January 2010
Let's see what we can Patches together tonight
Posted on January 31, 2010 by Tim
MissusPatches that is. 'cause she sent in three new Fan Arts. In this one, it seems that Fry has a habit of nodding off after their Friday night happy hour and Bender always takes this opportunity to poke into his wallet. But this night his usual activities are interrupted this time when he catches a glimpse of a picture of Fry and Leela together, the third wheel feeling quickly catching up to him. Poor Bender. Ms.P's got two more pics you should be sure to check out too, one of the Robot Devil playing his fiddle, and another one that showcases some of Fry's more blatant obliviousness.

This has got to almost be some kind of record - two Fan Comics in a row! And this one isn't slash! Err .. at least, I don't think robot male + human female counts as slash. It doesn't in my book anyway, so here's After Rehearsal, also by MissusPatches. It seems that after the opera incident, the Robot Devil harbors a secret crush on a certain purple haired cyclops. This takes place during Bender's Big Score after the wedding rehearsal. MsP says “The idea has been haunting me ever since I first noticed that it was Beelzebott's band playing at the wedding”.

Ok, Mr and Mrs Futuramaverse and all the ships in space, time for a little gossip - what FMMB member and Fan Fiction author was seen earlier today watching Avatar in 3D in the company of what Fan Artistette? Rumor control central has it that this was a formal, pre-planned date, complete with dinner and the works. AND, what noted Fan Art and Fan Comic artist was seen swinging from a ledge in the wee hours of the morning? Boyish prank, drunken stunt, or daring dare? Enquiring minds in jars want to know.
A man can dream though, A man can dream.
Posted on January 30, 2010 by Tim
Of course, sometimes those dreams turn into nightmares. And sometimes they wake you up. And sometimes you feel like you're falling and falling and falling ... and then you wake up. And one time, there was this dream like ... oh, wait, never mind. Anyway, all this stuff about dreams is leading up to a Fan Comic that Sofia made. It's called You Can Dream, and I'll let her tell you a little about it. She says “Some new stuff...this time..is,yeah..a fancomic...unexpected I know ...I did this comic because...I really I don't know...I wanted practice my style of drawing...and also I had a good idea (in my opinion xD) what I liked. This comic contains...uh...controversial? .. well different stuff ...” I'll end it there and you can go see for yourself.
I'm channeling Cubert tonight.
Posted on January 28, 2010 by Tim
Which must be why I feel like such an obnoxious clone all of a sudden. So what we've got here, obviously, are some new Cubert's Rants sent in by Trevin Bernhard. They're for the episode Raging Bender and there's a bunch of them, including a couple that Cubert felt were “pure weapons-grade bolog-nium”, and that's when my head started buzzing and my fingers went all numb and they were under the control of some otherworldly force from the future and made me type things I, of my own volition, wouldn't type. Really.
It's just like A/V class all over again
Posted on January 26, 2010 by Tim
I really gotta get out of the house and go see some movies. Like maybe Avatar for example why not. Ah, but 'till I do, there's always Wiki and Google. Which I used to make sure I knew what I was talking about when Vytas_Wolf sent this bit of Fan Art that he calls Fry's Avatar. He's also got another pic that shows a very young Milton, Fry's pet whatsit from his Fan Fiction I Keeping It.

A good Fan Video should tell a story. This one does just that, but in a different way. Download this vid, turn up your speakers, and check it out as Trevin Bernhard uses Futurama clips (courtesy of Futurama Madhouse's Framegrabs section ), combined with too much free time to illustrate the lyrics of the song it's set to, which just happens to be Ain't No Rest For The Wicked by Cage the Elephant. And with a band name that goofy, you know it's gonna be good.
Bad hair daze
Posted on January 25, 2010 by Tim
Shock collar? Fry and Bender's antics? Bad hair day? A creepy alien crawly thing? Or maybe just a totally clueless webmaster who excels at overlooking the obvious? I'm not sure what has Leela looking so frazzed out in this Fan Art from Leela+Fry so your guess is as good as mine. My guess is that it was drawn in class and colored with crayons. Actually that's not a guess, L+F told me that.

So it looks like the crew has to make another delivery to Chapek 9 and this time, for whatever reason, they're taking some special ops types - US Navy SEALS according to Trevin Bernhard - with them. Wonder if they're to protect Bender from the locals, or the other way around?
It's a what?
Posted on January 24, 2010 by Tim
And now for something completely different - at first glance this might look like just a bunch of random Futurama pics pasted into a word document, but rest assured it's much more than that. Yes indeed. Because you see, it's a collage! It was made by Frutch (which I'm told is pronounced “f – roo – t – ch&rdquo and sent in by her older sister. This is a MS Word document of the .docx variety so you'll need MS Office 2007 or something compatible to view it.

How could Bender have bent Amy's javelin or straightened Zoidberg's slinky without breaking them? And where did Fry find a beginners Holophoner book? The answers to these and many more perplexing questions of the 'ramaverse can be found in the newest Cubert's Rants courtesy of Trevin Bernhard. He's got some new responses for 1ACV11, 3ACV02, 3ACV06, and 3ACV09.
All I said was that The Smurfs did Avatar first, and Leela gives me that stare...
Posted on January 23, 2010 by Graham
Yes, blue guys penned from Belgium were the real inspiration for James "Unsinkable as the Titanic" Cameron. Little blue guys running around living in harmony with nature and all that, being invaded by human types (Gargamel) and... well, that's all the proof you need. OK, Na'vi are meant to be about ten feet tall, while Smurfs are a bit small on the height side of things, but that's just to try and fool us all that it was some original idea of his and not something appropriated from the very interesting nation that's Belgium. However, while you all congratulate me in repeating what's been the most obvious cliche deriding Avatar (so often said that there has to be something to it ), welcome a picture for our Fan Art section from long standing contributor Leila. If it wasn't for Leila, I'd have hardly anything to update about... literally. So, I'm not just grateful that she's sent this work to our site, but that she's sent it my way so I can ramble on about subjects that just hit my head when I sit down to type the update. In a way, you can sort of blame her for all the above. If it wasn't for her, you'd be staring at some blank space until Tim updates. So, go and enjoy her latest work. It's cool and moody at the same time.
Previously on Futurama ...
Posted on January 21, 2010 by Tim
Recognize that framegrab? I didn't. Turns out that there are some scenes from the movies that weren't on the DVDs, only in the “chopped up into separate episodes” versions. But that's not important right now. What is important is that Futurama_Freak1 and his PlayTV captured them live off the air in Australia and spliced them together into this 52 second long pseudo promotional spot for the return of Futurama (it was good enough to fool your average webmaster for a few minutes ). It's in our Video Clips section. At least someone somewhere is promoting Futurama (besides us that is).
Return of the obsessed Leela fanboy!
Posted on January 19, 2010 by Tim
While it might be applicable, that does not refer to me or most other males in this fandom. Ok, well, techically it does, but today it applies specifically to Stingray who's back with a one man show. First off are six Fan Arts and all of them are promo pics for Fan Fictions. This one, and two others, are for his fic Virtual Apocalypse, and there's one for his Alien Requiem. The other two are one each of Hammer087's ST:TNG/Futurama crossover To Boldy Go and DSS' Terminator Mutant quadrilogy.

Switching gears completely, let's move over to the Sounds Clips section for a little of the Music of Futurama. In this case, Stingray (see above) noticed that we didn't have the Robot Hell song from 1acv09 We do now. Can you believe we don't have one lousy framegrab of from anywhere in that song? Geesh.
It's the Y3K bug
Posted on January 17, 2010 by Tim
Pretend I said that in Yancy Fry Sr's voice. So what we got here is a little video compilation of Futurama clips set to the song Year 3000 by Busted. It's from BackToTheFuturama, who goes on to say “not the crappy cover by the Jonas Brothers. I don't mean to upset or offend anyone who likes the Jonas Brothers because they should be able to listen to whatever they want to, just like everyone else, I just personally can't stand them and think their cover of this song was awful.”. Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel. Anyway, musical preferences aside, check out B2TF's latest vid in the Video Clips section.

Gotta love this one - “you are a vile little creature, and God hates you, Cubert.”. Yup, it's more Cubert's Rants from Bosda and that line is taken from one of them. These are in 1ACV06, aka A Fish Full of Dollars.

Rumor is floating around that Futurama's future landmark 100th episode is in table read right now. That's what this picture purports to be. Rumor goes on to say this will be a Xmas episode and/or an AOI episode. Tip of the tinfoil hat to FM's chief rumor monger Futurama_Freak1.
I.C. Weiners
Posted on January 16, 2010 by Tim
Soooo, what do you get if you combine Fry, snow, and fangirlz? Well, one person I asked, who lives in a part of the world where they don't get snow, said “ It's hot, I have a cold, and dry lips”. Obvious that was the wrong person to ask. My guess is either an I.C. Weiner or warm water and a soggy pizza and that's 'cause Jodes said “I had to take the picture quick cause it was so hot that he was melting the snow”. I hate soggy pizza. And I.C. Weiners.

A long, long, really long time ago ... EONS ago .. there was a Fan Comic started by one !iMmOrTaL! called The Wong Side of the Law. It's been on “production hiatus” for a while now while !iMmOrTaL! tends to that ugly little thing we call 'Real Life'. But Good News Everyone, he writes to say that he'll soon have a few more frames to send, and that he's already working on another comic to follow WSOTL, and that meanwhile here's a couple of new Fan Arts. This one is a very Wong Sideish looking Amy, and the other one is the nude Conga line from the time skips.
Well, this fails the senses.
Posted on January 13, 2010 by Tim
Ok, I admit it. I'm blowing my own horn here. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Also the Futurama Madhouse Webmaster's Guidebook and Bulk Underpants Catalog allows me to do that once a year, according to this rule I just wrote. So, OK, I'm going to do this a little backwards this time, but it'll make more sense that way (to the extent it makes any sense at all that is). So onceish a yearish or so our good friends over at TSFFC hold a writing competition (they apparently do this because they either appreciate fine literature, or because they like to beat each other up. ). And as I, under my Red_Line nom de plume, have been known to dip my quill in the old ink well and scratch out the occasional few words of Fan Fiction, I have entered said competition for the last three years running. Well, this year, surprise of surprises, I took first place! The story is entitled Fryscape and it involves an Omicroanian on the loose at PE, apparently after Fry's you know what, and from there on out the PE crew are in for a long night as Fry leaves a trail of duplicity and confusion in his wake.

And that leads me to the attached Fan Art. kaspired has been a regular over at TSFFC and has cranked out a bunch of really nice artwork, and Fryscape inspired him to draw this picture illustrating some of the afore mentioned duplicity. Be sure also to check out his DeviantArt page.

So let me just close today by saying thank you to the judges at TSFFC for all of your hard work. I know these things can be a tough call sometimes, requiring a finely honed sense of literary finesse as well as large, heavy bludgeons. Next year in Jerusalem!
I just spit on my screen
Posted on January 12, 2010 by Tim
Not intentionally, you understand. It's just that, for some reason that I don't even know, I was trying to pronounce the new guy's name. Out loud. It's elphhh. See, bad idea. What is a good idea is to check out his Fan Art. This one's titled “The Man-Machine Brotherhood”. And it just occurred to me that that neat splattering effect - I bet I know where his name comes from now.

Eveyone knows that Fry's opera wasn't a real opera, right? I mean, real operas have gigantic fat ladies wearing Viking helmets singing in dead languages that require holding any given note for approximately an hour at a time. Fry's opera didn't have any of that. What's that got to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. Except that when I saw this Viking Benders Fan Art that Rush did, I thought of Operas. Bender might have made a pretty good Viking too, if someone else rowed the ship across the ocean for him that is.
Hugs from Mexico
Posted on January 11, 2010 by Tim
Ohhh, I like hugs from Mexico. And most other places too. These particular hugs come from Sofía who wishes a happy new year to everyone. She also sends some new Fan Art. So, do you recognize this guy? Turns out there's a story here - “this pic is a little parody of one episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where Squidward is handsome xD, and I always I think of Zapp when I see that episode ... and here you have Handsome Zapp!” Be sure to check out the other three pics she sent in too.

Hey, I know, let's all go over to Mars U and see what's going on. Bosda did, and he ended up on the debate team, squared off against Cubert in some new Cubert's Rants. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel.
Doodles of Doom!
Posted on January 9, 2010 by Tim
Let's all sing the doom song. “Doom, doom, doom, doom, da de doom ...” - oh, wait - wrong site for that. Let's see here, gotta check my notes, and they're a ways back up the roll - ah, here we are. Oh yes, that's just what Leela+Fry called these two bits of Fan Art. This one is Fry just back from Cannibalon. He looks upset. I wonder what's eating him?

Why does Zoidberg say his stink gland is weak and yet he can still peel the enamel off of Amy's toenails at ten paces? Find out this and other answers to questions of galactic import in the latest batch of Cubert's Rants. Trevin Bernhard takes a crack (Uh huh huh huh ) at Bender's Big Score and Wild Green Yonder.

Futurama_Freak1 also sent a note saying that he'd been using the same tissue for two days and it was all crusty and hard. (And you though being a webmaster was all fun and games and power and glory - nobody ever talks about the occasional brain flush with bleach. ). Anyway, it turns out that was just an aside and what he really wanted to say was that his long awaited comic, The Surrogate Mutant, (tentative promo art cover pictured here) has thirteen story pages completed and the final twelve are well on their way, putting it at about the three-quarters done point. And also, he says he will soon reveal how you, the reader, (yes, you) can contribute to the comic. And by contribute, he doesn't mean send money, he means content. Stay turned for more exciting details. Woot! So which will we see first - this comic or season 6? Taking all bets! I also offer video poker.
Alright! It's Wednesday night, I have no date, a two-litre bottle of Shasta, my all-Rush mix tape, and the Crap Art uploader is broken. Let's rock!
Posted on January 7, 2010 by Tim
And “all-Rush” is appropriate today because - this is an all-Rush update. Yup, our buddy Rush has been hard at work (probably when he was supposed to be paying attention in class by the looks of some of the paper he used ) and so I decided hey, why not do an all-Rush update. That means I can clean out some of the hundred and fifty or so messages he's sent me in the last week from my mailbox. Ok, maybe I exaggerate just a bit, it was only about a hundred and twenty. So first off he sends a bunch of stuff that I threw into Fan Art, like these first two (one pictured here) - If you've read his six part Fan Fiction Universe Jumping Bender (which I just realized I misspelled ), you'll recognize this scene.

Next up is a “badly drawn, lame ass comic”. Don't look at me like that - it says that in the comic. Go read it, especially if you like the idea of Bender chucking a brick at Zoidberg. It's only one page, so the pain is short.

Next is this. I think Bender has taken up acting in Opera. Err ... wait, it says here that it's a “corrupted Bender”. Hmmm, I wonder how that's any different from the normal Bender? Anyway, I really was going to put this one in Crap Art until I discovered that the uploader for that is broken (Leandro, are you listening?). It looks like the last time I used that was in 2007, so it's probably something left over from the server move last year. Or maybe Corrupted Benders.

And lastly, speaking of Fan Fiction and Universe Jumping Bender, here's Rush's latest, a short little universe jumping retake on The Why of Fry called The Why Of Return. All I'll say is that Bender is in character and it'll have Leela saying "This fails the senses".
"To Boldly Go"
Posted on January 6, 2010 by Tim
Whether Gene Roddenberry coined that phrase after using a truck stop men's room or in reference to Nichelle Nichols or Majel Barrett we'll never know but fortunately for us, it went on to have bigger and better connotations, which I'll get to in a moment. So yesterday we had a Fan Art and a Fan Fiction from the same author that were completely unrelated. So just to keep you guessing, today we have the same combination, except these are related but they're by two different people. Still with me here? Ok, well, just suppose that after hitting the worm hole at the end of WGY, the PE crew found themselves in a strange new world where they are suddenly attacked by Romulans and encounter the Enterprise D. It doesn't take Fry long to figure out where they are - the ST: TNG universe. So it's all there in Hammer087's new fic To Boldly Go (part 1).

And the art work is a promo pic for same by CosmicF. Does it all make sense now?
Posted on January 5, 2010 by Tim
Ah yes, sweet confusion. And boy was I confused yesterday apparently. Oh well, no big deal, I just got Robot's_Best_Friend's submissions mixed up is all. So before she sent in the pic of Leela and Amy that Will colored, she sent in a line drawing of the same pic and three others, one of which is this one, which tries to capture how Bender was feeling in Jurassic Bark.

And now a twofer from Vytas_Wolf. First is this Fan Art of Fry as The Terminator. And it looks like he's hiding something.

And, having absolutely nothing to do with that pic, is the latest four chapters in Vytas' Fan Fiction called Ghost From The Past. You may recall that in this one, Leela meets a younger sister she never knew she had. Well as usual, Fry gets into trouble and it looks like it might just be up to the girls to rescue him again.
Collusions and confusions
Posted on January 4, 2010 by Tim
Madhouse's Fan Art archive contains many fine examples of collaborations between artists, and this is one of those. So here we have this pic of two fine ladies, all dressed up and no where to go. And one of them doesn't look too happy about it. Of course, there could be a reason, like maybe someone's date is late or something. In any event, let's welcome new to Madhouse artist Robot's_Best_Friend, who penciled this, and long time FMMB denizen Will who did the color.

“So, tell me again why we’re jumping out of a perfectly good spaceship?”. A very valid question. And one that gets aksed in MC's Ten Years Gone, part 6, the conclusion of this epic fic. If you recall from last time, Kyrie Turanga Fry has come back from the future in an attempt to stop a war and save the universe from destruction. But by doing so, she may have altered the very future she's trying to save. Now, as she and the PE crew head into battle, she has the fate of the Universe resting in her hands and comes face to face with her destiny. And the only one who can save her is her father, Philip J. Fry. This fic has a little part at the end that MC calls the “Coda”. I had to go look that up to see it meant. It's a musical term for the concluding section. Doh!

And lastly, I'd like to correct a grievous omission from last time. In all of the ranting I did, I was as dumb as Cubert is annoying - I completely forgot to mention that the new Cubert's Rants in 3ACV02 were sent in by Bosda. Land o goshen!
Happy New Year!
Posted on January 1, 2010 by Tim
Happy New Year everyone! Goodbye 2009, hello 2010! The future is here! Where's my flying car and my personal space ship? Well, while I'm waiting for all of that, here's a slightly late Xmas Fan Art from PhantomGirl19911. But it's still timely 'cause there'll be lots of mistletoe action going on tonight at countless New Years Parties everywhere, which is where I'll be headed as soon as this update done.

DSS also send three new Fan Arts. This one is called Fry's Crush, and no, that's not a new kind of Slurm. DSS has reached that magic milestone in fanartdom where he's spilled onto a second page so don't forget to back to his page 1 for the other two.

This has got to be a first - a Cubert's Rants without a pic of Cubert. Well, we've only got some many Framegrabs of Cubert and seeing his ugly mug all the time gets so instead, since these answers are all about 3ACV02, space chickens, and the land o goshen, and since we didn't have a framegrab of any space chickens, I decided to use this well known scene from Parasite Lost (aka 3ACV02, but then you all knew that). It also fits the theme of tonights pictures real nicely also.

There, that's all done. I can drop it in the 2009 folder, fold it, staple it, and send it on it's way. And now, since it'll be midnight here in about an hour, I'm gonna grab another go do party stuff. Happy New Year everyone!