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Speaking of holidays ...
Posted on September 7, 2015 by Tim
Seems like it's that time of year when everyone takes a vacation. I have been for the last couple of weeks, and I'm just stopping by home on my way from here to there for another week. And while I'm here I found this new Fan Art from Hip Joint which is, coincidentally, a vacation picture, with Bender, Leela, and Fry enjoying a holiday in the tropical islands.

Ok, I'm not sure I can begin to do this next item justice. Nor, in the limited time I have available have I figured out how to embed it here, so I'll describe it and link to it and you'll have to click and see for yourself. So Fabio writes “I'm a front end developer from Spain living in London right now and a huge Futurama lover! I've just made this CSS Bender animation. Here is the link.”. If you're not a HTML coder (the stuff web pages are made of), it's just kind of another Bender animation. IF you are conversent with HTML and CSS, you can see his code and how he did that, and that's impressive.
Odds of anytyhing are mathmatically insignificant
Posted on August 18, 2015 by Tim
Got an old refridgerator you don't know what to do with? Why not make it into a Slurm vending machine. My good buddy dingsda found this while surfing.

On the Fan Fiction front we have another one from Dinkdrinker. This one' called The Bride of Rodriguez. What do you s'pose happens when Bender tried to be a Gentle-bot and all around good guy? Maybe, blow up and create a monster? Nah. That couldn't happen.

And in the last of our RIPT Apparel T-shirt trifecta, this Dr. Who inspired number goes on sale August 19 for just 36 hours. Be the first to collect all three.
Shirts and naked babies
Posted on August 16, 2015 by Tim
Ok, it's time for another T-shirt. Like we mentioned last time the good folks at RIPT Apparel are offering a really cool Futurama-inspired Mario Kart crossover T-shirt which is only going to be available for a short time (short defined as 36 hours). So as soon as the calendar flips over to August 17 in your area, you should be able to click the link nab yourself one.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum, here is something that has been available for, well, probably a year or more. It's a Fan Fiction that Dinkdrinker posted on FMMB somewhere over a year ago, and just “forgot” to send to me. It's called Advent of the Mighty-Other which follows up on the Nibblonian prophecy of 'The Mighty Other'. And since Fry and Leela are expecting another child, the Nibbloanians feel the prophecy is coming to pass because, according to Nibbler and his people, the child will save the universe. That is of course if Fry and Leela survive long enough to actually have the kid.
Why Not Zoidberg?
Posted on August 4, 2015 by Tim
Ok, let's start out tonight with a shameless commercial plug that has the very real danger of getting me a free T-shirt (I sell out cheap these days ). I got this very nice e-mail from Allie who is a Marketing Intern with RIPT Apparel who are offering this very cool Zoidberg inspired T shirt for a paltry US$11 each. The catch? It goes on sale August 6th (a mere day away, give or take a time zone or two) and will only be available for 36 hours before, as I'm Allie was programmed to say, “ it’s laid to rest in our Graveyard forever”.

Ok, now down to shameless fan contributions with a couple of Fan Fictions:

First is Nabbed! by Spaceman130. It's inspired by the PlayStation 3 game Vampire Rain, missions 10 and 11 and in it a member of Fry's team gets abducted by nightwalkers and it's up to the crew to pick up the pieces before it's too late.

And Dwayne Anderson weighs in with part 14 of his fic Space Ace Doofus in which some AU action caused by Fry's fascination with a popular new video game and a malfunctioning new invention of the Professor's just keeps getting weirder for our lost interdimentional traveler.

And lastly, I received a note from Robin at Focus Online Management Ltd in the UK. They've put together this really neat round-up of retro cartoons from the 1960's to the 2000's called Those Were The Days which features top cartoons of these decades, and Futurama made the list of course! I love how the TV changes depending on the era. Check it out!
Happy Hug A Giant Day
Posted on July 21, 2015 by Tim
I'll be you didn't know there was such a thing as “Hug A Giant Day”, did you? Well, if you hang out at DeviantART you might have run across it 'cause it's something they do. And Spaceman130 did this pic in celebration of same, as if Fry didn't have his hands full with a normal sized Leela.
Later that same year ....
Posted on July 7, 2015 by Tim
Surprise! Bet you all thought I'd fallen off the face of the planet, eh? Well, that Real Life stuff HAS been kicking my shiny metal the last couple of months but I finally found the time and gumption to put some stuff up. So leading off is a new illustrated Fan Fiction from Gulliver63. It's called Give Me Steam and it's (so far as I know) the first Futurama Steampunk story. In it we find out what happens when Leela ends up in the Steamverse and becomes the pilot of the company's delivery air ship. Gulliver did a lot of research on language, and having in his past more than a few hours of flight time in his log you can bet the flight stats are spot on too.

My good friend Dingsda was in Holland Michigan recently when he spotted this familiar face outside a smoke shop. If you really want to know exectly where you'll have to check out the other photo in Fan's Photos.

You may have heard that the USofA is considering putting a womans likeness on it's ten dollar bill, so kaspired has come up with four (unofficial) suggestions. It's pretty obvious which one would be our favorite although he suspects that, sadly, one of the others might be selected first.

And bouncing back to the Fan's Photos section again, DSS wrote to say that he met Maurice LaMarche himself at Comic Con! DSS says “He was really cool to mingle with and he even liked my impressions of Kif’s sighing and of Lrrr’s over-the-top voice.” And he got the image of Kiff autographed.
Posted on May 24, 2015 by Tim
Holy deluge, Delivery-Boy Man, we've got a full cargo hold all of a sudden. I actually had to drag my lazy behind over to the computer and do somethin'. I'm not used to this kind of intense activity any more, but here's three new things and, for a change, there's more in queue. It's like it's spring and all of the Futurama Fans just woke up from hibernation. So let's see if I remember how this all works. Ah, OK, first up, two new Fan Arts - this first one is from Ralf Stumpf and is the 'rama crew playing at being the Jetsons.

Spaceman130 sends this tastefully done nude of a very pregnant Kif Kroker reposing against a tree on Amphibios 9. The thumbnail might be a little hard to see so go look at the full sized version.

And to follow up here's a spot of new Fan Fiction. Dwayne Anderson sends part 13 of his fic Space Age Doofus. Never underestimate the power of a moron!
What if ... things were busier around here?
Posted on May 5, 2015 by Tim
An, remember the good olde days when we got enough stuff that I was chained to my computer doing updates practically every day? Sadly, things are kinda quiet these days but occasionally the dedicated fan still shows up with a morsel. Today is one such. Spaceman130 dropped off this new Comic Transcript. It's issue #74 entitled What the What If? in which Fry and Bender blow up the What If machine, releasing it's pent up what if energy and turning the greater New New York area into various alternate reality versions of itself. Sounds like a good plot for a bad Fan Fiction, doesn't it?
Pumped up kicks?
Posted on April 18, 2015 by Tim
Want your very own Planet Express high tops? Well, now you can have them, maybe. Hammer087, whom we haven't heard from in quite a while (but I do hear from occasionally since we only live a few miles apart and run into each other occasionally) saw this on Facebook and brought it to my attention. Presumably it's current, he seemed to think so and I can't tell any different, so check it out and let us know if you actually score a pair.

OK, got a couple of new Fan Fictions here from Hailey Sands. The first one is Wrath of Jeremy. Who is Jeremy you might ask? Good question. The über-fans will recall that he was a middle school bully mentioned by Fry in Bender's Game and this story explores that very question when Fry fails a urine test and believes that someone has it out for him. Hailey's next fic is Open for Business in which the PE ship has died and is unrepairable. As a replacement, Bender gets a space-tank, which PE can ill afford to operate. Meanwhile, a rainstorm soaks New New York and Fry takes a job with a new megastore that's opened. What's the connection you wonder? You'll have to read to find out.
Server glitches and other fun stuff
Posted on March 29, 2015 by Tim
Darn computers. So a couple of weeks ago we had a little server glitch that took the Message Board off line for the better part of a day and because of some lingering fallout of that my updater wasn't working after that. Oh, it would cheerfully let me compose the whole update, and then error out when I tried to submit it. Of course, this happened right about the time we belatedly discovered that Billy West was appearing at the Indy Comic Con that weekend, but could I get a notice up? Noooo. Oh well, that's the way it goes in this biz sometimes. On happier notes, on to a couple of things that people have been very patiently waiting for.

First up is this Fan Art by Spaceman130. It's Bender as a berzerker from Quake II. That seems about right for Bender, don't ya think?

Ever hear of a guy named Frank Frazetta? Neither had I, and no, he's not the contributor here, he's the inspiration. These drawings, done in Frank Frazetta style, are the result of a collaboration between kaspired and Gulliver63. Based on some prior art that Gulliver did, kaspired did the pencil sketch and each did a colerized version. I'll let you guess which is whose (hint: which one has the Amy fetish and which the Morgan Proctor fetish? ).