January 2001

January 31, 2001

Picasso was a make-up artist! Framegrabs from Bender Gets Made are up at the Framegrabs section. This episode shows Leela wearing an eyepatch - watch out for that all new bloodshot look! There is also a pic of Leela kicking Fry, accidently, in the face; not one for you Leela/Fry romantics out there!

Like Paul, I'm downhearted that Sky One is not showing Amazon Women in the Mood, this Sunday, due to Fox not allowing it to be broadcast in the UK before they show it in the States. Great promise! [Graham]

I'm Back. Another scan completed. This one's from "The Cryonic Woman" the episode, I personally hate the most.

It looks like FOX has screwed up SKY's promise of the whole Season 3 without a break, by (apparently) not allowing them to show "Amazon Women In The Mood" this Sunday (darn!).

I've created a wallpaper of this which will be available at my site Futurama Scan Art Central tomorrow (Thursday night GMT). [Paul]

January 30, 2001

Bring the Noise! In other news about the Sound Clips section: I've increased the amplification of the sounds I did for Xmas Story and Mother's Day, this was due to them sounding a little weaker than maybe they should have been. I've also converted Parasites Lost from WAV format to MP3, this should make them more friendly to download. [Graham]

Hello! New sounds! Sounds for Anthology of Interest I are now up at the Sound Clips section. This is a great episode, mainly due to the segment devoted to the new, impulsive, Leela. Go on, be impulsive - enjoy the sounds. [Graham]

January 29, 2001

Quiet day in the race track... Robert Hawks has also submitted five new pictures, so the distance between the two races remains the same as yesterday: Robert Hawks is six pictures ahead from Elzar. Tune in later for a new race update! This can't stay this way for too long... [Leandro]

Ready... steady... go! Today the racers are keeping a regular speed; Elzar has sent five new pictures for his section, leaving me behind (which is fine for me, as I'm not drawing anything lately). He now has 31 pictures, only one behind Robert Hawks' current count! We'll now go check Robert Hawk's camera... [Leandro]

New pic... There's a new pic from A Big Book of F... waitaminit... I mean, from Reed, old webmaster of A Big Book of Futurama, now swallowed by Can't Get Enough Futurama. There are more pics coming by our racers... [Leandro]

Where's the remote? No, I'm not a brand new webmaster at TLZ, it's just plain ol' Gort - disappointed? Sounds of Leela in the episode Mother's Day are up at the Sound Clips section. Enjoy the sounds. [Graham]

January 28, 2001

This is a real mess... I'm sorting the Fan Art directory, which is a huge mess, so if you go to the sections and you see missing thumbnails or images, just try again later. In fact, all the thumbnails that used to appear in the news items will most likely be gone for an hour or so. In good news, we have a new Fan Art submitter, Sabine Fischer. I'm looking forward to see more of her pictures! [Leandro]

I WANT TOAST! The grabs for Mother's Day are now up at the Framegrabs section; go there by clicking on the image to your right. Now, all you Luddites can go and see the evil that machinery has in store for our planet and civilisation. You have been warned!

In an hour Parasites Lost will air in the UK... can't wait!

January 29, 2001

Another request done. I was asked by MDR on #futuramachat to do Leela Asleep from Parisites Lost. Here is the result. I wasn't originally going to do the scan, but as it was a request, I couldn't say NO.

"Parisites Lost" is showing here in the UK tonight, and "Amazon Women in the Mood" next week. [Paul]

January 28, 2001

Awww... that's sweeet... I dunno what does Gort find so tormenting in the Outlet's new layout... I find it really cute My favorite starship captain looking at everybody else who visits this site's favorite starship captain, with a heart as background.... Awww... [Leandro]

Help Wanted!! I need a second pair of hands at my site Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace. It's getting too big for myself and there seems to be much more coming up, judging from the new episodes. I am therefor officially looking for assistance webmasters, just send me an email if you are interested. If I get some help arround Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace I might even have enough computer time left to do some stuff for The Leela Zone again, like in the good olden days... [Dave]

What the? Well, looking at the latest layout of The Futurama Outlet has made me come to the conclusion that they are either cruel or on some medication that is not usually prescribed! What is it with the Leela and Zapp Valentine icon... are they trying to torment us, by persecuting her? Well, I suppose I've now got you all running to their site, to look. Hmmm... maybe I should have kept my big mouth shut. [Graham]

January 27, 2001

It's clear now... it was a kiss! Just to tell you Leela and Fry romantics out there that a clearer image of the kiss, from Parasites Lost, is now available at the Framegrabs section. However, if you click on the image, to your right, you'll see a large grab of the scene, which isn't that bad in quality. Awww!

January 28, 2001

THE KISS! Well I've gone and done a scan of Leela and Fry's first serious Kiss, the one in "A Flight To Remember" doesn't really count.

I wish the two contestants in the Fan Art race all success, and may the best person win.

Superbowl XXXV - Go GIANTS! I used to be a Browns Fan, until they moved to Baltimore. [Paul]

January 26, 2001

Got Merchandise? If you haven't got the (heavily featuring Leela) Futurama Lunch Box, or you want a Leela magnet to put on the fridge, or just wanna get a new Futurama T-Shirt, head to the new Merchandise section! All the Futurama merchandise there is at eMerchandise is now here, and more is going to be added as it becomes available. I've sorted the items from Most Leela Related at the top, Has Nothing To Do With Leela at the bottom. [Leandro]

Elzar hits the afterburners! Elzar's new mailer is now installed and he's accelerating to 90% the speed of the light, recovering lost ground and even getting nearer Robert Hawks! He's submitted four pictures, driving his personal total to 26 images, only six behind Robert Hawks! Time to upgrade the warp engine, Robert! We'll keep you informed in the development of this exiting race! [Leandro]

Loneliness makes the heart grow fonder. Yet another instalment to the Framegrabs section; this selection coming from your missing Xmas stocking - Xmas Story. This is a sweet episode, with some sad scenes added in. If it wasn't for that missile... we may never have gotten Parasites Lost. Now... there's food for thought! Click on the image to view. [Graham]

Paul might not be in, but the race continues! Elzar's got to make a pit stop to replace a defective mailer, and in the meantime Robert Hawks submitted two new Fan Art images, driving his personal total to 32, ten images ahead of Elzar, leaving him biting the dust! Is this the end? Or will Elzar's new mailing system allow him to send pictures even when he forgets to attach them? Stay tuned! [Leandro]

January 27, 2001

War Is The S-Word. I believe I've some how got embroiled in a Fan Art race. As I classify mine as Scan Art, the race is sort of meaningless to me, any way here are 7 more SCAN ARTS (NOT Fan Arts).

I'm led to believe that "Parasites Lost" will show this weekend on SKY. I would try to confirm it, but the TV listings page at SKY's website is "Shot To Hell And Back". [Paul]

January 25, 2001

They kissed! When? Well, the most important moment, Fry actually kissing Leela, was missed out on the Framegrabs of Parasites Lost, this was due to my ealier attempts at capturing it being, in my own opinion, too bad to show. However, with some tweaking and new software, I can now reveal this telling moment for all; click on the image to see the full grab. Enjoy! [Graham]

Late Xmas present.... That's right... a late Xmas present for all of you! The sounds from Xmas Story are up at the Sound Clips section. This episode expresses a lot of emotion, loneliness and has a romantic edge to it; at least for Leela and Fry. Have a listen. [Graham]

Giving it a complete tune-up... Well, not that complete, really. I just inserted the standard layout of the site in the Message Board and removed a ton of useless links at the top. Still doesn't look as good as it could, but since I didn't install the script and I just wandered around the menus, I have no clue on how to 'fix it' a little more. But go and post something... [Leandro]

Robert Hawks accelerates! Third race update of today! (Perhaps the last? I dunno). Robert Hawks just sent three new Fan Art pictures, leaving Elzar eight pictures behind! I forgot that I was sandwiched between the two, but I'm leaving the race track clean for those two to scrap shields at full impulse. Who will submit next? There's only one way to find out... pass me the DeLorean... [Leandro]

And Elzar strikes back! Ladies and gentleman, Elzar has submitted two more pics, now he's only five images behind Robert Hawks! He's almost reaching for the second place, behind our star scanner Paul Metcalfe! And he's promised more images... altough, Robert Hawks could leave him in the dust any minute now. Keep tuning in! [Leandro]

Race update! Dear Ladies and gentlemen, Robert Hawks just couldn't let some rookie pass him by on Fan Art submissions, and so he sent a lovely picture of Leela in Parisites Lost (and I still believe she acted very stupid with Fry), driving his personal total to 27 images here at The Leela Zone, seven pictures ahead of Elzar! We'll keep you informed... [Leandro]

January 23, 2001

You forgot about the ring? Paul did the scan, I backgrounded it, and now here's a new Wallpaper for you to enjoy. I couldn't create a good-looking ringed planet because trueSpace blurs all the bitmap backgrounds and in this case I like the stars unblurred, thank you. But it looks very good anyway. [Leandro]

January 24, 2001

Twice In a Night. My first scan from "Parasites Lost". I couldn't resist keeping with my tradition of doing the entire scene.

Sky One in the UK is showing this epsiode next weekend. This in theory means that UK will be showing (hopefully) "AMAZON WOMEN IN THE MOOD" around 5 hours before the states on Feb 4th. But as they say time will tell. [Paul]

January 23, 2001

Listen to your heart! I've now completed the sounds of the latest episode Parasites Lost. So, now you can hear Leela's voice, in that episode, too. Enjoy! [Graham]

January 24, 2001

A NEW ARTIST EMERGES FROM ENGLAND. The young lady who drew this picture of Leela is just 6 years old and her first attempt. I liked it so much I posted it here.

"Parasites Lost" now favourite episode. It left the ending nice and open for future Leela/Fry relationship entanglements. [Paul]

January 23, 2001

Heaven is a parasitic colon! Did I say that The Problem With Popplers was my favourite episode... well, move over for there is a new king! The new episode, Parasites Lost was fantastic. However, for you unfortunates who haven't had the chance to view it yet, I shall not spoil any further.

For those wanting to be spoilt - the Framegrabs for Parasites Lost are up. So, go there and enjoy the moments of this great episode (IMO). [Graham]

First image from the new episode... After some time without updates, Robert Hawk's Fan Art page here at TLZ got a new pic, from Parisites Lost. Also, Robert's neice Dusty Petty was interviewed by Fine Art Avenue, so if you like her art, go there (here's a local link to the interview's text) [Leandro]

"I love what you've become"? Uh, Leela, that was a really stupid thing to say... I already watched Parisites Lost... wonderful episode. Poor Fry, tough. I have some stuff to upload, but my first update on the episode is not here... is at Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace. So head there if you're a Leela & Fry romantic... and come back later for updates at The Leela Zone. [Leandro]

January 22, 2001

Elzar's fine Fan Art quisine... Elzar has submitted five new pictures for the Fan Art section, driving his personal total to 20, in striking distance to Robert Hawks and myself, altough not nearly reaching our star scanner, Radfield. We'll keep you informed on the development of this exciting race...! [Leandro]

January 21, 2001

Finger lickin' good! Yet another instalment of Framegrabs to view. This lot comes from my favourite episode, The Problem With Popplers, and are created from those great DivXs. So, enjoy the grabs!

Also, good luck to you folk in the States. I hope that your viewing of the new episode, Parasites Lost, is uninterrupted and an enjoyable experience. [Graham]

January 20, 2001

More uses than expected... Here's the next batch! I've gotten so many now, plus input from others on still more than this that I'm wondering if these uses shouldn't be expanded. Leela lovers, listen up! Should the Uses for a Hacker go into a second run or should I be forced to choose? You have till the end of February on this one. [Smiley]

Did you like the TV Guide for Parisites Lost? Sure you did. Did you like the scan of it that is at the outlet? Probably not. Well, thanks to Matthew Riley (who provided us non-yankees with a good resolution scan of the ad), me and Paul have scanned it for you. I drew Leela, he drew everything else. So go and feast your eyes! [Leandro]

January 19, 2001

Grabs of Interest. As promised, there are new DivX versions of grabs up at the Framegrabs section. These are from Anthology of Interest I, an episode that I enjoy a lot. Hope that you enjoy these grabs, too. [Graham]

Song and dance act needed... any takers? Here is a section at TLZ that needs more input: Song Parodies. So, could any budding song writers come up with some songs, or parodies of them, related to Leela. Fortunately, we have a new entry titled Wish, I Were There by Tek Ironglove, based on Rednex's "Wish". Give it a whirl! [Graham]

I wouldn't talk about taste if I was wearing a lime-green tanktop... and let's not talk about a Lisa Simpson tanktop. Geez. There are three new images by our good Elzar in the Fan Art section, enjoy. On a side note, after seeing the TV Guide ad for Parisites Lost I'm more interested in seeing it... and I'm sure Dave will do a very long update at Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace once the episode is out [Leandro]

January 18, 2001

Ain't you lucky... more tales from the dark side! There is another new story, for TLZ anyway, by Brad Rousse up on the fanfic section - Creature Discomforts. This one involves Leela changing into a monstrous looking being and testing the loyalty and love of Fry. Have a good read. [Graham]

A Fistful of Grabs. Another set of Framegrabs are now up for your viewing pleasure, this lot coming from A Fishfull of Dollars. Tomorrow, look out for better quality DivX grabs, coming from a season two epidode; these will be enhanced with JPEG artifact removal - much nicer. So, come here tomorrow and have a look. [Graham]

January 17, 2001

News Flash! With uses 95, 96, 97 and now 98 (Jabba The Hut's Dinner) my contribution of Leela's Uses for a Hacker needs ONLY 2 MORE! The last is currently being worked up in my feverish brain, but which ones will be 99 and 100? You the reader must contribute! [Smiley]

The Sun Influences The Sex Life On A Middle Aged Ant Essay: The sun influences the sex life on a middle aged ant. This can be proven by the fact that studies show that the sun influences the sex life on a middle aged ant. In conclusion, the sun influences the sex life on a middle aged ant. [Jason]

January 16, 2001

Fear of a grab planet! Another update for all you fans of Framegrabs. This collection comes from Fear of a Bot Planet where Leela and Fry immitate robots, in order to save Bender. Enjoy! [Graham]

It's great to be here, and it's great to be un-dead! I prepared a Wallpaper for all you Zombie College fans who would like to eat Leela's brain. Enjoy! I personally don't like Zombie College much, altough it has some good moments, but hey, I'm the same Leandro who hates The Simpsons. What do I know? [Leandro]

More uses... 101 Uses for a Hacker is getting close to the end. I'm working on the Game Enemy, Toilet 3000, Fertilizer, and Suicide Pilots Against Omicronian Star Destroyers which should put us up to 97! 4 more left, and I reserve the right to the last one because I already have it in mind. I'll be selecting the best 3. [Smiley]

I've heard that line before... Well, once again we got a preview for a new episode. But, will the episode actually air? Let's hope. In the meantime, while you wait for either the new episode or an idiotic message by Fox telling it won't air because of some lame excuse, enjoy two new pics by Elzar, now in the Fan Art section. [Leandro]

January 15, 2001

Reflections For you fanfic lovers out there, here is another story from Brad Rousse - Reflections. It is a dark fic about what happens to Leela when she witnesses Fry's death. This is a wonderful story and, like Leandro has said in the past, I love his writing style. Give it a go! [Graham]

January 14, 2001

Erm... If you have looked on Planet Roadmap you will have noticed something about some new site called Benderama.. BTW, Planet Roadmap, I am not making this site, and am not part of it. I don't think that this Benderama site will ever exist but you can believe it if you want Jason (of Planet Roadmap), thats all I have to say anyway [Scotty]

January 13, 2001

Grab your spice weasels... Elzar (the new alias for Germán Minces, since he needs to protect his privacy after designing the plans for the 'Hunt&DestroyFox' missile) has sent four new images for the Fan Art section, biggest one here at TLZ (as my FTP client can tell; it takes minutes to load the directory...) [Leandro]

The onslaught continues! Two more episodes have been completed in the Framegrabs section: I, Roommate and Love's Labors Lost in Space. Just to clarify a point that has been raised by some of our visitors - I'm doing not just Leela only framegrabs, but also ones with her in situations on the show. I have given a large variety of grabs to choose from, so that all aspects of her contribution to Futurama is shown; let's face it, she doesn't live in a vacuum! Anyway, do enjoy the grabs. [Graham]

Fanart Please.. After 6 months of not making fanarts "Scott C" made a fanart picture... (I'm Scott C) its not as good as my last 3 but it adds one to my fanart page [Scotty]

January 11, 2001

Framegrabs galore! At TLZ, CGEF will be known for another thing: Can't Get Enough Framegrabs! I've started putting up our own Framegrabs - both Space Pilot 3000 and The Series Has Landed have been completed. So, feast your eyes on THIS... it's beautiful... and huge! Have fun! [Graham]

January 10, 2001

What is wrong with Fox? I entered the chatroom 10 seconds ago, and I see Juliet wearing the nickname "JulietHatesFox". So I ask, "what happened?" and MDR tells me... "the ep on the 14th was canceled. They're showing "Deep South" instead". Any real terrorist who wants to lend us a hand and put a bomb in Fox's offices, please enter the chatroom. [Leandro]

The Land of Updates Well, its about time.. TLZ now has a chatroom! blimey, click here to enter the chat. [Scotty]

Gort Blimey! Well, as you've guessed I'm late! But, better late than never, I suppose . I'm Gort and this is my first attempt at helping out on a Futurama website... I'm shaking! My first task will be to restore the Framegrabs to their former glory. So, keep your eyes on that section for some changes. Bye for now. [Graham]

Message Board has Returned! There we have it, thats my first real update for you, I'll be bringing more stuff in later, bye for now :) [Scotty]

Um... a little help, please? Well, I wanted help... and I got it. Lots of it. Welcome Scotty, Paul, and Gort (soon to introduce himself). I would change the layout to celebrate... but nah, this one's lasted quite a bit, let's keep it some more. There's a new picture by Dusty Petty, and a new one by Germán Minces (who will from now on go by the nick of 'Elzar', as soon as I remmeber his new email address). Well, if five webmasters can't give you enough updates... nothing will. Well, some new episodes would be nice, too. Sunday can't come soon enough. [Leandro]

January 9, 2001

Welcome Scotty! Wow - now TLZ has 3 webmasters already. That's as much as CGEF! Anyway, seeing we're getting staff additions I better prove myself worthy of my position (JUST KIDDING LEANDRO!! ), so here are two nice new Wallpapers from Paul Metcalfe. Aside from that, it's really boring out there, no submissions whatsoever. [Dave]

Hello Everyone! Hey, let me introduce myself... I am Scotty, otherwise known as (Nemesis) you may remember me from Nothing but Nibbler. I'm here to help out Leandro with the site. I can't do anything today though as my computer gets dissconnected from the internet at midnight (20 minutes from now) but I will do something tomorrow sometime. BTW everyone, if you like you can send your stuff for TLZ (such as Fanart) to my email and I shall upload them for you ASAP, see you all later [Scotty]

January 5, 2001

No new episode. Damn. There won't be a new episode the 7th. It might be the 14th, but it's not confirmed. A terrorist attack against Fox is being planned in the #futuramachat room of irc.rastaworld.com as we speak, but don't tell anyone. In the meantime, there's two new pics by Paul Metcalfe and one by Germán Minces in the Fan Art gallery. [Leandro]

January 2, 2001

Primera actualización del milenio... There's several new Uses for a Hacker in the section. Only a few more and the section will be complete. [Leandro]