Alien Signs

While watching Futurama you've probably noticed strange characters, appearing in some episodes. Ever wondered what they mean? Then this section is for you. I'll try to put all Alien Alphabet signs here.
If you notice a sign I havent put here, then e-mail me, state the episode and the approximate time, when the alien sign is seen.
Thanks to:
Vicente, from Bender Bending Rodriguez's Page, who helped me with decyphering some signs.
Alexei Ehrensperger for the screengrabs.

Have fun!

1. Intro sequence
2. Space Pilot 3000 (1acv01)
3. Episode Two: The Series Has Landed (1acv02)
4. My Three Suns (1acv07)
5. Fry And The Slurm Factory (1acv13)
6. Brannigan Begin Again (2acv02)
7. Xmas Story (2acv04)
8. Lesser Of Two Evils (2acv06)
9. A Bicyclops Built For Two (2acv09)
10. A Clone Of My Own (2acv10)
11. Bender Gets Made (2acv13)
12. Anthology Of Interest I (2acv16)
13. War Is The H-Word (2acv17)
14. Parasites Lost (3acv02)
15. The Luck Of The Fryish (3acv04)
16. The Day The Earth Stood Stupid (3acv07)
17. The Cyber House Rules (3acv09)
18. Bendin' In The Wind (3acv13)
19. I Dated A Robot (3acv15)
20. A Pharaoh To Remember (3acv17)
21. Anthology Of Interest II (3acv18)
22. 30% Iron Chef (3acv22)
23. Leela's Homeworld (4acv02)
24. Less Than Hero (4acv04)
25. A Taste of Freedom (4acv05)
26. Crimes of the Hot (4acv08)
27. The Why of Fry (4acv10)
28. Spanish Fry (4acv17)