January 2007
Wise guy, huh? If I wasn't so lazy ...
Posted on January 28, 2007 by Tim
*yawn* what was I saying? Oh yeah, lazy - I'm so lazy that if I got any lazier I'd be legally dead in most jurisdictions. But I haven't got so lazy that I can't push a few fan contribs every now and then. In fact, I was just off digging in this hole in Siberia and I found this nifty piece of Fan Art from long lost contributor Jesse Barboza who was last heard from back in '03. Jesse likes to draw our favorite crew under water and here is his latest. Welcome back Jesse, send more.

And while I was off to Antarctica, coldangel_1 sent in this pic of Bender and his Hard Shelled Whooping Terrier. I'm glad it's Bender's and not mine, I hear those things are nasty to clean up after.

Then while I was waiting for the bus to Neptune, a bunch of new stuff came in from Will; there's this one, one of Bender in Speedos , Fry and Leela from the end of TWoF, and one of his trademark Futurescopes, which can be a little hard on the eyes.

My mailbox is empty, so send more stuff. Now I'm off to find this Stallone guy and Graham says more stuff will cheer me up during my convalescence. I don't know what he's talking about.
Where's Tim? Surely he's still updating? I mean, he can't have got lazy like the rest of us at the Madhouse.
Posted on January 26, 2007 by Graham
Don't worry, I haven't buried Tim in a hole in the middle of Siberia. He'll be returning with meaty updates shortly. However, let me intrude and stick myself in the firing line to announce a new work for our Fan Art section done by Benders_Fan. The picture is a hand-drawn coloured sketch of Fry's head. Fry seems quite worried and perplexed. Maybe he's wondering why Tim hasn't done this update. I'm serious, I haven't told him to go and find polar bears in Antarctica (don't write in with the obvious retort, because you'd have missed the point ). I haven't sent him on an errand to find flowers on Neptune. I've certainly not asked him to tell Sylvester Stallone that he's past it and should be sharing the "staring window" with other geriatrics. No, I've done none of the above, so stop shouting, "What have you done to Tim?". He's around somewhere. He's probably wondering when someone else would update. In fact, when he sees this update, he's bound to fall off his chair and wonder if anyone broke his computer.

Normal service will now resume.
The Third Level of Robot Hell
Posted on January 21, 2007 by Tim
So what's that got to do with today's featured items? Read on and see if you can figure it out. First off, some new Fan Art - another contribution from Absinthe with this pic of Fry and Leela chillin' in the 'hood.

And this one by Kriebs - must be that road rage isn't unique to either roads or time.

Bad News Everyone - Mitch, a prolific and long time contributor to the Madhouse's Fan Fiction section, has decided to retire from writing with the completion of this, Part 6 of his The Full Circle. He wanted me to pass along a thank you to everyone who's ever read or responded to his works. He says "It's been fun". Thanks, Mitch.

The good news is that we have a new one from Red_Line (who has no intention of retiring) called The Acid Test. It seems that Bender decides he can make a fast buck in the discount chemical market. Meanwhile, Leela has to figure out how to deal with a waitress at the Pub who has the hots for Fry.

OK, did you figure out the connection between the header and this stuff? No? Well, it's like this: absolutely nothing - this is the Madhouse after all. So that's it, the old mailbox is empty again. Do they give free refills here?
This site's going to the dogs
Posted on January 14, 2007 by Tim
One named Seymour Asses to be exact, which we'll all recognize as Fry's dog from Jurassic Bark. Officer 1BDI has created a likeness of Seymour for Sims 2 and generously contributed it to our Game Addons section. A must have for the Futurama and Sims 2 fans.

And something else we haven't had in a while is a new Wallpaper. JCRogers from The Infosphere website (one of our Buddies) sends one our way, the first of several.

Ok, that was fun and different, but enough work for one week. Fan Art and Fan Fiction is much easier and it just so happens I have one of each.

First we've got a short Fiction from Purplefish called I think there's a misunderstanding here .... You'd think that cleaning and organizing your locker would be a simple thing, but not at Planet Express when Fry and a bottle of super strength spray adhesive are around. The results are predictable and hilarious.

And it seems these days that no update is complete without a spot of Fan Art from coldangel_1. Here's his latest, a familiar scene from The Devil's Hands ....

Ok, that's enough for one night. I've still got a couple of things in the queue, but more would be good.
The Mornings After - Futurama Style
Posted on January 11, 2007 by Tim
Did ya' ever wake up just knowing something wasn't right, but you couldn't quite figure out what? Of maybe you've woken up wondering where you were and how you got there? We've got a couple of different takes on that theme.

First, in their TFM debut, is Absinthe with some Fan Art. Here's one with Fry behind bars (psst, hey Fry, if Bender isn't handy, that middle one's missing, maybe you could squeeze out through it). Absinthe sent in 5 pics, including one for the shippers and one for the Zoidberg fans.

And speaking of shippers, fans of Fry and Leela ought to like colangel_1's latest Fan Fiction. It's called The Morning and it's set the morning after (after what you'll have to read and find out) - Leela is shocked when she wakes up next to Fry and is forced to confront her feelings toward him. I don't mind telling you that this one is, in my humble opinion (actual cash value 0.02USD), one of the finest shipper fics I've ever read.

Ok, keepin' it short today but I've got some different kinds of stuff in the pipeline that I'll get put up this weekend (soon as I figure out how ). But don't let that stop ya' from sending more.
"Neither rain, nor sleet, nor giant man-eating birds ..."
Posted on January 7, 2007 by Tim
... will deter the Futurama Madhouse staff from bringing you the latest and best Futurama news and fan submissions (although an offer of a caffeine free diet Pepsi might slow some of us down a bit). Of course, like the mail carrier, we'll also bring you crap and junk too. Today though all we have is good stuff, and leading off is three pics by coldangel_1. I guess if Planet Express had a motto, that'd be as good a candidate as any.

Ever had a problem with your computer and just got so frustrated that you wanted to feed it to the first lobster-like alien you saw? No? Me neither. I usually just hit it with a hammer - percussive maintenance as it's known in the trade. But that doesn't work for everybody, so over in the Crap Art section is a couple of new pics by Will, and one's of Zoidberg chowing down on his scanner.

It's the first Fan Fictions of the new year. Sneaking in first by a few minutes is Mitch with the long awaited part 5 of his The Full Circle.

And a new one by Dead Composer called The Assassination of Richard Nixon's Head, which is a parody of the Sean Penn movie of similar name. Fry gets fired from his job at Planet Express and begins to suspect that his problems, and those of society in general, can be laid at the feet of the President of the World, Richard Nixon's head. As his paranoia grows, so does his resolve to take action.

And if that isn't enough, over on his Fan Art page, Will has another Futuresope - It's like totally freaky-deaky and groovy.

Woah! Were'd I go just now? Everything got all funky there for a second. Ok, that's all. Send more stuff. 'till next time ...
So THAT'S why Leela wouldn't date Fry
Posted on January 2, 2007 by Tim
Happy New Year. Only 993 more to go until the year 3000. The award for the first submission of the year goes to our current frequent submission points program leader, coldangel_1, who may have been tipping back a few when he dreamed up this little gem, which is one possible answer to that age old question.

He's also sent us 3 other new pics. Check 'em out, but don't overlook the one that spilled over onto a third page.

So now the race is on so see who's going to be the second submitter for 2007 ...