January 2005

January 1, 2005

Season six around the corner... wheeeeeeeee! There, that got your attentions. Well, actually, although you might be thinking that the subject heading was a cruel joke by myself, I have to plead that its inspiration comes from a new submitter to Futurama Madhouse who comes under the name ZY. The image you can see to your right is one of his two wallpapers that he kindly sent us. What it shows is Fry, Leela and what looks like a child of theirs, who is also holding that three-eyed rat... I mean Nibbler. Now, as far as I can tell from the subject heading of the email that ZY, this is meant to be what ZY thinks should happen in the sixth season of the show. However, seeing that Fox, or whoever, isn't likely, IMO, to create a sixth season, I suppose this is all wishful thinking. Still, it's good wishful thinking, because the artwork looks quite nice. The other wallpaper shows the child of Fry and Leela holding that horrible creature with a nappy (diaper for you US folk). Still, some people like Nibbler, so who am I to complain. Oh, and ZY has created a work for our Fan Art section that has the image on the wallpaper with Fry, Leela, the child and Nibbler. There you go, two wallpapers and a fan art work for you all on this New Year's Eve.

Ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three... two... one... bungee! No, I won't be doing any bungeeing, and probably never will. However, Birdbot has been kind enough to create two sound clips that have the countdowns for the New Year in the episode Space Pilot 3000. I say countdowns, because he's created one with the counting down to the year 2000, while he's also done one that has the countdown for the year 3000. He's also made sure that the count takes ten seconds, rather than the longer amount in the actual episode. This is all done so you can have a countdown for the New Year tonight. Why bother having some idiot "celebrity" do a countdown on the TV when you can have it done by Futurama voices. So, go to the bottom of our Sound Clips section to download them, then play one of them ten seconds before the bell tolls.

This is a love song! Lastly, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section, a work that comes from Pam. She's come up with a story that's called After the Opera, which deals with the events straight after the episode The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings, where Fry has played his holophonor for Leela. Things pick up for Fry from now on. But will they stay that way? Will Leela still love him tomorrow? Well, go give Pam's fiction a read to find out if Leela will.

Well, have a happy New Year and all. Let's hope that 2005 is better than this year has been.