January 2008
A 5th Futurama movie?
Posted on January 31, 2008 by Tim
Your ever vigilant staff here at Futurama Madhouse has learned thorough our vast network of industry connections that contrary to all published fact, rumor, and speculation, there might be five, not four Futurama movies in the works. Unnamed sources are speculating that the graphical novel recently published here on the Madhouse called L & A Confidential is really a trial balloon being floated to test fan reaction to one possible ending of the series and that Erik Heltner, the reputed author of said work, is a member of a team of writers for the alleged movie.

Supporting this belief is this prototype DVD cover art obtained by one of our top agents. The artist, known to us by the code name !iMmOrTaL!, denies the existence of a fifth movie and claims the art work is merely "a small gift to show my support to Erik Heltner's L&A Confidential comic. This is what I reckon it would look like if it was the 5th Futurama DVD Movie. Like Erik said 'Nothing is impossible, not if you can imagine it!'".

The person or persons behind the Erik Heltner e-mail address did not confirm or deny the existence of a previously unknown movie and continue to assert that it was a routine fan contribution. A statement released earlier today maintained this facade, saying "Wow. What can I say other than... I'm speechless. I'm flattered. Very, very flattered. Like I've said before, all this support from fans from all around the world makes all my work worthwhile. I've enjoyed comics since before I could even read, and with L&A Confidential I guess I wanted to share this enjoyment with other people. To show them what comics (and graphic novels) are really able to do. Thanks very much."

Your Futurama Madhouse team will bring you updates to this story as they become available.
More Ruminations on Relationships
Posted on January 29, 2008 by Tim
Ruminations on Relationships I'm sure you'll recall is the title of a very funny ('cause it's true) comic in the Fan's Comics section, but it's also the perfect headline for todays update since relationships play a key role in both of our newest contribs. First up, a new comic by !iMmOrTaL!. It's called The Wong Side of the Law and it's an Amy and Kiff centric story. It's 30 pages of Futurama goodness that starts with Amy sneaking off to visit Kiff on board the Nimbus and then takes us and the PE crew to a bizarre bazaar. Where it goes from there remains to be seen 'cause this thing's only about one third done the author recons. So hopefully he won't keep us waiting too long for the rest of it, or at least the next installment.

And relationships also feature prominently on a really neat website which I stumbled across recently run by two very nice young ladies named Elizabeth & Jennifer. When I saw this I said "the gang at the Madhouse have got to see this". So although it's only one part of a much larger site, they have a section called Soulmates where they've made tributes to all of their favorite fictional couples. And one of their favorite fictional couples is of course Fry and Leela. It's a really well done look at our favorite future couple with several pages of pictures and text and even a couple of video montages. And I see they've even done a post BBS update too - Whoo hoo, you go girls. So check it out. Their main page is here and there's lots more to explore, including among other things an entire page of guinea pigs. (didn't I just read a Fan Fiction about guinea pigs recently? )
I went to another Universe, fell in love with a giant octopus, and now I'm pope of a new religion
Posted on January 26, 2008 by Tim
Good News Everyone! IMDB says that the next Futurama movie, The Beast With A Billion Backs, will be released on 18 March 2008 and gives a plot summary of "The Planet Express crew must work to fix rips between their universe and another inhabited by a planet-sized, tentacle alien which soon takes over the Earth and uses it's ability to control Fry to command an entire religion which takes over and convinces the inhabitants of Earth to abandon the Earth to live in a pseudo-heaven, leaving the robots of the world to inherit the planet". No of sign of it as available for preorder on Amazon or Foxstore yet, so we'll see how accurate that turns out to be. Thanks to FMMB member H.G.Heather for spotting that.

Ok, putting on my Webmaster from Hell hat, which is my official designation in the questionable realm of Sick Pickles, I herewith present her latest contribution of Fan Art - I assume that's her in this picture. One of the others shows Bender celebrating "1,103 pageviews" which she says "was something I did for my deviantart account, and is not only an entirely practical number, but also exemplifies the heartfelt love I feel for my..er.. fans. :] "

Most ... heck, all Fan Fiction I get for submission to Madhouse comes from the original author, except this one. Just Nibblin found this gem languishing in the long dead threads on another site and thought it was a great fic, so he contacted the author and got the OK to send it to us. The fic is by Layla and is called Famous Last Words, and in it, Fry finally finds a chink in Leela's armor of rejection and concocts a plan to get her to go on a date with him. Just Nibblin writes "this is one of the best Futurama short stories ever written. I think we all can learn a lot about good writing from this lady, who unfortunately seems to have moved on to greater things than fanfiction writing." (there are greater things than Fan fiction writing? ).

Tonight we're gonna party like its 1999 ... again.
Posted on January 24, 2008 by Tim
That's right, imagine for a moment that it's 1999, or 1 BFE (Before Futurama Era) as some like to call it, and we've heard a rumor that the guy with the last name that no one can agree on how to pronounce, you know - the one that did The Simpsons - has a new show coming out this fall. So you're settled down on the couch waitin' for 90210 to start and this thing comes on the screen previewing this new show and it looks awesome. Well with eight years of hindsight, 72 episodes, and one movie to work from, Mini-me has created a Futurama trailer that would have really kicked it up a notch back when. Check it out.
Three Hundred Big Boys!
Posted on January 20, 2008 by Tim
The bureaucrat in me likes to count things and he couldn't help but notice that tonight I'm announcing the 300th fan submission that I've put up here on the Madhouse. It doesn't seem possible that just last March I was making a big whoop about hitting 100. But hey, time flies when you're having fun. Time also flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana, but that's another fandom.

I have this image in my mind of Kyle Williams, Charlie Folkdance, and Snorlax422 all drinking at the bar one night and going "How can we mess with Tim at Madhouse? Hey, I know, let's go through Cubert's Rants and find answers for every single one of them, and maybe two or three each". So maybe they didn't hit all of them, but they did enough to keep me busy for just about every free minute this week, and I'm still not done. So check out 1ACV01, 1ACV05, 1ACV07, 1ACV08, 1ACV09, 1ACV10, 1ACV13, 2ACV05, and 3ACV09. There's also a few I did while I was in there too - it sounded like a good party.

And fresh from the dumpster behind Planet Express, where for the cost of one moldy sandwich, our top operative Ramon_51 obtained a few more pages from a certain one-eyed space captain's diary, which he cleverly stashed in the Fan Fiction section as part 2 of The Leela Diaries. These cover A Flight To Remember, Mars University, When Aliens Attack, and Fry and the Slurm Factory.
We're going down ...
Posted on January 19, 2008 by Tim
So we get this note from our hosting service that says "We will be performing upgrades to components of our web hosting platform that may affect web sites hosted with us. The maintenance will be performed on Sunday, January 20, 2007 between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM PST. While we are allocating 2 hours for this maintenance, we not expect it to take longer than 15 minutes.". Now according to my trusty 2007 Futurama calendar which I just happen to have handy, January 20, 2007 was a Tuesday, not a Sunday, and I'm guessing that they really meant 2008. So if sometime, depending on where in the world you are, on Saturday night, Sunday, or Monday morning, the Madhouse goes away, you'll know why. You get to figure out for yourself when 10:00AM PST is in your part of the world 'cause one thing I know, that the author of the above note apparently didn't, is that it's not smart to try to do complicated things like that when you're sleepy, which I am.

This all would be so much simpler if everyone in the world observed the same time like they do in Futurama.

Anyway, I've got a bunch of stuff to get put up, none of which is easy, so that's tomorrow's project. So stay tuned, and send more (easy) stuff.
It's complete!
Posted on January 15, 2008 by Leandro
A certain annoying Futurama Fan who goes by the name of Amanda Whitt bought Bender's Big Score today and noticed that the Special Features of the DVD included a complete translation of the Futurama Alien Alphabet Two. And since the font for that alien alphabet I created back in 2002 was missing one of the symbols, she designed to nag me all night until I added it.

Normally I would say something like "I'll do it later", then promptly forget and leave the font without an update for months, but this particular fan happened to have me on her instant messenger and thus was able to pester me much more effectively. So, I had to go ahead and update the font in order to get her out of my hair. And now you can download the Futurama Alien Alphabet Two v2.4 font which includes the missing symbol! Remember to delete the previous one from your system before you install this one. It's been six years since I started that font, about time it was complete! Now I can take another six years to update something else...
Nothing is impossible ... not if you can imagine it.
Posted on January 14, 2008 by Tim
And hooo boy did he imagine it. 112 files, 2 shell scripts, and 4 hours later, all 55 pages of Erik Heltner's Futurama Graphic Novel called L&A confidential are up for you to enjoy. Sixteen months (yes that's 16 months) in the making, Erik's creation is now available in our Fan's Comics section.

Be forewarned that this story takes a track that a little outside mainstream Futurama and although this subject has been explored in Fan Art a time or three in the past, reader discretion is advised. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Erik has also provided a commentary that talks about the journey of discovery that led to this work. It's a little too lengthy to reproduce in it's entirety here, but there is one portion that gets right to the very heart of Futurama: Let's leave it to David X. Cohen and his henchmen to come up with traditional Futurama stories, while we, the fans, explore the Futurama universe beyond our wildest imagination. This is Futurama for crying out loud!

Nothing is impossible ... not if you can imagine it.

Five Hundred Days!
Posted on January 12, 2008 by Tim
That's right, you heard Leela, five hundred days. So what you are probably wondering. Well let me tell you (as if you could stop me - bwahahahaha ) - I was checking the old gizmometer and I've been doing this webmaster shtick for five hundred days now. Wow, five hundred days. I really need to get a life. But since that ain't likely to happen any time soon, I'll just stick my nose back against this grindstone and tell you about this Fan Art from Futurama_Freak1 - Ok, so we got this Fan Art from Futurama_Freak1. Well what else did you expect me to say about it? Maybe what Leela's on about? No way, I figure that's between her and F_F1 and I'm not getting in the middle of that. She could kick my pasty, fleshy ass from here to the moon.

No, to play it safe, I'm going to go over here and change the subject to Fan Fiction. While he's done some fic in other fandoms, THM finally decided to join the elite and craft his first Futurama fan fiction, a sweet little tale (pun intended) called Something Sweet in which Fry has a sweet surprise for Leela.

OK, some previews of coming attractions - I mentioned a while back that Erik Heltner had a whopping big comic graphical novel he would be sending us. Well Good News Everyone - it arrived tonight, and to my immense relief it's every bit as awesome as I'd hyped it up to be. Watch for that to start appearing in the Fans' Comics section real soon now. And I've got a new video clip that I'll get put up as soon as I can get it beat into a size that won't eat up our bandwidth for the month in the first 5 downloads. And last but not least, I've been getting plastered with Cubert's rants all of a sudden - so fer the love of Slum guys, ease up for a bit - it's gonna take me a week to get all of them done. But what a great problem to have eh? Tonight's news was brought to you by the words "five hundred" and "sweet".
Motivation and the great unknown
Posted on January 8, 2008 by Tim
We've all seen those "motivational" posters that seem to sprout like fungus on any vertical surface anywhere we peons toil for The Man - they're all over the place back here in the boiler room of the Madhouse. Boy I tell ya, if the cheapskates that run this place would pay a tenth of what they spend on those things ... ... but I digress. Like I was about to say, a cottage industry sprung up out of spoofing and satirizing these things and obviously somebody took the next logical step - Futurama themed motivational posters. Problem is, we have no idea who created this little gem - it found it way to me from an unknown source and no amount of web searching has turned up where it came from. I'd love to find more of them and start replacing the crummy ones here, or at least find out who created it and give them credit. Meanwhile, Hermes told me to file it in Fan Art under Unknown. (You can also make your own motivational posters by going here. Thanks MoltenSlowa for the link! -- Leo)

Speaking of motivation, here is a really motivated individual who's testing my motivation - Kyle Williams has been going thorough Cubert's Rants and taking pot shots at the little clone. I've got a few put up in Space Pilot 3000 (1ACV01) and Where No Fan Has Gone Before (4ACV11) but I've got a whole pile more yet to do. For a while there I was getting more e-mail from Kyle than from the spammers.
Monday Monkey Lives for the Weekend
Posted on January 6, 2008 by Tim
And it is the weekend, or at least it was back when I first sat down to do this update *checks watch* Yup, still the weekend. Wooo Hoo! Here's a piece of Fan Art that will probably be showing up in work places everywhere next week, if not tonight. I mean, hey, if I were stuck working somewhere on a Saturday night I'd probably test the color printer just to make sure it was working correctly. So anyway we have Killabob to thank for this poster which decorated Leela's office at Applied Cryogenics.

So if you're an aficionado of Futurama Fan Fiction you've probably read your share of "after the opera" fics. Well here's another one but with a little different spin on what happens afterwards as Leela and Fry try to sort things out, and it's maybe the only one that isn't invalidated by Bender's Big Score. It's called Broken Record and it's by Sedna.

Let's try for a two-fer here. Like two from Futurama_Freak1. First the good news - there's this new drawing of the crew. And for longer than I can remember, F_F1's been working on a Futurama themed New New York mod for GTA Vice City, which is available on our Game Addons page. Bad News Everyone - he says "I regret to inform the fans of both Futurama and Grand Theft Auto that I have discontinued work on GTA New New York, because working on it alone has become boring and tedious." So sad. If there's an up side at all, it's that he's released this Fry player model.

Whimmy-wham-wham-wazzle! Let's party!
Posted on January 2, 2008 by Tim
New Years may be over, and hopefully also the hangovers for you hardier partiers, but it's a party every day here at the Madhouse and to celebrate the new year we've got a couple of somewhat different bits of Fan Art this time. Oh sure, on the surface they all look like the usual run of the mill outstanding Fan Art you're used to seeing here at the Madhouse, but this time each have a unique twist to go with them.

Leading off is Sefiro who has sent in eleven drawings of Futurama characters that he's made, some of which are the characters you don't see very often. The fun part is, you can also watch him draw them. Yup, you heard right - follow this link to a youtube channel with videos of him drawing the Futurama characters; you see the whole development of the drawing from start to finish. He's knocked out all of these in a month, which is a pretty impressive feat.

"Totally Soaked Futurama" - wouldn't the be a cool name for a web site? So far as I know, that one hasn't been done yet, but if it was, I know who would be running it, and that would be Jesse Barboza who has done a lot of Futurama art work, all of it set under water. In this one, everyone's favorite futuristic babes fend off the otherworldly saber-toothed eels that have infested the river outside Planet Express. But wait, there's more! Jesse has a whole series on his Deviant Art page called The Underwater Babes of Toontown which features the same theme as his previous Futurama art, but for various different animated series and movies. And if you root around on his site, you'll find a couple of more Futurama pics that he hasn't sent us. Yet. *hint* *hint*