy.
Posted on January 5, 2011 by Tim
Here's something that shouldn't surprise anyone - Bender drinking AND smoking at the same time. It's an interesting talent but what a way to ruin the taste of a good beer. Oh, wait, robots don't have a sense of taste. But that's the theme of these two new Fan Arts from Rush.

Rush has also cranked out another one of his signature Fan Fictions. Imagine the crew on the way home to Earth, and they're bored. Imagine they play a game of I Spy to relieve said boredom. As with anything involving Fry and Bender, crazy stuff happens. The fic is called Home System.

Calling all 30th century klutzs
Posted on January 4, 2011 by Tim
So what do you do when you discover the love of your life is in a irreversible coma? Build her in Legos apparently, if you're that loveable 30th century klutz, Philip J. Fry that is. Which is just what he did in Rebirth. And kaspired figured “if some 30th century klutz can build that, so can I.&rdquo, and so he did, and he's got three new pieces of Fan Art to prove it (ok, to be technically correct (the best kind of correct) there's two pieces of art and one photo, but I kept them all together).

And speaking of Fry, Happy New Year. Ok, I know that was four days ago (five for those who are already on the other side of the international date line) but that's what the subject read on the e-mail that Jenny Ngo sent in this Fan Art. And Fry looks happy, and it is still technically the new year, so what the hey, Happy new year!
I believe the word you're looking for is OOPS!
Posted on January 2, 2011 by Tim
And wouldn't you know it, there's Fry and Bender. Everyone who's not surprised raise their hand. Anyone? Guess not. No surprise there 'cause if there's a screw up to be had, it's a safe bet those two will have a hand in it. And what is screwed up this time? Nothing actually, at least in our world, because here's 11 new pages of Pieter Antonissen's comic When Disastrions Strike Back. The newest stuff starts on page 61.

So why if Fry looking so wired? Too much coffee, or is it because he just found out that he doesn't appear in this new Fan Fiction? Wait a sec! Did I just say that? A fan fic without Fry? Yes, I did say that. The new fic is called Jerkey Beef. It's by Hailey Sands and in it, Hermes has a fight with Bender which rekindles his (Hermes) old dream to sing commercial jingles. Bender plans to make a profit off of him and when it leads to an opportunity for Hermes to have his own sitcom, the PE crew learns that fame comes with a price. And yes, Fry and Zoidberg do not appear in this fic.
Fan art by Juliet Adeoye
I'll never forget the day this fanart of Philip appeared. Wisconsin lost the Rose Bowl 21 to 19
Posted on January 1, 2011 by Tim
HA HA, is that just too perfect or what? You fans of American football know what I'm talking about. Many thanks to my good friend Dingsda for pointing that out as I am totally clueless when if comes to a bunch of jocks chasing various kinds of balls around a field. Now if they were playing deathball, that I would watch! But anyway, the Fan Art of Fry comes from Jenny Ngo. There are three of them for a total of five Frys. Now if that isn't more confusing than American football I don't know what is. Fortunately, there is a cheat-sheet for this one: Jenny's Fan Fiction which we announced some time back called Tori's Birth which gives the backstory on Fry's clone Tori. This is also important because ...

Jenny also did a one page Fan Comic called Tori vs Leela. It seems like Leela is more than a little jealous of Fry's clone, but her jealousy lands her in hot water when she tries to distract Fry.

And in the Bite my shiny metal ass department we have one new bit o' Fan Art from Rush with the self-explanatory title of Kiss my shiny metal arse. And on that note, Rush also asked me to mention that he's a glutton for punishment (those weren't his exact words) and he has this thread on FMMB where you can vote on the greatness (or relative lack thereof) of his fanworks. The categories range from “Fantastic is too small of a word to describe your greatness” at the top down to “You're [sic] fanworks are bad and you should feel bad”. So far he's averaging “OK” but that's with only 5 votes, so let's get out there and vote the bums out ... er, ah I mean make your voice heard. You must be a registered member of FMMB to vote and to see the results.

And lastly, Happy New Year! Here's hoping for a year with less scary stuff and more peace, prosperity, and news of more seasons of Futurama.

Wallpaper by Paul Metcalfe