January 2009
Caught in the act
Posted on January 29, 2009 by Tim
Let's see, we've had Leela and Fry, Leela and Amy, Leela and Zapp, Fry and Zapp, and just about every other combination the creative and sometimes warped mind can come up with. : So tonight I'm pleased to present some plain old Fry and Amy in this new Fan Art from !iMmOrTaL!. It's called “Caught” which, given the looks on their faces, seems like a good name. Just makes you wonder who or what caught them? Anyway, !iMmOrTaL! also included another pic of Leela and Amy that was inspired by the hit video game series Final Fantasy, and, just in case we were wondering, his favorite is Final Fantasy X.

Who could forget this classic scene from Insane In The Mainframe? DSS didn't, that's for sure. He wrote a Fan Fiction about it. At a whopping 173 words it's probably the shortest fic I've ever seen. In fact I'm pretty sure I did more typing to put it up than DSS did to write it. It's called The Kiss That Worked and it asks the question “What if Leela's kiss actually brought back Fry's humanity?“

You may recall me mentioning that I received three e-mails loaded with Fan Art from Trickster381. While that was true of the first two, I hadn't actually bothered to look in the third one until tonight and there was one lonely picture of Zoidberg - which just seems ironic, doesn't it? Me thinks it looks like Zoidy might have a different word for it.

OK, so things are probably going to be a little quiet around the Madhouse for a few days 'cause I'm going off to the great white north (otherwise known as the land the Internet forgot) where it's currently 12 degrees F (-11C) and it's not predicted to get any warmer any time soon. It's so cold up there right now that the wind chill actually makes it seem warmer - I don't know how that works but hey, I'll take what I can get. Anyway, when I get back, watch for some great Leela Fan Art and more Wong Side Of The Law and other great stuff.
What the h-word is this?
Posted on January 28, 2009 by Tim
Well, it's like this, in Skate 2 for PS3 and XBOX 360, you can make your own graphics to put them on skateboards and shirts. This is a simple one that Futurama_Freak1 made and downloaded into the game. Pretty nifty, eh? You can grab the Futurama title (that you see here) and also one of Fry that F_F1 made at this ungodly-long-but-hidden-through-the-magic-of-html link here. He also wrote a follow up note containing this interesting little factoid: “In Skate 2 there is an Achievement in the game called Gender Bender which is rewarded for changing your Skater's gender. Pretty cool Futurama reference eh?” It is indeed.

Ok, next, let's check out some new Fan Fiction. First up, Rush's newest, Luck Of The Stars. It's an alternate universe end to Time Keeps On Slipping - A little what if scenario about Bender not missing out in becoming a Globetrotter ... and some other minor complications because of it.

And then there's part 2 of Frosty's rock and roll fic Time Of Your Life. When last we left off, Fry and Leela had split. Fry left town, dyed his hair black, and became a rich and famous rock star. Seven years later, they reconnect and the flames that never really died rekindle. So in this part, Fry comes to New New York for the last stop on tour and finally gets to see Leela again. The first two days are fine but things start to go downhill afterwards leading to a shocking cliffhanger.
Fry and Son
Posted on January 27, 2009 by Tim
Sounds like the name of the store where your great-grandmother bought her corsets and buggy whips, doesn't it? Fan Fiction authors, take note - I'm some of you could really run with that idea. Meanwhile, it is the central idea behind two Fan Fictions and two new works of Fan Art, all from Spot 439. The pics of course are of Fry and his son Xavier. And they both star in two stories, the first is called Just A Dream in which Fry and a very pregnant Leela are in a tragic car accident. Leela dies and Fry is left with an infant to care for. On a happier note is Lost In New New York. Fry and Leela are living a happy life with their three year old son Xavier. However, when part of the crew get to go on a company vacation, Fry and son have to stay behind. Things go downhill when Fry loses Xavier on the busy streets of NNY.

And let's give a big Futurama Madhouse überNerdlinger welcome to Karl Palmer who whipped up this überNerdlinger Fan Art crossing Futurama and Star Wars. And seeing some of those characters, the episode title seems quite appropriate.
Overlooking Eternity
Posted on January 26, 2009 by Tim
Overlooking Eternity is the name of this new bit of Fan Art that came in a few days ago from MissusPatches - it's her human Robot Devil contemplating his domain. She's got three others also; one a robot cookoff featuring Bender - It's a collaboration with her friend ~BananaBlue who did Larry and his friends wile MP did the 'rama characters. The other two well, let's just say that Leela must have been exposed to a little too much of Bender's “confidence”

Good News Everyone! !iMmOrTaL! dropped off ten new frames to his comic Wong Side of the Law and two new Fan Arts, both of which I'll get put up shortly. He went on to say that “just before Xmas we were selling DVD TV Series of The Simpsons, Futurama and Family Guy where I work. Good news is that all the Futurama and Family Guy ones are all SOLD OUT. But we've still got Simpsons DVDs on the shelves (They've been there for nearly 2 months now!) Maybe if Fox knew about this, they would grow some ... common sense”. I'm sure we all couldn't agree more. Rumor has it that the 'rama DVDs are selling well beyond expectation, so fingers crossed as we overlook eternity heading into the final month before Into The Wild Green Yonder comes out.
What? No Fry and Leela? Without them, there is no mission. They ARE the mission.
Posted on January 24, 2009 by Tim
Now here's something you don't see every day - Eleven new pictures in the Fan Art section, and not a single one of Fry or Leela! It's another bunch from Trickster381 that I promised a few days ago and it's a lot of the secondary and tertiary characters. That cleans out e-mail number two or three, so stay tuned for more.

Ok, I knew it wouldn't last very long - here's some F&L. And because of them, Honest CosmicF's Discount Art Agency is doing quite a business in promo pics lately. A few mouse overs on his Fan Art page will produce a constant stream of “Promo pic for ...” notes. And this one is here to call your attention to the fifth and final chapter of Hammer87's Fan Fiction Honeymoon Interrupted, in which Fry and Leela try to enjoy theirs while constantly on the run from the clutches of Mom, who seem to think that there's something in Fry's brain worth having. Mommy! There's a lot of really funny stuff in there if I do say so myself, which I do, very much, so check it out.

And over in Wallpapers, a whole bunch more opening screens, courtesy of BackToTheFuturama - 3ACV13 through 3ACV22, which finishes up season 3.

Lastly, I've been pretty busy lately and I've got a bit of a backlog of contributions, so if you've sent me something recently and haven't seen it here or heard back from me, please be patient, I should have things all straightened out this weekend.
Wedding bells are ringing in universes near and far
Posted on January 22, 2009 by Tim
The happy couple in this universe comes to us from Irene in her first Fan Art contrib to the Madhouse. She says “I like Futurama very much and it's very interesting to see different but always beautiful works of the fans. Thank you for excellent site!”. As Sal would say “Ise gots your excellent sites rights heres” - it's easy to have a great site when you've got great fans sending you great stuff. But thanks for saying so, Irene, we always like to hear it.

That takes care of this universe, now for the rest of them. We have the last two chapters, nos 5 and 6, of Rush's Fan Fiction Universe Jumping Bender. Our time and space crashing robot continues falling down mountains and popping and out of various universes just in time to alter every shippy scene from Sp3000 to BWABB. And while he's been gone, things have been happening at home too.
And I call myself a Futurama fan
Posted on January 21, 2009 by Tim
I knew it would happen sooner or later - that I'd drop a steamer right here on the main page for the whole world to see. And see it they did. I haven't got this much e-mail since ... well, let's not go there. You see, a couple of nights ago when I ran this pic by Futurama-Freak1, I completely forgot about This Scene and That Scene from Bender's Game. I'm so ashamed. As punishment, I sentence myself to rewatch BG a sufficient number of times until every pixel is indelibly burned into my brain.

So, having carefully inspected these to make sure I'm not overlooking the obvious, here's some new Fan Art and Fan Fiction. The fic is called Little Wonders and it's by Spot 439 and in it, the Professor runs a little experiment using some skin flakes and robot filings that some careless individuals left laying about; and he produces two by-products which go by the names of Andrew and Bender J.R. I bet you can't guess where this goes from here. If you need more hints, the pictures should give them to you.
I'ms on loans from the Louvres.
Posted on January 20, 2009 by Tim
It isn't tattooed on fat guys stomaches (although the webmaster could stand to loose a little weight) but all of a sudden we are up to our mid-sections in Fan Art, and with Leela here stalking the corridors with a gun, now might be a good time to take up running. This one's from Lorenz Kränzlin and is his first FM/TLZ contribution in almost three an a half years and his first in color. Welcome back, Lorenz.

Now here's a character you don't see every day - El Chupinebre - probably because it's too had to type. It's one of eleven more from Trickster381, and that, along with the one of Amy from a couple of days back, cleans out the first of three e-mail he sent, all loaded with pictures. I think it's safe to say that we'll be seeing more of T381's artwork real soon now.

Sometimes it's just better to let the artist tell it - so after a long hiatus of three days, Futurama_Freak1 sent this pic, saying “I have another drawing, this time containing things from Bender's Game. Basicly, it consists of shock collars and heart eating, a controversial combination I'd say.”. I'd say so too - I mean, I remember the shock collar from BG but somehow I missed the heart eating part. Maybe I missed a deleted scene or something. Kind of brings new meaning to the phrase “Eat your heart out, Fry” though, doesn't it.

Oh, and Dingsda wrote to say Happy Penguin Awareness Day.
Fry and Leela have an axe to grind ...
Posted on January 19, 2009 by Tim
... but it all works out for the best in Frosty's latest Fan Fiction called Time Of Your Life (or at least we hope it will, 'cause this is only Part 1). In the aftermath of BWABB, Fry and Leela began reaching out to each other, hoping to heal the pain they were both feeling. Things were going well until ... something went wrong. Now, seven years later, Fry is living in LA and, though a twist of fate, is a famous rock star. Leela decides she wants to see him again and the flames rekindle. And the promotional pic is by CosmicF, who also came up with that clever and witty line that I used as today's headline.
What? It's not even scratch and sniff?
Posted on January 18, 2009 by Tim
We have something of an unusual situation today - no Fan Fiction. It's going to be an all Fan Art update for a change! Trickster381 sent me a whole bunch of new art - three e-mails worth in fact. That's gonna keep me busy, but I thought I'd whet your appetite with this one pic of Amy about to wipe out on her party board. Watch this space for lots more coming real soon now.

Rush says “My first yet crude fan art called The Professor wearing a Dumb Hat and his reading-glasses”. Heck, those look like MY regular glasses. Looks like Farnsy's hacking up a hairball too.

Ohh, hey, look at this - more opening screen Wallpapers from BackToTheFuturama. I decided that if I was ever going to finish them I'd better keep going, so here's 3ACV07 through 3ACV12.
Long lost things (or quitting while I'm ahead)
Posted on January 17, 2009 by Tim
I know, just when I was one a roll with the foreign language head lines, but I decided that I was pressing my luck and and that I'd better quit while I was ahead. Besides, I didn't want anyone to think we were getting all classy and putting on airs and all. Nope, no Masterpiece Theater here, but we do have a few masterpieces. First (and second and third and fourth) it was Leela and Amy, then is was Fry and Zapp, and now it's Leela and Yivo in this new bit of Fan Art from the long lost Futurama_Freak1 who actually appears in the Fan Art section as Futurama_Freak1_MOD, which was shortened at one time from Futurama_Freak1_MODFIA, which I have NO idea what that stood for, but apparently the frequent name changes were one of the things that drove Graham off the deep end. Oh, wait, Graham had to have been off his rails before then - he co-owns this show.

Anyway, we've also got two, count 'em, two Fan Fictions from MC. The first one is part 3 of The Ties That Bind. Up to this point, Fry was gone for seven years after the time skips, and he gets called back when the Professor dies. He discovers that he had a child by Leela (a unknown product of the time skips) and they start to repair their friendship. In this segment, it's the morning after their drunken almost encounter and Leela learns to trust again, Fry wonders how Leela survived for three years without killing anyone, and Cubert learns an important lesson about family and how to play well with others.

MC's other fic is a brand new one (unless you've been following it on FMMB) called Ten Years Gone. This is another entry in the ever popular “confuse the snot out of the webmaster” game as this fic has a very similar name to one of said webmaster's own fics and it was a great deal of fun for the aforementioned webmaster to type the name of this fic correctly. But that's not important now, what is important is that for the last eight years, the DOOP has been at war. The only hope for freeing the Earth is a small group of commandos led by Fry and Leela. But, the cost of freedom may be more than Fry can bear.
Posted on January 15, 2009 by Tim
We did French yesterday, so let's do Spanish today. I'm really flirting with danger here winging out headlines in languages I don't speak, but so far no one has claimed I said bad things about their parents or parentage. So anyway, remember last summer we did the Real World Futurama Photo Contest (which wasn't really a contest per se, but it sounded good at the time)? Well, here's another one - tonight's headline translates roughly as "Futurama Beauty School", and to prove it, we have a picture. It's in Chicago and you can take a peek at it on Google Maps street view here if you have a high speed connection or all day. I stumbled across this while doing a web search, and then Leandro found the Google view of it. I'd have more stuff tonight, but Leandro got me playing with Google street views (we found several other Futurama named things).
Bonne chance à tous!
Posted on January 14, 2009 by Tim
Here's a little something for our French speaking visitors tonight - one of our Buddies down there at the bottom of the screen is Futurama-France. Now my French is only a little bit more mort than my Spanish, but fortunately, Jean-Loup WEISZ, a webmaster at the aforementioned site, types some pretty good Anglais. And he wrote to tell us that they are organizing a contest in partnership with Fox to give away 6 DVDs of Bender's Game. He goes on to say “The game is restricted to French citizens but we are working on having the most possible number of participants. Since there might be some French fans visiting your website and unaware of the existence of Futurama-France, I would be glad if you could drop a line about the contest in an upcoming news of your website. Thanks alot.“ There you go, Jean-Loup, not just a line, but about half a dozen of them. So if there's any French fans who wander by here, they're in the know now.

OK, let's switch gears from French to Latin now, 'cause over in Fan Fiction land we have Capitulum VI (also known as part 7 of Jarmatus' The Silver Blade's Sweep. It's subtitled “Darkness is Light (or, Welcome to Jericho Seven - Enjoy your Stay)”. But don't worry, the rest of it is in English ... uh ... except for that Takahashi and tsundere bit.
Invasion of the fan fics and crappy connections
Posted on January 12, 2009 by Tim
So Leandro was going to do this update, but he decided that he needed to reload Windoze on his computer first - a simple, one hour job when you've done it as many times as he has. That was yesterday. Today, after regaining a modicum of functionality, his net connection is spazzing out making updating problematic. Guess who gets to do it instead? So we have a bunch of new Fan Art from Sofia (formerly known as Yume93) who noted in her e-mail to Leandro that the site had been “invaded” by lots of Fan Fiction lately and she was determined to do something about that. They didn't upload in the same order she sent them to us, so let's see if I can get these straight.

Ok, so the first pic is one of two with a rendition of Sofia, along with her friend María M. Salazar. María drew the pics and Sofia colored them. In both images you can see Sofia and María holding onto plushies of Zapp and Fry and etc. because they're pissed at all the Leela+Amy stuff. The Leela+Amy kiss in Bender's Game got them particularly annoyed so ...

They drew pictures of Fry and Zapp! Owww. Three of 'em. Well, I'm traumatized now.

And there's a few more pics; a scary one of Fry she did for Halloween, and one of the Robot Devil and Leela that were part of a drawing trade with a friend. There's one of Fry on Leela-back which she drew three days before watching the movie and getting traumatized by it (there's a lot of that going around these days it seems). And lastly, back to “her style” for a couple of Fry and Leela. She says that they MUST BE TOGETHER because they make a cute couple. Sofia sends hugs and kisses and wishes everyone a Happy 2009.

OK, I promised to fix up the thumbnail for the promo pic for Graham Dawson's Parallel Lives - Where I Belong which I have now done and here it is. And speaking of being overrun with fan fic, I've got the rest of it put up - all twenty nine chapters of it! This is a must read fic 'cause our Fry and Leela land in a parallel universe where Yancy Fry was the one who got frozen in 1999. You'd think Yancy would be happy to see his brother after all this time, but he isn't, and like a row of dominoes falling, it has a series of repercussions for all involved.
Here Be Monsters
Posted on January 10, 2009 by Tim
Ever seen a picture of an ancient map? The ones drawn when people thought the world was flat and the center of the universe and that sea serpents dwelled just beyond sight of land? And of course every movie ever made involving sailing ships has at least one scene when they do battle with a giant squid like thing of some sort. You know it's true 'cause Futurama spoofed it in BWABB. Well, here's another Futurama spoof on the same concept. It's a remarkably well done bit of Fan Art of our favorite sea monster re-enacting that classic scene (I guess acting gigs for Decapodian physicians are few and far between these days). Problem is, we have no idea who made it. Leandro learned of it's existence and so, seeing as how we're hard up and desperate for content (not), we nabbed it and filed it under Unknown.

And speaking of things unknown, we've also got chapter IV of a Fan Fiction by Rush. Bender continues his uncontrollable banging about space and time in Universe Jumping Bender, always seeming to drop in on Fry and Leela just at the critical moments. Poor ole Fry is going to be pretty worn out by the end of this fic, or at least he would be if he were all in the same universe. It's so confusing. And poor old Bender is going to be a little worse for wear too, 'cause when he's not popping in and out of space time, he's likely to end up in a Viking longboat raiding England or bouncing down the side of Mt. Everest (again).

And now it's time for BackToTheWallpapers, brought to you by BackToTheFuturama. Try the new and improved 3ACV01 through 3ACV06.
Posted on January 8, 2009 by Tim
Ok, gotta make this one real quick tonight 'cause I gotta run. There's a cold one calling my name at the local pub. We've got two Fan Fictions today. The first one is part 4 of Hammer87's Honeymoon Interrupted. Can you say food fight? That and other atypical goings on you'd expect when the Universes most disaster prone delivery crew tries to have a nice, quiet, snu-snu filled holiday.

Did someone say snu-snu? I'm sure someone did. I'm quite sure I heard them. And that's just what this new one by Frosty starts and ends with. Of course, in between, there's fifty some pages, more or less, of adventure as Fry and Leela head for Paris for a romantic weekend and get tangled up in a murder at the Louver. This is set several months after the evens in her previous fic, Book of Secrets and is based on The Da Vinci Code (and it also has snu-snu). Oh, and yeah, it's called A Danger Encrypted.
The Brain Slugs are coming
Posted on January 7, 2009 by Tim
”Hey, it's me. I've got new art for you that I've had rotting in my deviantART account for months! Here's the crappy art ...“ so said the e-mail from Leela+Fry. Well I don't know about crappy or rotting, 'cause I'm pretty sure that smell isn't coming from the Fan Art. I think it's from the sump pump pit that's right next to my desk. And I hear that brain slugs make great air fresheners.

Let's say, just for grins, that you were out on a routine delivery and accidentally found yourself ten years in the future, in a war zone, meeting a son you didn't know you had. And then you escaped Earth just in time to watch it get blown up (taking aforementioned son with it), and then somehow made is back to your own time. That would be enough to give anyone nightmares. That's what happened of the PE crew in Smarty's last fic, Darkness Surrounding. Now it's a month later (in Fan Fiction years) and Fry and Leela are having strange, unexplained dreams in the squeal, Darkness Prevailing. It's only part 1, so don't expect any resolution just yet.
The long and short of it is ...
Posted on January 6, 2009 by Tim
... two Fan Fictions, one long, and one short. Ain't I clever? We'll do the short one first, 'cause I'm lazy and it's shorter. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, that's my motto.

So the short fic is from DSS. It's so short that you probably won't have to scroll your screen. It's called What Happened To Fry, and it's really part 2 of the story that started a few days ago. Remember the bit in AOI 1 where Leela got really impulsive? This is the rest of the rest of the story.

And now the long one. This is one of those ones where your better put on a your League of Robots smoking jacket, pull up a chair, and toss a copy of War and Peace on the fire, 'cause it's gonna be a while. Jarmatus is back with two more chapters of The Silver Blade's Sweep. If you've been following this fic at all, you'll no doubt have noticed the clever and unusual names of the chapters which are driving me nutz 'cause they're getting out of sync with the numbering. So like part 5 is entitled Capitulum IV: Conversion to Orbital and part 6 is called Capitulum V: Obstructive Bureaucracy or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The System. Capitulum, it turns out, is nominally Latin for chapter. And then he goes and throws in an Interludus and a Prologue and probably a Latrinum or two and it's no wonder my numbering is all screwed up.
Kiss my shiny metal birthday cake
Posted on January 5, 2009 by Tim
Ok, well, it's actually not my birthday cake, and it's not metal, it's made of the usual ingredients plus a generous portion of condensed awesome. It's authoress and FMMB member Singer1108's cake 'cause today is her 17th birthday (that's 10001 in binary ) and her Mom made her this really cool Bender b'day cake. You can check out the other views in the Fan's Photos section. And, yes, I know Bender usually says “Bite”, but the cake says ”Kiss“ and I stick to the script (except when I don't). Happy Birthday, Singer!

Now, take your slice of cake and let's go up on the balcony and watch as a five hundred foot tall Farnsworth rampages through the city looking for Wernstrom and other weirdness. It's all in part 3 of Rush's Fan Fiction Universe Jumping Bender.
You will be, like, gluh, totally assimilated. Resistance is futile, and junk.
Posted on January 4, 2009 by Tim
Amy as a Borg - now there's a mind altering thought. But that's just what happens in SoylentOrange's Fan Fiction titled Disillusionment. It opens at the end of The Cryonic Woman where Fry gets dropped out of the trap door of the PE ship 200 feet over the Hudson river. It tells the tale of what happens next, about how Fry is sick and tired of his lot in life. He's lost his job, lost his girlfriend Michelle for the second time, and, after being dropped from the Planet Express Ship like so much excess baggage, he was lucky not to have lost his life as well. But he'll show everyone yet. Phillip J. Fry isn't a total loser. And, after he finally meets someone at his new cryogenic councilor's job that seems to understand him, he just might be in a position to show his back-stabbing ex-friends that they were wrong about him all along. Only, when his old crewmates vanish without a trace and he decides to go look for them, he may discover that his new girlfriend isn't quite what he'd bargained for... Oh, and the picture - more of a promo sketch really, it's by Graham Dawson.

And speaking of Graham Dawson, we just happen to have the next five chapters, nos 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of his epic Fan Fiction Parallel Lives - Where I Belong. Tomorow I'm gonna see if I can improve that thumbnail, but it's hard to do when the source image has an aspect ratio of around 1:100.

And over in Wallpaper land it's four more from BackToTheFuturama. 2ACV16 through 19 today. And that finishes of the 2ACV block. Only two more production blocks and the movies to go. Hopefully I'll get these done before any new seasons come along. And, after putting up all of the above tonight, the caption on this one just seemed really appropriate for some reason.
The most opaque multisyllabic, pseudosesquipedalian, preloquacious verbiage in all of history (or at least so far this year)
Posted on January 3, 2009 by Tim
Now that the holidays are over, it's time to take down the lights, put away the ornaments, and drag the tree down here into the Madhouse's boiler room and try to cram it into one of the furnaces. And then sort out all of the stuff in piled up under the mail slot.

The first thing that surfaced (well, actually it was on top of the pile, having just come today) was the January issue of the Journal of Obfuscation from which I lifted tonight's head line. It just seemed appropriate since the most of the stuff, and also the oldest, is a bunch of Fan Fiction. Takes me back to my first days here when Graham had Sal back the dump truck up and unloaded on me.

So let's get started: first up is xkathyx07x with the first part of The Kroker Clan. It has been 20 years since Kif gave birth to his children and he and Amy are happily married and have a teenage daughter. Now Amy has to put up with problems with her daughter and Kiff's job but she ain't seen nothing yet when their other kids start to show up.

Next: from DSS, another first part, to his What Happened To Fry. Remember Anthology of Interest 1? Of course you do, especially where Leela got “really impulsive”. Well this tells the story of what actually happened in a little more detail, but not so much detail that I had to bleep out certain parts.

And last out of the pile is Rush's curiously named After The Horizon. Curious 'cause it's the end of the Opera from Devil's hands with a “deleted scene” reinserted which, in light of the movies, explains a theorexistent collection of succession-nonrelative informational pseudoelements. But that's not important now. What is important is that Fry asks Leela out.
Happy New Year 2009 (which is 11111011001 in binary)
Posted on January 1, 2009 by Tim
For some of us, the party has yet to begin. And for some it's already in full swing. And some are already nursing their hangover. Those time zones sure are a tricky thing. And since only a total nerd would be sitting in his basement updating a web site on New Years Eve I'm keepin' it short and sweet so I can get outta here and get to the party thereby hopefully proving that I'm only a partial nerd. And so we have a spot of season appropriate Fan Art from Fry+Leela4eva. Of course, a pic of Leela kissing Fry goes good any time of the year.

If, however, your idea of celebrating the new year runs toward more intellectual pursuits, such as a glass of your favorite bubbly and some fine literature, then we also have just the thing for you (the literature, not the bubbly - Madhouse is strictly a BYOB operation.). So settle in by the fire and turn to the next two parts of Jarmatus' Fan Fiction The Silver Blade's Sweep. You may recall in the last parts that the Planet Express crew got themselves, by hook or by crook, involved with a DOOP mission to investigate some strange goings on out in one of the darker corners of the known universe. And now, after a brief interlude to give the ships a little upkeep, they start to get the idea that maybe this isn't going to be the fast profit milk run they envisioned it to be.

And, from all of us here at Futurama Madhouse, a very Happy New Year to everyone. Welcome to the world of tomorrow.