January 2003

January 30, 2003

Rising from the flames of Hell! It seems that Lee Roberts has bee quite busy lately. He's added another seven pictures to his own fan art page at The Leela Zone. Let's see what he's come up with: Leela with another gun (seems that the anti-gun lobby won't be too pleased - is Lee really Charlton Heston? - remember, Soylent Green is people!); Leela ready with her fists (this won't please the anti-boxing lobby - is Lee really Lennox Lewis? - remember, Rocky films are crap!); two pictures of Leela in sexy gear (the anti-pornography lot won't be too pleased - is Lee really Hue Hefner? - remember, a nudie magazine isn't just for Xmas! ); and Leela holding a head in the jar that contains Lee Roberts' head (this won't please the... ummm... something or other lobby - is Lee really Lee Roberts? - remember, to keep your head in the jar fresh, keep it the right way up and give it lots of alcohol!); as well as some other pictures that'll upset some lobby or other. Ah, and another thing I've failed to mention: Lee has created a wallpaper of an Angry Leela looking towards you with a fire background (the fire brigade and Health and Safety Department won't be too pleased - is Lee the one who started the Great Fire of London in 1666? - remember, don't play with matches, kids! ). Lee, in his email to me, says that this wallpaper is a tribute to The Leela Zone, and for that we thank him dearly.

January 29, 2003

Cut to Leela! OK, no messing about with crap today, instead I bring you a new contribution for our Wallpapers section from S-Chan. It shows what can be said to be a cut-out of Leela in some intricate background, which originally seemed, to me, to be that of a golf ball, but turns out to be spirals on a shaded background. Silly me! Although, in my defence, you have to admit that when looking at it quickly, it does look like Leela's shape has been cut out of a golf ball. Anyway, it's a nice idea for a wallpaper, I have to say, well worth being put up on any desktop. Hmmm... time to get a smiley that shows a thumb's up.

January 28, 2003

It's a sh!t job, but somebody has to do it! Ewww! Urgh! Ewww! Yuk! Barf! Seems that The Voices has got something against Leela, as he's got her wading in a sewer in his latest picture for our Fan Art section. Yep, as you can see, he's done a hand-drawn work of Leela doing some sh!t (do I really have to blank out that word?) work. Then again, maybe she's on a visit to her parents' house. Now, let's see about that word sh!t, and whether I can type it out. Sh*t - no. Sh1t - getting warmer. Sh"t - no, colder now. $hit - too American. Sh^t - too French. Prescott - too British. I give up!

Comforting a snail! Hmmm... wading in sewers, now comforting snails! Poor Leela! Anyway, here is a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. It features Escargoon, of the Kirby show, reminiscing about some past argument with Shadow, also of the Kirby show. Well, how is Leela related to this? She's comforting the sad snail. Awwww! It's a sh!t job, but somebody has to do it!

I received an email from Hollywood Posters saying that a new poster for Futurama is out. If you're into posters, you can view and get it here. There, that's the Devil's work done.

Onto other news. Opera 7 final version is now out. So, if you're into this browser, like I am (and Leo... and maybe Kenneth, but I can't remember if he still uses it or not), then head off to Opera to download it. I have to say that there are still some minor bugs in the program, but the larger ones that were in the beta versions have now been mostly cleared up. Anyway, why not download the browser that any The Leela Zone layout has to cater for first before it's acceptable to use (yes, even before that damn Internet Explorer!). I even used it for making this update. (Any mistakes in this update are due to bugs in Opera 7.)

January 27, 2003

Whatever happened to the heroes? If you go to our Uses for a Hacker section, you'll find fifteen new Uses that's come from the ever-so-busy Smiley. Actually, the reason why there are so many is more down to an accident on our behalf, but let's not go on about that kind of thing and instead celebrate some new work. Let's see, we have "Electronic Billboard Repairmen"; "Trotsky's Revenge on Stalin" (yay... about time! ); "Dexter & Deedee's Older Sister Doo-dah"; and "Luis Filipe Madeira Caeliro Figo's Best Friend", as well as many more that I've not mentioned. So, want to see some bloody mayhem? Then shoot off to Smiley's section. He deserves it, after all this hard work he's done.

I'll give you a damn logon if you wake me up next time! Hmmm... that subject line could be taken two ways. Anyway, what's all this, I hear you say? Well, it's one of two Mad Max's Windows XP logon screens, which you'll find in our Themes section (best place to put them, I suppose), and would be used to brighten up your time when you log into your XP machine. Mad Max has converted two great pictures by The Voices (his "Leela Croft" and "Leela in Bed" pictures), in order to create these screens. Oh, you'll need to go to LogonStudio, and download and install their program in order for this to work. And this is very important: it's only for Windows XP. So, people like me, who use Windows 2000, and others who don't use Windows XP, don't bother to download these logon screens or install the LogonStudio program, as it won't work. Anyway, if XP is your OS, then why not give these a try. Enjoy!

January 26, 2003

She seeks you here, she seeks you there, she'll seek you everywhere! So, after yesterday's rant, it's back to some normality here. Welcome another contribution from Lee Roberts (yes, the one I keep on spelling his first name Leela... having to return to it to correct it). This time, he's come up with a wallpaper, based on two of his previous works. Let's see, it shows Leela with a gun and Leela running for the bus or something... but it actually seems that she's going to hunt you down, so run... run fast! Did I mention that the wallpaper has some effects? No? Well, it does. Not only has he come up with a wallpaper, he's been extra-generous and created four new works for our Fan Art section. So, go and take a look at Lee Roberts' work on his fan art page... and do the right thing, enjoy!

January 25, 2003

Leela Croft, Leela Croft, running through the glen. Leela Croft, Leela Croft, killing all those men! Forget my babbling, but that's some old Robin Hood song, but converted to make it relevant. Anyway, welcome a great, new picture by Impossible, which is for our Fan Art section. This picture shows good, ol' Leela in Lara Croft, of Tomb Raider, mode, packing a lot of punch with her two weapons. Well, what more can I say than: bloody good work!

Casualty of war! Here's a picture for our Fan Art section that seems to be based on current affairs. Makes you think about the real people who'll be suffering when Bush and Blair decide (who am I kidding, Poodle Blair won't be deciding anything!) to start this idiotic war for oil and family honour, against a country that's contained and poses no threat whatsoever. Bah, I suppose I've upset some Republican/rabid patriot, but who cares. I don't! Well, this picture comes from Alexander A Andreev, and features Leela with angelic wings, wearing combat gear, and carrying some child that's been killed in the heat of battle. Sad picture, but certainly thought provoking, especially considering today's climate.

Oh, finally, here's some other news that comes from alt.tv.futurama. According to Don Del Grande, there's probably going to be no new eps in February! Let me quote him, which, hopefully, he won't mind: "Don't expect any episodes on 2/16 or 2/23 either; 2/16 is the 'Simpsons 300th Episode' night (even though it's really their 302nd episode), so they're airing Simpsons episodes from 7:30 to 9:00, which probably means a KOTH episode at 7:00; I've heard there's going to be a 3-hour movie on 2/23.

"With 'Oliver Beene' starting in March, and Fox unlikely to air Futurama in May, that leaves nine episode spots in Sunday - and 11 episodes Fox hasn't aired yet."

Now, considering that both February 2nd and 9th will be pre-empted for King of the Hill repeats (repeats, mind you!), it means that ALL of February will be Futurama free. So, again, Fox has shown itself to be a fantastic television network, worthy of hosting Futurama! Yeah, I'm being sarcastic... very!

Now, if Bush wants to have a firework display, then pointing his missiles at Fox Studios would certainly be a legitimate target.

Time Really DOES Keep on Slippin' Hey all. The newest Graphic Guide is here, and this one covers Time Keeps on Slippin', the time-shifting episode with "Bubblegum" Tate and tha Harlem Globetrotters. It's one of my favourite episodes, and funny while still having a nice emotional tie to it. Very nice episode, and you can now relive it via this guide.

Well I'll be heading back to classes again starting tomorrow, so the guides will be out only on weekends once again for a while now. The truth was I actually wanted to have more out over the past couple of months, but things kept popping up. I didn't think 10 weeks of vacation would go so fast! Oh well.

January 23, 2003

Wait for me! Welcome a new artist for our Fan Art section, who comes under the moniker, Lee Roberts (I just wrote Leela Roberts, which I think Lee... there I go again!... wouldn't appreciate too much ) Anyway, Lee (yay, I didn't write "Leela"!) has come up with five pictures of Leela in many poses. We have Leela posing in a bikini; Leela running for something (the link image); Leela holding a gun; Leela in that "calendar" dress, and holding a gun; and Leela holding a gun, but in a blue dress (lots of guns, I see ). So, why not go to Lee's page (ah, I didn't write "Leela" that time, either) and give his works a good, well-deserved look. And I better stop confusing his name with Leela, otherwise he'll probably come hunting me down, and this time not with a water pistol!

Hmmm... what to type, what to type. Hello there, people! I'm having a really, really, really bad month, so you won't see me here much. Still, I want to do this update, so here it is: first we have four new pics by Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, all top-rate. I really like his stuff. Second, there are three new Episode Transcripts courtesy of The Neutral Planet for you to enjoy. Third, there's a new site in The Links Zone. Fourth, I can't think of a babbling subject! I sold my babble generator and now I can't babble. Oh well... maybe Kristen will clarify why she's so cheerful... (if she (I can hear you cheering! Cut that out! ) Oh well, I'll leave you free to enjoy the update. [Leandro]

January 22, 2003

The King of Comedy! Now, there's a film that I enjoyed. It starred Robert De Niro as some obsessive, stand-up comic wannabe, who kidnaps Jerry Lewis, whom he adores and stalks, in order to get a chance to do his own stand-up routine. Many didn't enjoy this film, because De Niro wasn't in tough guy, gangster mode; but it showed that he isn't just a one-dimensional actor, and can take on many roles (witness "Awakenings", a film where De Niro starred as someone suffering from some long-term comatose illness in an asylum, which, incidentally, also starred Julie Kavner, the voice of Marge Simpson). Anyway, to the update. Andrea Huckstep has come up with another one of her works for our Fan Art section. This picture features Leela and Escargoon suffering at the hands of King Dedede and a character called Dook Larue, whose in the Rock-afire Explosion, who are doing a stand-up routine, and from both Leela and Escargoon's reactions, aren't too good.

Wow! It can't be true! But it is! Yes, that's right: someone actually sent me something to update with! So now I can rant to my heart's delight, thanks to a new fanfic from a new author, Dwayne Anderson, who brings you parts 1 and 2 of "Return From the Deep South". A bit of scandal in the Planet Express world... quite interesting read. Enjoy! I know I will! Then again, I'm enjoying just about everything right now, because I'm in a great mood! Why, you might ask? Well... at least one person knows... [Kristen]

January 21, 2003

And the winner of the 1,500th picture on TLZ's Fan Art section goes to Kenneth White! Fix! Fix! Fix! Actually, it's true. Kenneth White, one of the webmasters at The Leela Zone, has stolen the medal as the creator of the 1,500th piece of work on our Fan Art section! Yeah, he's holding a gun to my head as I type this, and is commanding me to write all this stuff. "Graham, if you don't make me win the 1,500th fan art at TLZ, I'll blow your &%$£ing head off!" So, here I am typing this. Anyway, it's actually Kenneth's first piece of art for The Leela Zone, and despite having a loaded gun to my head, I still think it's a great piece of work. No, seriously, I do. Ah, he's relaxed on the trigger. Whew! Well, the thumbnail only tells half of the story about the pic, as it's a bit more detailed than that and has other characters, so don't judge it by the thumbnail (ie - go take a look). Actually, this picture is what can be said to be a promo pic for Kenneth's epic fan fiction work, Futurama: Universe of Malice. If you haven't read it yet, then go and take a look... it's full of goody goodness, and some good old fashioned Nibbler bashing. Hmmm... is that gun perspiring or is it a water pistol?

Hmmm... before I chase after Kenneth and his water pistol, I better do what I said I'd do in an email reply to Amy (no, not THAT one, another one... a real Amy, so to speak). Anyway, she pointed out to me that Futurama's "season five" will be airing in the UK on 2nd March, on Sky One, starting at 7pm. So, thanks to Amy (no... I repeat, not THAT one, a real one... real... in flesh... yeah... real person! ), for prompting me to inform you fellow Brits about this. All I can say to Sky is, why the damn wait?

Now, back to the hunt!

January 20, 2003

Yeah, I've got a question. Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe? Yep, that's a quote from the film "The Breakfast Club", and from a character called Bender! Why am I talking about this film? Well, The Drainpipe has come up with another picture for our Fan Art section that's based on the movie's promo picture. As you know, that film got a mention in the episode "The Luck of the Fryish", which is apparently one of The Drainpipe's favourite episodes of Futurama; which means he joins The Leela Zone's own Kenneth's taste in eps. Anyway, glad to see him steer clear of Rambo films, otherwise I'd have to rant and rave, which doesn't take much to get me going. Well, go and have a peek at The Drainpipe's latest great work while I go off to work out in the Angry Dome.

January 19, 2003

Out with the old, in with the new! A few weeks ago, Juliet Adeoye requested a picture from Sofie Fenwick. The picture she wanted was of her being comforted by the main Futurama characters, while she disposes the year 2002 to the bin of history. See, last year wasn't a good year for Juliet; it started quite brightly for her, but ended on a sour note. So, in a way, this picture will act as a healer. Anyway, Sofie agreed to do the picture, and here it is in our Fan Art section, a hand-drawn picture showing Juliet being comforted by the crew. Let's hope that 2003 won't jerk Juliet about like 2002 did.

Don't ask me what this is all about, ask Alexander! Yeah, seriously, I don't know what this picture is about, so if anyone, preferably Alexander, can enlighten me, I'd be quite happy. This picture by Alexander A Andreev sits in our Fan Art section, ready for you to view it. It's a pencil sketch of Leela in a glass tube, entwined by tentacle things. I don't think she's trapped as such, but it doesn't look comfortable, either. Anyway, the picture looks intriguing enough to warrant attention, and it's sketched quite well, too. So, take a look and enjoy... then get confused.

January 18, 2003

Lara Croft, I think not! Yay, it's wallpaper time from the one who's nearly claimed this section as his own, The Voices. No complaints about that, mind you. Anyway, as you can see, it features Leela, with a lack of attire, menacingly pointing a gun towards you. The Voices told me that originally this was to be a Leela/Tomb Raider cross, but he got tired of that and went in a different direction, while still keeping a Tomb Raiderish feel to it. Sure has done that. Oh, and as usual, he's added an intricate background to this wallpaper. Well, it wouldn't be The Voices, would it, if the background wasn't complicated. Anyway, enjoy this.

And now for something completely different! The difference is that Andrea Huckstep has created another of her works for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela and King Dedede running from some television networks. Wouldn't you run if you were being chased by them? Then again, maybe Andrea has been paid a lot of money by all these companies to advertise them on this site. Then again, maybe there's a subliminal message behind all this... and you should all now bow to your new leader, Andrea Huckstep. Bow and scrape the floor with your chins.

Eh? What happened? Oh well, back to some more news. Let me thank El-man for informing me that the title of the film that Erdrik was parodying in one of his pictures for our Fan Art section is called "Krull", a 1983 sci-fi/fantasy/action film that El-man refers as B-grade material. So, we learnt something new today.

January 17, 2003

Zappocalypse Now! Hey all. Like I promised, and brand new Futurama Comic Review is now ready for look at. And also as promised, it is for Futurama Comics #4, the issue that parodies the classic film Apocalypse Now! with Zapp playing the fat Marlon Brando-ish main role. To see what I thought of it, just click on the picture here or the link above. Until next time.

On another note (and this is really just space filler because that comic cover is so damn huge), I finally managed to have a look at the Futurama Season One DVD I got for Xmas. I must say, it's truly brilliant! I can't wait for the other seasons to arrive because these are truly great DVD's, and a must for any fan of the show who owns a DVD player or ROM, or even those of us who don't but plan to buy one. The video quality is crisp and clear, the sound clear and crisp and the episodes are in order and contain the ones produced for Season One and not just the first nine that aired in the first season. Well, enough rambling. For those US readers out there, I suggest you order your Season One DVD's ASAP, or at least have some cash ready for when they arrive in the first half of this year.

January 16, 2003

Star Wars: The Erdrik Strikes Back! Yes, I'm calm today... well, calmer. Anyway, let's welcome some new contributions from Erdrik for The Leela Zone. Firstly, he's produced three pieces of work for our Fan Art section. One features the crew parodying Star Wars, another is from a sci-fi film that Erdrik has forgotten the title of (maybe someone can enlighten me, too), while the third is a Shipper-styled picture to keep you romantics out there happy. Well, as if those weren't enough, he's come up with three new pages of his comic, The Lost Nibblets, which resides in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, Fry and Leela are trying to get off the planet they crashed on, but things start going missing... and some more things... and you should really be going there and reading it and not this crap I'm typing.

The camera never lies! You still here? Good. You shouldn't go away, because The Voices has come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section. Let's see, he's created the fan art version of his wallpaper that featured the camera spying on Fry and Leela doing some overtime at work. Not only that, he's also come up with a picture of a scantily clad Leela ready to kick some ass before she goes home and sits down to read a good book with a cup of hot chocolate, etc. It's hard work being a scantily clad kickass machine. Very hard work.

Well, enjoy the works from Erdrik and The Voices. It's that time again, the time when I upload this page. Back soon... don't run away!

January 15, 2003

ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! It's Sylvester Stallone not in drag! There I was trying to forget some awful movies in the '80s, and The Drainpipe brings up one of them! Rambo movies have to be the nadir of the '80s, a reflection of the moron ages that were dominated by an actor acting as a president (oh wait, he was a president... people actually voted President Grecian 2000 in back then!) and a block of wood posing as an actor (yep, people actually sat and watched that block of wood!). Anyway, I'll turn off rant mode and... rant some more. I hate all the movies of Sylvester Stallone, all of them. Do you hear me? All of them! There, that's better. However, why am I raving like President Bush's speech therapist before a Presidential Speech? Well, the reason is because The Drainpipe has created two new pictures for our Fan Art section. Now, I hate Rambo films, but I do like Drainy's parody of those God awful films. Did I tell you how awful those films are? I have. Oh, well, I hate Stallone's movies. Hate. Hate. Hate. But, before the medics take me away for some soothing medication, let me say that his other picture is a parody of those great Nightmare on Elm Street films. There, I think I'm cured: a bad film plus a good film makes a neutral Graham. Now I can relax and think of more things to hate, like hair metal, new wave, disco, Tottenham Hotspurs, Chelsea, Manchester United, Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Posh and Becks, flares (trousers, not fireworks), Elton John, seasons 9 to 12 Simpsons, the monarchy, Tories, soap operas, cricket, anything equestrian, and Fox. Now, to take that soothing sedative. Enjoy the pics.

Oh, one other thing while I'm calming down: a lot of thanks to David Curtin (former webmaster of The Leela Zone) for pointing out that there is an article at Startrek.com that heavily mentions Futurama. To see this article, click here.

Well, that sedative is working. Peace, man! ZZZZZZZ!

January 14, 2003

How Soon is Now? Awww... this looks like a sad picture. It comes from Alexander A Andreev, who's added to his collection on his page at our Fan Art section. As like last time, this one is a pencil sketch, which in my books is only a good thing. It shows a sad Leela sitting on the floor, listening to some music on her personal stereo, while the door is open. Hmmm... on the floor, next to the door, is a piece of paper with January 19th upon it, which, as anyone who's a fan of the show should know, is Katey Sagal's birthday. Who's Katey Sagal? Do I have to explain that to you? No, thought not. Enjoy the pic.

He's back! Did he go? Yes, he went to /dev/null! Oh, why? I don't know... just look at the pic and shut up! Yeah, he's back! Captain Leela has made a reappearance at The Leela Zone's Fan Art section, which is cool. His picture seems to also announce this, as it shows Leela in a t-shirt and bikini bottom holding up a sign welcoming him back. Leela seems to have a tear in her eye, so it seems she's missed him quite a bit, which we all have. Yes you have! I saw you looking for him under the couch, in the loft, in the fridge, inside the washing machine, etc. Hopefully, he won't go missing again.

January 13, 2003

Updatin' in the Wind Well, I FINALLY have another Graphic Guide for you loyal viewers...... wait, that's not right....... listeners? No, wrong again..... Uh.... well... whoever you guys reading this are, you're loyal. The reason it was so late was simple: I was on vacation for a couple of weeks, and when I came back I got the flu and didn't feel like working on it. But now it's done and ready to look at.

Oh, it's for the episode Bendin' in the Wind by the way, otherwise known at TLZ as Graham's "Favourite" Episode. Speaking of Graham, big thanks to him for helping me find the identity of the two jar-heads that were in Beck's bus when nobody else would. So a HUGE thanks to Graham, and to those people at alt.tv.futurama who knew the answer but didn't help me: I hate you all!

Well, that's all for now. Tune in soon for the guide to Time Keeps on Slippin' and a review of the 4th Futurama comic, which I'll do as soon as I grab a copy. Seeya!

My Best Friend's Wedding! Here you go, Juliet Adeoye has created something wholesome for our ever-growing Wallpapers section. It features the moment in A Bicyclops Built for Two where Leela is getting into her wedding dress, with the help of Amy, in order to marry that charlatan, Alkazar. Oh well, I suppose that dress may need to come out again for someone else. No, not you! Hmmm... many would want it to be Fry (or is it, many would want to be Fry?), which it might well be, but I doubt we'll get that far, unless new episodes are produced. But, let's be upbeat and concentrate on Juliet's brand new wallpaper. Ah, that hits the spot!

The Jim Rose Circus - now on canvas! Andrea Huckstep seems to have taken some wacky stuff in order to produce her new picture for our Fan Art section. The picture she sent to me is titled "Escargoon's Art Freakshow", and it certainly does look like that! Well, the picture features Leela, Fry and Escargoon, of the Kirby Show, with some of the snail's strange pictures up on the wall on display. Leela looks bemused, Fry is laughing his head off (he's probably taken something wacky himself), while Escargoon looks like he's about to strangle Fry. Cheer up, Escargoon, ask or take what Fry's on. Hmmm... does anyone remember Mr Lifto from the Jim Rose Circus? Ah, painful memories!

January 12, 2003

[SPOILER] David Beckham, eat your heart out... or pull your hair out! If there's one thing I hate about football, it's the celebrity status of many of its players. Posh and Becks is one of those phenomenons that I could do without. Who cares if he's got some crappy hairstyle or whatever? Hmmm... seems I do, otherwise I wouldn't be ranting about it. So, let's stop here! Anyway, today's update is some framegrabs from the latest episode, Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch. Again, if you don't want the episode spoilt, then don't go to this section's new page before seeing the said episode, but if you don't mind or want to be spoilt, then please give it a visit. I've also included non-Leela grabs, too; the majority, to be precise. The episode was really a Kif and Amy gooey love episode, so if you like squishy amphibian/human sex, then this episode is for you. Actually, it was quite enjoyable in quite a few parts, although I did find it quite hollow in others - the lack of a side-story to distract and add didn't help, either. The ending wasn't too great, IMO; I can imagine better ways to finish off that story than they did. Then again, I'm one of those who thinks the biggest mistake the show has made is the Kif and Amy relationship... and I still think that. I'd rather have the old Amy and Kif, with sharp, distinctive characters, not this bland couple. Oh well, a man can dream. Anyway, the episode does give you a clearer view of Kif's species and its mechanics. All in all, I give this episode a C+, which might surprise you, considering my gripes, but I did find a lot of it quite enjoyable. Bah, humbug!

January 11, 2003

I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with Hmmm... seems that Fry and Leela have a big secret that's been found out. Either they are practicing wrestling, as in that Amy and Leela scene in Jurassic Bark, or, more likely, they are doing some tongue wrestling instead. Looking at it, neither is winning this contest, so maybe some extra-time needs to be played. Well, thank The Voices for this great contribution to our Wallpaper section. You'll notice that he's done some 3D stuff on this work, which he says is the first time he's used such a technique. Looks good anyway. So, want to see what the security camera saw in the Planet Express ship's cargo bay? Well, now you can do just that.

The many poses of Leela kicking ass! Here you go, some more artwork to display on The Leela Zone. The Drainpipe has come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section, both of which will knock you out in different ways. The one you can see to your left shows numerous poses of Leela fighting, even the background subtly shows some Leela posing. His second one is a bit on the sad side: it shows Fry carrying a dead or badly injured Leela, and similar to his other picture, it has Shipper-type images in the background, which adds to the emotion of the work. Anyway, both pictures continue the great work of The Drainpipe on this site, which is only a good thing.

January 10, 2003

Erdrik to the rescue! Remember the Fans' Comics section? Surely you remember that section? No? Oh, OK. Anyway, the reason why you may have forgotten about that section is because nobody's sent anything to be put up for some time. Charles Delnegro's finished his comics some months ago (finishing is a rarity in that section, might I add), while others have chosen to allow their comics to be left unfinished and gathering cobwebs. So, before I go on, can anyone who has an unfinished comic in that section please complete it for the benefit of the world out there who may choose to read it, as well as for your own kudos.

Why am I mentioning all this now? Well, Erdrik has decided to come to the rescue with a new comic of his own. Yay! Yep, he's started a comic called The Lost Nibblets. Let's use his own words to describe it: "Fry and Leela are on a delivery when something goes wrong, and they're caught in a 'confining' situation." So, there you go, Fry and Leela are caught in a tight spot. Now, let's just hope that there's more from Erdrik, seeing that we want to know how they rescue themselves from this predicament.

January 9, 2003

Revolutionary new artwork, comrades! Welcome a new contributor to our Fan Art section, who's called Alexander A. Andreev. Yep, remember that name, for he'll be back, as he declares in his email to me. Well, he's done nine hand-drawn pictures, and I have to say that they are of a nice quality. Let's see, we have Leela as Scully of the X Files (thankfully, not Mike Scully of the Simpsons ), Leela as a Soviet Tesla trooper in the game Red Alert 2 (ah, the USSR brngs back some distant memories), and other nicely done pictures of Leela in many different guises. So, chuck those vodka glasses into the fireplace and salute Alexander.

January 8, 2003

In deep, deep doo-doo! Ah, The Drainpipe is back with two moody and atmospheric pictures for our Fan Art section. The one you can see to the right shows Leela wading through the sewers with a lamp in her hand to guide her way. Hmmm... it must be very smelly down there. The second picture shows Leela and Fry just after getting a pasting from some nemesis of theirs. No, it does look like both Fry and Leela had a fight, and Fry got the worst of it (as he probably would do), but I've been assured by The Drainpipe that it's the scene after an attack by a foe, with Leela wanting to return the deed to the assailant and Fry just wanting to sleep it off. Whew! Those Shippers out there would have been mighty upset if it was the result of some personal conflict between the two. Anyway, enjoy these cool pics.

Come on already! Just give Nibbler the sky-blue one and let's get out of here! So, I received this picture for our Fan Art section from Andrea Huckstep, and I wondered what a yoshi actually is (yeah, I live a sheltered life in some hole in the ground next to some juniper bush), so I go and do a search on Google to find out. Anyway, I find that Yoshi is a band that's fronted by Jesus Jones' frontman, Mike Edwards. Ah, yeah, I remember the group and himself... not too bad, actually. However, I realised that this is very unlikely, as none of those creatures on Andrea's picture looks like Mr Edwards, so I ditched that idea quite quickly. However, I then find out from Google that they're actually characters from a Nintendo game, which would fit. Oh, and I did check that there was no Wario in this picture; pity there wasn't, as I would have gotten his name right this time. Well, this picture features Leela and Dwight looking on at some yoshis prancing about doing stuff. Dwight doesn't seem too happy. Maybe he was expecting some music or something.

Finally, if you want to read an interesting interview of David X Cohen, then head over to Toon Zone to read it. You'll find the interview by Craig Marinaro HERE. Yep, click on "HERE" to go to the interview. In the said interview, David expresses his pessimism about Fox showing the remaining episodes by May, something else of Fry's being fossilised rather than his dog, and talk about the show being aired on Cartoon Network. You still here listening to my inane ramblings? Go already!

January 7, 2003

New people, new stuff, all brand new and gleaming! Today I have two new contributors for The Leela Zone. The first is SPb_Petr, who has created some very interesting, quality work, which will especially please those Leela and Amy lovers out there, although the works are so good as to interest other fans with differing priorities for the characters. Let's see, he's created a wallpaper that's based on the sci-fi film The Fifth Element. That's something that would certainly look good on a desktop. His other works are in our Fan Art section, featuring four pictures that should certainly take the interest of those who enjoy the, let's say, sexual side of the characters. Well, there you go, you mention sex and everyone takes notice. Enjoy the pics!

Continuing with the new! The second contributor for today is Aeryn, who has come up with four hand-drawn pictures for our Fan Art section. Let's see, to the left, you can see a sketch of Leela, Bender and Fry crew looking up towards the sky, while the other three show Leela using Fry as a post, Fry flying through the air with a New New York background, and Fry looking lonely. Awww! Anyway, I do hope you enjoy these sketches from the new fan artist, Aeryn. Hope to see some more soon, too. [Graham]

January 6, 2003

The Zapper's THAT big? Hmmm... looks like Leela has met something more gross than Zapp Brannigan: a severely obese Zapp Brannigan! Surely she couldn't stomach someone like that? Well, if you've been eating and have decided, automatically, to spray your food onto your keyboard, then blame Crippled Ass for this wallpaper of his. Well, seeing that this is his first wallpaper, I wonder what his next will feature? Fry cleaning his room? Nah, impossible and too gross to comtemplate! Zoidberg scavenging in the sewers? Possible, but not that exciting. Ah, how about the after-effects of when a Futurama fans' convention meets a Fox executive? Now, that would certainly be too extreme and scary to show. Well, only Crippled Ass will know what's coming up.

BTW, could people who submit wallpapers please consider making more than just one size of wallpaper, because many out there on the Net have a variety of resolutions. Resolutions you should try to make are as follows: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864 and 1280x1024. If you can't make all of those, fine, just try to make more than one, so as to allow more people to use the wallpaper that's been made, which, let's face it, is what you really want to happen. Thanks.

Wide-eyed and cold! Well, after a gross-out wallpaper, I can give you two great contributions from The Voices for our Fan Art section. The link image shows Leela sitting on what The Voices has told me is ice, which seems to be making her eye bulge out. Well, wouldn't yours? Now, the other image that he's made is great, and maybe it should have been the link image, but then again, this'll encourage you to go and visit his page. It features Leela in the shower, but to her horror, she's dropped the soap! Hmmm... best not to make the obvious prison reference, etc.

Oh well, after that terrible thought, it's back to listening to Cucsifae to make things right. Blame Ruben for this.

January 5, 2003

Another sunday night has arrived... One week to go before Cartoon Network begins to air Futurama five nights a week, and tonight Fox treats us with... a rerun. Well, if that's the way things are meant to be, you can go to our Episode Transcripts section and read the new transcript for The Route of All Evil, brought to you by The Neutral Planet. I also added a few sites to The Links Zone, so if you feel like exploring other sites, there you go. And finally, there's a new image in our Fan Art section, coming from our regular artist S-Chan. My babble generator broke again after I abused it on my last update... I guess I'll just make the update quick and to the point, for once! [Leandro]

Leela's Blue Period! Here's an interesting idea: use the standard Windows desktop background and put a subtle line drawing of Leela upon it. Voila! Well, that's what Fatso Huuskonen has done for our Wallpaper section. This kind of wallpaper may suit someone like me, who has no wallpaper on their machine (I used to use wallpapers, but I'm now a Scrooge with resources, so I don't). It's certainly a different approach for wallpaper design; a welcomed difference, might I add. Actually, I think The Voices came up with a minimalist design some time ago, but this one is unique in that it apes the colour of the standard Windows desktop. Anyway, enough yapping from me... it's time to do a request for good ol' Leandro. Last time that request went to /dev/null, but this time I'm repeating the request like mantra... like mantra... like mantra... like mantra... like mantra.... What now?

January 4, 2003

Jennifer causes a stir! Welcome back Sofie Fenwick to The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. She received a request from Jennifer Morton, asking for her to sketch Jennifer with the Futurama characters. So, Sofie went to work and came up with two hand-drawn pictures, which you will see if you click on the link and go to her page. The picture you see to the right shows Leela and Bender looking on in dismay as Fry takes an interest in Jennifer, while the other shows Jennifer, Leela, Fry (who's not being too complimentary to both Jennifer and Leela) and Bender (who's not being too complimentary to Fry) posing away. Hope you enjoy these pics from Sofie; I know I do.

Now to some hilarious news about that caring network called Fox. Now, let's quote a few sentences from Fox's recent C&D to this site:

"Fox has dedicated tremendous time and resources to the creation of quality entertainment programming such as 'Futurama' and greatly values the comments and suggestions of fans that enjoy Fox's programs."

Then later on:

"Your interest in 'Futurama' is most appreciated. Fox will continue to do its best to bring you quality entertainment."

See, quite entertaining.

Now for the punchline to all this: Don Del Grande has mentioned on the Newsgroup alt.tv.futurama that the episode that was to be aired on the 19th of this month is to be pre-empted for a Simpsons repeat, in order that they can show "There's Something About Mary" later on! Don't you just love it? I can't stop laughing! Please, will someone cart me away to the looney bin, so I can recuperate from my non-stop fit of laughter. Maybe Fox will kill me off by pre-empting next week's new episode, Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch.

January 3, 2003

Here's Leela and Leela and Leela and Leela and... Leela. You get the picture! Impossible's been busy creating a homage to Leela, which is what she's titled her latest contribution to our Wallpapers section. It features good ol' Doctor Zoidberg and his life, trials and terrible times.... Nah, not really, it's Leela holding a gun, while there are frames of her moments in the show in the background. Looks quite detailed and good... lots to see and keep the eye occupied. Let's see, there are frames from Anthology of Interest I, The Cyber House Rules, Parasites Lost, Time Keeps on Slippin', and some others that deserve a mention, but I'm getting too lazy to type them all out. Why not download it and see for yourself.

Don't you just hate it when you buy a CD and it's skipping about when played? Oh well, that'll teach me to buy a Captain Beefheart CD. And no, it's not meant to play that way.

Finally, I do like this new layout. Good work, Javier! Can anyone else beat him? Well, why not come up with your own design and send it to us, and you just might find it here for all to see.

Oh no! The media has discovered our master plan! I never expected this! I just went to browse a news page, and I find an article saying they've deciphered the 14th cromosome! We're doomed! Doooomed, I tell you! They surely uncovered our plan... wait, lemme read... hmmm... genetics this, Alzheimer that... Phew! They don't mention it! I was scared there for a minute. Why? Oh, you're here. Well, you're a loyal TLZ visitor, so you won't spill the beans... we've known about a gene in the 14th cromosome for three years... it's the gene responsible for some people to become übernerds while other remain lowly earthlings who love Windows and need help screens to receive their email! With that gene, we've created an army of genetic engineered nerds whose only purpose is to create layouts for TLZ! Bwahahahaha!!! What, don't believe me? Want proof? You'll have it! Here, meet Javier, one of our most valued members of the Layout Army, and also webmaster of The Futurama Point, the best place to get general Futurama stuff, and the second oldest living Futurama fansite (yes, we programmed love for Futurama on his DNA too). He has created this pretty cool layout for us! It has pretty Leela pictures in the sections to the left! Oooohhh... I missed that ... This one will stay around for a while, unless someone else from the Layout Army feels bold enough to create a new layout that'll look even prettier than this. And not only that, but Javier has three new scans in his Fan Art page, including the one to the right and two more. Yes, we programmed Fan Art making on his DNA, too. What? Hmmm... now that you ask, I did make a test to see if my insanity gene was active last time I took a trip to the laboratory. I think the machine exploded. Um, surely nothing to do with my results. But, anyway... let's get into the illegal stuff!

New year, old traditions: new layout! Yes, our illegal Image Gallery becomes more fat with each update! There are three new pics by Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, who also alerted me of something that I consider funny... someone has been selling Futurama lighters on eBay... with Fan Art images on them! Yes, that's really cheap. The lighter from the link has a Leela image that I drew years ago and it's still in our Wallpapers section... and he didn't even link to TLZ! Oh well, nobody bought it, anyway. Maybe I should send a C&D to eBay for using my pictures without permission! Howzabout that? There are other auctions for Futurama T-Shirts, also homemade with Wallpapers from this site. Sad, really. Hey, guy, whoever you are: at least give us a link from the auction page! [Leandro]

January 2, 2003

Right, that's it, Zoidberg's dead! Last time he does the laundry! Here are two pictures for our Fan Art section from The Voices. Both pictures feature Leela in what can be seen as in scary mode. The image you see to your right, shows Leela in a really pissed off state with her clothing ripped to shreds. I suppose anyone would be pissed off if their clothing was like that, but Leela seems especially angry. The other picture is what The Voices describes as a reproduction of a "ghost wallpaper", but with Leela. Hmmm... this time she looks mean, sexy, ready for some nasty business, and mean. I think this is probably post-ripped clothes, with her seeking to destroy the person who put her clothes in a washing machine filled with razor blades and nails, but finding only these clothes in her wardrobe to put on for the chase. Anyway, both are cool, if frightening, pics.

Shadow's sick! Probably whooped by Sonic! OK, before we start, that's not Sonic the Hedgehog, it's Shadow, who's a character from Sonic Adventure II. Anyway, let's get onto saying who this is from, as that's the usual practice. The picture is from Kirby-mad Andrea Huckstep, who has done this for our Fan Art section. Now, back to describing it. It features Leela, Zoidberg, Wario of Super Mario Bros fame, and poorly Shadow, who's in bed sporting an ice-bag on his head. Maybe he got run over, which is what usually happens to hedgehogs around here. Anyway, enjoy these pictures... go on, enjoy!

January 1, 2003

More banned stuff on The 1L!3g@| Zone! Nintendo, are you ready to join forces with Fox to serve us a Cease and Desist? Well you better, as Otis P Jivefunk is the latest miscreant to use your characters in their contribution to our Fan Art section. This one is a hand-drawn work of his featuring the Futurama characters and some Nintendo ones frolicking about on a nice day. He explains that the picture was inspired by Andrea Huckstep's work. So, let's hope that Andrea doesn't do a Fox and serve him a C&D herself.

Speaking about C&Ds, in the last one that Fox sent us back in February, they had the impudence to ask that we take down all of the fan art... this is despite the fact that parody is certainly not a copyright issue. In this current one, they want our Wallpapers section to be taken down, and this is despite the fact that many there are also parodies, too. There you go, Fox is certainly interested in helping its fans. Don't worry, those wallpapers are staying where they are.

Joint work for the New Year! Welcome a joint-work by both Impossible and Juliet for our Fan Art section (the picture is in both their pages). This picture depicts the Futurama characters, Leela, Amy, Fry and Bender, as the Osbournes. Juliet has done both Amy and Bender, while Impossible has done the other two, Leela and Fry. The picture is well done, and certainly shows the different styles used by both artists. However, and I'll probably get flamed for this, I do have to say that The Osbournes are not my cup of tea, as I just see some washed-out and terrible '70s/'80s "heavy metal" bloke and his privileged, spoilt LA family trying to bring his sorry butt of a career back to life. Sad really. Still, if you like them, then all power to your elbow, I suppose. Either way, if you love them or can't stand them, you can certainly enjoy Impossible and Juliet's new picture. So, go and do just that.

Well, now that we're into the new year of 2003, may I hope it's a good one for all of you out there, except Fox executives and lawyers, who can all...

First illegal stuff of 2003 is here! Well, another year came and went. This year passed really fast for me (combination of several things that kept me busy), and next year promises to be more of the same. I can't thank Gort enough for running TLZ; it's nice to know that every time I have a couple hours to kill at home, I can log in and TLZ will still be here, C&Ds and all. But I don't even know why am I typing this, (I blame the New Year's alcohol ) so onto the first update of this new year!

There are two new Episode Transcripts, for two great episodes: Jurassic Bark and A Tale of Two Santas. Both illegal transcripts come courtesy of The Neutral Planet, a fellow Copyright Infringinator site. I didn't know transcripts were a copyright violation, you know. Especially when everything in this site screams "NON COMMERCIAL". Oh well, who understands lawyers, anyway? (I hope Paola doesn't read that, she's studying to be a lawyer... oh well, her english sucks anyway )

And there's a new hand-drawn image with its associated scan in our illegal Image Galleries, coming from known Fan Artist Criminal Daniel Brand. Couldn't let the year begin without a nod to our loyal testosterone bags! And for you girls, there are 23 new Cards from the episode A Big Piece of Garbage. Enjoy! I'm off to sleep for the first time this year. [Leandro]