January 2002

January 30, 2002

And now for something completely irritating.... Yep, it's me! Still enjoying the DVD, and just about managing to fit this update in before I go off and watch some more. What, I'm bragging? Oh, damn... can't anyone have some fun in here! What, you're saying for me to get on with the update and then go away and leave you to cry in your beer? OK... can do!

Just one other thing, if you play the Futurama DVD on your computer's DVD player (if you have one) and either watch it on the computer's monitor or output it to your TV (if you can), then the NTSC/PAL incompatibility can be overcome. You'll still need to break the region coding thing, but again, that's not hard to do. Just thought I ought to mention that, too.

Now, to the update. I have a picture for our Fan Art section, which comes from Sofie. It's based on the Wizzin' segment of Anthology of Interest II, where Leela meets the Cute Witch of the North (otherwise known as Amy)... only to soon wish she hadn't. STOMP!

January 29, 2002

Futurama DVD - another good reason to rob your granny. At last, I received my Futurama DVD, and to say I'm impressed is an understatement. It's awesome... literally! Picture quality is great, sound quality is great, the audio commentaries are great, informative and funny, great deleted scenes that should have been originally included, and other things, too. All in all, it was worth the money. So, if you can't afford it, go rob a bank, steal from your family and friends, run a government in standard fashion... because if you don't get this then you're history, man! [Editor's note: don't listen to Graham, he doesn't represent the true views of The Leela Zone, and in no way do we condone criminal activity, even if it means being the "legitimate" head of state for some country.]

Just one thing that I think ought to be corrected. PAL DVDs won't play on NTSC only DVD players or TVs (NTSC is the system used in North America, Japan and some other places), or if they do you risk losing the colour and sound. For those with NTSC only TVs and DVD players, you need some equipment to decode the PAL system for NTSC, or go and get a new TV AND DVD player that can play both systems (common in Europe and other places, at no extra charge), but they tend to cost a lot more in NTSC countries. However, the ridiculous region code thing can be circumvented quite easily.

Now, to the update. Juliet has come up with two new pictures for our Fan Art section. One of them was meant to have been an Xmas picture, but Juliet's computer went down the chute. However, her computer's back up now, so she sent me another picture with the Xmas one.

At the end of the episode, everything's always right back to normal. Well, here we are with the layout from before the 'episode', and everything's as it was (except the Layout Museum got a couple new entries ). Onto the updates: there's a new pic by Robert Hawks coming from the latest episode, Anthology of Interest II. Peter Maranci informs us that Fox has placed Futurama on probation, so there will be no new episodes until February 10th (#!%@& Fox), so just keep waiting there, as usual.

We left a little hell in there, just in case. Smiley's Uses for a Hacker just got nine new additions, featuring princess Leela Organa and pilot Javier Lopez in T.I.E. Fighter Pilots. To finish the update with some merchandise news, the Futurama Season 1 DVD Set is already shipping! Only PAL and only Region 2, but every TV out there will let you see PAL, and your DVD player can be chipped/cracked in the time it'll take the discs to get to your home. You've got no excuse not to get those! Includes deleted scenes, audio commentary, and other goodies. [Leandro]

January 28, 2002

And now for something completely different... again! Seems that The Leela Zone has gotten over its Hell Period. So now we're back to some form of "normality", or whatever we've been doing since year zero. Anyway, Medisti John has come up with a new fan fiction, this one titled Metal Gear Solid 3 - Sons of Stupidity. Well, in the prelude of this fic, Professor Farnsworth has created some time machine, and Fry decides to mess about with it, pressing the wrong buttons. Anyway, this sends Leela, Bender and himself to some place called Outer Heaven, and it goes on from there. To go directly to the fic, click here.

To hell with hell! Well, day 666 is over! Although Beelzebot didn't want to leave the Zone, there was a Call to Arms, we had a big Sacrifice of Angels and finally he was expelled out of our site, in a big, big battle in which everybody's lives were at stake (except mine, as I was too busy creating the layout to chronicle the event... what, coward, me? You're absolutely right!). Well, nothing like any 'anniversary' to kick up the number of layouts... the last one DID look like hell (no joke in there ) [Leandro]

January 27, 2002

I wandered lonely as a cloud.... Wow, The Leela Zone has become fiery and diabolic! So, not only has the Devil got the best tunes, he also has the best sites, too!

Now to business. Nasteve e-mailed me with a contribution to The Leela Zone, also it's something that he hasn't done before: a poem. Now, I didn't have a place for it, but it was such a good idea and poem, that I had to find somewhere. Anyway, the old Songs section seemed a good place to put it, so it went there, and the section is now renamed Poetry & Song Parodies. Anyway, poor Nasteve felt his poem, A Poem for Leela, might not be that good, but I feel it's quite a nice attempt at poetry, especially as a first attempt. Anyway, he can feel proud to have started off a new thing for our site. If anyone else feels poetic, how about writing one and giving it to us to put up.

We're doomed! Doooooomed! Exactly 666 days ago, The Leela Zone reopened... and turns out that, due to the Fairness in Web act of 2666, Beelzebot attempts to conquer any website when they reach their 666th day! We're in hell! I'm here to bring you the bad news as Graham and Mark are tortured (I was spared because I offered to create a new layout for the Great Prince of Darkness, but since he only gave me three hours, this is the best I could do). Leela has escaped the site, apparently in search for help... however, since our known allies are either down (like Love in Cyberspace) or would rather make a deal with the devil to avoid attacks to their own sites (like Say Argh!), the situation looks pretty desperate for The Zone... I knew Graham's heavy rock wouldn't bring anything good... ehhh... someone behind me? Oh... hi Beelzebot, howya doin... Noooo, I wasn't calling for help, my master, I would never betray Your Highness... no nonononono not to the torture chamber for Hackers!!! AAAAARGHHHHHH!!!! [Leandro]

January 26, 2002

A Head in the Cliffs.... Two updates for today. The first one comes from David Johnson, which is for our Fan Art section. It features the heads of Leela, Fry, Bender and Farnsworth sculptured on a cliff, just like in Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. Don't worry, it's not meant to be them defacing the real Mount Rushmore, as David has stressed for those worried at the trashing of a national monument.

The second update comes from myself and is for our Miscellaneous Pictures section. I have scanned a small article on the coming Futurama DVD box set in the UK. It was taken from a supplement in a British broadsheet newspaper (a newspaper that contains words with more than five letters, as well as semi-colons, etc... unlike the average tabloid) called The Guardian. Hope it finds some interest. Also, I have altered this section to include the latest instalment at the top, so that there is no unnecessary scrolling, etc.

Don't do it! He's evil! Heavy rock? Oh my! Graham, old friend, stay away from that! Remember what grandma says, "heavy rock is a tool of the devil to possess the younger generation"! Remember those inverted speech diabolic messages! Now I'll just put my Phil Collins "Hello, I must be going!" CD in there... (track 2 playing)... Ahhhhhh there... Now TLZ is the land of Leandro's Infamous Lame Music (© Ruben) again. Let's keep the devil out of this place.

Anyway, there are three new pics by Jens Eßer in our Fan Art section, and another one by Daniel Brand too. Nice pics, too. I'm gonna go turn the temperature down a little, I think it's getting hotter or something... ohhhh, heavy rock will probably get us in hell or something... [Leandro]

January 25, 2002

Confused? You will be! Listening to some heavy rock (I mean really HEAVY) and drinking some strong ale (not Budweiser-styled crap)... what a life to have. Except, maybe I should do this update. But why, I'm having such a good time? Oh yeah, the visitors would be pissed if they saw the same update twice, and I couldn't blame them, I suppose. So, I better start with the update, hadn't I. Well, it comes from Medisti John, it's a fan fiction, and it's titled Fry Wars II - Return of Leela, also it's the concluding part of this serial wacky story. Basically, if I can astually say that word with this fic, SP and The Emperor have John and the crew in their sights, ready to give them hell, but little do they know that they are in some wacky fic created by Medisti John! Anyway, go and read this story by clicking here. It's funny, a little self-indulgent, but still funny! The good funny, BTW.

January 24, 2002

The one that got away.... Boredom got to me today, so I got busy and created some framegrabs. These grabs come from the episode A Tale of Two Santas, quite a decent episode, in my opinion.

What else can I add? Hmmm... I think that Leandro has found his humour, which is a relief. Apparently it was hiding out with Elvis, Lord Lucan and Bambi's killer, all drunk on schnapps and rum, while listening to The Corrs, Gloria Estafan and Elton John (yeah, that's Leo's taste in music... seriously!). It took Greenland's marines twelve hours to coax it out from the bunker it was hiding in. Twelve hours, may you ask? Well, there was some alcohol that needed finishing off! Also, it took them some time to work out how to turn off the stereo system. Thankfully, that last task was eventually completed, saving the suicide pills for later!

January 23, 2002

Wouldn't want to be in her Dirty Boots! Amazing what a change of shoes, or boots in this case, can do! In Anthology of Interest I, Leela became murderous, while wearing a pair of new green striped boots, while in Anthology of Interest II, she wanted to become the new wicked witch and murdered Amy (as the Cute Witch of the North) again, while she wore magical, ruby encrusted boots. Maybe that's her real "dark" secret that has been alluded to by the makers of the show.

Enough of my rambling, it's time for the update! I have a new hand-drawn picture from Sofie, which is for our Fan Art section. It features Leela in Anthology of Interest II (which I was rambling about earlier), where she's getting mightily impressed by Mom's (as the Wicked Witch) invitation to become her adopted daughter, which would give her power and the ability to "hurt people"! See, she's pure evil!

January 22, 2002

Having a ball of a time! Today I have a picture from David Johnson for our Fan Art section. It features Leela being converted from rags to wearing a ball gown, by her fairy godmother (aka Amy as the Cute Witch of the North). Hmmm... seeing it's one minute to midnight, this update better end now!

January 20, 2002

Gort to the rescue! Laugh, damn you! Apparently Leandro has lost his humour. The last time it was seen was when Leo was chosen as president of Argentina (kind of like jury duty there, but a duty that doesn't last as long), but was sacked before he could even raid the ample presidential larder and milk maids. Still, there is always next year, or if he's lucky, next month! Anyway, if anyone has seen his humour, could you please inform us by e-mail and we'll send Greenland's finest to capture it; they need the practice, seals just don't pose a great challenge.

Now, back to business. Today's update comes from The Voices, in which he has another cool Leela-based wallpaper for The Leela Zone. Enjoy this 'paper, then please go and look around for Leo's humour... we desperately need it back!

Whoa, nice site. Where'd it come from? Once again, I've been otherwise occupied, but the site's alive and kicking thanks to Update Boy (aka Graham). I had uploaded some stuff a couple of days ago, but wasn't and am not in the mood to write an update, so this will have to do. There are three new pics from Robert Hawks, bringing his total to 88 (hmm, the untired me would make a Back to the Future reference with that) and a bunch of new Uses for a Hacker, some of 'em featuring Super Mario (I beat Super Mario 3 and Super Mario RPG a week or so ago, so I could make a reference with that, too). Man, my updates sure look boring when I have my mind somewhere else. Graham, come to the rescue with some clichés and funny lines! [Leandro]

January 19, 2002

And the wacky adventures continue! Today's update is a fan fiction coming from Medisti John, and is a continuation of his Fry Wars II - Return of Leela fic. Now, if you're looking for me to introduce this fic, then forget it! It's a really wacky fic and I'd be lost trying to describe it, so it's better if you go and read it. Alright, I'll just say this: the Emperor and SP have now come to Earth, bent on doing something or other. Oh, forget it, go here to save me the bother of writing a poor description! It's actually quite funny, in a surreal kind of way.

January 18, 2002

200,000 and still counting! YES! It's finally here! 200,000 visitors have finally passed through the turnstall to view our site. 100,000 seemed like only yesterday, doesn't time fly! Alright, enough of the cheesy remarks from me! Only kidding, there'll be more of those kind of things. Anyway, I have here two pictures commemorating this event. The one to the right is from the founder of The Leela Zone, Mark LeWald, where he's produced this hand-drawn sketch of Leela with gun; love his style of drawing, and lacking another way to say this, it's really quite cute. Mark was the originator of this site - something that you could find out in more detail if you visit the Layout Museum - and we owe it to him for starting the ball rolling. Hope you're proud of yourself, Mark!

The other contribution that I mentioned comes from Sofie, my partner, one who also uses pencils as a medium to express her work (actually, she's more at home with paint brushes, easels, etc, but for her Futurama work it's pencils). Here we have Leela dancing with 200,000... well it's colourful and Leela has her hair down, which is something that she should do a bit more often, methinks!

Anyway, many thanks for coming to our humble abode, and hope to see you when 300,000 comes marching around the corner. I know that Leandro and myself will try our hardest to strengthen this site and make it even better than it has been. Thanks all!

Annoyed grunt! This will be the last update prior to the counter hitting 200k, and the honour of being the last contribution before then goes to Alexander Gustafsson. He's come up with this neat picture of Leela for our Fan Art section, which shows Leela doing a Homeric "d'oh!" Well, I'll be back shortly with another contribution that's meant to come after 200k.

January 17, 2002

Women! Hmmm... coming up to 200k on the visitor meter, which is a fantastic achievement, if you think about it. Even more so, because we don't count multiple daily visits from the same IP, nor do we notch up the visitor counter each time a visitor visits a page at our site (bar the first one they view, naturally), unlike some sites that shall rename nameless.

Anyway, enough of my bitching about stuff, I have an update to promote. This update's for our Fan Art section, and comes from Sofie; who's still recovering at the shock of seeing me with my hand full. Anyway, it features Leela burning Farnsworth's tie in the episode Roswell that Ends Well, when they went in late-forties gear to look for a microwave. Enjoy!

January 16, 2002

Q visits Futurama! I have a wacky fan fiction for you today, this one coming from Medisti John. The fic is titled Fry Wars II - Return of Leela, and is a serial. Basically, Leela and Fry are on a delivery to some virus-ridden planet, when they happen to lose control of their ship and head towards the surface of Medisti, some planet of strangeness. Anyway, before anything horrible happens, they are met by John, an inhabitant of that planet, who saves them and takes them on some wacky adventure. John tends to remind me of Q from Star Trek, where he can alter anything he wants and, for kicks, mess about with people's minds. If you want to see if I'm telling fibs or not, then click here, where you'll be taken directly to the fic in question.

January 15, 2002

Nice, soothing, relaxing, jealousy! Here we have a picture from David Johnson, which will sit nicely in our Fan Art section... well, duh! It features Leela and Amy having a mud bath together (no, not in the same tub!), also adorning cucumber slices over their eyes. However, while relaxing, Amy's thoughts reflect that she's jealous of Leela's hogging of the What If machine, wanting desperately to have her chance of the action. Well, her lack of opportunity is fine by me, and anyway, I hope that Zoidberg gets his go sooner, which should be far more interesting than the Martian's. Personal opinion, naturally.

January 14, 2002

Here comes some cuteness reduction surgery! Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! I have two clips for our Video Clips section, both coming from Anthology of Interest II. The first clip involves Leela meeting the "Cute Witch of the North" (aka Amy), eventually changing that first word in her title to "flat". The second clip is where Leela becomes a wicked witch. Pity she didn't bring some scuba gear, or something that can repel water.

January 13, 2002

What's going on? Today should have been the showing of Godfellas, a new episode, but Fox, in their infinite wisdom, decided that some "reality" show was worth messing us about. However, rather than moan at that, let me introduce the twelth contribution to our Fan Art section from The Voices. Here we have a picture that shows Fry and Leela wondering what's going on, and why can't they hit it off right. Awww!

January 11, 2002

A witch's work is never done.... All problems now sorted, so the dog has to find another partner to keep him company. Anyway, I have another picture from David Johnson, which is for our Fan Fiction section. This one is based on the last segment of the last episode: Wizzin'. Here we have Leela as a witch, but this time converting Zapp Brannigan into a toad... which I can imagine she'd do without any regrets!

The next update comes from Zapp's Woman, where she has the last part of Magnificent Infatuation up for offer, for our Fan Fiction section. In this part Zapp goes to medical school, as pennance for the death of Fry and Leela's child to be. If you want to go directly to the fic, click here.

January 10, 2002

Live, from the dog house.... Well, what can I say... it must have been that funny bean that I ate. Either that, or Joseph Stalin has been at work with his famous picture alterations... like when Leon Trotsky was airbrushed out of a famous picture that was taken after the Russian Revolution. Maybe Hollywood has been at work, and now I'll be in Final Fantasy II, or Shrek II, or some other crummy film sequel. Whatever it is, it seems that I'm having more errr... fun than that poor LeelaLoverMatt has had in all his fics and fantasies! Now, all I need to do is convince Sofie that a conspiracy is at hand... and that I'm totally innocent of being a Leela "lover"... and that I was errr... probably swatting a big fly, or something. Then, after that, I'll convince her to join with me, and in some months time to wreak revenge on Leandro. Hmmm... his picture, those strange Britney Speares pictures at some warez sites, and Paint Shop Pro come to mind. Hmmm... that's way too bad, so maybe we'll concentrate on something a bit more Futurama related, as well as less messy, instead. BTW, top work, Leo!

Now, back to some work... it can't all be... play. I have a contribution from Nasteve for our Fan Fiction. This fan fiction is a really sad, moving and emotional one titled Flowers in the Window, which has Leela discovering that she has a deadly brain parasite, and only having days to live. The poor woman's turmoil is made worse by the realisation that she's lonely in this time of need; she needs someone to emotionally help with her pain, but who? Well, it's a really nice and moving read, and I'd recommend it. To go directly to it, click here.

It's great that I've lasted a year at The Leela Zone, as it was the first proper site that I actually webmastered. Again, may I thank Leo for taking a chance and giving me the opportunity, and may I thank all of you for actually reading my in[s]ane ramblings.

Well, I'll be off now, and try to mend my relationship... beats the dog licking me!

The Truth Is Out There (as in, Not Here) Well, the New New York Post folks were quite serious, as you can read in today's edition... I tried to stop them from printing that article, but since my Argentinian Pesos aren't worth jack squat to them, I could do nothing to help poor Graham out of this mess he's gotten himself into. Those soulless reporters even printed the article on his first anniversary at TLZ! Oh well, I hope Sofie lets him back into the house soon; by my estimates, it should be like -10°C right now in England... either that, or get a computer in the dog's house so he can update TLZ! Happy Anniversary, Graham! And remember, my second anniversary at TLZ is only three months away ...

In other news, there is a new Fan Art from great contributor and last year's race winner Robert Hawks, this being his 85th picture at TLZ. Go Robert! I'm off to play Super Mario 3 now... watching Anthology of Interest II made me feel the urgent need to replay all those NES classics I have lying around in my computer. Too bad Megaman didn't get even a small role! Boo! [Leandro]

January 9, 2002

Uh-oh... those damn Yankee tabloids! Seems that Leandro has been called away to the tabloids for something that I've supposedly done... well, I'm innocent, I tells yer! Honest Guv! Alright, I know that Leo has a surprise organised for me, and yourselves, as it's my TLZ anniversary tomorrow... has it been that long! That day I did my first introductory update for the site, after Scotty and Paul had done their own, and the rest is history, as they say. Anyway, enough of that for tomorrow, as it's still the ninth today, at least it is here.

Well, there is a purpose to this update, other than explaining myself, and that is to introduce that I've added to our Sound Clips section, having created clips from the new episode, Anthology of Interest II. So, if you want to hear what that witch, Leela, said, you can go there and hear for yourself.

New Fan Art submitter: Daniel! No, we're not messing with your head, and no, Daniela didn't change back ... there are five new pics by Daniel Brand, a new submitter for the Fan Art section! And he didn't come alone; there's also a new pic of the crew playing CounterStrike by Florian Bruder, another new submitter! Want more? OK, Pablo Rodrigo has sent another pic of his "Southparkrama" series! And to finish this update before disconnecting, there is a new scan from A Tale of Two Santas by the Star Scanner (also known as Paul Metcalfe)! Now I'm leaving you, as I have been informed by the New New York Post that I'm required in their offices inmediately because of something that has happened and that they didn't explain, but I think involves our beloved webmaster Graham... hmmm... I hope it's not serious... I'll keep you informed! [Leandro]

January 8, 2002

Fry and Leela... Fry and Amy... Fry and Leela... Fry and Amy... let's just rest instead! Two updates for one, today. The first is for our Fan Art section, and comes from David Johnson. It features Leela being comfortable on a massive cushion, but with Fry adding to the comfort, too. Both are canoodling under the starlit sky... awww!

The second update is for our Fan Fiction section, with a continuation of a serial fic, The Frylight Zone, which is the work of Allen Tanner and Kryten. This is the fifth instalment, and continues Fry, Amy and Leela's (a parallel one) adventures to escape from a time fracture that has sent Amy and Fry into parallel universes. This one involves the two heroes and a parallel version of Our Favourite Cyclops finding themselves captured by an evil entity... will they be able to escape and find their way back? Well, if you read this, you'll find out. To go directly to the fic, click here.

Also, while I'm here, can any other fan fiction writers who have any stories that involve Leela (she doesn't have to be the main character, but involved in the story) please send in some stuff, so that it can be displayed at The Leela Zone. Actually, if you haven't tried a fan fiction before, maybe this could be the opportunity to try out your writing skills for others to peruse and enjoy. They'll certainly be welcome here, at this site devoted towards Leela.

January 7, 2002

Spellbinding! Now, I enjoyed the new episode, Anthology of Interest II, which has maintained the good quality of the fourth season (well, all the eps, so far, were made in the third season's production run, but meh), although whether it was better than the last Anthology of Interest, I'm still undecided (it could well be, but I've only seen this once... ask me in a few days). I really liked the second segment, which had a lot of in-jokes based on video games, but I have to say that the Wizard of Oz parody stole it for me (at least on the first viewing)... and not just because I'm a Leela fan. The first segment was good too, and was interesting to see Bender as a human, although the ending was just... EWWWWW! So, all-in-all, it was a really good episode... and could get better, when I rewatch it again.

Now, thanks to Ruben for encoding and dishing out the new episode, so that I could first watch it, then make framegrabs from it... a true servant to the cause! So, if you want to relive the moments or want to be spoiled, if you haven't watched it yet, then go here and feast your eyes on these delights! Now, I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!

January 6, 2002

That look! Well, no dramatic changes to report today, but I do have some more fan art to show. Five great new hand-drawn pictures have come from The Voices, each with a different theme. There's love, sexy, on-the-war-path, grumpy, dopey, happy, and sleepy... oh, scrap the last four, dunno where those came from! Anyway, enjoy these pics from The Voices.

Here's waiting for the new ep to air.

"Fascinating"... Well, after reading Graham's update, I raised my eyebrows so high that they entered Earth's orbit. Oh well, while I was there, I took this pic of the Futurama gang... now available in the Wallpapers section (yup, it's very similar to my previous one. Who cares? This one has more empty space to put the icons). Remember, tomorrow a new episode of Futurama airs, Anthology of Interest II, so get your VCRs (and/or download managers) ready! There may not be a new episode for a long, long time after this one... [Leandro]

January 5, 2002

There's a new submitter at The Leela Zone... or is there? We have a new submitter of fan art at The Leela Zone, but this submitter has created 39 already! You are probably wondering who this submitter of their 40th pic is, aren't you? Alright, I'll stop the suspense, and welcome you to Daniela Laverne Schad. No, I'm not messing about with you or the fan artist in question, but the artist originally known as Daniel Schad wants to be known by this new moniker. Why, you may ask. Well, according to the latest email I received from Daniela, she's decided to make the transition from being a male to becoming a female (which is why I just said "she")... that's why. Well, all power to her elbow, I say; if it keeps Daniela happy, then good for her. BTW, the pic is of Leela in her green jacket, with her hands in her pockets. Yet another great hand-drawn pic by Daniela, and long may there be more.

The making of history.... Well, after coming back late and deciding that I really have to put David Johnson's work up, I come upon a new section by Leandro, and I just had to read it all... making my update even later! It's really a great read, and I urge you all to give it a go, and discover not just the layout history, but also the other stuff that happened, too.

Now, back to David's work, which is for our Fan Art section. It features Leela lying on a massive raft, letting all life's worries float past her. As you may have noticed, David seems to enjoy drawing moments of Leela relaxing... which is really soothing.

January 4, 2002

Man, it's contagious... Known submitter Robert Hawks has sent two pics from the Xmas episode, featuring the scene where Leela displays a rare case of FSS (Fry's Stupidity Syndrome). I hope those displays of stupidity continue as "rare" ... in other news, there's a new section here! The Leela Zone's Layout Museum is now oficially open! After several days compiling the different layout files from my backups of TLZ, I managed to get all 22 layouts online! The good, the bad, the ugly, the weird: each one has a spot in there. The Museum has been checked and declared 100% ready by SyFeE! [Leandro]

January 3, 2002

Dedicated Follower of Fashion.... Well, rather than do nothing, I've updated the Leela Fashion Zone with three episodes that weren't yet covered: I Dated a Robot; A Tale of Two Santas; and Roswell that Ends Well. If anyone wants to submit some fan art for this section, where the idea is to show Leela in the gear that she's worn in the show, then please go ahead.

Hmmm... tasty fanart... There are three new pics by OutlawArt in the Fan Art gallery. As always, they're both great-looking and funny; I wish I could paint like that guy. Also, there is a new scan by Javier Sanchez from The Futurama Point; it's the Leela dressable paper pic, but without the dress (I wonder if anyone will scan it with the dress...)

Hopelessly addicted to plugins... What do you get when you shake a Futurama image, add some of the Smoke plugin, put a drop of gradients, then mix two different configurations of the the Fluffy Clouds plugin with the Advanced Perspective plugin, and finally add just a little bit of the Universe Stars filter? You get a new outer space Wallpaper at TLZ! Oh my, I love Paint Shop Pro. Go get my new Wallpaper, available in PNG only; for some reason, JPEG added a lot more distorsion than usual. [Leandro]

January 2, 2002

Bitter Sweet Symphony.... Firstly, I'll praise Leandro for this fabulous layout, it's just simply great! And, that great image of Leela crashing her hover-scooter into the site is back, where you'll find it smashing into the bottom of the site... long may it crash! Rock on, Leo! Also, while here, we've made a few changes with the buddies, some additions and some subtractions... well, you'll find out if you go and and take a look for yourselves.

Back to business. Today's update is for our Fan Art section, coming from The Voices, who has created this image, which features Leela, Bender, Fry and Amy, that's based on a famous photograph of The Verve, a British indie group. Enjoy the pic, the new layout, and anything I've missed!

January 1, 2002

New Year, new layout, new hate-mail! There's a lot of new Uses for a Hacker in there, featuring the Robot Santa Claus giving some presents to some very naughty boys... the section now has over two hundred different tortures, and if you people keep sending suggestions at the present rate, it'll probably be twice that size before our second anniversary. In other news, I was bored. So, what did I do? Take a look around! First layout of 2002 is already in here, and I see no reason why shouldn't I change it tomorrow, too! I'll begin adding snapshots of the layouts to the updates that present them, since there are times when there are three layouts changes per week... don't believe me? Wait for our Layout Museum to open and you'll see! [Leandro]