January 2004

January 31, 2004

And here's a picture of guess who! Today is quite windy in Sussex, England, so I type this while staring at a tree moving around outside my window. No, it's not walking like in Lord of the Rings, but the wind's sort of puppeteering it. I like the wind, it brings certain things to life. However, I better not spoil today's update with talk of bending trees. Alexander A Andreev is back with two pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you see is a sketch of Leela posing with what looks like a pencil in hand. His second picture is a remake of one he did some time ago, which shows a sort of demonic Leela chained to a dungeon wall. She looks scary in this picture, although I can imagine that some will get off on her imaginative clothing.

OK, who switched captains while I was not looking? Teach me to not pay attention. Someone's switched captains and now everything is in a mess! Well, what's happened is that Mitch has sent in a work for our Fan Fiction section that's titled The New Captain. As the title suggests, the Planet Express crew find themselves with a new captain, one who goes under the moniker Kiyone Makabi. Now, some of you might know her, but I'm not familiar with her... but that won't matter, because Mitch's story will help out on that score. Why has Leela been replaced by Kiyone? Well, let's say that two professors got their dimensional knickers in a twist. Enjoy the story.

Woo Hoo! I got sent stuff! Yes, I did... Because I have this piece of sexy new Fan Art from artist Trevor Piscek, who saw my plea for more stuff to put up and sent it to me. As you can see, it shows Leela posing in her underpants. And I say underpants because as all of us who have listened to the DVD commentary know, it's funnier than underwear. That should be enough for all you Leela fans to over for now. Nicely done, Trevor.

I hope you fellow New Zealand fans caught Where No Fan Has Gone Before last night, because it doesn't look like TV2 are showing any new episodes over the next couple of weeks at all. Typical. Though do note, Season 4 will be here on DVD in late February. Best chance of seeing new episodes legally. Later

January 29, 2004

Wild thing, you make my heart sing! Damn it! It snows for a few hours, decides to stop, then the next morning it turns to slush. Damn southern England and its moderate weather. I haven't seen some decent snow since 1991! BTW, it also seems that one flake of snow causes this country to grind to a halt. Yeah, I can see it, the real threat to the UK wasn't Saddam Hussein's Iraq - no it sure wasn't as we're finding out - but flakes of iced water descending from the sky! God help us if we got invaded by snowmen! Anyway, this sort of brings me to the update. OK, it doesn't exactly fit, but what the heck. Andrea Huckstep has come up with another picture for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela, along with Princess Peach and Shadow, suffering from the singing done by Bowser Jr, Kang and Kodos (I'm sure that these aren't the ones on The Simpsons... or at least they don't look like them), who Andrea refers to as Koopa Troopas. Anyway, you can suffer their singing too by giving them a look.

Yet more senseless violence, blood and guts! OK, it seems to have caught on: violent fan fiction stories. Welcome the second violent fiction in two days, this time coming from Mattybwoy. Called Planet Express: The Final Story, it's based on the Japanese film Battle Royale, in which a group of school students are selected to fight to the death for TV. However, this time it's Mom who has caught the Planet Express crew and is bent on getting them all to fight to the death with various weaponry. Those who are squeamish should avoid this fic rather than complain, while the rest of you sadistic sickos can carry on and read it. Tipper Gore should look the other way and not force this site to display some lame warning label.

Lastly, it seems that Scotty has decided to get off his kilted backside and restart Say Argh!. So, why not have some fun and go there to see some Zoidberg madness. Maybe Zoidberg will wear a kilt for the ladies or something... although maybe that wouldn't be a good idea. Some people do get off sick things. Anyway, if you have any Zoidberg content you want to send Scotty's way to help Say Argh!, then please do so. If you do that, he promises not to lift his worn kilt.

Eeeek! The Fry otter is eating the Leela otter's head!!! Oh, wait... false alarm! They're really hugging. Awwww... isn't it cute? If you agree, then you'll definitely want to check out this and the other four pieces of Fan Art from the great Alenacat. Not only is there two pictures of the cute little otters (the other featuring the Fry otter being bounced and tumbled into the air by the Leela one), but there's also an image of Q.T. McWhiskers destroying a city, and another image with a bit of Alien Language I in it. I'll leave you all to decipher that one yourselves. All in all, very cute stuff.

Secondly, I've read and reviewed Futurama Comics #8 as well, otherwise known as the issue that parodies X-Men. That review sits comfortably in the Comic Reviews section. However, it is by no means cute. Alenacat's stuff is cuter, so if you like cute things and need a cute fix, that's where to cute for your cuteness. Man, I love that word so much. It's just so... cute!

Hey! It's fellow TLZ webmaster Graham surveying the damage we plan to do when we attack *CENSORED ENEMY WEBSITE* later this week! Actually, no... It's just a character named after him in my story Universe of Malice, aptly called Admiral Gordon. This picture has been hand drawn by Daniela Schad (aka TheLesbianLeela), and shows him watching the battle before him against The Machine in the 11th Chapter. Big thanks to her for the picture, I'm sure Graham will like it too... It's so much like trying to run TLZ for him it's scary...

Well, that's all from me for now. And don't hesitate to send me art and stories to put up too, I haven't been getting much these days. Later

January 28, 2004

The big question! Two contributors bring two works for The Leela Zone today. Let's start with a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Melonhead. He's produced a sketch of Leela looking confused towards a big, black question mark. Yes, don't you get that when you're confused? You go into the kitchen and find that the salt and pepper pots are having a romantic time in front of the toaster and bread bin, and up pops that question mark before your eyes. You don't? Ah, OK... forget what I just said. Please don't phone the local asylum. Anyway, it seems that Melonhead has similar issues with life and question marks, and just had to express it with a picture of Leela. Enjoy the sketch... it looks nice.

And now for something completely gory! Ouch, this next contribution is bound to upset a few people. It's for our Fan Fiction section and is a story by Dwayne Anderson called Everybody Dies!. As you can tell from the title, this story is a cuddly attempt to bring love and happiness to the Planet Express crew. Long lost love is rekindled, peace is restored upon Earth and Zoidberg gets to eat. There, that's so cute that it's bound to upset a few. Actually, that description is bollocks! No, instead it's going to be quite gory and lots of blood is about to be shed. The story is about what happens when a computer game's character called Caleb meets up with the Planet Express crew. As I said before, this is a gory fiction and those who are squeamish or easily disturbed shouldn't read it. Now, that means that everyone who's into sick stuff will be alerted, read the fic, then go to the nearest McDonald's and commit mass murder upon the hapless public. Bah... hope Tipper Gore doesn't read this.

January 26, 2004

That's the last time that Bender prank calls Nixon's Head to declare that Planet Express has weapons of mass distraction! Is this thing on? Oh, it is. I thought that... oh, wait... they can see this? Ooops! Let's start from the beginning. It's still on? Ah, OK... this is embarrassing, you know. *cough* Today, you lucky lot, I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger. This picture... are you sure they can read this? They can. Ah, I better carry on, right? OK... let's take it from "This picture". *cough* This picture is actually quite stunning, in that it has Leela escaping from an Apache helicopter firing shells at her. Just love the way that the picture looks like you're in front of the action, feeling the tension of the moment. Scary thing that helicopter is. Certainly not something you'd want to meet in a dark alleyway or in a pub after it's had several shots of vodka and whiskey. No, that would be damn scary! Then again, it could be worse, you could meet up having a fight with the Trident missile after you looked at its girlfriend, the Black Hawk helicopter, accidentally at the local night club. No, don't do that... it ends up with everyone losing. Wait, why am I talking rubbish again? Should I stop it now? Yeah, they know the gist of the update. OK... best turn off the microphone. Wait... another update!

Post crash... but the story must go on! OK, I promise not to talk rubbish in this update. I'll stick to the script. Yeah, come back... this is an important update. I have part twelve of Rye Guy's current fan fiction campaign that goes under the title of The Other. In this part, Leela and Amy awake to find that Skyler has saved them... along with the help of Bender. Don't forget Bender! Not only that, but a job is still to be done. Parcels to attention, delivery to the ready. Fire! Shut up, Graham! Anyway, getting back to the fic, Rye Guy wanted me to use the following words to enhance your enjoyment of his work:

An eerie nightmare...
A maturing Zapp...
Lying to the president...
A planet ravaged by war...
People living in destitution...

There, happier and enlightened? Cool!

January 25, 2004

That King Midas wasn't as bad as people say! He's back! He's proud! He's brought us colour and humour! He's called Beamer. Now, he's gone one better: he's given Dr Zoidberg some money and let us see what would happen in a new fans' comic of his that's called Smack My Rich Up. I'll let good ol' Beamer describe what happens in his comic: "After finding a discarded lotto ticket in a dumpster, Dr Zoidberg wins a billion dollar draw and buys a huge silver mansion on his home planet to make all his old rivals jealous. However, it's up to the Planet Express crew to talk some sense into the rich Decapodian when he begins to go insane with wealth." So, as you can see, lots of new fun to be had. Enjoy! BTW, if you enjoy his comics, or even if you don't (who wouldn't?), then please send Beamer an email, which you can do by clicking on his highlighted name. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

All hail the Hypnotoad! All hail the Hypnotoad! All hail the Hypnotoad! Well, some would think that a comic was enough for a day's updating at The Leela Zone, but Scotty had other ideas when he sent in the next fight in the Claw Plaque series. This fight features Hypnotoad Vs Scruffy, where you get the power of hypnotism versus the power of indifference. Who will win? I know, but I'm not going to spoil it for you. Oh, wait, who stole my computer? Wait, how am I still updating without a computer? Why am I asking stupid questions? Why am I going to blame Scotty for this mess? Will I shut up? Should I shut up? Maybe you should set the Hypnotoad onto me instead of Scruffy. OK... off you go and read it. Careful with your belongings, though. Ah, wait, come back! If you have any suggestions for a Claw Plaque fight, or if you want to send your praises or condemnations towards Scotty, then feel free to send him an email or two. No spam, mind you... corned beef or haggis will suffice. Now, I'm finished... really... so enjoy Scotty's latest Claw Plaque. Go on, chop chop!

January 24, 2004

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Sure looks like it if you look at one of the pictures sent to us by Mattybwoy for our Fan Art section. It features what looks like a naked Leela (covering her modesty via her hair) in what can only be described as being quite hellish, even if colourful. His other three are: Leela in a production called "Kill Gil", where she's out to get a guy from another cartoon (I wonder who? ); a tribute to Rye Guy's A Long Night; and a second very, very pointless picture. All his pictures are colourful and cute, with some nice ideas added, too. Enjoy!

Life is Sweet! Have I got another treat for you. Yeah, I have part twenty-three of Kenneth White's great fan fiction that goes under the title Futurama: Universe of Malice (as if you didn't know that already). This part is quite long, but it's certainly packed with a lot of action and telling moments. We have the Renegade crew, with Zapp Brannigan tagging on, trying to destroy the planet-eater from within... and finding out some crucial stuff about their task. We have a tragedy for Kif. We also have the crew getting back to Earth and finding out that their pay has been docked... and that Hermes is as boring as ever! Not only that, we have Leela wondering what it takes to get Fry's mood to change from his currently depressed self, which came about due to Alesia's death. Poor thing. However, while all this is happening, there are plans to defeat the planet-eater to be completed, otherwise all the above will be moot. Page into today's exciting adventure, coming to you in smell-o-script, now with a subtle hint of dog breath and tulip.

The Leela Zone proudly presents: Futurama Survivor Hah, bet I scared you there for a moment. Don't worry we would never drag Futurama down to reality show levels, but this new Fan Fiction by Fry's_Chick_3000 share a similar theme. It's titled Stranded and it's quite shipperific. Due to a slight mishap involving Zoidberg and the Planet Express ship, Fry and Leela have to make the next delivery using a small shuttle pod. Fry is looking forward to spending some time together with Leela in a cramped room, but during the flight he "accidently" start pushing buttons that shouldn't be pushed, leaving both of them ...... stranded. Well, there you are. Check it out by clicking here.

Now with added content. Remember my last update? It involved a new wallpaper by Green Gesus. Back then it was only available in sizes 800*600 and 1024*768. Apparently Green Gesus read it, bacause he send me 3 new sizes for it: 1152*864, 1280*1024 and 1600*1200. Go have a looksie.

Well, I'm off to the Norwegian mountains for a fun-filled week of skiing , beer and good friends . Meaning you wont see any updates from me for the next 9-10 days. Until then take care everyone.

January 22, 2004

Uh-oh, smell the odour of Mr Toilet Breath! Ewww... this is a disgusting picture if I've ever seen one! Blame Andrea Huckstep for any dinners lost during your reading of this update and viewing her new picture for our Fan Art section. The picture features Bowser (Sr.) being caught by Leela after he's drunk out of the toilet! Talk about Toilet humour! Hope he brushes his teeth and uses some mouthwash after his refreshing drink. Sorry. BTW, that bathroom is Andrea's own, which she snapped with her very own digital camera. Hmmm... considering Leela's size compared to the toilet, either Andrea's a giant or she lives in a giant's house.

YAAARGH! It's FemJesse with a sword!! Well, sort of... This is really a Fan Art image drawn by me of Pirate Lieutenant Tommassello from Universe of Malice, who just happens to be named after the great artist herself. Because of that, I drew it to resemble her somewhat, and here is the finished image. FemJesse herself gave it the thumbs up, and with it are two other character pictures from the story: Duncan and Sala & Newton. Also, I've drawn a bonus image of Lord Cyan, from another fanfic. Namely Christina Nordlander's Son of the Ashes brilliant story. He has been somewhat censored in the thumbnail to avoid spoilers for those who haven't read the story, but if you have, go ahead and look.

Well, that's all from me for now. Oh, except for a quick piece of news to inform New Zealand viewers that Futurama is returning on Friday the 30th at 10:30pm with Where No Fan Has Gone Before. Seems the idiots at TV2 have been following in the footsteps of the show's original host in showing episodes with huge gaps between them in a strange timeslot. They're the Fox of New Zealand, who think that just because the show got jerked around in the States, it must have the same happen here! *sigh* Well... later

January 21, 2004

OH NO! For the love of God, not Lee Roberts! BOO-HOO! WAAAAAAHHHHH! Nah, we like Lee Roberts, who has been a prolific contributor to The Leela Zone for exactly a year on this very day. Don't let Leela's reaction towards him fool you. She likes being drawn by Lee for a year, she really appreciates it, just like we all do. So, what's the fuss about? Well, for this anniversary of sorts, Lee has come up with four new pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you see shows Leela crying about something or other... I suggest you ask Lee about that one. His other three pictures: Leela shocked by the vile lizard-tongue guy in the episode "Love's Labours Lost in Space"; another with Leela protecting a baby poppler; while the last shows Leela in her Lee Lemon outfit that was all the rage in "War is the H-word". Oh well, the time for words has finished, but the time to look at Lee's artwork has begun.

January 20, 2004

How do I look? Well, it seems that Mattybwoy has had some problems with his computer, which stopped him doing his artwork, but it seems to have cleared up now. He's been kind enough to send us three new pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you see is of a new-styled, impulsive Leela, while the other two show a colourful Leela celebrating the start of 2004, and one "pointless" picture featuring Leela that's quite pointlessly "pointless". His words, not mine. Well, it's good to see that Mattybwoy is back and pumping out the pictures again... even if sometimes it's pointless.

January 19, 2004

Angels and poems After several grueling hours of thought, I finally came up with this headline. It sucks but whaddayagonnado (apart frpm butchering the English language ). What doesn't suck is the latest wallpaper from Green Gesus. It's actually pretty darn great, IMO. The wallpaper is inspired by the song "Dark Angel" by VNV Nation. I assume the poem on the left is from the song, thoguh I have no way of knowing for sure. The angels on the right is a drawing by FemJesse. As I said awesome wallpaper, too bad it only comes in 800*600 and 1024*768 (I use 1280*1024, as you might guess ).

Another chapter, what a surprise. Yeeagh, I'm just on a roll at the moment, aren't I? You might have guessed it, but chapter 21 of Missys's Fan Fiction saga Delicious Surprise is ready for reading. It's the funeral day of Leela's father, who died under the rebellion agaisnt Zapp and his DOOP henchmen. Leela and Fry go to the mutant city for the viking funeral her father wished for. While there mother and daughter have a talk about the future. Want to read more? Then go here.

Aww, don't they look cute together? Finally we have a new picture for the Fan Art section. This one comes from Dominik Winkler, also going under the name The Sclonz, and show the scene from "The Why Of Fry", were Fry picks a very fortunate time to step through the door to the PE employee lounge. I'm sure a lot of shippers melted when Leela said those words; "I don't care if you're not the most important person in the universe, Fry. It really makes me happy to see you right now." Here's your chance to see it again. Hey, that headline was actually pretty good, the curse is broken. Enjoy the picture.

2355746637 9484 36245 273 47328, 288 897464 63772437 46 8436 732559 78257. I'm leaving town for some time, so I'm very unlikely to read and/or reply mail or anything for a week or so. Don't you go thinking I'm just being my lazy self and not posting anything! My only communication with the outside world while in San Clemente will be my cellphone, and I darn sure am not desperate enough to use that for either browsing or email. Anyway, before I leave, I must introduce you to a new Fan Artist, Trevor Piscek, and a darn fine artist at that! He's sent two Leela pics, and they're very very nice! Go expose your eyes to those masterpieces while I quietly pack some clothes and flee. 263 43 968 226 332633 8447, 968 4283 929 866 6824 8463 46 9687 42637. 4663 367 968! [Leandro]

January 18, 2004

Giant dog-chain? I didn't make anything Futurama related in quite a while, so when I got Cinema4D one of the first thoughts was that I'm gonna make something Futurama related. (And the Oscar for the worst use of English goes to Sebastian.) Here you have a pic that I called "Niesmiertelnik Futuramy". For those of you, who don't speak Polish (I heard it's one of the 7 most difficult languages, hooray for me ), the translation is probably "Futurama dog-tag". Anyway, it's a thing that soldiers wear on their necks, with their name, number and rank. Anybody know what rank Futurama is? [Sebastian]

Yeah, leprachaun universe is fine...if you haven't seen pirate universe! Yarrr, we 'ave a mighty fine update for ye' today, me mateys. Ohh, it's not Talk-like-a-pirate-day today. Well, that's just going to make the rest a lot easier, since I've just about exhausted my vocabulary for Piratnese. There are three new scans in the Fan Art section, all coming from Teral. That's right, since there are no Fan Art mails in my inbox, I have to make them myself. This is not a threat, I'm just telling it like it is. Anyway, the thumbnail show Leela as she might look like in the pirate universe visited by Bender in "The Farnsworth Parabox". Mighty fine excuse to visit said universe if you ask me. Those who know their DVD extra materiel should be able to figure out where the inspiration came from. The other two pictures show a de-aged Leela going home to live with her parents, and Amy and Leela practising hand-to-hand-combat, in case an enemy knock the weapons out of their hands and they slide waaaaaaaaay across the room. Enjoy.

Could this be the end for Fry's dreams? If the title of the this Fan Fiction by a new author on The Leela Zone, Fry's Chick 3000, is anything to go by it looks very likely. The story is called Leela's New Love. In this story our favorite delivery crew have a new mission; delivering a package to a DOOP ship stationed on Mars. The ship turns out to be the Nimbus so Amy tags along for one of her all too rare meetings with Kif. Halfway there, they're contacted by a very modest and polite Zapp, and Leela find herself impressed by his new manners. Could it be....? To find out click here.

January 17, 2004

Embarrassing things to do with a locket - part 4! Seems that Rye Guy has been very busy recently, and there I was thinking he'd be resting away while "out of town". Come on, when you're "out of town", you don't carry on working like hell. However, I suppose that's dedication for you. So, first up, he's created two pictures for our Fan Art section. The first picture you see shows what happened to Leela in his fan fiction work for last New Year, A Long Night. What, you don't know what happened? Well, I'll just say that Leela gets in a drunken state and attempts to seduce Fry. There, that should be enough for you to go and read his fic AND see his picture. BTW, Rye Guy is pleased about his shading of this picture, so take special note of that. His second picture was created by scanning Fry and Leela action figurines, then colouring them in. This picture depicts a scene in another fiction of his called The Other, in which Leela and Fry kiss under the canopy in her apartment. Ah, that reminds me: I have part eleven of the fic I just mentioned. Yay! See, he's been busy, busy, busy! In this part, we find out more about Skyler's past, and so does Leela. However, Skyler's story or not, they still have to work for a living, so it's off to do a delivery for Planet Express, too. No rest for the wicked... or for Rye Guy.

January 16, 2004

At least us otters are frollicking about in a lake while that poor Graham is stuck for some hours on the M25.... I would go on a rant, but I'm not in a good mood. I've been stuck on the M25 for some time, just getting back 30 minutes ago. What's the M25? Well, it's a motorway that circles around the edge of London, with the aim of ensuring that through traffic doesn't need to go through London but can skirt around it. Anyway, it seems that they failed, because it's stuck like toffee. However, at least the next updates will cheer me up a bit. Alenacat has been kind enough to send in two works for our Fan Art section. The picture you see shows Fry and Leela as those otters in the episode "Parasites Lost", which, as many would know (sorry Brad), is my favourite episode. Her other picture is an Anime-styled picture of Fry and Leela, which looks quite cool. Both pictures are hand crafted with non-computer graphics. The horror!

I don't want to be a princess... unless it involves a nice tiara! Well, the next update that's come my way comes from Andrea Huckstep which goes to our Fan Art section. This one features a new character - at least I think I haven't done this character before - who goes under the royal title of Princess Peach, and who also can be found acting about in Mario. Now, why she's named after a fruit is beyond me, but Leela, who's with her in the picture, doesn't seem too impressed with the hat she has to wear with her. Maybe she's gone sour.

January 14, 2004

Here's something very, very, very big and beautiful! OK, this update is probably for you lot with fast Internet connections, although normal dial-up users can feel free to also take a look if they feel like doing so. What's this I'm going on about? Well, it's a 43MB video clip that's come this way from Akira. I suppose some of you will be spitting out your tea, coffee, beer or orange squash at the size of this file, but Akira wanted to ensure top quality. Actually, the clip itself is well crafted and interesting, so that'll help you in your decision to go on this epic download. Titled "Futuromatic", it features a compilation of emotional and stirring moments from Futurama, with "Iris" from The Goo Goo Dolls as background music. BTW, may I personally thank Akira for kindly adding The Leela Zone and myself onto the credits. Oh, lastly, anyone with photosensitive epilepsy should take care when viewing this clip, as it contains a fair bit of flashing. For the rest of you out there, enjoy the clip after testing out the speed and endurance of your Internet connections.

January 13, 2004

More fanart! Here's Thoth with some goth. Heh, I kill myself. But enough about my clever puns, because the headline speaks the truth; I have more stuff for the Fan Art section. These latest pictures come from yet another new The Leela Zone artist, Thoth. The thumbnail show Leela, Fry, Zoidberg and Amy in goth style. Though according to Thoth only Leela and possibly Zoidberg can be considered goth, Fry is a metal head and Amy is... something. Since I have no knowledge in this field what so ever, I'll take his word for it. The second picture show Bender trying to comfort Fry, while Leela whatch them from a distance. This is done in a realistic style, and look pretty great if you ask me.

Let's get ready to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumble! And rounding off this update there's a new wallpaper in case you felt like redecorating your desktop, and it's made by me, your friendly neighbourhood webmaster. I was browsing through our wallpaper section, and was actually quite shocked this particular scene wasn't in there. What to do, what to do? Well make it yourself, duh! As the Futurama staff say on the audio commentary, a lot of loving care went into that picture. Although I think they were talking about the nude conga line in "Time Keeps On Slipping. Anyway, here it is, enjoy.

Meet Frieda and Lenny! Well, I thought that I had no update for today, but how wrong can I be. I decided to find out what email I had by starting up Sylpheed-claws, and lo and behold, I find some work for our Fan Art section that comes from a new artist for The Leela Zone who comes under the name Arraye. After firing up The Gimp to make the thumbnail, I uploaded it and Arraye's picture, and voila! Anyway, as you can see, her picture shows Fry as a woman and Leela as a man... which looks quite strange to me. Strange or not, it's a great work, and certainly one that catches the eye. Hope to see some more from Arraye in future. Now, back to lazing about and wasting my time on the Net.

January 12, 2004

I wonder if he tastes like chicken... Here we've got a cute little piece of Fan Art by Alenacat, featuring the artist herself getting ready to eat Fry as if he was a mouse . So while she puts some salt on the guy (do cats like salt?) I'll just present the latest Uses for a Hacker, featuring Slappy Squirrel, The Ghostbusters, McBain, Prince Lotor, and others. Also, Smiley let me know about this very interesting bit in the latest issue of Beckett's Anime Collector: "the ratings are official. The kings of Late Night are no longer Leno or Letterman but Peter Griffin and Phillip J. Fry as the vast majority of viewers 18 to 44 turn to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim after their evening news instead of any other programming!" So let me get this straight, Futurama and Family Guy now anchor Late Night TV with close to 530 million viewers? Heh, I wonder what the Fox execs that cancelled the series think about that... [Leandro]

YAY! FANART! FANART! ROLY-POLY FANART! Ooops... caps lock got stuck! Yes, as you can read, I have something for our Fan Art section. Who sent this much needed work? Thanks goes to Mitch for doing the honours. The picture is another promo picture for his upcoming fiction work that'll be called "The New Captain. Now, in my last update featuring Mitch's work, I did say the main character in his picture was called Kiyome, but it seems that I've either misread it or did a typo, because she's actually called Kiyone (now fixed, BTW). Silly me. Maybe I should write "she's called Kiyone, not Kiyome" one-hundred times as a punishment. Then again, that would end up driving you crazy... which could be a good thing, depending on what mood I'm in. Nah, I'll spare you that. Enjoy the picture.

January 11, 2004

New guy trouble! Today I don't have any work for our Fan Art section, which is a shame and will hopefully get fixed soon, but I do have something for our Fan Fiction section instead, so don't fret. Rye Guy has been kind enough to send us part ten of his serial fan fiction work The Other. Now, Rye Guy wanted to say something about this part, so I'll move aside and allow him to speak: "This part shows how Leela spends her X-Mas Day. Also, the newly reintroduced character from part 4, Skyler, begins to befriend her. But something's amiss. Might be a little confusing, but hey, if you've liked what I've written so far then you should have no problem understanding this." There, I've just turned him off. Can't have anyone else but us TLZ webmasters commenting on the updates page. I mean, this can only lead to one situation: anarchy! Mind you, anarchy could be a good thing to some people, so maybe I'll let Rye Guy say some more... ah, he finished. No anarchy for today!

January 10, 2004

Too many updates without a thumbnail linking to Fan Art! No longer, I say! Well, I know I promised some Fan Art soon from myself with new Universe of Malice character images, but before that I have some from Daniela Schad (aka TheLesbianLeela) instead. Three images in fact, based on three of the female characters in the story. There is Battle Alesia, Commodore Grace and, as pictured above, Pirate Angela Zool. Huge thanks to Daniela for her pictures based on my story, which has only two chapters left to go. These last two might take a while too, I want them to be extra perfect upon release, especially the last one. Well, that's enough blowing my own horn. Later.

Everything comes to an end. K? Ah, I'm back after a few days doing no updates. Bet you lot were relieved by my absence. Anyway, I'm back with two contributions, the first being for our Fan Fiction section. The fic in question is the final part of Dwayne Anderson's Time Compression. In this part, Leela and Fry discover who is the evil that threatens the universe, and do battle against her. Yes, it's a her, and it uses Ks a lot, and has some other characteristics, but I'll let you fathom out more by yourselves when you read this last part of Dwayne's fic.

Song time for Leela! The next contribution goes to our Poems & Song Parodies section and comes from LaPointe. He's come up with a song based on Eric Clapton's "Layla" that's titled Leela. The song is about Leela's repressed feelings towards Fry. Don't let the repressed thoughts stop you, go give this song a read.

BTW, if anyone has any fan art that they would like to send to The Leela Zone, don't feel frightened to do so. We like fan art, it's very colourful and stuff. You know, it lightens the place up and stuff. Mmm... stuff!

January 7, 2004

Quiet! You hear that too? "Hear what?"
"That sound."
"I can't hear anything, it's probably just some random Background Noise.
"Are you sure?"
"Pheeew, that's relief. I thought I was going insane."
"No, going insane would be talking to yourself while doing a website update."
"I do that too."
"Ohh, then say hi to Roberto from me, nutcase. Bye!"

And then he just left, what a jerk. Well, that just leaves me more time to present the subject of this update, namely part 6 of Dave Vincent's excellent fan fiction saga Background Noise. Leela has finally made a complete recovery from her illness, and return to the Planet Express crew, or what's left of it, considering it only consist of her, Amy and Hermes at that point. Determined to find out what happened to dr Zoidberg, she and Amy team up to find the Crustacean. Meanhwile on the Nimbus, a devastated Kif have to come to terms with the guilt he feels over the loss of the Gamling in the last chapter. And he better do it quickly, war is approaching and the Nimbus needs him or the entire crew will be at the mercy of Zapp Brannigan. Fry is still aboard the troop transport, waiting for clearence to make the final run to Da Nang 4. Other people and groups of people make their move as well in this chapter, that easily reach the same quality as the previous ones. Enough talk, more reading. Go here to get right into the meat of this chapter.

January 6, 2004

Oh no, not the Teletubbies! ARRRGGGHHHHH! They just had to turn up. Nowhere is safe, not even The Leela Zone. The Teletubbies have arrived in town! Why? Well, Scotty has come up with another Claw Plaque for us, with this one featuring the battle: Fry, Leela and Bender Vs Teletubbies. Isn't anywhere safe from those four blabbering fools? Anyway, it's Claw Plaque, so it should be funny and violent... even if sickly cute. Don't blame me for this icky mess, the sun did it!

Family reunion! Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. He's come up with part three of his fic that's called Time Compression. In this part, Fry introduces the crew to his parents, who they have conveniently visited due to the time compression. However, they can't stay for too long, because they have important matters to sort out, like save the universe, that kind of thing, hero kind of stuff. Enjoy the read.

January 5, 2004

Game on! Today on this bleak and murky day, I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Alexander A Andreev. His picture for today, which I remind you is a day that's damn grey and with drizzle that threatens to turn into proper rain, shows Leela as if she were in the game Homeworld. Never played that game myself - not a games person to be honest - so can't say too much about it, other than the picture seems darker than those dark clouds outside. Glad I'm in here updating, because the outside world beyond my window isn't worth much. What is worth much is Alexander's picture, which I urge you to view.

You've been DOOPed! Next up for this grey day, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Fatso Huuskonen. The fiction, titled Artificial Entities Resurrected, continues with Fry and Leela's delivery to a space station with a history behind it that would make Bender drop a brick. In this part, you discover more about the history of the space station and its colourful past. However, this past comes to haunt Fry and Leela, so it's all relevant to the story. Past makes the present, which continues to the future. Cause and effect and cause again. That kind of stuff. Oh, Fatso says there are numerous computer games references. Seeing that I hardly play games, I've probably missed a load of them. However, don't let that stop you from doing a check for yourself. You can check the story by clicking here.

January 4, 2004

Angel's Delight! Hmmm... I remember having Angel's Delight when I was a kid. Not sure if it's still made now, but it was some sort of flavoured whipped cream type of thing. Anyway, enough of this, time to introduce some work that comes from Rye Guy. He's come up with two contributions for us today, which is good of him. First up is a work for our Fan Art section that's a parody of the film Charlie's Angels. Rye Guy says he created this by scanning the cover of the Futurama video game, then repainted the three characters into silhouettes. His next work is for our Fan Fiction section, and is part nine of his serial fic, The Other. In this part, Leela goes to Fry's apartment, where she discovers some home truths. Watch out for a strange Bender!

January 3, 2004

He's a madman! A maaadmaaan!!! Yes, and he's one of the five Chaos Renegades character pictures that sits in the Fan Art section. And I'm the one who drew him and the others, so if your following my story Universe of Malice, which they're all from, then take a squiz at them. There's five of them, Dawson, Madcap (as pictured), Chris, Tucker and Boris. Also, I should have a few new ones in a few days time.

More malice, this time of the heart As this next piece of Fan Art from Wu Konguk shows. He's kindly drawn this scene depicting Fry's grief at the end of UoM's 21st chapter. Poor Fry is crying while Alesia's ghostly visage is behind him, his reflection in the icy pond below. A very sad moment for him in the story, and the emotion has been captured brilliantly. Excellent work Wu Konguk, and thanks for drawing it [Kenneth]

Promo time for prima captain! Oh, you think that's a rant, Leo? You haven't seen a rant yet. Boy, I'll build up a rant so big, so large, so humungous, so rantastic that you will feel the aftershocks in Argentina five times. Bwahahahahahahaha! Yes, that's a warning to all of you. Including you over there. Yes, you. The one hiding behind the sofa. Oh, you're not hiding? What are you up to? Lost a peanut. Do you mock me? You do! Why, you little.... *choking noises* Give me that peanut! Anyway, while I await Leo's C&D - let's face it, he's had so many experiences of those things that he'll be able to come up with one far superior than Fox's - I'll mention the fact that I have a piece for our Fan Art section that comes from a certain person called Mitch. This picture is actually a promo art for an upcoming fan fiction work by him called "The New Captain". As you'll notice, it has something to do with Anime, featuring seomeone called Kiyone Makabi. Now, I think it's Anime, because my knowledge of that genre is smaller than one of the fingers of a character in one of Leela's Twin's pictures. Anyway, while you await Mitch's upcoming fic, you might as well enjoy the artwork.

Getting to The Pointe! I have two works coming from a new contributor to The Leela Zone who goes under the moniker LaPointe (note my cheesy heading... sorry about that, just couldn't resist it). Firstly, LaPointe has come up with a new fan fiction work that's titled Because You're Here. The fic starts with Fry dreaming about Leela in a romantic setting, but that's soon disturbed. However, seeing he can't get asleep, he decides to walk the dark streets of New New York at night... and the adventure begins. LaPointe's second contribution goes to our Poems & Song Parodies section. The song is titled Sweet Home Futurama, and is based on Lynard Skynard's "Sweet Home Alabama". The song deals with Fox's mistreatment of the show, so there's a lot to sing about, that's for sure.

Now for some serious ranting...

Alright, who let Gort drink from my glass? What's this? An oversized insane update from somebody else? What's next? Kenneth doing layout changes? Hell freezing over? Kristen actually updating? Wait, that one would require an Impossibility Drive, so never mind. Anyway, while browsing around my own Fan Art page, I realized there were some pics missing, so I went to hunt for them on the web, and now they're there, thanks to the Web archive. Go feast your eyes with my craptacular scanning skills! Once you're done throwing up, go pay a visit to Jennifer Morton's site, that I forgot to link to in my last update and she was kind enough not to rip my heart out and feed it to some dogs. Instead, she just locked me up in a room full of vampires and turned me into a creature of the night. My, girls can get violent sometimes! Anyway, before things turn any more weird, I'm leaving you to wait for the next update with stuff actually worth looking at; meanwhile, I'll be starting a copyright infringement suit against a certain Gort guy... [Leandro]

January 2, 2004

Love will tear us apart again! Some of the more curious, adventurous, cunning of you might already know of this update a few hours ago. Some of you, however, might not care and will just shoot off and give it a look. However, whatever you do, I have part twenty-two of Kenneth White's epic fan fiction that goes under the title Futurama: Universe of Malice. For those still to rush off and read it, I'll give you the gist of the story. Nibbler is in contact with ET but doesn't go home with him. No, he has more important things to do, like discover if the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" was actually correct that mice controlled the Earth to formulate the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Not only that, Nibbler wonders if these mice would be tasty in ketchup and stuffed with olives. Fry is still pining about Alesia, which is really pissing off Leela, because, let's face it, she wants to be the centre of attention. However, feeling bad about something or other that would be way too long to mention on this update - seriously, I'd end up boring you - she decides to cover herself in petrol and set herself on fire in front of him like one of those brave buddhist monks during the Vietnam War, adding some roman candles upon her to make sure that Fry notices the spectacle and give it that extra pizzazz. Does Fry notice? Does he heck! Sheesh! He's so wound up wondering what the latest cricket scores are going to be in Upper Volta that he doesn't notice the commotion and resulting smell. Alesia actually comes back from the dead and joins forces with Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo by pretending to be Princess Leia, except she's soon found out and sentenced to a lifetime of nit and flea picking Chewbacca, which isn't too nice. Hermes gets a plum job running the Shoreditch tax office, but in Madrid, which has been moved to east of the Urals. Professor Farnsworth invents the first sandwich that eats you. Amy joins a pantomine circus, and then becomes a nun after she's caught stealing the seals' balls. Zapp Brannigan starts off a male feminist bonding group... bet you didn't see that one coming. The DOOP decide to invade the Shire in order to get some ring that Mom lost, but find themselves fighting people with swords and arrows, while they use nuclear weapons and laser guns in return. Certainly a fair fight. Leela comes back to life for some unknown reason - maybe reincarnated or something, but it's not exactly explained - and decides to join Zapp's male feminist group. Mind you, to join his group, there needs to be the act of bra burning or something... but I'll let you wonder what the reasoning behind that is. And finally, Zoidberg, Kif and Bender discover the Marx brothers' films, deciding to go to Hollywoodberglandton to remake all the classics. However, things go wrong when Zoidberg eats all the duck soup. OK, I'll stop and let you read on. Be prepared for a surprise or two. Oh, and that bra burning scene goes on and on and on and on and on... you get the picture. Shoo... go... read. I'm finished. Yes, I really am. Go away. Read Ken's fic. Bah... leave me in peace.

Oh, you're still here! Hmmm... OK, I'll come clean. Some of the above didn't happen. No, maybe Fry is pining about Alesia, and maybe Leela tries to help him in his dark hour, but I won't be telling you what happened then, you'll have to go and read it to find out. Zapp and Baldur are getting on each others' nerves... until this happens. What happens? Why, go and read it to find out. Do I look like your personal narrator? Why are you still reading this? Don't you get it, I'm finished. Ever seen the end of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"? Good, it's over... go home. No... sorry, read Ken's fic. Do that then go home. Peace.

January 1, 2004

Painting in the new year! Oh well, it's the start of 2004. I wonder if it'll be as crap as 2003 was? Let's hope it's better, although something inside me feels it won't be. Bah, why am I being so cynical? Answers on a postcard. Oh, this is for mtvcdm. Don't worry about what I'm going on about, because he knows. Anyway, moving on, Andrea Huckstep welcomes in the new year with this work for our Fan Art section. The picture shows Leela getting quite agitated by Bowser Jr, who's from Super Mario Sunshine, because of his vandalising of a wall. Doesn't quite look like the kind of graffiti art you find on the side of tube trains, but it's a start.

It's been a hard day's night.... I'm not finished in welcoming in the new year. Rye Guy has come up with a new fan fiction that's especially suited for this day. A Long Night starts on New Year's Eve, and involves Fry giving Leela a present for the occasion, and getting in return a date to Time Square's new year celebrations... but only as friends. Still, the date doesn't go as expected. No, I won't tell you any more, you'll have to find out for yourselves by giving it a read. Enjoy!

Hello! Anyone sober over there? Woooo! Happy New Year, everybody! I hope y'all had a very nice change of year at whatever timezone it is that you live! (Like, it's midnight of January 2nd for Ken lives, but it's 8am of January 1st for me). Oh well, let's drink! A new year is upon us, the start of a 365-day journey around the sun, so we can all come back to this same point next year to get drunk again! Seriously, this area of space must have something that terribly affects us, since every time the planet passes through this area of space, humans end up as drunk as we can possibly be. Take that, UFO Conspiracy Theory Makers! Betcha didn't think of THAT one! Anyway, before this update gets any more insane, here's a new pic by the great Jennifer Morton for our Fan Art gallery! Jennifer got the first two seasons of Futurama on DVD and inspiration stuck her like lighting to a DeLorean going at 88 miles per hour, so there may be more pics from her arriving to our space-time continuum! [Leandro]

Time is changing, and not just because it's a new year. *Pant pant* Okay... I made it just before the first day.. *pant pant* of 2004 finishes here... *puff pant* in New Zealand, which is where it starts and finishes first, to bring you this update. Why is that important? Well, because of this Fan Art picture from Leela's Twin that wishes you all a Happy New Year of course. Yes, it's another one of her patented* dolls for you all, this one featuring New Years Leela no less, along with a greeting from her. Nice work.

Secondly, and rather swiftly, this piece of Fan Fiction from Dwayne Anderson. It just happens to be the second part of his new fic, Time Compression, the first of which was only released yesterday... no wait, the day before... Stupid time zones, all messed up. And messing up time is basically what happens in this part too. I won't say any more, you'll just have to read it yourselves.

And looking a the clock, it's now January 2nd, 2004 for me. That means I have to stop drinking this martini I guess? Well... not really. That's just an excuse to use the martini emoticon, just like typing 'beer' is an excuse to use this

That's all from me for now though. Later, and hope you've had a good new years

* = not really patented, but she'll no doubt be very mad if you copy them.